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Wednesday, June 30, 2004 

Kilroy's dilemma

When the BBC fired Kilroy, one paper has since estimated, it cost him one point two million pounds a year in lost revenue; few can afford that. Yet he kept his sixty-five staff on the payroll for another six months; maintained his hugely expensive home in Little Chalfonts, previously occupied by the Osbournes and Dirk Bogarde and supposedly cheerfully maintained the charade of millionaire on his Spanish estate near other celebrity buddies along the Costa del Sol.

Robert Kilroy-Silk, I believe, did not lie when he encountered ordinary people in the recent campaign in the East Midlands, when he stood as a UKIP MEP, and told them he wished to restore his country's independence. But was that his prime motivation? Only time would tell.

Now is the moment for confronting the truth. For Kilroy, continuing in Brussels might appear to offer short term personal salvation and temporary relief from increasingly pressing creditors.

New power structures are being formed....Paul Sykes talks of spending 500 million pounds on the cause - Farage clearly knows how to milk the system.... which way for a Hodge Hill boy to go?

IF, of course he meant one word of what he recently said in the European Election campaign the way ahead would be clear - he would now register as a UKIP candidate for Hodge Hill, and take the fight forward! Either he believes what he said in all those televised speeches during the campaign......or he does not. Simple really: one way lies truth and the tough fight for principles and the restoration of the democratic rights of ordinary people.....on the other, more lies, deceit and shuffling of debts with the likes of Nigel Farage....who is in reality ....THE BOSS!

posted by Martin |9:24 PM

A Flavour of UKIP Debate

UKIP members and former members are nothing if not avid users of the internet. The author of this post to one of the various internet fora used for such debates, Andrew Edwards, agreed to my blogging but one of many recent posts where the outrage at the party's decision not to contest the Hodge Hill by-election is growing by the hour:-

During the 'Any Questions' programme, broadcast on 18th June, Johnathon
Dimbleby read out this statement relating to Farage:

"...on this programme last month, Nigel Farage of the UK Independence
Party alleged that Steven Kinnock, son of Neil & Glenys Kinnock, had
benefited from his family connections in obtaining a job with the
European Commission. Mr Farage has since told us that this was untrue,
and he has apologised unreservedly to Mr Kinnock. We're happy to make
that clear, and indeed to point out that Steven Kinnock has never in
fact held any position of Employment with the European Commission.".

Yet another Farage blunder!!! But one so I'm told, that has cost him a
quite considerable sum of money. The benificiaries of this money are of
course the Kinnock family. Can we be reassured that it won't be UKIP
that picks up the tab???

The other blunder, with a far higher cost, is of course his decision to
ignore the B'ham by-election and thereby put the brake on the political
momentum gained from the Euro's.

This self appointed political committee of 5 buffoons seems to have lost
touch with reality. They've waxed lyrically about fighting a by election
- that might never happen - in Hartlepool. They've done likewise about
Regional Assembly referendums in the North - that might never happen.

But a real chance to keep up the pressure and they scuttle under their
rocks. As a correspondent on new-ind-uk said this morning re K-S:

"..though why he is not running is beyond me, he has never struk me as
stupid and must surely know that he is of no use in Brussels, it is
Westminster where the work is to be done, unless he, like the others,
are after their pensions and to get as much as they can personally out
of Brussels as possible, I mean, where's all the big talk now."

By the way, I'm told that poor old, Mike Nattrass, is spitting blood at
not being given a palce on this elite political committee, as well as
being cut out of the loop re the decision not to fight the HH by-election.

Sorry Mike, but you've served your purpose. You provided the B'ham
premises, and you backed Farage et al when they needed you. They don't
need you any more, so be a good boy, and enjoy Brussels, quietly, is the
message you're being given. Don't be too crestfallen though Mike, the
perks are pretty good over there. And, of course, you will be amongst
many brethren, as you join the Farage cast-off club :-)

I seem to remember, Mike, that I did warn you that, Farage, would dump
you when it suited. You poo poo'd the suggestion then. I'm afraid it
seems that I was right after all!

Andy E

posted by Martin |4:22 PM

Regional Assembly Referenda Delay?

The Liverpool Echo yesterday reported that the Regional Assembly referenda could be delayed due to strong pressure from the Electoral Commission for a decisions to be delayed pending delivery of their report on postal voting not due until 13th September. The article is linked from here, the following is a quote:

The Electoral Commission's plea was revealed by Tory former minister Peter Viggers, who answers Commons questions on behalf of the watchdog.

Mr Viggers said: "The Commission believed there would be benefit in Parliament having available to it the evaluation report on the June pilots before taking a decision on whether to approve the orders specifying the form of the referendum."

The revelation will increase speculation that the Commission will decide, in September, that traditional polling booths should not be scrapped for the referendum.

The Government has already agreed it cannot press ahead if all-postal ballots are ruled to be "unsafe" and warned a delay would then be almost inevitable.

With voting in the winter ruled out, that raises the prospect of the long-awaited referendum not taking place this year.

This makes all the more ridiculous the official UKIP decision not to run candidates in the 15th July by elections, which coming the day after the Butler report on Iraq war spin from Downing Street make a massacre of Labour a near racing certainty, see our earlier posts of today below for links.

This is the statement by the party that just a couple of weeks ago was campaigning as a new force in British politics anxious to deliver the country from the grips of the EU and the present lying political parties:

UKIP will not contest the two upcoming by-elections in Leicester and Birmingham.

Instead the Party will concentrate its resources and effort on campaigning in the three referendums on regional government.
The difficult decision was made by the Party’s new Political Committee on strategic grounds.

What resources and effort does the party need to concentrate on referenda not yet called, in an area they have ignored and disregarded for months, and where adequate and active campaigns already exist!
After all the by-elections will be done and dusted in two weeks.


posted by Martin |1:55 PM

UKIP's recent Poll Successes makes HH a MUST

This is an excerpt from a Hounslow local paper....look at the UKIP performance. Now the Party Secretary has told the Branch Chairman of Hodge Hill that he is forbidden to run as UKIP support does not match that of other parties....CAN THIS BE BELIEVED?

The UKIP increase in votes is described as HUGE but still the party is scared to run in Hodge Hill!

The extract from the Hounslow Guardian linked here follows:

A NARROW victory at the recent elections saw Conservative candidate, Tony Arbour, retain his constituency seat on the London Assembly.

Mr Arbour, also leader of Richmond upon Thames Council, will now represent south west London for his second term.

Mr Arbour had claimed victory with 48,858 votes, although his tally was only narrowly ahead of the Liberal Democrat candidate, Dee Doocey, who polled 44,791 votes.

Labour candidate, Seema Malhotra, gained a total of 25,225 votes, a figure her supporters were clearly disappointed with.

UKIP, and their candidate, Alan Hindle, faced a huge increase in votes, with a total of 12,477.

Green Party candidate, Judy Maciejowska, received 9,866 votes, Respect candidate, Omar Waraich, gained 3,785 votes, and Christian People's Alliance candidate, Peter James Flower, totalled 3,008 votes.

posted by Martin |10:17 AM

Butler report on eve of By-Elections


Yet more reason to run candidates in the 15th July by-elections. UKIP's stance on this matter is now truly exposing the depths of the cabals perfidy and total lack of real interest in the anti-EU cause they supposedly espouse! This is a quote from this morning's Financial Timeslinked here:-

However, Lord Butler's report could result in fresh damage to the government over the reasons why the UK backed the US invasion of Iraq. This could have an impact on some voters when they take part in the by-elections in the Labour-held constituencies of Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill on July 15.

The news about the timing of the Butler report suggests Mr Blair is set to end the parliamentary year in dramatic style with a string of high-profile events concentrated into a few days.

As stated in that article Butler is determined the report will not be a whitewash and as I reported on Monday on Ironies Whereto Now? Butler has been approaching provincial newspapers regarding briefings from Downing Street on the 45 miute claim and Cyprus being at risk.

With Blair almost certain to be branded the Liar he is by Lord Butler the day before polling.....HOW CAN UKIP IF IT IS TO EVER BE CONSIDERED A SERIOUS POLITICAL PARTY POSSIBLY NOT RUN CANDIDATES IN HODGE HILL AND LEICESTER SOUTH?

The Independent also has the story linked here while the Telegraph reports the Chancellors spending report will be delivered to Parliament the Monday before the by-elections - yet one more likely negative factor!

posted by Martin |7:59 AM

Are By-election's 'Pass' Farage's pay-off to BNP?

It is now crystal clear that UKIP will stop at nothing to prevent a candidate running under the party's name in the Hodge Hill by-election. I have examined this from every angle that I am able and am now personally convinced, from daily tracking over eighteen months the machinations of those in charge of the party - which essentially means the thoroughly unscrupulous Nigel Farage MEP - that one explanation and one only adequately fits the present situation at Birmingham Hodge Hill.

This has to be Farage's repayment for the BNP running no campaign in the South East Region during the European Election campaign. Possibly Leicester South (another no show by UKIP) is also involved.

Jim Carver, paid Regional Organiser for the party and known fixer and close henchman to Nigel Farage gave the orders to the Hodge Hill Returning Officer not to issue Nomination Papers to UKIP's local Branch Chairman and earlier candidate Peter Johnson. It is rumoured other higher profile UKIP members have indicated a willingness to stand but every effort is being made to prevent them.

Many in the party have had doubts about Carver's connections and past associations - what is absolutely clear is that he is extremely close to the Leadership as can be seen from this link to a BBC news item on the Welsh Assembly campaign last year.

The party has shown no readiness to change its decision in spite of there still being time to nominate a candidate and the confusion in the Labour and LibDem campaigns clearly changes any considerations that the so-called 'political strategy committe' (mentioned for the first time on their website yesterday) might have taken into account whenever they were supposed to have met to first consider Hodge Hill.

The fact that a presentation was prepared and made to the NEC only about the Hartlepool by-election indicates that this may be the first by-election that UKIP is now able to stand due to secret undertakings presumably made by Farage to the BNP.

Rumours have it that the inner cities are BNP territory while UKIP sticks to the sticks; perhaps Hartlepool was a grey area on which Farage won a concession in view of UKIP's historical strong showing in that town?

Roger Knapman, no master mind by anyone's reckoning, when writing to The Guardian in January 2003 stated:-

The BNP succeeds by targeting large, run-down council estates with a generally low income, poorly educated electorate. These estates have ended up in this situation precisely because the three main parties have failed in their duty and reneged on their promises to improve the quality of life there.

A remarkable insight into the strategy of an opponent I always felt. The letter is linked from here

The only way the party will convince the public and soon, I hope the press, that this is not the case will be by running and fully supporting a good UKIP candidate at Hodge Hill.

posted by Martin |6:49 AM

Tuesday, June 29, 2004 

Farage Fiddles while Westminster can wait!

EU Observer linked here reports on the absurd outcome of Farage's all consuming, typically EU-style, pathetic power-plays to form an entirely irrelevant Political Group descibed as having 31 members, 4 Presidents, 2 wings and in any sane person's view absolutely no point whatsoever.

Worse in the 'wing' which UKIP is to occupy the only other party, to quote Anthony Wells linked here, is the ultra-nationalist, Christian fundementalist, anti-semitic "League of Polish Families", which opposes the EU as an anti-christian plot by freemasons and includes the holocaust denier, Ryszard Bender as a prominent member. By one's friends shall we judge them...

Meantime back in the EU colonised, subjugated and virtually de-democratised UK a fantastic opportunity to turn the tide of domestic politics by sending an MP to Westminster committed to withdrawing Britain from the EU nightmare of which Nigel Farage is now so clearly a part, is totally ignored by a party that gathered support from 51 per cent of the sample of over 2000 respondents in a YouGov poll issued only yesterday.

UKIP should be attacking the lies and manipulations of the professional political parties and booting them from office. Instead of being part of the solution, Farage has chosen to make them part of the problem. His antics in Brussels over the past week offer proof positive of his personal power-pursuit, as does UKIP's running scared in Hodge Hill demonstrate their disgraceful duplicity in the recent campaign.

posted by Martin |8:06 PM

Hodge Hill By-election gets dirty for Labour and LibDems

This report from icBirmingham linked here highlights just how desperately an independent is now needed to contest the major 'party politics as usual' already underway - at least among those parties having the desire to partake in the destiny of this country.

This news emerges as UKIP tries to claim that the decision was taken by a non-constitutional new Committee of five strategists, though this has all the marks of a panic response to lend legitimacy to an arbitrary 'Farage fix' made some time ago. No such Committee was reported as in existence or decision or recommendation has been mentioned in the reports first emanating from the NEC. If there were any truth in the report now posted on the UKIP website, why has been thus so long delayed, and what point was served by the Hartlepool presentation to the NEC?

The registration of a candidate is possible until Friday. Why does the cabal not break with tradition and for once reverse itself with an admission that changed factors now justify a changed approach. The parachuting in of an unpopular candidate by New Labour and the widespread problems of the LibDem candidate as covered in the linked report, must make this a cherry ripe for picking. Come on change your minds to err is human I will not crow, just offer every support!

posted by Martin |4:52 PM

UKIP Purposely Betrayings its Members Objectives

The following is an extract of a speech that I gave in Neville Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 28th January 2003, to the UKIP North East Regional Committee, other MEP candidates and then Party Chairman David Lott in attendance (who had been provided with a prior copy of the speech).


The European elections in June 2004 will be a dress rehearsal for the greater battles to follow. Prescott is likely to target the North East for the first referendum for a Regional Assembly which could be as early as the Autumn of that same year. The General Election cannot be far behind, an election which it is absolutely crucial for UKIP to carry.

We thus have not much more than two and a half years to prepare for the greatest electoral turnaround in the country’s history, but nothing less will do. Never have our freedoms and traditions been so much under threat. The Convention chaired by French ex-President Valery Giscard d’Estaing will report this summer and the lie that the EU is not becoming an undemocratic and potentially totalitarian giant super-State will be finally nailed, thus providing the essential ammunition which UKIP has till now been lacking in our election campaigns.

We must proceed by steps while always keeping the main objective in mind:

First we need a countrywide, truly spectacular showing for UKIP in the June 2004 European elections.

Second with the extra authority and re-cycled Euro-funds provided by our regional MEPs we can mount a strong rejection of any Regional Assembly, should such a referendum be called. With this momentum we can then move to our…..

Third and main objective…. that in the next General Election the majority of elected MPs to Westminster must be committed to EU re-negotiation and restoration of Westminster’s sovereignty.

This has to be an achievable objective as the only alternative is our nation’s absorption into the Union of Europe and the end of Britain’s representative democracy.

Why the North East? The government has deliberately targeted this region to be the guinea pig for English regional assemblies. Before a referendum there is supposed to be public demand for an assembly. I would like to help make sure there is as little as possible.


Events are moving in favour of a seismic political shift, not for decades has the world economic situation looked so uncertain. Already we can see the signs of Gordon Brown’s economic strategy going totally awry, with the latest sign eleven straight days of falling stock prices. With the Tories in complete disarray and almost detested in the country at large, the voters will be seeking any means possible to send a strong message to their traditional politicians. What better protest could there be than a vote for UKIP in the European elections, particularly here in the North East, sending the message direct to Downing Street from the Prime Minister’s own constituency region?

The Voters need to know that a vote for Labour is a vote for the European Socialist Party and a vote for the Tories is a vote for the European Peoples Party.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? None that I can see, both actively supporting as they do, further federalisation and the written constitution, either of which totally undermine our democracy and system of common law.

Sitting MEPS for the North East, Gordon Adam, Stephen Hughes and Barbara O’Toole, all elected for Labour, sit with the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, which, among other federalist items advocates:

Tax and VAT harmonisation across the EU
Incorporation of the written constitution before 2004
Harmonisation of the Education System

The sole Tory, Martin Callanan, trumpets his belonging to the European Peoples Party, (as do all Tory MEPs), as first item in his details as listed by the European Parliament. It appears he is proud to belong to this group which actively promotes the destruction of our nation, by making Europe a Federal State with a Constitutional Union…and Ian Duncan-Smith has the nerve to pretend that he remains a Euro-sceptic!

With our opponents favouring such policies, and their national parties discredited, how can we not do well in the 2004 MEP elections? The question is not can UKIP win in the North East, but how many MEP’s can UKIP dispatch to Brussels and Strasbourg.

But, I must repeat, sweeping victory in June 2004 is merely the start, we must keep our eyes towards Westminster and the next General Election.

It is never too soon to start reminding all we meet that staying home at the next General Election or voting for any party other than UKIP will almost certainly result in their never again having a chance to select the people who will rule them.

I believe the stakes ARE that high, which is why I truly believe we can succeed.


Refusing to fight the coming by-elections is a treacherous abandonment of the only means available to UKIP to obtain Westminster representation.Wwithout early by-election victories or very near misses all impetus will be lost. Farage knows this and seems intent on sabotaging the parties mission to deprive him of his taxpayer funded meal-ticket. Why else would his known lackey John Harvey, who earlier ensured that this and other speeches made by myself received no further circulation in the party, now be seeking to distract the NEC by talk of Hartlepool where no by-election is yet certain. Why are Farage's similarly federalist funded fellow MEPs not stepping forth to push the party's INDEPENDENCE raison d'etre.

Ordinary party members must now make their voices heard if UKIP is to have any chance of remaining the vehicle for removing the EU's control over our country!

posted by Martin |12:37 PM

UKIP's GLA Headlines Emphasise Hodge Hill's Importance

This is but one quote of many from London newspaper's on the impact the two Greater London Assembly members are already having on the media and people of the Capital:-

"Mayor Ken was also questioned this week on the growing local opposition to the scheme by newly-elected assembly member Peter Helm-Cross, of the UK Independence Party, who also claimed that the current consultation process is flawed and recommended restarting it completely."

That extract is linked from here, others from the Capital's large circulation Evening Standard, excluding the letter from Damian Hockney a couple of days ago - are linked here, here, here, here and here.

Think what publicity an MP for UKIP would bring to the fight. The two GLA members have already achieved more for our cause than the three MEPs seem to have managed in their entire first five years in their paradise of perks that saps all will and independence.

Some of those reports highlight the attempts by the UKIP leadership to sabotage Damian Hockney's campaign both for the GLA and as Number 2 London MEP list candidate. That can now be seen to be no co-incidence given Damian's dedication to reform of the party and insistence on no dilution of its true purpose and policies and the obvious moves by Farage to halt the party's domestic advance now that his personal Strasbourg sinecure is secured.

Perhaps Damian would not be reluctant to now take the mesage to Westminster via the increasingly winnable Hodge Hill by-election, where the Labour Party is reported as split apart by the attempt to impose Head Office candidates. (See the link from the post below).

We must not permit those who see UKIP only as a long term Strasbourg meal ticket to sidetrack the true intent of the party's membership, which is to seek an early end to domination from Brussels and consequently an early cessation of payments to Britain's European Deputies in the Parliament - including what are increasingly being seen as the UKIP dirty dozen! Farage has already proved, time and again, that there is little he will not contemplate or undertake to lengthen his taxpayer-funded, luxurious and loose lifestyle.

posted by Martin |11:02 AM

More Reasons for UKIP to Run in Hodge Hill

Local labour members are furious as their party imposes two Head Office advisors on the constituency shortlist of only two. The report in ic Birmingham is linked here and titled 'Sham' claim over candidates.

Furthermore, the Hartlepool sabotage strategy presented by Farage's publicity fixer and ex-NEC member John Harvey was totally blown out of the water (as it should immediately have been had proper thought been given to the Hartlepool suggestion), as this report from The Scotsmanlinked here from 24th June makes quite clear. A quote:-

TONY Blair is about to shatter Peter Mandelson’s European dreams by ruling out sending the twice-sacked former minister to Brussels as Britain’s European commissioner.

The Prime Minister is coming under intense pressure from Labour chiefs to avoid a by- election in Hartlepool, which would be the party’s third of the summer.

Party insiders are already worried about losing Leicester South next month, and are braced for a tough fight in Hodge Hill in Birmingham.

At the present moment UKIP looks set to avoid Leicester South and Hodge Hill, keeping their powder dry for Hartlepool....which by-election will never take place as the loss of one of these earlier by-elections (possibly even to the BNP) will make Blair unwilling to create another vacancy, let alone for someone as disgraced as Mandelson even when considering the well known depths of Blair's cronyism.

UKIP are proving their treachery against the anti-EU cause by not running candidates - while Kilroy has quickly demonstrated that it was the perks rather than the principle that led him on his recent campaign.

Totally shameful!

posted by Martin |5:36 AM

Monday, June 28, 2004 

Hodge Hill By-Election Fiasco Continues

Peter Johnson, who stood for the Hodge Hill ward in the recent council elections and gathered 9.4 per cent of the vote, was today encouraged by the support of masses of ordinary UKIP members, but against the wishes of the leadership cabal, (all reported to be exhausted after their campaigning - or post campaign celebrating) to register himself as a UKIP candidate for the Hodge Hill by-election.

As support grew, this party, supposedly a contender for the third spot in British party politics, headquartered just down the road in Birmingham - was then reported as not having the one hundred pounds necessary for the initial deposit nor any extras for any funding of the campaign, so solicitations for cash were spread around the internet. This, mind you, from a party with 12 newly elected MEPs, three of whom - only last Christmas, boasted in a letter to the Daily Telegraph, that their positions were worth a quarter of a million pounds per year per head!

Worse was to follow, for when Peter arrived to collect the papers he was told that a paid Party Organiser, one J Carver with no elected responsibilities within the party whatever - had issued instructions to the Returning officer that this local candidate, apparently a UKIP Branch Chairman with the supposed responsibility and authority to select the local UKIP candidates, be refused the registration papers.

This situation is still developing and updates will be posted as this hopefully final demonstration of the corruption of the UKIP leadership cabal, its complete disregard for the party constitution and its clear and nauseating obsession for nothing but the perks of their Brussels and Strasbourg stipends are laid bare.

posted by Martin |6:07 PM

UKIP Abrogates Independence Ideals and Betrays Supporters' Hopes

"The UK Independence Party has bowed out of both races, saying it lacks the funds and energy to take on Labour and the Tories and does not want to take the gloss off its European Parliament election success.

Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill - Labour strongholds 50 miles apart - are being contested on 15 July. Both have sizeable Asian populations and accompanying opposition to the Iraq war."

The above is taken from a report in this morning's Scotsmanlinked here.

This comes in conjunction with the latest YouGov Poll in the Daily Telegraph which clearly demonstrates how badly the public are thirsting to give all the existing distrusted political parties the pasting of their lives. What better chance could there have been than either Birmingham Hodge Hill, where Kilroy was born or Leicester South, this 15th July.

Examine these figures from the poll which could not possibly paint a clearer picture of the widespread disgust within the country for the professional politicians of all parties who have gorged themselves upon the body politic of our nation and in this parasitical process have drained it of democracy and themselves of any respect. The full results are available from here of which I will highlight these results:-

Who would make the best PM - Blair 31 pct, Howard 26 pct and Kennedy 13 pct. Not one of them rates support above a third and the disgraceful new Tory leader of only a few months barely gets above one quarter of the electorate's support.

Only one quarter of the electorate believe the government 25 per cent has, on balance been honest and trustworthy while two thirds - sixty seven percent - believe it has not!

Worse still, the public sees no honest alternative. Asked if a conservative government if elected would be honest and trustworthy only 22 per cent answered Yes with 57 per cent replying No.

The good news for UKIP, now once again proved to be used by its leadership solely as a tool for their own advancement and comfort is that more than half the country was pleased at the recent success of UKIP and that 84 per cent of those were pleased because of its anti-Europe policies rather than as a matter of protest. How long can such support last when the party today has made plainly obvious that now it has its leadership firmly on the Brussels gravy train, it will cease to even make the case for the cause that might, now that there is a chance for success, suddenly bring their obscene benefits and useless existences as Strasbour MEPs to a halt.

As for supposed man of the people and crusader against the EU - Robert Kilroy-Silk ...well, words become futile....what a sham... what a let down!

posted by Martin |6:21 AM

Sunday, June 27, 2004 

657 MPs in Westminster - Not 1 to Take Us Out

Incredible as it may seem that is the state of Democracy in Britain today. 657 members, where it is estimated 60 per cent of the legislation is dictated from a foreign non-democratic institution and NOT ONE SINGLE MP BELONGS TO A PARTY DEDICATED TO ENDING THIS DISGRACEFUL STATE OF AFFAIRS!

This travesty and disgrace to any proper democratic concept is now to be compounded, as the United Kingdom Independence Party - the recipient of huge support in the recent European Parliamentary elections on 10th June, is apparently refusing to contest the two by elections set for 15th July, which could at least give the people some chance of sending two representatives to THEIR Parliament to volubly and forcefully put the case for EU Withdrawal.


Below is the make up of the present parliament 657 men and women who have sold out their country's democracy and continue to make no move to retrieve it!

State of the parties at 24 June 2004
Conservative 163
Liberal Democrat 54
Scottish National Party/Plaid Cymru 9
(SNP 5/PC 4)
Democratic Unionist 6
Ulster Unionist 5
Sinn Fein 4 (Have not taken their seats)
Social Democratic & Labour 3
Independent 1
Independent Conservative 1
Independent Labour 1
Speaker & 3 Deputies4(Do not normally vote)
Total 657
Government majority 159
There are currently 2 vacant seats

NB If its taking on Labour that worries UKIP - how are they going to cope at the General Election, where there are 406 seats to fight - bloody their noses now while they are still reeling from 10th June!

posted by Martin |5:25 PM

Letter to The Spectator

You keep Europe

Peter Oborne (Politics, 12 June) describes Ukip as a ‘rackety collection of conmen, perjurers, convicted criminals and semi-racists’. This must be a different party from the one to which I belong. I am not a conman and have never been convicted of perjury or criminal activity. As to ‘semi-racist’, I do not know what he means by that. History teaches anyone who cares to study it that societies are strained and damaged by the presence of large groups whose culture, religion, language and values are fundamentally different from those of the host society. To observe that is mere common sense — apparently in short supply among those who govern us.

The Ukip I know is filled with ordinary people who want the chance to elect those who make the laws by which they live. So long as we stay in the EU, that will be impossible. Therefore we want to leave. Of course the Establishment is aghast at the size of the Ukip vote and is reacting as expected — if you cannot fault the message, attack the messenger. Insult us as much as you like, Mr Oborne. It will make no difference to our determination to live again in a free, independent, sovereign state.
Mark Tinney
Laxfield, Suffolk

Indeed the UKIP membership is made up of people such as Mr Tinney. Unhappily the party's leadership sometimes seems to more closely fit Mr Oborne's description - especially when it toys with appointing a Chief Executive such as the disgraced and scandal prone Piers Merchant and EVEN WORSE ducks eminently winnable but rare by-election opportunities, letting down both its broader membership and the electorate at large who quite clearly deserve an anti-EU message to be deliverable within the Westminster Parliament.


posted by Martin |4:54 PM

Hodge Hill is UKIP's Strongest Birmingham Constituency

A correspondent has kindly informed me of the following facts:-

You may already be aware of this but if not it may interest you to know that at this years local elections UKIP's best electoral performance in Birmingham happened to be in the Hodge Hill constituency.

In the Hodge Hill ward Peter Frank Johnson (UKIP) came in fifth place, polling 1,644 votes. A further 341 votes would have been enough for 3rd place and a seat on the council. Peter out polled all 3 conservative and 2 Lib Dem candidates.

In the Shard End ward Joyce Ware (UKIP) came in 7th place with 729 votes out polling 2 conservative and 2 Lib Dem candidates.

The final ward of the constituency (Washwood Heath) is less encouraging (only 415 votes) but this is an inner city ward with a nearly 50% muslim polulation and so hardly where the focus of any UKIP campaign would be.

Full results can be found from this link.

From that link we can quickly see that the 1644 votes received in Hodge Hill ward of the 17,511 total cast represents 9.39 per cent - probably among the best in the country.

Some within UKIP, apparently having their case put forward at the NEC by non-member but powerful cabal confidant John Harvey, are extolling Hartlepool as the ideal by-election possibility. Harvey has been a powerful presence within the party (I am told since its inception) works closely with Nigel Farage in the South East and keeps tight control of the totally lamentable Independence News which must be responsible for deterring many potential new, more diverse, party members).

Considering Hartlepool at all at the moment presumes the twice sacked minister and personal friend of Blair, Peter Mandelson in a further defiant display of cronyism will be appointed to the EU Commission from October. This wil have to be acceptable to the so far sleaze compliant Labour Party, who might be more reluctant than previously, when they see the real danger UKIP could represent to their seats - not least the risk of then spectacularly losing the Hatrlepool by election only months before the supposed preferred General Election date. (As Scotland on Sundaylinked here points out, Labour and all the existing parties now face a huge crisis, one small quote alone gives the flavour of the article: The story was even worse for Labour in the UK as a whole, where its share of the vote - just 23% - was its lowest in a national vote since 1918.).

So let's have a look at the Hartlepool results as opposed to Birmingham's Hodge Hill. The detail is available from this link and the votes obtained by UKIP in the wards in which they stood are as follows: Thomson-Burn Valley 324, Springer-Fens 632, Fitzgerald-Grange 458, Esquival-Oston 253, Wilson-Park 714, Pascoe-Rossmere 367, Devon-St Hilda 279, Wyatt-Seaton 524, Wyatt-Throston 498.

I make that 4479 votes in total or 17.2 per cent.

Now this is indeed an excellent result and all credit to Eric Wilson and his fellow candidates. Particularly striking is the spread, albeit there were seven wards in which UKIP had no candidate. Peter Fitgerald missed being elected by one vote! (Pity the North East had no respectable MEP lead candidate in the Euros - surely that would have made all the difference - another example of Farage's malign influence working against the party and the anti-EU cause!).

Given the factor of timing, (the further from a General Election the more likely dedicated Labour supporters might be to impart a kick up the backside to their Government) and the risks that even the totally discredited Blair might think twice before appointing such a clearly disgraced figure and close personal friend as a Commissioner to the already unpopular EU (especially with the Referendum waiting in the wings); it seems the utmost folly to pass up the chance of standing now in Hodge Hill while the publicity and momentum from the European election campaign is still fresh in the minds of the electorate.

Acknowledging that UKIP have a huge electoral asset in the popular Robert Kilroy-Silk, who was born in the Hodge Hill constituency and

posted by Martin |7:30 AM

Saturday, June 26, 2004 

UKIP Update from Anthony Wells

For another view try this link to 'Swivel-Eyed Loon Update & EU Membership' Good links and argument!

posted by Martin |6:27 PM

UKIP is Uncovered

Events since the results of the European elections of 10th June have finally revealed the true construct, nature and objectives of the party.


Conclusion: The party is run and completely controlled by Nigel Farage MEP. The NEC is a toothless ineffectual group under Farage and his acolytes' complete control.

Proof: On top of all the other evidence in this blog - on the arrival of the 12 MEPs in Brussels, a new Group was formed and Farage was announced as Co-President with Jens-Peter Bonde former leader of the EDD Group. Among the twelve MEPs were the supposed leader of UKIP, Roger Knapman and its Deputy Leader Mike Nattrass. What other political party would thus by-pass its two supposed leaders in such a manner when deciding its parliamentary leadership?


Conclusion: To get as many of Farage's personal friends and cabal members as possible on board the European Parliamentary gravy train.

Proof: Ashley Mote was in court on criminal fraud charges the day following the election. Piers Merchant, disgraced MP, (failed MEP candidate due to Farage's manipulations) is appointed Party Chief Executive (as party-crippling consolation). The MEP candidate lists in various regions were manipulated and two regional committees arbitrarily disbanded in the process.


Conclusion: They have no desire to make an impact in the UK parliament and refuse to run a by-election candidate.

Proof: It is a basic fact of British politics, with its first past the post system, that third or minor parties, independents, nationalists etc., best opportunity for getting into Westminster or establishing a presence are from mid-term by-elections in the constituencies of an unpopular governing party. Two such were announced this week, UKIP has already declared it will not run in one nor support its chief political asset, born in the constituency to be contested in the other. Ridiculously after the recent European campaign cost is cited as an excuse.


Conclusion: The Chief Conspirator is undeniably revealed

Proof: Three events: the high profile and success of Robert Kilroy-Silk; the timing by Labour of the by-elections; and the need to cement his Brussels power base for the next five years - have combined to force Farage into the open. This became obvious when his chief fixer - non-party member Greg Lance-Watkins (one time party leadership election fixer read here) launched his recent personal attack on Kilroy.


UKIP NEC and Party Members cannot ignore these facts. If they remain within the party while continuing under the complete control of Nigel Farage and his shady followers, they will be unable to continue the pretence of representing euro-scepticism for very long.

The purpose of Farage's power base remains unclear. In the early years of his political activities these were suspected to be the same as various far right parties? Can we be sure that they too were not mere pawns in the advancement of his own strictly personal ambitions? To answer or state more would necessarily involve guesswork. What is certain as the events of the past few years have shown, dramatically confirmed in the past couple of weeks - Britain's retrieval of its sovereignty from the EU is a complete irrelevance to Nigel Farage MEP.

UKIP's financial backers now carry the greatest responsibility in resolving these problems. Farage has his funds and power base secured for a further five years, courtesy of the supposed greatest enemy of UKIP - the institutions of the EU. Nobody should make the mistake of now believing that Nigel Farage is on their side if they are against the further encroachments of the EU!


posted by Martin |8:40 AM

Friday, June 25, 2004 

Will Kilroy run in Hodge Hill, Birmingham?

Now we will see the mettle of UKIP's celebrity recruit! So far the party has only officially chickened out of the Leicester South by-election. The other, also being run on 15th July is tantalisingly being held in the very constituency of Kilroy's birthplace, according to this report from icBirmingham linked from here. The following quote comes from their report:-

The United Kingdom Independence-Party has denied its new poster-boy Euro-MP Robert Kilroy-Silk, is putting himself forward.

Kilroy was born and raised in Hodge Hill and there is a momentum behind the party following its success in this month's European elections.

But West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass, the deputy leader of UKIP, said the party's war chest was for the general election.

He said: "It costs a lot to run an election campaign, even a byelection. There is also a general election coming so it may be a matter of months before we have to go through it all again."

Kilroy may have his own cash to fund a campaign, however.



posted by Martin |4:25 PM

UKIP Announces it will not stand in Leicester South

ITV.Com has the announcement linked here ahead of a report of a visit by Charles Kennedy to the constituency.

So much for all the talk of becoming the Third Party in British politics - Truly Pathetic!

posted by Martin |1:39 PM

Farage Fiddles with Forming EU Parliamentary Factions for Funds

What use are extra EU Funds if they are not used to fight Westminster by-elections. Yet that is all that now seems to concern Nigel Farage: maximising EU funding while secondarily perhaps gaining prestigious but meaningless titles- meantime while letting the Westminster Parliament go hang.

While important pending by-elections in the UK are apparently ignored by UKIP's MEPs, now comfortably aboard the Gravy Train, European parliamentary pacts are being formed to occupy the periods between meals. This report in the EUObserver linked here pretty much says about all there is to be said on the topic of Farage's personal priorities. A pertinent quote:-

There will be two co-presidents of the group - one will be Mr Bonde and the other, UKIP MEP Nigel Farage.

"The one thing that really unites us is the Constitution", says Mr Farage, whose party wants UK citizens to say no to the recently-agreed treaty in a referendum and then for Britain to leave the EU.

Earlier in the report it is made perfectly clear that the members have nothing in common at all. In fact Farage might just as well have joined with the Conservatives for all the difference there is in EU withdrawal policies between Michael Howard's stated views and what Jens-Peter Bonde says below. ONE GLARING DIFFERENCE, OF COURSE, IS THAT THE TORIES WOULD NEVER LET THE LITTLE TIN GOD FARAGE BE CALLED CO-PRESIDENT!

I quote again from earlier in the report:-

The new group, in an attempt to get as many MEPs on board as possible, will have two different wings - which will be separated by their degree of being anti-EU.

One of these wings will be headed by Jens-Peter Bonde, the Danish eurosceptic.

The veteran MEP, who says he is against complete withdrawal from the EU, will be joined on this side of the fence by the Swedish eurosceptic Junemovement, the French Mouvement Pour la France, and Dutch MEPs from the ChristenUnie.

(Later link added at 17:40 - Euractiv has produced a report on the rules regarding group formation in the EP, it requires 19 Deputies from 5 countries.)

It is clear EU funding is more important than fighting the organisation itself. Why else would UKIP consider joining a group with parties who will not work for the disbandment of the corrupt anti-democratic organisation to which they all now are committed.

Lobby any NEC member you know to ensure that UKIP offers the electorate two anti-EU candidates on 15th July!

posted by Martin |10:35 AM

Why is UKIP not contesting By-Elections?

See the post below for the reasons why they should now be concentrating on Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill. See this excerpt from 'Private Eye' for what they are actually about:-

Last night 12 Britons describing themselves as "UKIP
MEPs" were reported to be "queuing up in an orderly fashion" to collect
their lavish £172-a- day expenses. Said their leader Kilroy "The lads got a bit carried away on the big night, but it was just a bit of harmless high spirits."
Later the 12 hooligans were seen in one of Brussels legendary 5-star
restaurants, "Chez Woy", tucking into several large plates of gravy, a
famous local delicacy.

(Private Eye 1109 25/6-8/7/04)

posted by Martin |8:50 AM


If UKIP's main aim is TO GET BRITAIN OUT OF EU CONTROL AND RULE, they would be planning to take that message to the British voter at every possible opportunity. Especially Westminster by elections, where they stand a chance of getting a representative into our own Parliament and where the Government will then be forced to daily face one or two UKIP MP's with the evidence of the outrage and concern of the British people at their constitutional plans. If they only come close, the message would be be delivered, especially in the two Labour strongholds at stake on 15th July. If they receive a pasting it will only be because of asinine actions such as appointing a sleaze-soiled ex Tory MP as the party's Chief Executive, and possibly more adverse publicity due to the continued high-profile role being taken by the scandal prone 'Philandering Farage'.

TODAY the Attorney General will append his signature to the common law destroying 'Charter of Fundamental Rights'. Why he is doing this I do not know, what effect it will have on our lives or obligations it will place on our government is likewise unclear!. It has not been yet debated in Parliament, let alone received the Queen's Consent. The fact that this is what is now planned is nevertheless true, as may be read from this report from last evening's Lawyer Newslinked here which states the following:

The Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith QC, will tomorrow (25 June) endorse the Charter of Fundamental Rights which forms part of the new EU constitution.

In his speech, Lord Goldsmith sets out to correct misapprehensions about the Charter, most significantly saying that it sets out principles for human rights rather than displacing existing national laws.

The Charter restates many existing principles, which are already familiar from case law formed in the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

Lord Goldsmith was a member of the working party that worked on the original draft of the European Convention four years ago. This draft was then amended to make it suitable for inclusion into the new constitution approved last week by European leaders.

Nigel Farage MEP, who it has been obvious for years is mainly concerned with building any personal political power base he could, apparently to achieve his own private ambitions, which we believe are not principally EU Withdrawal, is fearful to run candidates in the two by elections called yesterday for 15th July. Is UKIP to deny the voters the chance of expressing their disgust at such unconstitutional actions as these by Blair's government???......Especially after the faith so many millions of voters placed in UKIP as the alleged leaders of the Eurosceptic movement just two weeks ago yesterday!

posted by Martin |8:11 AM

Thursday, June 24, 2004 

Crucial By-Election tests for UKIP

The announcement of two absolutely critical by-elections for UKIP have been announced according to this report in The Scotsman.

The firing pistol was fired today in the Commons for two key by-election battles in Birmingham Hodge Hill and Leicester South.

Government business managers moved the writ for the contests, to be held on July 15.

The Birmingham vacancy was caused by the resignation of Labour’s Terry Davis to take up the post of Secretary General of the Council of Europe Assembly.

He had an 11,618 majority at the 2001 General Election.

June 2001 General Election result – Birmingham Hodge Hill: Davis (Lab) 16,901; Lewis (C) 5,283; Dow (Lib Dem) 2,147; Windridge (BNP) 889; Hussain (People’s Justice Party) 561; Cridge (Socialist Lab) 284; Vivian (UK Independence Party) 275, Khan (Muslim Party) 125. Turnout 47.90%.

The Leicester South by-election was caused by the death in May of Labour’s Jim Marshall who had a 13,243 majority at the 2001 General Election.

June 2001 General Election result – Leicester South: Marshall (Lab) 22,958; Hoile (C) 9,715; Singh Gill (Lib Dem) 7,243; Layton (Green) 1,217; Gardner (Socialist Lab) 676; Ladwa (UK Independence Party) 333. Turnout 57.99%.


posted by Martin |1:44 PM

Piers Merchant

The disgraced ex-Conservative MP, Piers Merchant's appointment has been confirmed as Party Chief Executive according to a report on Page 12 of yesterday's Guardian. This small item appeared at the end of an article regarding the resignation of the SNP leader and did not seem to appear in the paper's electronic edition and therefore cannot be linked from the blog.

We had been informed that a new member of the UKIP NEC, was claiming our report of the temporary appointment of this totally unsuitable individual, was incorrect and that no such decision had been taken by the NEC. According to the newspaper item the appointment has been confirmed by the party though the spokesperson is not identified.

The lesson that neither the UKIP NEC, nor indeed the party itself, operates as other such bodies, is one that must be painfully learned by all newcomers. Reform seems impossible - let voters beware!

posted by Martin |12:23 PM

UKIP Arrives in Brussels

The BBC website gives a detailed report linked here as does The Guardianhere.

Relative party positions from the briefings: Farage is described as Leader of the 12 MEPs and Titford as party whip. Yesterday's report in The Scotsman described Roger Knapman as 'Head' of the party, although it is clear that Kilroy is the only figure of either substance or interest to the press. He confirms that most of his efforts will be concentrated within the UK, with no early by-elections planned while not ruling out an eventual Westminster seat. Most of the interest was from the British media, if I find foreign reports I will link them here later.

posted by Martin |6:23 AM

Wednesday, June 23, 2004 

UKIP Animosities Surface at Brussels Press Conference

Although not present, as a seasoned UKIP observer it is possible to sense the underlying tensions within the UK Independence Party from this report in The Scotsman linked from here and titled Kilroy-Silk: Let's Get Out of Depressing Brussels .

Take this exchange:-

At a press conference in UKIP’s new Brussels home, Mr Farage was asked what the name of the new political group would be.

Mr Kilroy-Silk immediately piped up: “The Out Of Europe Group, or something like that,” he suggested.

Amid the laughter Mr Farage said the final name would probably reflect democracy and the nation state.

Other than Kilroy, Paul Sykes also attended and was reported as follows:-

Observing UKIP’s advance into Europe today was Paul Sykes, the millionaire businessman who funded UKIP’s Euro election campaign to the tune of £1.1m and who has donated generously to other political parties on an anti-EU platform.

He was no more impressed with the European Parliament building, saying that from what he had seen, it would be out of business within hours if it was a private company.

He said one problem which UKIP hoped to rectify was to inform the British people about what was going on.

“Over 80% of British people know next to zero about this thing that produces 60% of the laws that govern their lives,” he said.

posted by Martin |3:53 PM

Kilroy on the attack in Brussels and Herron in NE

Britain's best known eurosceptic MEP, Robert Kilroy-Silk, according to this report from Reuterslinked here, speaking at a Brussels press conference 'says there is so much to attack about the European Union it is hard to know where to start'. He continued:

"We will expose the fraud, the waste, the corruption and the way in which the institution and the Commission are eroding our sovereignty and independence,"

Meantime from the North East of England, Neil Herron - lead campaigner against the North East Assembly and spokesman for the main opposition group NEARA has issued a report indicating Deputy PM Prescott might now be getting cold-feet and call the referendum off rather than receive yet one more electoral 'kicking' this Autumn.

Strangely enough, this was exactly as Mr Herron, still active in the Metric Martyr movement had predicted on 1st May, which suggestion was then strenuously denied by the government, as may be read from from here.

posted by Martin |3:32 PM

Paralysis hits UKIP

We yesterday reported that last Friday's NEC appointed Piers Merchant temporary Chief Executive; another report from another in attendance informs us this was not so!

Did Chairman Lott resign? If so, just as Chairman or also from the NEC?

We are told his photograph has been removed from the Party website, but we could not just now gain access to check his status.

Who is the Party Treasurer? Has the disastrous Acting Party Secretary been confirmed in her post to wreak more havoc on the party's reputation. If not who is the replacement?

Denis Brookes, who gained election to the NEC,has been or has stood down. We are too modest (and realistic) to believe that might have been as a result of this blog's criticism's, but it is welcome news nevertheless.

Ashley Mote was to inform his fellow MEPs of the reasons for his non-disclosure of his legal difficulties yesterday we hear. Will the apparently unfit or exhausted David Lott, as next on the SE MEP list, suddenly recuperate to be able to take-up the MEP duties should Mr Mote be deemed as unsuitable to be a party MEP as he was apparently a member of the NEC?

Any hope that the one political party in Britain that offers a sane and sensible policy with regard to the EU, might actually now pull itself together and prove itself worthy to lead the millions who wish to return their country to independence, prosperity and some justification for self-pride?

First step must be for Knapman to stand-down, he is clearly not up to the task in hand! None of the party posts required by the Party Constitution, other than his, presently seem to be filled - the logical first step is to therefore start changes from the top!

posted by Martin |9:56 AM

UKIP as seen by the World Socialists

This link is to a well researched and detailed article on UKIP for the World Socialist Web Site, click on the title to read: What is the United Kingdom Independence Party? written by by Julie Hyland and Chris Marsden.

posted by Martin |8:02 AM

UKIP's First Scalp?

The Scotsmanlinked here, is but one paper to report the fall of John Swinney leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party. A quote from the article:-

The trigger was the result of the European election, announced from the top of Mercat Cross in Edinburgh nine days ago. The SNP came second to Labour and avoided slipping to third only because the UK Independence Party took votes from the Tories.

The Guardianlinked here also believes UKIP was the triggering element:

Only the rise of the UK Independence party in the European polls saved the SNP from coming third to the Tories and a survey for last weekend's Sunday Times revealed that almost half of the 26 nationalist MSPs wanted him to resign

Other considerations, of course also played a major role in Swinney's demise, but the fact UKIP even receives a mention, would have been unbelievable a month ago. :strong>Had UKIP fielded a Scottish born and based lead MEP candidate without any question marks hanging over their character they could well have had Swinney's scalp much sooner.
The importance of avoiding stained characters of any sort in the coming critical campaign to regain sovereignty, cannot be stressed and repeated too often, particularly at this juncture with Piers Merchant's name about to become inextricably linked with party's, unless sufficient stink is now loudly raised by the membership!

All professional politicians regardless of their supposed parties should now be placed in similar jeopardy. Pundits and the parties themselves continue to discuss the next General Election as if it were politics as usual post 10th June. It is not! The betrayal of the British people's freedom and democracy has been perpetrated by all three main British parties acting in concert and keeping their ultimate aim secret. It is all those professional politicians who should now become an endangered species.

An example of the conspiracy they have mounted against their fellow citizens was posted on Ironies yesterday, it is titled 'EU Subversion of Britain's State Broadcaster' and is linked from here. The facts should be brought to the attention of as many voters as possible. There can be no possible justification for the BBC to have negotiated the availability of cut cost financing from a multinational organisation, publicly committed to the manipulation of broadcasters in the cause of the world's now ONLY openly expansionist power block.

posted by Martin |6:30 AM

Tuesday, June 22, 2004 

Euro-sceptic picked as Tory Leicester South Candidate

The following is taken from a report in The Times:

Tories pick MEP to fight by-election By Greg Hurst, Political Correspondent

THE Conservatives last night selected an MEP who was elected to the European Parliament less than a fortnight ago as their candidate for the pending by-election in Leicester South. Chris Heaton-Harris, who was re-elected as an MEP for the East Midlands on June 13, would have to quit his role in Brussels if the Tories were to win the by-election. His was the only name put to a meeting of the local Conservative association last night, a party source told The Times.

The European Parliament is trying to stop its members from having “dual mandates” in Brussels and national parliaments. There are exemptions until 2009, which apply only to MEPs who were MPs or peers when re-elected this month. Mr Heaton-Harris, 36, a trenchant Eurosceptic, fought Leicester South in the general election of 1997 before winning a seat in the European Parliament two years later. His selection was seized on by the Liberal Democrats, who are battling with the Tories over who emerges as the main challenger to Labour, as a sign that the Conservatives had been unable to find another well-known local candidate. No date has yet been set for the by-election, which follows the death last month of the Labour MP Jim Marshall. The Lib Dems have selected Parmjit Singh Gill, a local councillor. Labour selected Sir Peter Soulsby, former leader of Leicester City Council.

Early indications that UKIP are running scared of this by-election and in the absence of any celebrity candidate are unlikely to risk seeing their momentum stalled by an early by-election set-back on the tail of their recent EU Election successes. This sits uncomfortably with the fact that Westminster remains the one parliament where the party's stated objective could be achieved.

Sir Peter Soulsby, the Labour candidate - one time leader of Leicester council and university lecturer is very much of the 'OLD' Labour party with strong socialist basic beliefs and as I recall, little understanding of or sympathy for market economies.

Christopher Heaton-Harris will best be recently remembered for resigning as Conservative MEP Chief Whip over the demand by EPP Group Leader Poettering that Tories withdraw their names from the motion of censure against the EU Commission over the corruption in the EU statistics operations. (These events were covered extensively on my blog Teetering Tories).

It is depressing to see Mr Heaton-Harris become the standard bearer for Howard's now eurofederalist/Eu-imperialist party (see today's post on Ironies on Frattini's TV interview); but I presume this has been partly forced by the necessity to find a position for the suddenly and no doubt unexpectedly unemployed third Tory candidate on their East Midlands EU candidate list, just one of the recent (but only early) victims of the hopefully growing - 'Kilroy Effect'.

With such a previous eurosceptic running for the Conservatives, any UKIP decision not to contest the seat could look somewhat more understandable. Subsequent skipped by-elections, however, could revive suspicions regarding their true motivations!

posted by Martin |11:27 AM

Historic opportunity at risk

The post beneath this illustrates the dreadful mismanagement underway within UKIP. The FT this morning, a portion of which is quoted below, and the letter we received from an anguished party member (also quoted) both illustrate the true extent of betrayal to party and country which Knapman, Farage, Nattrass and others connected with the tight-knit group who control UKIP are now embarked.

The Financial Times article quoting MORI and headlined 'Growing support for UKIP bodes ill for Blair' is linked here, it opens as follows:-

This month's significant increase in voters prepared to back the UK Independence party in a general election, revealed in a MORI poll today, is consistent with the strong eurosceptic trend of recent surveys.

The anti-European Union party's level of support - up from 4 to 9 per cent this month, among people planning to vote in the next election - would trouble the big parties only in marginal seats. But the signal it sends to Tony Blair of a further hardening in anti- Brussels sentiment could bode ill for his chances of winning the referendum.

The letter from a Party Member arrived yesterday and was as follows:-

What a farce this is, can it really be possible that after an amazing GLA and Euro election result, the leadership in it's wisdom think that making a disgraced ex tory MP the CEO of UKIP is a good way to capitalise on our success, this party needs an enema, for want of a better phrase.

A ray of hope is that if as rumoured on your blog, Paul Sykes is going to come into the heart of UKIP, I hope he realises what is to be done;

Firstly all expulsions, in fact any disciplinary matter held by this
leadership MUST be reviewed as a matter of urgency and I suspect that 95% will then require an apology and a request to rejoin/take up position with the Party again.

Secondly all those invovled in such actions against members should be

Thirdly All nec members should resign and the elections held again, only this time within the bounds of the law, if NEC members were found not to have put a brake on the leaderships excesses, then they should be banned from holding office as they are obviously not robust enough to make decisions.

Fourthly All MEPs are to be given a portfolio (fisheries, agriculture, etc) on which they must make regular reports back to headoffice for inclusion into a weekly briefing to the national press, we should be looking at getting as much press coverage as possible now, MEP reports should also be further disseminated so as too allow for regional press briefings aswell.

All MEPs are just that and are not to hold any other Party office.

Finance: All party finance will be that of open book, at local,regional and National level, all MEPs will too have open accounts for scrutiny, allexcess expenses will be split 50% head office and 50% for regional/local uses, all requests by members over financial irregularites will need to be investigated within 5 days of complaint being made and an interim report sent to member within 10 days (being followed up by final report as and when investigation is complete).

It is fair to say after recent electorial results UKIP is consolidated as the fourth British political force, to move to third, second and first we must be more proffessional in how we act as a party, and how we are perceived by the public, above are ideas that we must as a party deal with internally and those now who have and are bringing unwanted attention to the party must either step aside or be quashed, the present leadership must NOT be allowed to continue to place their cronies friends and family into any party position that could harm the Party this is best send in ryhme;


Mr Sykes needs to know what is required(if he does indeed become chairman), he will need to make decisions and if I ever get to speak to him I will reiterate what is in this email, it should be that we in the North East can capitalise on the success of UKIP elswhere, but I fear the good people of ..... will remember only that a disgraced ex MP in Piers Merchant was foisted upon them....

The true extent of the rot at the party's centre was detailed in our first post of today, which follows. (Meantime Kilroy's ability to hit on the correct phrase for any occasion is recognised even as far as Teheran as may be read from this link).

posted by Martin |6:37 AM


The first NEC meeting following the stunning Kilroy coup of the Euro-elections, was a fork in the road for UKIP. Ignoring the way to the high-ground the party's leadership seems blindly bound for the bogs.

As a classic example of all that has been wrong with the party's governance in the recent past, the attempt to bounce the NEC into a rushed, ill-considered and uninformed decision on the appointment of Piers Merchant as the party's Chief Executive carries all the classic hallmarks:-

- There was no prior discussion on the need for such a position.

- There was no attempt to first define the functions and responsibilities.

- Lacking any job description, there was no definition of the qualifications the candidates should possess.

- There was no reference to an executive recruitment specialist or advertisements placed.

- There were no short-lists, interviews or selection procedures whatever.

Rather the National Executive Committee were informed that the present Chairman David Lott had resigned and being tired, was not prepared to continue with his duties beyond five o'clock that evening. The suggested replacement Chairman, mentioned as possibly Paul Sykes would not be immediately available, therefore the Party Leader proposed appointing the failed North East MEP candidate, the disgraced former MP Piers Merchant as Party Chief Executive at a salary of between 75,000 to 150,000 a year, with the appointment effective immediately.

Amazingly enough this was possible as Merchant was said to be immediately available, as he had extraordinarily resigned his previous post of Campaign's Director for the London Chamber of Commerce in order, he alleged to concentrate on the Euro election campaign in the North East. A claim not borne out by reports from that region which described the UKIP campaign as essentially invisible.

Suffice it to say, the newly constituted NEC showed the exact same spinelessness as its predecessor, and in spite of the total unsuitability of Merchant as a candidate, let alone a Chief Executive for which he has no qualifications whatever - this shameful and disgraced individual was placed in charge of the party, albeit as 'temporary' Party Chief Executive.

Whether or not his urge to become more closely involved with the party is driven by economic necessity, or the fact that the cause for his disgracing the Conservatives, Anna Cox, has reportedly recently joined UKIP, must be open to conjecture. Who however, being unemployed (if not in the uncharitable view of some - even practically unemployable) would not grab at such a post?

The long list of disgraced conservatives now being welcomed into UKIP with open arms by their ex-Conservative colleague and present Party Leader, Roger Knapman, continues to grow, with Jonathan Aitkin (who provided one of the few dark spots of the recent campaign by his public demonstration of support for UKIP) has also become a full memeber we hear. Others already associated with UKIP with part responsibility for the Conservatives becoming synonymous with sleaze are:-

Neil Hamilton
John Browne
Charles Wardle
Piers Merchant
Jonathan Aikin

Perhaps there are others I have missed, or worse yet to come! (Anyone heard from Lord Archer of late)?

How can UKIP maximise its electoral appeal on what MUST now be a major theme of any campaign - the abuses of the system by all the existing political parties, when they welcome into UKIP ranks people found guilty of the worst personal examples of such abuses, who are not even tolerated or permitted to remain in office in the parties we most need to attack.

The message to the electorate and existing party members couldn't be more clear - its two fingers to you from the UKIP leadership while the worst of the professional political pillagers are welcomed by their old friends to resume the abuses that ordinary people joined or voted for UKIP to bring to an end!

If Knapman cannot see that, which it appears he cannot - I feel sure Kilroy can! Was that then another cause for the attacks by Lance-Watkins?

If Piers Merchant is confirmed in his now temporary post, then UKIP cannot be seen as a vehicle for change!

posted by Martin |5:19 AM

Monday, June 21, 2004 

Cabal's attack-hound set loose on Kilroy!

Regular reader's of this blog will be all too familiar, with non-UKIP member, but agitator supremo for Farage and the leadership cabal - Greg Lance-Watkins. Somewhat quietened after hitting the front page of the Sunday Telegraph following his comments on the murder of Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh last September linked from here, here, here and again from here he has suddenly returned to the attack.

Well it seems some in the cabal must be getting nervous at the great publicity and attention that Kilroy is bringing to our cause - for GLW now has the ex-TV presenter in his sites. The following is an excerpt from an internet circular that will provide the flavour:-

I applaud UKIP's wisdom in harnessing a clown to lead the parade and make it more visible but now it has the power to move British politics and put stagnant, comfortable, cosy MPs on the dole unless they toe UKIP's line there is no need of a clown.

Kilroy Slik is a self styled 'very important man' much too important to
bother attending meetings, pay his bills or honour his worker who got
him elected.

Kilroy Slik is soooo important that he believes UKIP press conferences
are about HIM and not about Britain.

Now that the circus has commenced we must ensure the rign master who
brought UKIP here - Roger Knapman gets the support to run the circus and tell the clowns with the big grins, incincere smiles, fake tans and
coiffured looks in selected costumes are needed in the ring to attract
the attention of the crowds.

The clowns come on to hide scene changes, structural act changes and
cover as a distraction for accidents or mistakes - the rest of the time
their roll is in the wings.

Roger Knapman is the dupe of Farage. He has been as good as invisible in the party since his contrived annointment into the office of leader at the Scarborough Conference. My own dealings with him were confined to an almost one hour telephone conversation when I pleaded with him to intervene over the membership and election rigging activities of the cabal's placeman Peter Troy in the North East, which had already led to the suspension of the Regional Committee. When I described the extent of the wrongdoings he merely brushed them aside as a matter of 'dead-Grandmothers' and airily implied that I would be best involved in the same type of activity. Hence my statement to the press that I would withdraw my MEP candidacy unless there was a change of leadership in the party. Something for which I continue to bend my efforts!

posted by Martin |7:29 AM

Sunday, June 20, 2004 


As promised earlier we now have a detailed report of B.LIAR's morning TV statement for the BBC by EU Politix from here.

Between Blair and Ancram, representatives of the two political parties, that for years have been selling out the country's sovereignty and the ordinary people's democracy in exchange for obscene amounts of our EU recycled tax payments siphoned into their party coffers and therefore indirectly the political classes own pockets - Robert Kilroy-Silk was reported as follows:-

UK Independence Party MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk compared Blair's trip to Brussels to Neville Chamberlain's "appeasement" of Hitler.

"Chamberlain came back waving a piece of paper saying 'it's OK, we are not going to have war, they are not going to invade us'," he said.

"There's Tony. He's waving a piece of paper saying 'it's OK, I've only given a little bit away of our sovereignty', when in fact this is the beginning of the end of Britain as a nation state governing itself."

He said the prime minister was in "panic mode" over the referendum and is dressing up his achievements.

"All that he has done is stop them meddling in our lives a little bit (more) than they have done already and intend to do," Kilroy-Silk said.

The East Midlands MEP predicted defeat for the government in the referendum but also said the Conservatives would suffer for refusing to pledge to leave the EU altogether.

"They [voters] are fed up of being lied to, they are fed up of being deceived, they are fed up of being taken for granted. Why would we want to ally ourselves with either one of those [parties]?" he said.

posted by Martin |6:31 PM

No UKIP/Tory Pact but New Pro Britain Party IS Required

The Scotsmanlinked here, reporting on this morning's television appearances by Michael Ancram and Robert Kilroy-Silk, makes clear that no elctoral pact between the parties seems likely at this stage:-

The Tories would “certainly” not enter into a pact with UKIP and would fight every seat at the next general election, Michael Ancram said today.

The shadow foreign secretary said that while the 'No' campaign in the EU constitution would be “broad based” there would be no electoral link.

The Conservatives would not be “looking over their shoulders” at the anti-Europe party in the elections, he told BBC1’s Breakfast with Frost.

Leading UKIP member Robert Kilroy-Silk also snubbed the idea of a pact on the same programme, saying he had “no desire” for one.

The former TV presenter and newly-elected MEP said voters were fed up with “being lied to” and “being deceived” by the old parties.

He asked: “Why would we want to ally ourselves with either one of those?”

Peter Hitchens writing in the Mail on Sunday (no link available but try page 27) sums the problem up nicely. In my view UKIP is too corrupted by the low-calibre and past year's disgusting tactics of its ruling leadership cabal to ever look like a realistic reforming political force, while the Tories are tarred by their decades of deceit now seen through by the electorate.

Hitchens says UKIP is nevertheless doing a good job finishing off the Tories to make room for a new pro-British party, but it won't be the UKIP - the article finishes with:

''The movement will not be the UKIP, for it will need far more depth
and breadth and height. But Robert Kilroy-Silk and the UKIP are
clearing the way for it.''

Somebody should point the large UKIP sponsors Bown and Sykes to this blog before they throw more money at a party that would consider appointing the likes of Piers Merchant as their Chief Executive whilst planning to attack the existing political parties for their standards of behaviour and total lack of political propriety.

posted by Martin |2:08 PM

UKIP Intelligence Arms our Attacks

Visit my blog Teetering Tories to see how the intelligence provided by UKIP from yesterday's article in The Times titled Brussels grant to fund UKIP's anti-EU battle can be taken to the enemy in my post titled: CONSERVATIVE NAIVETY AND POLITICIAN'S PLUNDERING.

Follow that with a visit to Ironies where the assault is continued against B-LIAR. The financial detail has been recorded on The Strasbourg Cesspit to keep that database on corruption and sleaze fully up to date. Enjoy your Sunday!

posted by Martin |11:07 AM

Sunday Columnists Pronounce on UKIP

After a long week's wait, the Sunday newspaper columnists finally get their chance to pronounce upon the UKIP successes. In The Observer Will Hutton attempts to keep the federalist flag fluttering in this item titled 'One day their bubble will burst' linked here. Elsewhere in the same paper Peter Preston seems to draw most of the inspiration for comment from other media and journalist's opinion during the week. That piece titled 'Eurosceptic wave has the columnists all at sea' is linked here.

The 'Sunday Telegraph' on the other hand has as good as become a UKIP free zone. The Independent on Sunday has its Political Editor Andy McSmith look at the problems ahead for Blair in 'Leaders under fire from right - and Pope' linked here, which takes on board the point made in my closing post in Ironies last night, that in winning the support of the six nations necessary to ditch the Constitution the absence of reference to Christianity might become key.
There was much discussion of the Constitution and some analysis of its terms and implications posted on Ironies yesterday. Most of my comment on the EU Constitutional battle will be posted on that blog, please visit it and add it to your favourites or bookmarks to stay regularly up to date with developments.

"Even the Pope added to criticism of the 300-page document, agreed in the early hours of yesterday morning, for its absence of any reference to religion." (Independent on Sunday')

posted by Martin |6:00 AM

Saturday, June 19, 2004 

Thank God?

The following is taken from The Scotsman linked from here.

An anti-EU vicar will tomorrow hold a service thanking God for the European election results.

The Reverend Philip Foster will hold the Thanksgiving as a “sign of God’s mercy on our country in recent days”.

Mr Foster said the success of the UK Independence Party in the polls showed Europhiles were beatable.

In a letter to members of the congregation of St Matthew’s Church in Cambridge he wrote: “I thought after the European election results that it might be good to have this service of thanksgiving.

“I believe that we have seen the tide turn for this country, but as Churchill remarked after El Alamein (when the Germans were at last perceived as being beatable) ‘this is the end of the beginning’.

“So today we have seen the EU’s proponents are beatable. But we need to recognise that ultimately it is by God’s mercy we are seeing this change and that it would be right to give Him thanks.”

The invitation to the service was printed in UKIP’s purple and gold colours.

The service was brought to light by the Green Party. A spokesman said: “The service may not go exactly according to plan as it may be revealed to the congregation how right-wing UKIP’s policies are.”

Sad is it not, that earnest and feeling people such as this - dedicated to the return of sovereignty and democracy to their country, should be deceived and betrayed by the existing political parties we have all learnt to totally distrust, but also - through the actions of those spawned by that system such as Knapman and Merchant - now also be betrayed by those they believe are leading the cause to restore our rights and freedoms?

posted by Martin |7:32 PM

Piers Merchant - Was the real problem the 'Denials'?

A report at the time of the resignation of the one-time Tory MP, seems to indicate that the problem was not the sex scandal itself, but more the fact that he deliberately misrepresented the facts to his constituency committee. The following is an excerpt from a contemporary report (link to BBC report from here):-

Worse was to follow. Within days of the Sun's desertion, Piers Merchant, the Conservative MP for Beckenham, found himself splashed on the paper's front page, apparently in an adulterous liaison with a 17-year-old Soho nightclub hostess, Anna Cox.

(The link has access to a video clip of Heseltine calling for Merchant's resignation)

Michael Heseltine, the Deputy Prime Minister, sternly warned Mr Merchant that he should "consider his position" - code for "resign". Yet Mr Merchant denied the allegations and stayed on with the backing of his constituency party. He eventually resigned in October 1997 after reports that he had resumed his relationship with Ms Cox.

Note the statement that "Mr Merchant denied the allegations and stayed on with the backing of his constituency party"; consider that against the later revealed facts and then read this report in April of this year by Chris Lloyd, Political Editor of 'The Northern Echo', which full interview is linked from here and titled Twice bitten, still not shy.

The following quotes should be matched against all the now well known facts and any sensible person will immediately realise that here there is no shame regarding earlier misrepresentations and that the intervening years do not seem to have taught one of the founder members of the Tory sleaze movement where the margins of the truth really lie:-

"I was originally set up," says the man who is putting his head back in the political lion's mouth as the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) candidate for the North-East in June's European elections.

"The story was invented and the evidence was then carefully assembled. There was some truth in it in that there were photographs of me in a park with a girl, but the problem was that the girl was persuaded to go there and the photographers were ready lined up in a ditch to take pictures they'd planned in advance.

"I'm not saying I didn't make mistakes, I shouldn't have got into that position, but it's the sort of game that's played when the tabloids are hunting to kill."

Then he laughs uproariously, his body shaking so much that he reveals the full glory of his patriotic socks. "And of course," he splutters with amusement, "they missed the biggest story of all, which was John Major and Edwina Currie - that's the funniest thing."

Mr Merchant survived the initial set-up, once escaping from his house through back garden hedges while the photographers were camped out the front, and was re-elected.

But then he was caught with Ms Cox when he should have been at the Conservative Party conference, and the game was afoot again.

It is perfectly clear that Piers Merchant resigned as an MP because he deliberately misled those who had supported him, in the face of overwhelming evidence against him. He not only misled those people but repeated what he had denied, was caught and his position became untenable and he resigned as an MP. That is an entirely different situation than the affair betwwen Major and Currie which he tries here to imply is comparable.

The problem with Piers Merchant is not merely one of sleeping with an underage girl. It is a matter of whether or not he can be trusted. All the evidence says that he cannot. He let down his supporters in the Beckenham Conservative Committee, his wife and family who he shamelessly uses in the above article to try to gather sympathy, his constituents, his colleagues in Parliament, his party and his country.

He is clearly a disgrace, whoever has proposed him as Chief Executive for UKIP, whether it be Knapman or Farage or whoever, stands similarly disgraced. All who have clung to their party memberships in the hope of something better emerging at the head of the party following the recent elections, must truly feel shattered this morning!

The latest report we have received on this subject is this:-

Piers Morgan has been taken on as CEO for a trial period. He will be doing the same work as Michael Harvey plus extra ''chores'' for a
salary which is believed to be between £75k and £100k p.a. five to
seven times more than the honest and hard working Michael Harvey
who used to be General Secretary.

Note if this was not a typographical error, we will have plenty more to say on the wisdom of the party employing the ex-editor of the Daily Mirror in due course!

posted by Martin |11:46 AM

UKIP to be known for 'SEX AND SLEAZE'?

Piers Merchant, yet one more disgraced and resigned ex-Tory MP associated with the UKIP cabal, is this morning being reported to be UKIP's new Chief Executive. Refresh your memories as to why this man should never have been allowed to represent the party, let alone run it from our post of 8th March linkedfrom here,
and this titled 'Resigned Tory MP Confirmed as NE MEP Lead Candidate' of 29th April 2004 linked here. A press summary of the scandal may be read from here.

After the Mail on Sunday disclosures about Nigel Farage's lifestyle in Brussels in the closing days of the European Elections campaign it seems the party positively courts a reputation as being a refuge for roues!

The following illustrates the disastrous electoral results of the ridiculous decision apparently TO SABOTAGE THE CANDIDATURE OF DECENT CANDIDATES IN THE NORTH EAST SO THAT THIS SCANDAL-SOILED FAILURE COULD BE PARACHUTED IN! Is the same damage now to be wrought upon the entire party across the whole country? WITH SUCH AN INDIVIDUAL MADE PARTY CHIEF EXECUTIVE, that seems certain to be the result. Hera are the voting figures in the North East for the past two elections which illustrate Merchant's lack of impact.

10th June 2004
Lab 266,057 (34.09%)
C 144,969 (18.57%)
LD 138,791 (17.78%)
UKIP 94,887 (12.16%)
BNP 50,249 (6.44%)
Ind 39,658 (5.08%)
Green 37,247 (4.77%)
Respect 8,633 (1.11%)


Labour 162573
Conservative 105573
Lib Dem 52070
UK Independence Party 34063
Green 18184
Socialist Labour Party 4511
BNP 3505
Pro Euro Conservative Party 2926
The Socialist Party (GB) 1510
Natural Law Party 826

Piers Merchant therefore somehow managed, to effectively dilute the 'Kilroy effect' evident elsewhere across the country by holding the increase in votes for UKIP from 8.83 in 1999 to 12.16 in 2004. A massive and notable underachievement, clearly illustrating what the people of the North East think of their one time local MP and I understand, newspaper editor!

posted by Martin |10:37 AM
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