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Tuesday, July 25, 2006 

Jeffrey Titford MEP makes a point

A written question submitted to the European Commission by Jeffrey Titford MEP, is as follows:

To ask the Commission whether Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes attended the Bilderberg Conference in Ottawa on 8-11 June 2006. If so, did she attend in her official capacity, as is implied by her listing on the official list of participants?

If she was present, please provide details of the items on the agenda to which she contributed (the items themselves and the substance of her contribution). What specific tasks was she given during the conference?

19th July 2006

posted by Martin |8:03 AM

Thursday, July 20, 2006 

Rumours of Mergers

Yesterday I received a report of a merger between the UKIP the BNP and the DUP. I considered this so preposterous that I ignored the article.

The report has now appeared on the blog called 'Cross of St George' run I believe by someone within the English Democrats; readers interested in possible political disinformation may find the item from this link.

More interesting is the concern in the comment section of the Conservative Home blog on the 33 per cent swing to the BNP in a ward in Redbridge last week.

posted by Martin |9:05 AM

Monday, July 17, 2006 

Leadership campaign has low key start

The following report is from the party's website:

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Scotch Corner Hustings Report


hustings photo.JPG

Approximately 30 members attended the Leadership Hustings at Scotch Corner at 1.00pm on Saturday 15th July 2006. The audience, from as far a field as Scotland, Sheffield, Teesside and Yorkshire, heard David Noakes and Richard Suchorzewski give their vision for the future for the UK Independence Party and outline the methodology that they would apply to implement these visions.

Unfortunately, due to family commitments, Nigel Fararge was unable to attend and David Campbell Bannerman had a long-standing prior engagement that meant he too was unable to make the journey north. The Hustings Chairman gave the meeting the apologies he had received from both of these candidates.

The two candidates present, Richard Suchorzewski and David Noakes, were able to take advantage of the extra time available due to the unfortunate absence of David Campbell Bannerman and Nigel Fararge to expand on what would otherwise have been only brief answers, into some very detailed and well thought out responses to the questions from the members. The meeting was highly animated and questions from the floor prompted considerable discussion. The Hustings Chairman was forced to call the meeting to order at 3.30pm to allow the candidates to make brief closing statements and for the hustings to finish at the scheduled time as the audience and candidates present might have happily continued for several hours discussing the future of UKIP and the Leadership contest.

posted by Martin | 6:02 PM

William Hague's disgraceful threats

UKIP members must be looking with amazement at the present goings on in the pretend anti-EU Tory Party. William Hague, once considered a hope for the future of his country even by this blogger, has now resorted to dire threats against any of his party's MEPs who might dare consider fulfilling the pre-election leadership commitment of their vapid leader to leave the EPP.

At least this is not going completely without protest within the degraded and disgraced Conservative Party, as this posting from the Conservative Home Blog's comments section shows:

Hague's Constituency in Yorkshire should call him to a meeting to let him know their views on the EPP.

If Hague is happy to threaten others with deselection for exposing corruption, it would be a good moment to give him a timely reminder than all our representatives depend on the loyalty of their electors, including himself.

The EPP is trying to fix the silence of Conservatives in the Euro Parliament. Hague is cooperating. He needs to feel a little fear so that he connects with the seriousness of the business he is handling.

If he does not withdraw the threat of deselection against Hannan and Helmer, Hague should be placed on notice by his own Constituency that if anyone lays a finger on them, he will be deselected.

Chamberlain's piece of paper was a delaying tactic to enable Britain to prepare for war to save Britain's freedom. Hague's piece of paper is the opposite. He's trying to enforce the silence of his fellow countrymen, and their subjection.

posted by Martin | 11:53 AM

Tuesday, July 11, 2006  

English Independence looms larger

A Mori Poll detailed in The Observer, last Sunday, linked here, shows growing concerns over undue Scottish influence following devolution.

The issue is one that the potential leaders of the UK Independence Party should immediately address bearing in mind this trend and the outdated image of UKIP and its emblem.

This blog has previously believed that a restoration of British sovereignty and democracy would only be possible by retaining UK solidarity - but have events now gone too far?

A FULL debate should be OPENED and the views of potential leaders of UKIP on this critical topic be widely known AND shared ahead of the leadership election!

posted by Martin | 11:43 AM
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