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Saturday, January 21, 2017 


 UKIP and its active membership brought Brexit to the UK, President  Donald J. Trump to the White House, just yesterday and soon we hope...the end to the EU and thus a return of democracy to Europe!

PM May's Lancaster House speech delivers nearly all of what this blog sought to achieve. 


I am grateful!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013 

At Last UKIP has the strength to disclose the FRAUD

Flanked by the leader of the Conservative Part MEPs in the European Parliament, Nigel Farage UKIP's Leader, Nigel FarageMEP reveals the truth many of us have guessed at for years, that this present EU is a massive elitist tax scam designed to rip off an entire continent of 500 Million taxpayers for the very restricted benefit of a corrupt and cosy tiny elite.

The supposed democratically elected leaders of the 27 once sovereign nations who have allowed this obscene tax abuse to be perpetrated on the citizens whose interests they were elected to serve, will have the gall to meet in Brussels today to discuss the tax arrangements they have made for multinational companies to obey.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013 

How Sinister EU Power Cuts Across UK's Traditional Right-Left Divides

My latest posting to International Business Times  may be read from here.

Dim outlook for independence from EU puppet masters
Only the UK Independence Party  (UKIP) stands prepared to fight for a return to democracy for our country. Any vote, especially in this May's Local Elections, for one of the three main political parties, Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat, is a vote for continuing EU domination and the further corruption of Britain's political processes!

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Sunday, March 03, 2013 

Party leader Nigel Farage
MSM in form of Independent wakes-up to what this blog has been following for years!

Special Report: Is there more to the party than an obsession with immigration and getting Britain out of the EU?

A report on UKIP after the Easteigh By-election second place and defeat of the Conservative Party.

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Friday, March 01, 2013 

 Farage's Failure at Eastleigh

Well what happened at Eastleigh can hardly have come as any kind of surprise for those of us who despaired of UKIP and broke away to form Veritas in the teeth of a General Election several years ago.  We then feared (I was Member Number 3 after RKS & his wife so can talk with some authority,) that the UKIP MEP led party lacked sincerity, drive and honest intent in its and their stated aim of having the UK break with the EU.

The 28th February 2013, by-election at Eastleigh has once more, quite stunningly brought these same plain facts home.

The full sorry saga is recorde by my tweets throughout the month of February, just passed, and as always my blog postings on Ironies Too, the archive for that month being linked here. As always for Blogger nowadays, that file is length restricted and only begins on 8th February, so I have pasted the missing relevant posts below:

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Eastleigh voters have THE chance to "Call Time" on the Corruption of UK Politics

Chris Huhne, former MEP and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change resigned yesterday and there will soon be a by-election in the Constituency of Eastleigh.

Should I consider running as an Independent based on my political views as delivered on Ironies, Ironies Too, Ukip Uncovered, Strasbourg Cesspit and Teetering Tories over the past ten years and before that my novel Millennium Blitzkrieg, the Financial Times  Forums on the Future of the Euro (as NM) and the Europa Discussion Forums of the Brussels machine? Comments welcome!

Should I seek another suitable independent candidate behind whom I could throw my weight? 

Or should I wait and see who UKIP select and possibly support that party if they field a sufficiently strong and fundamentally decent candidate?

Chris Huhnes' career which spectacularly portrays the deep rot within our political system is reviewed by Wikipedia here, and in much of the British Press this morning!


Blogger Robert said...
Why waste time and effort at an election that neither you nor the UKIP candidate will win? Not that you would not make a far better MP than the slime who has vacated the seat, but that not enough people will vote outside Libdim or Conservative. I think the difference between the two parties will be the UKIP and independent votes with the Libdims winning.The Labour vote will go to the Libdims.
10:07 AM  
Anonymous Martin Cole said...
Thanks Robert, A good and no doubt accurate analysis.


Thursday, February 07, 2013

Can a UKIP Leader Claim "Busy in EU" to avoid Eastleigh By-Election

The UK Independence Party aims to secure renewal of Sovereign Independence and Parliamentary Governance  under a Constitutional Monarchy for the UK.

A golden opportunity exists in Eastleigh on 28th February to advance that cause. The sitting Liberal Democrat has been shamed by ten years of repeated lying, the Tories face their own leadership crisis, Labour's mis-mangement of the economy for more than a decade is under the spotlight with the latest scandals and fines by the US authorities of the taxpayer owned RBS.

Never again will the circumstances for a UKIP victory at a by-election be more fortuitous! My tweets of last evening spell out further reasons and are quoted herewith:

  1. Another factor  may have overlooked in deciding not to run at  in the 20 day campaign, the Tories sex abuse info is leaking
  2. So many of us have spent so many years fighting the clear evil the EU has NOW become surely Farage owes it his best shot at Eastleigh. 
  3.  Is there anybody in the party who can make these obvious points of my last few tweets plain and clear to Nigel Farage?
  4. : Why are Labour so pessimistic about Eastleigh? " WHY ARE UKIP WITH FARAGE???
  5. The short Eastleigh campaign totally erodes Farage's reasons for not standing in Eastleigh 20 days away from EU of no importance at all!!!
  6. Conservative base in Eastleigh must be hugely vulnerable following last nights vote and huge rumblings of Tory discontent!  re-think!
  7.  need to mobilise FAST!!! if Cameron removal is already underway a straight LibDem vs UKIP fight is an Eastleigh possibility
  8. Cameron in trouble Big trouble AND under attack on Conservative Home  Clegg must be hoping to seal an Eastleigh win fast

Should there be a question mark at the end of the title to this post, or should I have added "or lose electoral support?"?

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posted by Martin at 8:21 AM
 Friday, February 08, 2013 
Marta Adreasen MEP attacks Nigel Farage MEP

The BBC report of 6th February, is linked here and appears to revolve around differences between men and women, nowadays described as sexism! A clue to the attack being based upon policy differences regarding the perfectly obvious point that should Farage walk the walk as well as he talks the talk - HE WOULD OBVIOUSLY BE STANDING IN THE EASTLEIGH By-election for UKIP! 
See this earlier tweet dated 5th February, when news of Farage's FUNK first appeared, as retweeted by myself @IroniesToo:

Nigel won't run in eastleigh. An opportunity for our first mp missed. by-election


Anonymous Anonymous said...
The question has to be IS Farage man or mouse?

Perhaps he does not want a Ukip MP. Quite frankly it does not surprise me, I have thought for a long time he had no backbone.
11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Farage is a Busy Man and is needed to lead the Party into the next Council Elections and EU Elections, He is also needed to lead the Brussels Revolt!

Andreasen's comments were made because She has Eyes on Farages Job, Farage isn't a 'Stalinist' or a 'Woman Hater' it's just Sour Grapes and the Woman should be Kicked Out!

Well done Farage! Well done UKIP

As though "busy in the EU" was not a poor enough excuse as to why UKIP's Leader deliberately and after only a day of thought, chose not to run in Eastleigh, that decision and excuse was made even worse when the election was called for the earliest possible date of 28th February, rather than the predicted early May of popular belief due to such date co-inciding with local elections. Worse, far worse, however  was to follow!

How the UKIP candidate was selected remains a mystery. That Diane James was deleiberately chosen to muff this greatest of all opportunities now appears an increasngly realistic viewpoint. (I struggled to keep this suspicions to myself throughout the campaign considering a substantial anti-EU vote being incredibly important, which thankfully is now attained - albeit in unnecessary defeat.) 

Eastleigh a light industrial industrtial based consituency was hardly prime territory for an Independent Councillor from the leafy hills of Surrey, let alone one who had spent her professional career working in or consulting to the private health business some of which reportedly had US interests (an obvious major Eastleigh negative factor). What better background for the LibDem party activists to dissuade their wavering NHS dedicated supporters.

An apparent lie in her original campaign literature on her longevity of UKIP membership plus the fact that her election in Waverley was as an Independent rather than as a UKIP party member also besmirched to opening of the campaign for UKIP.

Worse still, notwithstanding the fine campaigning attributes of Diane James, her declaration of interests filed as a Councillor in Waverley for Ewhurst showed she shared directorship of the company, Iduna Ventures, owning her home address in Ewhurst with a Dr Richard Forrest who has held a rather startling 27 different directorships according to this linked search tool, a rather stupefying fact with which the typical Eastleigh voter may have been persuaded away from a UKIP vote.  

So was it a Committee of individuals who picked the eventual candidate for UKIP in Eastleigh or was it just Nigel Farage or indeed was it somebody outside UKIP who has influence with Mr Farage or those with enough influence within the party to impose their "LOSING" choice.

Set against all of the  foregoing it hardly seems significant that Nigel Farage chose not to tweet any of his 62346 loyal followers as the vote was underway yesterday, although it was clear eveidence to me that the voting had become extremely tight, as indeed later proved to be the case.

UKIP has once again no MP at Westminster, the one Parliament where our withdrawal from the EU can be accomplished. 

UKIP may not yet have been Uncovered enough for some stalwart party members to still not see the horrible truth. It's all as clear as daylight once again to me! 

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Saturday, February 23, 2013 

UKIP MEP unsurprisingly resigned today and surprisingly joined the Conservative Group in the EU Parliament. Here is a very robust put-down by Blogger Dale

posted by Martin |9:32 AM

Thursday, February 14, 2013 

UKIP Supporters, Activists and Party Employees' Dilemma

The disgraceful mess that UKIP has put itself in at Eastleigh gives the party a chance to break free from all the accumulated question marks that hover over its history and leadership. The problem is well summarised in recent postings on my other blog  Ironies Too, culminating in this post of this morning which is also pasted at the end of this post.

As has always been the case,  UKIP has many hard-working and decent supporters and party members firmly believing in the restoration of democracy to our country. Too often in the past such enthusiasts have been betrayed by others who have seen the cause as a simple bread ticket.

I have recently been encouraged, upon resuming some interest in the party's progress, by the calibre of the work and contributions by so many within the UKIP family not least having ealier been aware of the work of its press officer,   a courageous journalist who campaigned manfully against the grotesque EU from its very heart in Brussels years ago as I well know from my own subscription to "The Sprout" while it existed.

Such people must assert themselves, otherwise true patriotic, anti-collectivist democrats across the country will be left with a choice such as that now facing the voters of Eastleigh, abstention or a vote for a party led by David Cameron.

Or is there still time for an alternative candidate to be registered for UKIP at Eastleigh? Here is my Ironies Too post of today, branding Diane James a liar, for based on the evidence, no other conclusion is possible. I have more to say on Nigel Farage in a post submitted to the International Business Times which I expect to be published later today or tomorrow!


UKIP's Proposed Eastleigh Candidate is a Liar


www Ukip Uncovered
2011 results
Cranleigh & Ewhurst (1 vacancy)
Turnout: 54.47%
Electorate: 10614

COLE Richard ErnestLiberal Democrats933
JAMES Diane MartineIndependent1093
MACDERMOTT Lynda MayLabour Party (The)532
YOUNG Alan EdwardConservative Party2830ELECTED

An Independent, as James declares herself to the Ewhurst electors, must by definition belong to NO political party!

Yet the publicity blurb, issued by UKIP on 11th February 2013, introducing Diane James to the voters of Eastleigh, linked here, states the following:

"She joined UKIP in 2010 after deciding that they were the only party which represented her views on the political scene"

Either Ms James was lying to the voters of Waverley in May 2011 or she is now lying to the voters of Eastleigh, together with UKIP, regarding the date when she joined that party.

After ten years of being represented by a now self-confessed lying MP, Chris Huhne, who has incidentally now been told to attend court at lunchtime today with a "going away bag", surely the electorate of Eastleigh now deserves truthful, in so far as that is now possible in England, political representation?


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Wednesday, February 13, 2013  

Marta Andreasen MEP Blasts Farage from LSE 

UKIP has been growing in membership of late as the rot, corruption and lies upon which the EU is built becomes ever more apparent to greater numbers of Britons. This results as the corruption at the top seeps down into society and robs ever greater numbers of ordinary people while simultaneously eroding the lifestyles of almost all.

The farce of the Eastleigh by-election UKIP candidate selection, must now provide the catalyst around which this new body of members can mobilise to rid themselves of their brilliantly eloquent party leader, Nigel Farage MEP, who accurately verbally attacks the monster upon whose lifestyle he has nevertheless so clearly become dependent, while in Eastleigh,  as elsewhere previously, he uses every ruse in the book to avoid putting himself into Westminster, the one Parliament from which EU withdrawal for the UK can be effected.

One MEP, former Chief Accountant to the EU Commission, Marta Andreasen has this morning made public her own problems within UKIP in an item from the LSE website, linked here

Andreasen's words carry massive firepower as it was she who took on the particularly obnoxious Kinnock Clique in Brussels, and was duly removed as a result,when quite hilariously, the head of that bloated family grouping, as a Commission VP, was charged with tackling corruption. 

(This post appeared simultaneously on Ironies Too with a different title).

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013  

Farage and the Ford Closure at Eastleigh

There is a mountain of circumstantial evidence that shows Nigel Farage MEP is almost certainly the one main reason UKIP has no MPs in Westminster.

Up to this week it has been nigh on impossible to pin anything specific at his door, such a master of feint and dodge has he become. As I have been blogging and tweeting for several days now, since the horrible Huhne admitted his guilt, Farage would duck this brilliant latest opportunity in what has become his usual manner. The grave crisis facing the nation, the deep rot at the centre of government, the economic disaster that surely wipes Labour from contention, the chaos and back-biting within the governing coalition parties, none of these electorally fabulous opportunities proved sufficient to deviate Farage from his chosen course.

The Ford closure and transfer of jobs to Turkey, read hereand here could be his undoing however! He cannot pretend he is unaware of this potential victory clincher for UKIP as he mentioned it as first item on his self-promotion visit to the constituency last Saturday, as captured on video!

For unsure UKIP voters and party members doubtful that Farage could be so unscrupulous as to so damage the party's chances to such an extent, consider the perfect opportunity delivered by this movement of jobs to Turkey with EU financing offered to a truly Eurosceptic party. Then carefully look at the credentials and anti-NHS background of the candidate the party is due to present in just two hours time near Eastleigh Station. Is not party defeat the clear intention?

This is either gross leadership incompetence or treachery on a quite awesome scale, putting Cameron's earlier breaking of cast iron referendum promises well into the shade!

Farage cannot be allowed to survive this farce! Or he has just over one hour to do the decent thing and stand behind his fighting words of the past decades!

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Friday, February 08, 2013  

Marta Adreasen MEP attacks Nigel Farage MEP

The BBC report of 6th February, is linked here and appears to revolve around differnces between men and women, nowadays known as sexism! A cluse to the attack being based upon policy differences regarding the perfectly obvious point that should Farage walk the walk as well as he talks the talk - HE WOULD OBVIOUSLY BE STANDING IN THE EASTLEIGH By-election for UKIP! 

See this earlier tweet dated 5th February, when news of Farage's FUNK first appeared, as retweeted by myself @IroniesToo:

Nigel won't run in eastleigh. An opportunity for our first mp missed. by-election

posted by Martin | 7:59 AM

Monday, December 31, 2012  

Read the report in Britain's best selling newspaper for the last day of 2012. From here

What a year for all of us who have been fighting the evil EU for decades!

posted by Martin | 8:29 AM

Friday, December 21, 2012  

No Cod and an old call to arrest Traitor Heath

The reported overdue resignation from the EU Parliament Fisheries Committee by Nigel Farage, who as UKIP Leader now clearly has bigger fish to fry, prompted me to peruse some old posts on the destruction of Britain's fishing industry, presumably as part of a well coordinated scheme to bankrupt our nation now almost completed, led me to this from Ironies in August 2003 which seems worth repeating now in full:

EU nears final success in destroying North Sea Cod Fishing Industry

In my mind the wrong Prime Minister will be grilled by Hutton today!

According to this item from BBC News the Continental Powers that control the European Union are now within a hairsbreadth of completely destroying the North Sea cod fishing industry. The news item begins:-

The number of cod in the North Sea has fallen to a critical low point, a senior fisheries scientist says.

Unless the surviving fish can reproduce successfully, he believes, the area's cod fishery will soon be a memory.

The cod are now at the lowest level ever seen, according to his observations.

This act of aggressive sabotage, made possible by the lie delivered in Parliament by the late Geoffrey Ripon and connived in by the silently seated Edward Heath at his side was believed by a gullible and betrayed House of Commons. It has taken just over thirty years.........shamefully thirty years during which British Ministers retained some responsibility for our seas and fisheries ..............unlike the situation prevailing today, as specifically agreed and concealed by lies to Parliament by the conservative administration of now ailing ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath.

With Heath having recently been flown back from Australia due to ill health, would it not be timely, sensible and a matter of the utmost urgency to now grant him immunity from the possibility of prosecution for his known treasonable actions. In exchange we should demand a detailed explanation of his motives and full details regarding his Continental co-conspirators and their possible next targets in the attempted destruction of our economy, so that we are able, while still just barely surviving as a nation state, to belatedly take some preventative measures to ensure that their schemes, rapidly reaching fruition with the pending Constitution, can at last be thwarted.
posted by Martin at 8/28/2003 06:49:00 AM

Well is cod now mostly a memory, when was the last affordable piece of cod available from your local chippie? I buy a piece occasionally at the fishmonger, it is an expensive treat and comes from??????

posted by Martin | 5:54 AM

Wednesday, December 19, 2012  

To What Ground should UKIP Break from its EU Bridgehead?

The following quote comes from a commentator on Conservative Home to the report on UKIP by Lord Ashcroft yesterday, which seemed so apt and important that I tweeted it as follows:

"Now that Ukip have reached out from their Europe bridgehead, they're able to roam at will into whatever territory they wish to challenge"CH

As I posted yesterday UKIP should now best proceed by treating the three established Westminster parties as one and the same and entirely equal enemies of all that is in the best interests of our country.

Having established it credentials as being prepared to speak out over the EU into other areas, as evidenced by Lord Ashcroft's research, how can that fact best be capitalized to counter an inevitable acceptance by the other three that an in/out referendum on the EU has become unavoidable?

The whipping system in Westminster has made zombies of their sitting back -benchers, which mental constipation now has clearly spread across the front benches too. UKIP should reject it!

UKIP should adopt basic unalterable principles it will carry into government otherwise it should allow elected MPs to frame their own votes, issue by issue according to their own views or internet gleaned opinions of their constituents in accordance with pledges made prior to their elections. 

This is such a startling concept that it should sweep sitting MPs clean away and restore democracy to our re-instated independent country governed from a truly representative parliament. 

Such a stance should improve the chances of an OUT vote in the now inevitable EU referendum, an outcome that is regrettably presently far from certain, given the huge resources available to the evil EU empire and the corrupt servitude towards it of those presently in power!

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posted by Martin | 8:17 AM

Tuesday, December 18, 2012  

How may UKIP best profit from Ashcroft's Report

The pdf file on the research by Lord Ashcroft on UKIP voters and "considerers" is linked here.

The key point, as I have already tweeted, and far and away the most accurate, in my view, is the following:

The risk of helping elect an MP or government from the bigger party they liked least was the biggest potential off-putting factor for UKIP considerers.

The reason for UKIP's historic failure to make progress at by-elections and general elections is there summed up in one sentence. The rest of the research, though, gives the clue as to how that problem may now be resolved.

If the potential voters can be persuaded that all MPs from the three main parties are the same, spineless time-servers mainly engaged for what they can take from the public purse, with zero concern for policy differences and no trace of any principle, then which of the three parties, or indeed a coalition of all three (which is what effectively we now have at Westminster) is elected matters not one jot. The whipping system which gave executive power to two party parliaments, now under the EU tyranny has turned MPs into worthless scroungers in the eyes of the public, making UKIP's task fairly simple!

Conceding that the Tories will be smashed in the upcoming Euro elections, as Ashcroft more or less now presumes, gives a clear period for maximum effort to debase or undermine all sitting Westminster MPs between now and the next election. A task made easier by their own daily antics!

Blogging Tories such as John Redwood and Douglas Carswell will be useful in such an exercise, until they perhaps decide to change parties, as the battle of their last remaining scruples is daily played out on the internet. If sufficient MPs crossover then a different tactic may become necessary, but by then the other concerns for UKIP, raised by Lord Ashcroft, will have automatically become of considerably lesser concern.

posted by Martin | 12:35 PM

The Lord Ashcroft report on UKIP is linked here while the report on that in the Daily Telegraph is here. Ashcroft's researches and money drive Tory strategy so this report is important while what the Telegraph adds is merely of interest.

The key finding for me, very welcome news indeed for this contrarian blogger is that the main attraction of UKIP has been found to be that

it will “say things that need to be said but others are scared to say”

I will return to the research after I have had more time to consider the findings and offer my view of how best it can be used to rid the country of the EU controlled people now in charge.

posted by Martin | 10:56 AM

Sunday, December 16, 2012  

UKIP is confirmed as the third party and probably the main force in UK poltics as of this morning. Boosted by a vote by Licolnshire County Council demanding an EU Referendum by 72 votes to 7 as reported in the Sunday Express linked here.

The Sky News report on the poll is summarized on a web page here, and the Mirror on the ComRes polling is linked here.

posted by Martin | 8:20 AM
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