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Tuesday, May 29, 2007 

Tory Shadow Europe Minister Resigns!

The bad news is that it is over their Grammar School policy.

An indication of the importance placed by the Conservative Party on EU matters, with our remaining sovereignty about to be sold out in Berlin in three weeks time, is the seniority and renown of his named successor as detailed below.

Why not use the contact details provided by his constituency party to elicit his views on the upcoming Berlin summit?

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Mark Francois MP
Member of Parliament for Rayleigh
Shadow Minister for the Treasury

Mark was elected as a Member of Parliament in 2001. Previously, he served for four years on Basildon Council in the early 1990s, and faced Ken Livingstone in Brent East during the 1997 general election.

In July 2002, Mark was appointed an Opposition Whip. Since September 2004, he has been a Shadow Minister for the Treasury.



Telephone: 01268 742044

Fax: 01268 741833


Postal Address: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

posted by Martin | 8:51 PM

Tuesday, May 08, 2007  

UKIP Collapse

I have received the following interesting summary of the recent local election results. I will post the official UKIP summary if it becomes available.
1 x Carrick
1 x Newcastle Under Lyme
1 x Staffordshire Moorlands


1 x Kennet
1 x Newcastle under Lyme


1 x Dudley
2 x North Wiltshire
1 x South Gloucestershire

Did not re-contest:

6 x Devon
1 x Oswestry


Local Authority Councillors in England (excluding county, parish/town and authorities with no full elections on the 3rd May 2007).

2 x Newcastle under lyme
1 x Carrick
1 x Hartlepool
1 x Kennett
1 x Slough
1 x Staffordshire Moorlands More detailed figures -

Our Devon correspondent informs us that the leadership of the so-called fourth largest party are remaining tight lipped about the loss of more than half of their local authority councillors over the last three months.

Indeed, despite gaining or retaining just 5 local authority councillors in the recent elections, the Party is reduced to just 8 local authority councillors nationwide!

The breakdown on a local authority basis is as follows.

North Devon District Council.

UKIP were claiming 3 (sometimes 4) councillors on this local authority. None stood for re-election, with the result that UKIP’s representation is now 0.

Oswestry Borough Council.

The UKIP councillor sought re-election as an Independent resulting in them having no presence on the council now.

Torridge District Council.

The UKIP councillor defected to the Tories leaving the Party with no representation on the council.

West Devon District Council.

The UKIP councillor sought re-election as an Independent.

South Gloucestershire Borough Council.

The sole UKIP councillor failed (badly) in his bid for re-election.

Dudley Borough Council.

The sole UKIP councillor failed in his bid for re-election.

North Wiltshire District Council.

Both UKIP councillors failed to be re-elected.

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.

The UKIP councillor retained his seat.

Kennett District Council.

The UKIP councillor retained his seat in a contest against a sole contestant!

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council.

The UKIP councillor retained her seat.

In addition UKIP also won a seat.

Carrick District Council.

UKIP also won a seat on this council.

And so to recap.

Since February UKIP have lost 9/10 local authority councillors:-

North Devon 3 or 4.
West Devon 1.
Torridge 1.
South Gloucestershire 1.
Dudley 1.
North Wiltshire 2.

And are left with just 8.

Carrick 1.
Kennett 1.
Slough 1.
Hartlepool 1
Staffordhire Moorlands 1.
Newcastle-u-Lyme 2
South Down 1

posted by Martin | 7:53 PM

Saturday, May 05, 2007  

More drunken antics from UKIP's top brass

The following is from The Sun:

UKIP chief's racist pasty attack

Crime Editor

May 04, 2007

A UK Independence Party chief hurled racist insults at railway staff, threatened them with an umbrella before throwing a Cornish pasty in an early-hours drunken frenzy.

Head of Communications Adrian Lithgow lashed out while waiting for a train at London’s Victoria station at 3am.

The Eurosceptic, 50, launched a vicious tirade at a Yugoslavian rail worker — branding him “a piece of s***”.

He told the man: “You are a f*****g immigrant” and added: “Have you got a work permit?”

Read the full report from this link.

posted by Martin | 10:25 AM
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