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Tuesday, December 18, 2012 

How may UKIP best profit from Ashcroft's Report

The pdf file on the research by Lord Ashcroft on UKIP voters and "considerers" is linked here.

The key point, as I have already tweeted, and far and away the most accurate, in my view, is the following:

The risk of helping elect an MP or government from the bigger party they liked least was the biggest potential off-putting factor for UKIP considerers.

The reason for UKIP's historic failure to make progress at by-elections and general elections is there summed up in one sentence. The rest of the research, though, gives the clue as to how that problem may now be resolved.

If the potential voters can be persuaded that all MPs from the three main parties are the same, spineless time-servers mainly engaged for what they can take from the public purse, with zero concern for policy differences and no trace of any principle, then which of the three parties, or indeed a coalition of all three (which is what effectively we now have at Westminster) is elected matters not one jot. The whipping system which gave executive power to two party parliaments, now under the EU tyranny has turned MPs into worthless scroungers in the eyes of the public, making UKIP's task fairly simple!

Conceding that the Tories will be smashed in the upcoming Euro elections, as Ashcroft more or less now presumes, gives a clear period for maximum effort to debase or undermine all sitting Westminster MPs between now and the next election. A task made easier by their own daily antics!

Blogging Tories such as John Redwood and Douglas Carswell will be useful in such an exercise, until they perhaps decide to change parties, as the battle of their last remaining scruples is daily played out on the internet. If sufficient MPs crossover then a different tactic may become necessary, but by then the other concerns for UKIP, raised by Lord Ashcroft, will have automatically become of considerably lesser concern.

posted by Martin |12:35 PM
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