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Thursday, September 30, 2004 

'Betrayed by Bush' - by Pat Buchanan

No mention of UKIP - but this article from the most recent Spectator is recommended - linked here.

For more relevant and encouraging news on UKIP and the Tories go here.

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A Stormy Conference Ahead?

This could be a sign of what lies ahead at Bristol this weekend. The following comment has been placed on an internet forum by a clearly angry party member based in the North East:-

UKIP have just phoned me to see if I would like to help in the fight against the regional assembly, before given them what for, I enquired as to where the person was speaking from - Preston Lancs - pointing out the obvious stupidity of UKIP joining with the Tories, as well as asking what the bloody hell the North West knows about North East politics, I stated that my disgust will come out at conference this weekend.

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Extremists allowed to flourish in Farage's SE Region?

From PRIVATE EYE 1116 1-14/10/04

"The UK Independence Party holds its AGM this weekend, and following its
success in the European elections the leadership is determined to show what
a thoroughly sane and respectable bunch they are - even if the presence of
Robert Kilroy-Silk would seem to suggest other wise.

As the UKIP website boasts: "In order to protect the party from extremists
all prospective parliamentary candidates and constituency office bearers
must sign declarations that they have no criminal record, no record of
serious mental illness, and no previous association with extremist political
groups of right or left"

No doubt this will come as a surprise to Martyn Heale, chairman of the
fast-growing branch in South Thanet. Heale, a sometime prison officer at
Wormwood Scrubbs, was previously a branch organiser and council candidate
for the National Front"

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004 

Has the 'Daily Mirror Mole' now hit UKIP?

On 23rd and 24th August I reported on my blog 'Teetering Tories' (linked here) under the title 'Fawlty Tories', the diary of a Daily Mirror mole who had infiltrated the Conservative Party's Head Office over a period of four months and reported on what he had found - much to that party's embarrassment.

What would be revealed I wonder if the same were to happen within a UKIP office, never mind the Birmingham designated head office fiefdom of Chechen terrorist admirer Mike Nattrass?

posted by Martin |6:14 PM

Party Secretary, Tony Stone, Re-Resigns?

Such is the report, from a normally very reliable source, now reaching this blog! If true the party is once again in turmoil as it would appear no other member of the NEC is prepared to accept the risks of taking over the post under the present leadership. Watch this space for updates.

posted by Martin |4:51 PM

UKIP's excuses for joining Tory led 'North East Says No Campaign'

Read the full sorry apologia from this link. The other side which has been campaigning for more than two years with notable successes may be read from here.

It is quite clear wher the blame lies and has been clearly placed in the official explanation now on the party's official web site:-

"When UKIP was approached it was decided, at the highest level, that we should join with them."

Once again it is a lamentable failure of leadership " the highest level" that is now exposing UKIP to yet further ridicule.

Betting odds on UKIP winning the Hartlepool by-election, where polling is tomorrow now stand at forty to one against, another fitting commentary on the totally inept UKIP leadership - to remember now that I once believed that seat was winnable, shows just how far the party has been dragged down since the brief hopes of the heady days of June!!!!!

posted by Martin |2:58 PM

Party Secretary Shambles illustrates Urgent Need for Change at the TOP

Why is it that no member of the NEC can be found to permanently fill the post of Party Secretary?

The answer has to be simple when viewed against the background of the following facts:-

Firstly - as succinctly stated on an internet forum over the weekend -"The party secretary is responsible for ensuring the party complies with all legal requirements, for administering leadership and NEC elections,organising the party conference, and chairing the discipline committee and committee on standing orders. Every one is a minefield in a party where the leadership is determined on getting its way, regardless, and the potential for legal challenges over, for example, the administration of a leadership election, must be enormous."

Secondly - All existing NEC members have clearly witnessed the incompetent and dangerous manner in which those in charge of the party are prone to flirt with the boundaries of the proper if not even the legal. The potential for possible criminal liability is not one that can be ignored - as history proves when recalling the resignation after six months of the first Party Secretary appointed after Jeffrey Titford's election, following his condoning of the Farage and Nattrass video copyright infringement, questions over the purloined and misused membership data base, non-paid invoices etc. etc.

If a responsible, competent, trustworthy, democratic and honest leadership were to be in charge of UKIP's affairs - surely it is not unreasonable to expect one NEC member to feel honoured to accept such a post.

Greg Lance-Watkins has suggested on the internet that the idea of having the party secretary be recruited from outside the NEC was first put about by Andy Edwards on his internet group new-ind-uk. That was not the case. The suggestion was made earlier than the date of Andy's posting when Tony Stone retracted his resignation to the leadership's great relief.

I understand that the NEC were informed that such a change to the Constitution's Paragraph 10 could well be necessary and that the Standing Orders Committee would be considering the matter very urgently. The matter was not considered as important enough to be included in the next edition of the Independent News, however - yet more evidence of the scant regard for democracy or proper procedures now being followed by the present ruling cabal!

posted by Martin |10:29 AM

Tell the NEC your views on the Party Leadership

UKIP belongs to its members. My blog poll demonstrates the belief by nearly all voters that Robert Kilroy-Silk MEP is seen as the best party leader and by three-quarters of those voting as needing to take over NOW! Clearly he represents the best opportunity for the party to achieve its goals.

Let the NEC know your views before the weekend conference - especially if you are not going to Bristol this weekend.

I have listed below the names and e-mail addresses of the members of the NEC who are now the only ones who can prevail on Roger Knapman to honourably stand down and convince Mr Kilroy-Silkof of the pressing need for him to take up the reins for the sake of the nation.

If you know other members who do not have e-mail access try and get them to include their names and membership numbers on your e-mail. I suggest for ease of checking numbers the subject of your message be :-

"We --- "number of signatories" --- (or "This) member(s) support(s) Kilroy as Party Leader "

The NEC contact details are as follows. (I have added a copy for Kilroy's press office so that they can guage the degree of support being received)

"Gerard Batten"
"Graham Booth"
"Elizabeth Burton"
"Trevor Coleman"
"John de Roeck"
"Patricia Holdsworth"
"Roger Knapman"
"David Lott"
"Craig Mackinlay"
"Andy Moore"
"Mike Nattrass"
"Anthony Scholefield" <
"Tony Stone"


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Tuesday, September 28, 2004 

Tonight's Newsnight on the BBC

I understand that there could be some UKIP contribution in tonight's Newsnight programme. If so, following Roger Knapman's 'PM' programme sound-bite on the day of the Prime Minister's annual conference speech, one has to wonder at the BBC's present motivations!

posted by Martin |7:40 PM

Knapman on Radio 4's PM this evening

In a very rare public statement, UKIP leader Roger Knapman, made an incisive brief comment on the lack of mention of UKIP in Blair's conference speech.

A fitting final performance! I hope. Knapman's sword awaits and a grateful party and eurosceptic movement will no doubt take him to their hearts for ever if he now has the sense to stand down in favour of a more charismatic and effective leadership figure. Retirement, comfortably funded from the EU and resting on his reputation as the leader who quadrupled the party's parliamentary representation, must surely be seen as the sensible course if he can put aside Farage's ambitions.

posted by Martin |5:22 PM

Labour's EU Leader senses real UKIP threat as pressure for Kilroy mounts

As pointed out in the posting below, there is now a growing feeling within the country (if not yet within the party) that UKIP will soon have the kind of leadership the the hardworking and dedicated eurorealist movement in Britain really deserves.

This report from 'Political News' (linked here) on the Labour Party conference shows how Labour are now blanching at that prospect! A quote:-

.... he (Gary Titley- ed.) reserved most of his ire for UKIP who he referred to as the "BNP in suits and with posh accents" and a "collection of paranoid and backwards middle Englanders".

In a later passage of the speech, he said the battle for the country was beginning and made a further thinly veiled reference to UKIP in which, without mentioning them by name, he said that the "blatant racism that we saw from some parties in the European elections is not only a national disgrace, it is a recipe for destroying our country".

The battle, Mr Titley said, is now between those who want to hide from the modern world and those who want to embrace it. He added: "Isolationism will not halt globalisation, it will only condemn us to the margins."

The strength of his comments mark a change in Labour's attitude to UKIP, whom it has previously simply dismissed.

Responding to the comments, UKIP spokesman Quintin Williamson told that the comment about "backwards middle Englanders" was an "old jibe" that "no-one believes".

He went on to say, there is "nothing backward about trying to take control of our own domestic, defence and environmental issues".

posted by Martin |4:59 PM

Leadership Jitters!

With the conference now mere days away, its organisers having resigned over agenda disputes and the party riven by the past antics of Nigel Farage MEP and the bitter legacy of his various manipulations and unsuitable appointees that now remain - suddenly it seems to have occurred to those presiding over this debacle , that even they might reap the bitter harvest their incompetence and ineptitude so richly deserves. How can I tell? Simple really, Greg Lance-Watkins the Farage clique's favourite attack hound, has unexpectedly launched a lengthy praise of Roger Knapman's continuing leadership to the obvious benefit of - well you can probably guess who by a simple quote from his concluding paragraph:-

"The next change in leadership for UKIP should be postponed for as long as possible as Roger has proved he can do the job well and has delivered. Then when Knapman does seek to stand down will be the time to consider the wisdom of having a much younger and dynamic leader - the road ahead is not relevant for old men or sagacity it will be the preserve of courage and dynamism as it will be a very rocky road fraught with traps but requiring selfless negotiating skills and a very quick eye for Party/National benefit."

If you have an opinion, and have not yet done so, please vote on our poll at the head of the blog. Surely with events moving so quickly on the EU, and an election upon the horizon, Eurorealism's best chance of a say in the next parliament can only come from a change at the top. Robert Kilroy-Silk MEP should leave next weekend's conference as UKIP's leader - any other outcome will be one more advance for the EU!

posted by Martin |3:19 PM

Bruges Group Poll pulled as Kilroy races ahead! AND Chechyna AGAIN!

The Scotsman reports on a Bruges Group poll that was clearly sabotaged, but is an amusing story none the less. The article may be read from this link.

While not infallible, the polls on this blog do try to prevent multiple voting.

The one placed here yesterday regarding Mike Nattrass and his Chechen comments is particularly close at present, with a surprising 4o per cent believing that he should not withdraw the comment.

If this is a true reflection of party opinion I must confess to being truly amazed. Admittedly the sample is tiny, but there are six of my readers out there apparently, who seem to be suggesting that capturing a huge school of youngsters, some aged as young as four - stripping them half naked and holding them captive under vast amounts of suspended high explosives, laughingly machine-gunning many, then threatening them with armed guards, themselves encased in explosives, over several days and finally blowing them sky high - ALL THAT it seems might be deemed as an appropriate means, by some who read this blog, for Britain to regain its lost sovereignty from the EU? I am astounded and indeed quite horrified, just as I was on first reading the remarks! Maybe the facts of the school massacre were not as fully reported in the UK as elsewhere; if they were then even that excuse fails and we are left with only ignorance or pure malicious cold-bloodedness.

Let me quote again the lead in to the article headlined 'Britain faces Chechen-style war, says Ukip leader', quoting UKIP Deputy Leader's remarks:-

Mike Nattrass, the deputy leader of the UK Independence party, warned yesterday that Britain might have to fight its way out of Europe in the same way that Chechyna was fighting to free itself from Russia.

His remarks, on the eve of the Ukip annual conference in Bristol, come a fortnight after Chechen rebels stormed a school in Beslan and murdered more than 330 children and parents. They will raise questions about the politics and judgment of some of the senior figures in the party.

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UKIP in Hartlepool from The Guardian

The following is an extract from this morning's paper, linked here:-

Ghosts of grander days still graced the Tory HQ; the smart suits, the luxurious battle bus. Nothing of the sort elevated the Ukip campaign, which squashed itself into an old clothes shop at the other end of York Road, and had to make to do at first without even phone lines. The wild profusion of union flags suggested perhaps a village fete more than a political party, and the campaign got off to a wobbly start.

Ukip selected a sweet-natured and likeable management consultant called Stephen Allison, 44. He had been an independent Hartlepool councillor, so was well known and popular in the town. But he had already belonged to both Labour and the Tories previously, and admitted at the outset to being "completely politically naive". When help arrived from the national party, it came in an improbable duet: ex-Tory MP, Piers Merchant, and ex-US naval officer, Steve Harris. Merchant is scrupulous concerning pinstripes and cufflinks. Harris, is a coarse, jowly "American slob" (his own words), who characterised their partnership as "Laurel and Hardy. No, better still, the Odd Couple".

If comedy value decided elections, Ukip would gain their first MP on Thursday. A garrulous ex-hack called Clive Page was put in charge of press, and took the view that, "It's only politics; nobody dies. You've got to have a laugh." An incorrigible wit ("Welcome to Hartlepool; 90,000 people, and only eight surnames") Page's only serious complaint was that the Hartlepool Mail refused to take Ukip seriously. Frustrated by the paper's preference for stories about children stung by bees, Page soon resorted to amusing himself by issuing spoof press releases about a fox savaging Allison's chickens


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Monday, September 27, 2004 

No Stone to be left unturned in search for Party Secretary!

We hear this morning that Tony Stone has retracted his resignation and is continuing as Party Secretary although making it once again clear that this is a strictly short term commitment. Reports that Trevor Coleman was to take over the position were obviously not welcomed in some quarters as we hear that moves are afoot (by those known by some as Faragistas, as reported to me) to force through a party rule change so that the Party Secretary would no longer have to be a member of the NEC.

Another solution occurring to me, as the NEC is now one short following Nikki Sinclaire's move to the UKIP imitation Chechen rebel division in Birmingham, that the next appointee on the list could now take on the burdens of the Party Secretaryship along with their NEC seat.

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Sunday, September 26, 2004 

New Party Secretary Resigns as well as Three Conference Organisers

Things seem to be brewing up nicely for another traumatic UKIP Party Conference next weekend. All euro-sceptics and EU-realists must hope that real leadership change might be in train!

Reasons for what must be the shortest spell ever as the Party Secretary, by Tony Stone, are not yet clear, but constant agenda interference by Farage and Knapman is the reported cause for the resignation of the designated conference organisers.

posted by Martin |2:22 PM

Yet More Appalling Publicity for UKIP

As if the crazed rantings of Deputy Party Leader Nattrass were not enough, this morning Kilroy's choice of party researcher draws adverse comment in the Sunday Telegraph linked here. The article by Daniel Foggo is headlined:-

'The Prophet Mohammed was a paedophile, says Kilroy-Silk aide'

The harrowingly horrible comparison by Nattras of the British to Chechens, whose barbourous activities in a Russian school must still haunt the mind of anyone with the smallest element of humanity, was covered in yesterday's The Times which for once I repeat in full as the circumstances seem to demand:-

September 25, 2004

Britain 'is EU's Chechnya'
By Greg Hurst

THE deputy leader of the UK Independence Party has suggested that Europe¹s
proposed constitution could lead to civil war and likened opponents of the
European Union to Chechen separatists.

Mike Nattrass, an MEP for the West Midlands, said that Britain could be
prevented from ever leaving the European Union by other members under the
terms of the treaty. He asked if the only option left would be ³to fight our
way out². His comparison between British opponents of EU membership and
Chechen fighters came at a seminar in Cardiff on Thursday evening organised
by the Institute for Citizenship, an impartial charitable trust.

He argued that Article 1.59 of the treaty would allow voluntary withdrawal
of a member from the EU only if approved by a qualified majority of two
thirds in the Council of Ministers. If Britain wanted to withdraw but was
blocked from doing so, he asked, what options would be left and would it
mean fighting our way out, as Chechens were seeking to do in Russia?

When The Times asked Mr Nattras to clarify his remarks yesterday, he went
still further and suggested that such a scenario might mean civil war. He
said: ³What is the alternative? You are heading right into a civil war
situation. What are the British people supposed to do?²


Article I-59:

1. Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the European Union in
accordance with its own constitutional requirements.

2. A Member State which decides to withdraw shall notify the European
Council of its intention; In the light of the guidelines provided by the
European Council, the Union shall negotiate and conclude an agreement
with that State, setting out the arrangements for its withdrawal, taking
account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union. That
agreement shall be negotiated in accordance with Article III-227(3); it
shall be concluded by the Council, acting by a qualified majority, after obtaining
the consent of the European Parliament.

3. This Constitution shall cease to apply to the State in question from the
date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two
years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European
Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides
to extend this period.

The above clause is all the evidence one needs to make the new EU Constitutional Treaty totally unacceptable. If accepted by Britain, ratified and entered into effect we would indeed be effectively locked within the EU and subject to no doubt horrendous penalties if ever deirous of withdrawing.

Mr Nattrass is, however, of a generation (and with reported past connections) that must make him fully aware that a far better analogy to this country's situation would be Ian Smith's Rhodesia at the time of its Unilateral Declaration of Independence - itself an unhappy enough comparison.

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Saturday, September 25, 2004 

Past Time for Change

Those reading the posting beneath this, with its linked article, and possibly knowing the detailed exposure provided on this blog regarding the present UKIP leadership, will hopefully understand that I have now reached the limit of my ability to stay concerned with the affairs of this lamentably led party - supposedly Britain's best chance of constructively countering the EU's advances AND (as I had once hoped) its lack of democracy.

If Nattrass is not now removed as Deputy Leader, indicating some small amount of sense prevails at the party's head, then further comment on the doomed organisation is entirely pointless.

posted by Martin |8:48 AM

Nattrass and Chechyna

The Guardian headlines an article on a speech by UKIP Deputy Leader Mike Nattrass as follows:-

'Britain faces Chechen-style war, says Ukip leader'

The complete article on the extraordinary speech may be read from this link.

posted by Martin |8:26 AM

Friday, September 24, 2004 

UKIP continue to ignore North East Opportunities!

The following update from Neil Herron's 'NO' campaign against the North East Regional Assembly once more highlights the absence of any UKIP contribution to the most pressing anti-EU battle of the hour:-

Following the distribution of a government information leaflet to all households in the North East Region, supposedly setting out the facts relating to the proposed elected regional assembly, a number of egregious errors were discovered by campaigners, not least the people’s "North East No" campaign.

Formal complaints were made to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) and the Electoral Commission last week and, by the beginning of this week, it was learned that the ODPM was prepared to issue a letter of correction, but only in respect of one error, relating to the costs of local government reorganisation in the Durham area, and then only for distribution to residents in the Durham area.

With the letter due to be sent out this Monday and no response having been received from the ODPM, we yesterday consulted lawyers in London and then wrote to the Minister of Local Government, Nick Raynsford, giving him a deadline of 5 pm that evening to undertake to circulate all the households in the region with corrections to the original leaflet.

Raynsford’s office asked for more time but, by mid morning, nothing further had been heard and a writ was thus prepared seeking to require the ODPM to withdraw the limited-circulation correction and to distribute a more comprehensive correction to all households.

The writ was served at 3.11 pm, this afternoon and, at the direction of the Court, a copy was served on the Electoral Commission, as an interested party. The papers will be reviewed by a Judge on Monday, when a decision will be made as to a hearing.

Throughout these events, the officially designated "No" campaign (NESNO) was kept fully informed of developments, and invited to join with the action as equal partners with the North East No campaign.

NESNO, however, was unable to come up with an official response and no representative of the campaign was present with us when the papers were served. A number of other campaigning organisations, however, did attend, to show solidarity.

Therefore, in what is a critical stage of the campaign, we see the government being accused of promulgating misleading information and failing to respond when complaints are made, with action taken by an unofficial and under-funded people’s campaign while the "official" campaign apparently sits on its hands.


Why is it the UK Independence Party continues to play no role whatsoever in the campaign, liking the perks of office too much perhaps to fight or resist the 'Puncher Prescott' led drive towards totalitarianism (did the Deputy PM learn about the British constitution while a steward in the 'merch'? If so it would explain all sorts of things!)

UKIP staying in the EU till the last euro-centime is extracted?

posted by Martin |8:21 PM

'Real' NO Campaign serves writ on Prescott via Cherie's firm.

The following press release was issued by the real NO campaign against the North East Regional Assembly at 10:00 am today:-

High Court Writ to be Served on Deputy Prime Minister by No Campaign

Following the notice served on the Rt. Hon Nick Raynsford yesterday and the failure of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to take any positive action to correct the factually incorrect leaflet 'Have Your Say' for all 1,900,000 voters in the North East Referendum, the North East No Campaign has been left with no choice but to launch an action in the High Court today.

Lawyers have prepared an application in the public interest for an emergency Injunction with papers to be lodged today at the Royal Courts of Justice. A writ will be served on John Prescott's Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Letters of objection requesting a full correction of the leaflet have been ignored by the ODPM, the Audit Commission and the Electoral Commission, leaving the No Campaign with no choice but to take this drastic and high profile step. The urgency is due to the fact that a partial correction is due to go out to only 220,000 households in the North East on Monday 27th September, yet the errors affect all 1,900,000 voters.

Lawyers at Cherie Blair's former chambers, 4-5 Grays Inn Square, Grays Inn, yesterday put Rt Hon Nick Raynsford on notice that the No Campaign would be taking this action. To see the copy of the notice click here.

The No Campaign's lawyers received a fax last night at 5.15pm from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister requesting more time, and they have lawyers working on a response.

The papers will be lodged by Neil Herron and Colin Moran of the North East No Campaign along with their legal representatives at 2pm today at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, London (bringing back memories of the Metric Martyrs Case and ironically this time the people putting the Government before the courts rather than vice versa).

Neil Herron states, " We have given the Deputy Prime Minister repeated opportunities to address the factually incorrect statement which gives the impression that people will be elected under proportional representation. Also, the partial correction addressing the incorrect cost figure for local government reorganisation has been admitted BUT there needs to be a correction for everyone who received the leaflet, not just County Durham. The people across the whole of the North East cannot be expected to vote on the North East's future based on a misleading 'document. We do not wish to jeopardise the referendum, but a decision affecting ours and our children's future cannot be made without everyone having the correct information."

Colin Moran states, " The clock is ticking and we are aware that their lawyers are urgently working on a response to attempt to avoid court action. We hope that respect for the North East public's right to be informed and that a common sense solution would be in the best interests of everyone."

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Thursday, September 23, 2004 

Godfrey Blooms Again!

The Scotsman has this report on what seems to be the Brussels media's new favourite MEP - linked here .

The taxpayer financed trip for the Cambridge Ladies Rugby Team might not go down too well with stalwart UKIP volunteer workers and pensioners - not to mention the Yorkshire Regional Organiser, who is reported not to have been paid since last June!

posted by Martin |5:08 PM

Non-democracy via Regionalisation - EU Style!

The EU Document "Major Steps Towards a Europe of the Regions and the Cities in an Integrated Continent", quoted in my posting of last evening on the subject of the North East Referendum, which may be read by scrolling down this page, may now be viewed from THIS LINK.

My post this morning on Ironies goes further into this matter. It may be read from here.

posted by Martin |1:37 PM

Plagiarising Immigration Policies

The point is best made in the Daily Mirror,linked here, while the following is taken from today's Independentlinked here:-

Mr Kilroy-Silk told BBC radio: "I made a policy announcement two weeks ago, saying we would limit immigration to 100,000 and that we would have a points system, where people would be selected on the basis of their skills, their aptitude and ability to integrate into British society and make a contribution to it. He is saying virtually the same thing. He is plagiarising it."

A Conservative spokesman denied the claim of plagiarism, saying: "We have been working for months on this. If UKIP also study the Australian plans, they are likely to be the same, but we haven't stolen their clothes."

However, Liam Fox, the joint chairman of the party, confirmed he had told a recent meeting of the Bow Group, a right-of-centre think-tank, that the Conservatives had to take action to counter a drift of voters to the UKIP.

This morning I received an e-mail from a newly joined member of the Endlish Democrats stating that Knapman had plagiarised the UKIP Immigration Policy from that party, an assertion also made in the past by the BNP.

To further muddy the debate I might point out that Canada has been operating such a policy for years and that following a call for input on an immigration policy for UKIP shortly after his election as Leader I wrote to Roger Knapman on 23rd December 2002 on the subject 'Immigration Policy Iniative' and among other ideas I suggested the following:-


A points system along the lines of that recently adopted by Canada would ensure only immigrants with a strong contribution to make to British society would be eligible to fill the limited places available in our crowded island. A multiplier for applicants with British connections could easily be built into sucha a scheme.

It is a tricky thing plagiarism, especially over policy that is already operating elsewhere. The crucial point to remember, which I always try to do, is what Ronald Reagan once observed - that it is amazing what one can achieve if one does not mind who gets the credit!

posted by Martin |7:28 AM

Damian Hockney letter in Newcastle Journal.

The following letter is from yesterday's edition. Today's article on some of the regionalisation problems and dilemmas may be read from this link:-


Elected Assembly will undermine local government

As a recently elected member of the London Assembly, I strongly urge the voters of the North East to vote No to a similar body in the North East.

The setting up of regional assemblies is a deliberate fraud, designed to give the impression that decisions will be taken closer to them, when in fact the whole thing is an exercise in weakening local control and giving more power to central and Brussels government. The Mayor and Assembly in London is a body which administers large budgets and which simply carries out orders from afar. We are effectively elected civil servants with limited scrutiny powers and no power over legislation.

On everything from Congestion Charging to the micro detail of local policy, we depend upon Brussels or Westminster diktat. We have just lost our traditional London buses because of a Brussels ruling. If you do vote Yes, you will not be voting for local decision making. You will be voting to strengthen centralised decision making in London and Brussels, with a team of 25 ineffective politicised local scrutineers running along in the wake with neither the resources nor the will to effectively challenge threats to local interests.

That is no substitute for effective local government. The foundation stone at London's City Hall which I pass every day bears the inscription "home of London Government". Some "Government". I call it the Blarney Stone, but I am not tempted to kiss it.

Damian Hockney
Leader, UK Independence Party Group
London Assembly
City Hall LONDON SE1 2AA

posted by Martin |7:08 AM

Wednesday, September 22, 2004 

Kilroy launches into Howard on Immigration - Knapman lost from view as normal!

How much longer can the ludicrous invisible leadership of UKIP by the woefully inadequate Roger Knapman continue. Tonight we have the ridiculous situation of Robert Kilroy-Silk accusing the Leader of the Opposition of stealing his policy initiative, presented at a meeting of UKIP London, while the party itself still seems unsure of whether or not it should become their own policy. Read the details from The Scotsman, which is linked in full from here, this is a quote:

“The Conservative Party continues to focus on abuse of the asylum system at the expense of stressing the human rights protection it affords.”

Mr Kilroy-Silk told the BBC Radio 4 The World at One programme: “I made a policy announcement two weeks ago, saying we would limit immigration to 100,000 and that we would have a points system where people would be selected on the basis of their skills, their aptitude and ability to integrate into British society and make a contribution to it.

“He is saying virtually the same thing. He is plagiarising it.”

An expert from the leading left-wing thinktank the Institute for Public Policy Research accused Mr Howard of “courting the UKIP and BNP vote”.

posted by Martin |6:26 PM

Just WHY did UKIP back the Tory NO campaign in the NE?

This is a question that must now be answered, AND cannot be allowed to be buried like so many other major areas of concern surrounding the UK Independence Party.

The following, extracted from the Europa Committee of the Regions document, 'Major steps towards a Europe of the Regions in an Integrated Continent', are the major steps within the Council of Europe (where the British Government sits and in the past had the frequent right of veto) towards achieving Integration through Regionalisation. The Governing Party within Britain and its Prime Minister have been added by me alongside each landmark step as assessed by the EU:-

1980 Framework Agreement on Cross-Border Co-operation....Conservative...Thatcher

1985 European Charter of of Local Self-Government.......Conservative.....Thatcher

1992 European Charter of Regional and Local languages....Conservative.....Major

1994 The Council of Local and Regional Powers of Europe.....Conservative......Major

1995 Additional Protocol to the European Outline Convention on Transfrontier Co-operation between Territorial Communities or Authorities ............Conservative .........Major

1997 European Charter of Regional Self-Government certainly prepared under the Conservative administration of John Major, (as of course was the groundwork for Amsterdam).

The 'Breakthrough' in the EU's own words was the Single European Act signed under Maggie Thatcher in 1986 and the 'Consolidation and New Challenges' came, of course, with Maastricht in 1993 under John Major. In the EU's crowing this was wrought by Subsidiarity Art 3b EEC Treaty, Citizenship Art 8a EEC Treaty, EMU Title VI EEC Treaty, Art 146 EEC Treaty Possibility for regional representative at ministerial level to participate in the Council of Ministers, Art 130 of EEC Treaty Economic and Social cohesion, Codecision Procedure Art 189 EEC Treaty and, of course, Committee of the Regions Art 198 EEC Treaty.


Yet, that is exactly what has now occurred.

Any who doubt the Conservative connections with the 'designated' but feeble NESNO campaign should watch this blog for a detailed list of the close and obvious Tory Party connections!

Something here does more than just stink! UKIP members opposing the advance of the EU through control of the Regions from Brussels MUST ask their Party Leaders WHY they are aiding their opponents by backing a spoiling campaign led by the Conservative Party that clearly, as illustrated above, put all these schemes in place!

posted by Martin |4:03 PM

Kilroy stresses English Parliament in Press Release.

Is Kilroy also getting more in tune with the seemingly well organised English Democrat Party? (see posting below).

The present shambles in which UKIP now finds under its present lamentable leadership would certainly make that understandable.

Robert Kilroy-Silk is so far ahead of anyone else within the party in terms of persona and message it absolutely beggars belief that his clearly necessary takeover of the party is being thwarted. Those who believe that maintaining the integrity of the United Kingdom is among the best weapons we have as a country in regaining our sovereignty will surely have the most to lose if the unspoken intent of this press release is a hint of moves to come!



European Parliament Member for the East Midlands Region, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire

MEDIA ADVICE - Wednesday 21 September 2004

‘English identity’ at stake

With just six weeks to go to the referendum, Robert Kilroy-Silk, M.E.P., who spearheaded the U.K. Independence Party’s successful European election campaign, has today urged voters in the North East to vote ‘No’ in the referendum on an elected regional assembly on 4 November. The referendum is part of the government’s plan to break up England into nine regional assemblies, of which London was the first.

Mr Kilroy-Silk said: “It is being imposed by John Prescott, who seems to have been duped by the E.U. into implementing its plans to undermine the English nation and the English identity by dividing it into administrative regions, which will be less powerful in the E.U. than England is now. This is all part of the European project to destroy the nation-state”. He added: “Who wants an elected regional assembly?
No-one. Who is it that wishes to see yet another expensive talking shop established in the N.E. - or indeed anywhere else?

“Who has been out campaigning for it? No-one. How many have been demonstrating in the street with placards proclaiming: ‘We want another load of lying politicians. We want more bureaucrats’? No-one. Has anyone lobbied Parliament demanding home rule for Tyneside? Of course not. The people of Newcastle and Sunderland have not written in their thousands to their local councillors saying: ‘We want a regional assembly’. The electors of Middlesbrough have not inundated their MPs pleading to have yet another expensive layer of government imposed upon them. None of them want it. There is no need and no demand”.

He added: “If voters in the North East say ‘No’, they will help to maintain the unity of England which set up the world’s first Parliament over 800 years ago. The English need one Parliament to represent them, not nine”.

posted by Martin |8:58 AM

English Democrat's claim UKIP recruits

The following is a Press Release issued by the English Democrats regarding UKIP and the Reform UK Party:


UKIP Chairmen are beginning to become aware of the “English Democrats” and are moving over to the English Democrats Party - as the only credible English Nationalist Party.

At the EDP 3rd AGM on Sunday 19 September 2004, the EDP membership unanimously agreed to merge with the UK Reform party (a UKIP splinter group of about 100 members created by UKIP members, fed up with alleged UKIP infighting and corruption) - subject to confirmation by the UK Reform Party at its next AGM in a couple of weeks time, then the merger will complete on 1 January 2005. Harold Green (Leader of UK Reform) is now an EDP National Council Member and EDP Chairman of Surrey (Formerly Chairman of Epsom for UKIP)

Shortly after the AGM, former UKIP Yorkshire Regional Chairman, put his name forward to become English Democrats Regional Chairman of Yorkshire - Michael Cassidy also left UKIP due to the way in which the party was being run, with the National Party, overriding local decisions.

Currently Michael's application is being processed, and it is likely that he will also be invited to take a seat on the EDP National Council.

During the Euro 2004 Elections - Steven Overy Chairman of UKIP for Battle in East Sussex, also joined the English Democrats.

It is anticipated that a poor election result in the Hartlepool By-Election on 30 September 2004, will make many UKIP members think again about their membership of the one issue Unionist party - many believe (incorrectly) that UKIP is an English National Party, however UKIP consistently refuse to acknowledge the need for an English Parliament, and live in the past with regards to 'The Union' post devolution for Scotland & Wales, thinking that somehow the situation could be reversed and once again the United Kingdom can become one happy family again.

English Democrats share many of the same views as UKIP on the European Union.

With the English Democrats, talking on new members daily and with most of England now covered by local branches the run up to the next General Election will be very interesting, especially as people in England are getting fed up with a Scottish Prime Minister, and a cabinet dominated by Scots. The £20 Billion transferred from England to Scotland each year, would not be allowed under an English Democrats government.

Steven Uncles

Regional Chairman – South East England

English Democrats

posted by Martin |7:35 AM

Tuesday, September 21, 2004 

More on UKIP behaving badly!

The following is the entry for the Labour MEP Richard Corbett's blog for last Tuesday, linked here:-


Tuesday 14 September

I have a meeting with Margot Wallström, the Swedish member of the European Commission. If approved by the European Parliament, she is to be responsible for constitutional issues and for communications and media in the next Commission. She is also a charming and delightful lady. I do several interviews for French radio and television stations on the unfortunate case of Mr Laurent Fabius, former Prime Minister and former MEP who, after changing his position several times, has come out against the constitution – to the consternation of many of his comrades.

I spend much of the day with Inigo Mendez de Vigo. He and I have been charged with drafting Parliament's report on the Constitution and, with the committee secretariat, we make steady progress in our first draft which will go before the constitutional affairs committee.

In the evening I go out for a bite with David Martin, Peter Skinner and Jim Nicholson, the Ulster Unionist MEP, following which we go for a beer in Murphy's, an Irish pub near the cathedral. After a while we become aware that the English speaking group in the corner noisily enjoying themselves are in fact UKIP MEPs, when one of them comes up to me and swears at me. I sometimes wonder if it's worth bothering countering UKIP's bogus arguments – they are well on the way to discrediting themselves without any external assistance!


It is noteworthy how well informed Mr Corbett MEP keeps his constituents and the general public of his activities and views. What a stark contrast with the performance of the UKIP group!

posted by Martin | 2:15 PM

Monday, September 20, 2004  

MEP to help the poor with expenses cheque

An Italian MEP with a renowned name has announced a plan to give two hundred and fifty euros to two hundred poor families in Italy EVERY MONTH! More useful and productive than forming a 'gadfly' club and getting into punch-ups perhaps. The MEP's name - Mussolini. The report from AGI online is as follows:-

(AGI) - Rome, Sept 20th - "I decided to destine a huge amount of the reimbursement for my electoral expenses to Italian families", said Alternativa Sociale party leader and MEP Alessandra Mussolini at Pierluigi Diaco's "Servizio Pubblico" show on Radio 24 - Il Sole 24 Ore. "For five years", said the former Alleanza Nazionale party member, "i.e. for the whole duration of my office at the European parliament, I will personally give out a 250 euro net cheque each month to some 200 Italian families struggling against poverty. I will set up a foundation called "The Italian family" as well as an effective and efficient commission, free from bureaucratic burdens, that will be in charge of selecting these families. I guarantee it will only be Italian families, and mostly those with young or handicapped children. We will also privilege single mothers who had to interrupt their pregnancy due to economic hardship. We will take into account both married couples and cohabitating couples". The initiative will be launched in October, as confirmed by Mrs Mussolini herself, who added: "I don't care whether my party will face difficulties arising from lack of revenues. Sure, we're not financed by Soros as is the case with the Radical party, but people are strained and have been taken to extremes by poverty. If only parties began refunding the money they took away from citizens to finance their political campaigns, this would be a revolutionary move, and a positive one obviously".

posted by Martin | 6:24 PM

New Poll

The poll on whether Roger Knapman should now offer himself for election has been withdrawn after a couple of weeks with around seventy five per cent believing he should. We have now opened a new poll on the subject of Robert Kilroy-Silk's leadership intentions which is at the head of the blog.

Feel free to vote, there is no means by which this blog can identify who is opting for what!

posted by Martin | 5:49 PM

What's happened to the UKIP MEPs?

We have from time to time recently queried the almost complete lack of activity - let alone reasoned resistance to the EU from UKIP's MEPs. Even now the summer recess is long past the silence has been almost complete. Now from a source with good continental contacts I can at least report that the eleven are continuing as the three reportedly did before:-

Since the remarks by the Conservatives during the Euro-elections, referring to UKIP as "political gadflies", a group of UKIP MEPs have formed the "gadfly club", with meetings in a Strasbourg restaurant during the session to celebrate their notoriety.

Last week, a journalist from a major UK national newspaper accepted an invitation to attend the dinner, but was appalled to find himself listening to an "abusive speech" by Yorkshire MEP Godfrey Bloom, mostly insulting the journalist. He "slipped away quietly, trying to avoid a confrontation" and remarked later that it was "all a bit unpleasant, borish, and childish".

Later that night, a "tired and emotional" Bloom got into a fight at Murphy's and tried to punch Labour MEP Richard Corbett. It is the last time this journalist will sup with UKIP. Meanwhile, the UKIP MEPs are regarded as "English buffoons" in the European parliament, a bunch of clowns who do not have the first idea of what they are doing.

posted by Martin | 3:47 PM

Aitken Again!

Now The Guardian, linked here, has leapt upon the story we referred to this morning. Clearly as it places UKIP in such an unfavourable light! Why? you may well ask - the friendship of Farage is the only reasoned response we have obtained to that question.

Amusingly it appears that whatever Aitkin makes of UKIP at its conference, if he does decide to proceed it now seems likely that he will fall at the first hurdle. The PPC application form prepared by fellow disgraced Conservative MP Piers Merchant, amazingly still Acting Party Chief Executive, even after the latest almost posed News of the World pictures, requires that UKIP candidates declare any past record of criminality.

posted by Martin | 3:35 PM

Disgraced Aitken to give UKIP the once-over at Conference

The Scotsman linked here, reports that the disgraced Conservative MP, Jonathan Aitkin, might condescend to run for UKIP in Thanet at the general election, depending on what he makes of the party at its conference which he plans to attend as an observer.

What could better illustrate the depths to which the the present leadership have brought the main British eurosceptic party, than that they should be put under the microscope by a recently released criminal to consider whether or not they might be worth representing as a PPC!

posted by Martin | 7:29 AM

LibDems and UKIP

The following is taken from a comment in The Scotsman bythat paper's political editor Fraser Nelson over the weekend, linked from here.

At any rate, Mr Kennedy has enviable by-election victories to point to in Leicester South and Brent East. While political purists may quibble over the definition of Left and Right, he can say his party is marching on, galvanised by its fresh thinking.

Their task is made all the easier because the Tory vote is being devoured by the UK Independence Party, which has branched out from anti-Europeanism (the Liberal Democrats would join the euro) and into concerns about law-and-order.

While Mr Kennedy says he "would certainly not raise a glass to the UK Independence Party" the adopted party of Robert Kilroy-Silk, the former BBC chat show host, has started to harness the popular right-wing vote and is weakening its main enemy.

"If you look at the opinion poll in Hartlepool by-election, the Tory vote has already halved at the expense of UKIP," he said. "They are the people with the problem at that end of the political spectrum, not us."

posted by Martin | 7:22 AM

Sunday, September 19, 2004  

Rigging of a Referendum

Christopher Booker's column in this morning's Daily Telegraph, in a piece titled as that above, provides a good summary of the recent extraordinary dirty dealings in the North East, as have been covered on this and other blogs. It may be read from this link.

The questions that now have to be faced by the UK Independence Party are almost as numerous and certainly as grave as those now confronting the Deputy Prime Minister. Surely in the light of this most recent treachery by the leadership towards the cause the party supposedly represents, ordinary members must now realise the urgency of the need for root and branch change. The upcoming party conference will certainly be the last proper chance of achieving this objective ahead of a general election.

posted by Martin | 8:42 AM

Saturday, September 18, 2004  

UKIP Chairman confirms Sinclaire resignation and Tony Stone's appointment.

As exclusively revealed on UKIP Uncovered last week the acting Party Secretary Nikki Sinclaire, has indeed stepped down from her post and the NEC, to be (temporarily?) replaced by Tony Stone. The news was belatedly conveyed to party members as follows:-

Notes from the NEC By Petrina Holdsworth, Party Chairman

1. Nikki Sinclair has resigned as Party Secretary and as a member of
the NEC on taking up her new appointment as Research Assistant to
Mike Nattrass. Tony Stone was elected as the new Party Secretary.

posted by Martin | 4:51 PM

North East Referendum

If you wish to understand the establishment's manipulations now occurring to undermine the campaign genuinely devoted to resisting the onward march of the EU and destruction of British democracy, visit Neil Herron's blog linked from here and the website of the real NO campaign which has been up and running for over two years (as I can personallyattest) at or by simply clicking here.

We believe that tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph will contain some revelations as to how this group were betrayed by the combined forces of the Labour and Conservative parties who have jointly been selling out our country for decades, now aided (it seems perfectly clear), by the hypocritical UK Independence Party who clearly stand for nothing of the sort under the present ruling cabal!

posted by Martin | 10:26 AM

New Tory Logo to counter UKIP

The Telegraph today, in an article mainly concerned with the conservative's ill-preparedness for government, reports on their new Marxist-style logo:-

Liam Fox, the other party co-chairman, said reclaiming the flag's colours - "our party colours from now on" - was a clear riposte to the British National Party's use of the national flag. "We will not surrender the colours of our flag to the political fringe," said Dr Fox. The need to combat the UK Independence Party may also be a factor in the torch redesign. Dr Fox was reported yesterday to believe that focusing on immigration and asylum issues was the key way to win back UKIP voters.

Can it really be true that the Tory Party still do not grasp that UKIP's gains are related to the treachery of the Tories and Labour in selling out heir country's democracy and independence to the EU? Immigration and asylum are indeed burning issues but to disregard the very point of UKIP's existence is quite astonishing.

Any wishing to express an opinion on the new Tory logo may do so in a poll being run on the blog Teetering Tories, linked from here.

posted by Martin | 8:42 AM

Friday, September 17, 2004  

BNP wins in London

The BNP won a London council seat beating out Labour and the UKIP in third place. The full results were as follows:-

Barking and Dagenham London Borough Goresbrook:
BNP 1,072, Labour 602, UK Independence party 137, Conservative 111, Lib Dems 85, Greens 59.
(May 2002, three seats: Lab 847, 842, 778, Lib Dem 520, 509)
BNP gain from Lab.

posted by Martin | 1:41 PM

Bloom's remarks could trigger litigation onslaught!

A report from Online Recruitment, linked here, highlights how even refusing an interview to a woman of child-bearing age could result in a discrimination claim, the article emphasises:-

"But the law is very clear. It is unlawful sex discrimination to take into consideration factors relating to gender when recruiting staff."

posted by Martin | 1:23 PM


Such is a report from this morning's The Scotsman linked here, it states:

The Tory leadership is preparing a tougher line on immigration and asylum in an attempt to win back UK Independence Party supporters who dislike foreigners.

posted by Martin | 7:41 AM

Thursday, September 16, 2004  

Treachery over NE Regional Assembly Resistance

Richard North on his blog linked here, names and clearly blames the Electoral Commission members for the disgraceful funding of a non-genuine 'NO' campaign in the upcoming referendum. There is of course another very guilty culprit - the United Kingdom Independence Party!

posted by Martin | 1:06 PM

Wednesday, September 15, 2004  

Labour reveals UKIP's partners Tory Links

The extent of UKIP treachery to the eurosceptic cause in the North East fight against Regional Assemblies, spearheaded by John Whittaker MEP using the excuse that Neil Herron ran against UKIP as if the Conservatives had not ....(just what is Martin Callanan now doing as an elected Tory MEP for the North East we ask ourselves???).... is now being revealed by the Labour Party themselves, who have clearly succeeded in turning the referendum into a Labour/Tory inter-party dispute which as ever in the North East stacks the odds very strongly in the Government's favour. Here is a statement including a Labour Party release put out by the hard-fighting North East Against Regional Assemblies non-taxpayer financed REAL NO campaign:-


What have they done? Its now Conservative vs Labour. Our office has been deluged with calls from angry members of the North East public. The debate is now polarised into a Party Political one.......

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Labour response to NESNO designation
14th September 2004
For immediate release

Labour calls on NO campaign to come clean about Tory links
Labour's Ashok Kumar MP has called on North East Says NO to come clean about their links with the Conservative Party.

The call comes as NESNO are designated as the official no campaign for the North East Regional Assembly referendum. Ashok Kumar said: "I can reveal today that almost 20% of NESNO backers are either Tory politicians or Tory donors. It is clear that the links between North East Says No and the Conservatives run very deep. "The names we have revealed today are only the tip of the iceberg and NESNO must now come clean about the extent of their links to the Conservative Party.

Labour and Yes For The North East are running complementary but separate campaigns however it appears that the NO campaign is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tories. "How much money have the Tories given to NESNO? How much support have Tory staffers given? How often do they co-ordinate their plans to deny the people of the North East the powers to run their own affairs? "Labour wants the people of the North East to take the power to run their own affairs. I believe we have achieved a lot already but with an Elected Assembly we could achieve so much more. The Government has already transferred power to Scotland and Wales, this is the next step in giving power back to the regions of England."

For further information please contact
Colin Edgar on 07866 442 873

Notes Of the fifty supporters listed on the NESNO web site, nine are either current Tory politicians, failed Tory candidates or listed on the electoral commission web site as Tory donors.

The Supporters who have links with the Tories are listed below:

John Elliott MBE, Chair of NESNO and Tory Party donor

Sir David Kelly CBE, Director of NESNO and former Director of Tory Party donor Kelly Packaging

Sir Tom Cowie OBE, NESNO Council member and Tory Party Donor

Ian Dewhirst, NESNO Council member and former Director of Tory Party donor Dewhirst Group

Lord Elliott of Morpeth, NESNO Council member and Tory Peer

Joan Halbert, NESNO Council member and former Director of Tory Party donor Kilfrost

Peter Scrope, NESNO Council member and Tory candidate for Darlington, 1997

Lord Vinson, NESNO Council member and Tory Peer

Graham Robb, NESNO spokesman, North East Tory Spokesman and former Tory candidate.


posted by Martin | 1:59 PM

UKIP Fourth in Hartlepool

The Scotsman here, and The Guardian, linked here, reports UKIP trailing even the desperate conservatives - lamentable! For further comment on the linked article and situation in the North East see this morning's posting on Ironies - linked here.

posted by Martin | 8:05 AM

Tuesday, September 14, 2004  

Tony Stone and Tony Bennett

Acting Party Secretary Nikki Sinclaire, who is now reported to be working for MEP Mike Nattrass in Birmingham, is (after her earlier court case) now no longer eligible for the NEC and consequently has stepped down as Acting Party Secretary. We hear long-standing NEC member Tony Stone has somewhat reluctantly agreed to take up the position on a strictly temporary basis. It appears the party will be seekingto fill both Party Secretary and Chief Executive posts very soon as even scandal-proof Nigel Farage MEP is reported as dismayed at the News of the World revelations about Piers Merchant last weekend.

Another Tony once again returning to a higher profile position in the party is Tony Bennett, now reported as having been engaged to undertake research on behalf of Robert Kilroy-Silk MEP.

posted by Martin | 6:23 PM

North East Referendum 'NO' Funding and Kilroy

I have put a long posting on the above topics for those with interests beyond UKIP on Ironies, which has the Kilroy press release of last Thursday in full with other points about the present discord within the party. The posting may be reached from this link to 'More Referendum Funny Business and UKIP'

posted by Martin | 6:16 PM

UKIP Conference Debate

Saturday 2nd October in Bristol, the details are as taken from the party website:-

2.00 pm Debate
This Conference resolves to fight the General Election in every constituency in the United Kingdom, but should reserve the right, subject only to the approval of the Constituency Association in question, to reach an accommodation with the sitting Member of Parliament of another party on receipt of an irrevocable undertaking that he/she will oppose further EU integration and will support Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.

Proposing: Michael Nattrass MEP
Seconder: Nigel Farage MEP
Opposing: Gerard Batten MEP
Seconder: to be announced
www Ukip Uncovered

Are you for or against the conference debate motion?


posted by Martin | 5:18 PM

UKIP Leadership under discussion this week? - What Sykes Said!

The BBC web report on their World at One interview with multi-millionaire UKIP backer Paul Sykes, last Friday may be read from this link. The most pertinent passage is quoted below:-

Mr Sykes, who spent £800,000 on UKIP's European election campaign, was reported by the Daily Telegraph to be threatening to withdraw his financial support over the issue. "But he told BBC Radio 4's The World at One he had never "attached strings" to his political donations."

He said the party was meeting next week to discuss the leadership - and he urged it to consider changing leadership. "The party has got many members, its got many other funders, it has got some really good back room people.

"But I feel that him (Kilroy-Silk) coming to the aid of the party did definitely give us the profile to get across the message that Britain is no longer self-governing and we must return to it and get our powers back from Brussels.

"I think he articulated that message very strongly and I hope, in the fullness of time, he does become the leader, or the head man, in the campaign at the next British elections."

posted by Martin | 8:15 AM

Monday, September 13, 2004  

UKIP's Chief Executive Snapped Again!

Yesterday's News of the World report may be read from this link.

posted by Martin | 5:35 PM

Sykes to withdraw support lest Kilroy leads

The following report appeared in last Friday's Daily Telegraph which may be read from this link.

posted by Martin | 10:35 AM

Wednesday, September 01, 2004  

Before I go !

Ukips Hartlepool candidate was today fired by his former Tory candidate boss - linked here, while reports on UKIP's 'Gay Wing' linked from here.

Please however, be sure to visit the far more important links on the post immediately below.

posted by Martin | 5:01 PM

Blogger breather! But STOP the CCB!

This blog with its associates is taking a break for a week or so. THOSE STEALING OUR FREEDOMS AND DEMOCRACY ARE NOT. Read these past posts on the topic of the Civil Contingencies Bill and contact one or more of their Lordships.

5th July Smacking debate to distract public attention aided by the BBC linked from here!

August 4th Civil Contingencies Bill

Stopping the CCB with contact details for members of the House of Lords from here.

Try these links as well: Statewatch and New Alliance

posted by Martin | 2:18 PM

What has happened to UKIP's MEPs?

Day after day I receive Google News Alerts on UKIP and day after day there is no mention of any of UKIP's MEPs. Today's crop of seven items had but one mention to Bloom's fridge remark. Yet EU politics are frothing as never before. This letter from one local paper is typical of the efforts being made across the country by other UKIP officials, ordinary UKIP party members and other dedicated Eurorealists, but from the 11 + 1 MEP comes nothing. Disgraceful! Read the full letter from Ian Upton the UK Independence Party’s North West media officer, partly quoted below, from this link.

Is Westminster just a museum?

I DON’T know which brand of rose-tinted spectacles Chris Davies MEP views Brussels through but they must be very expensive for him to make such ridiculous claims when comparing the European Parliament to our own.

He says it is a place for “MEPs to behave as grown-up politicians who can secure major amendments in new laws”.

Is this the same European governance that, unlike our parliament, hasn’t had its accounts signed off for the last nine years? Or should our own parliament follow in its footsteps like “grown-up” politicians and let our government’s financial accountability go to the dogs? Is this really Mr Davies’s vision of the EU parliament “doing a remarkably good job”?

It also worries me that he talks of only “securing amendments”, rather than influencing the proposal of them, when at a time we are bombarded on a daily basis with thousands of new EU laws and legislation, some of which is ravaging our countries’ potential for enterprise by increasing the cost base to business by up to 30 per cent.

posted by Martin | 8:58 AM
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