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Wednesday, December 19, 2012 

To What Ground should UKIP Break from its EU Bridgehead?

The following quote comes from a commentator on Conservative Home to the report on UKIP by Lord Ashcroft yesterday, which seemed so apt and important that I tweeted it as follows:

"Now that Ukip have reached out from their Europe bridgehead, they're able to roam at will into whatever territory they wish to challenge"CH

As I posted yesterday UKIP should now best proceed by treating the three established Westminster parties as one and the same and entirely equal enemies of all that is in the best interests of our country.

Having established it credentials as being prepared to speak out over the EU into other areas, as evidenced by Lord Ashcroft's research, how can that fact best be capitalized to counter an inevitable acceptance by the other three that an in/out referendum on the EU has become unavoidable?

The whipping system in Westminster has made zombies of their sitting back -benchers, which mental constipation now has clearly spread across the front benches too. UKIP should reject it!

UKIP should adopt basic unalterable principles it will carry into government otherwise it should allow elected MPs to frame their own votes, issue by issue according to their own views or internet gleaned opinions of their constituents in accordance with pledges made prior to their elections. 

This is such a startling concept that it should sweep sitting MPs clean away and restore democracy to our re-instated independent country governed from a truly representative parliament. 

Such a stance should improve the chances of an OUT vote in the now inevitable EU referendum, an outcome that is regrettably presently far from certain, given the huge resources available to the evil EU empire and the corrupt servitude towards it of those presently in power!

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posted by Martin |8:17 AM
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