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Wednesday, January 24, 2007 

Farage waits as Daily Mail editor raises Tory concerns

The leader of the UK Independence Party has said he would be willing to meet the editor of the Daily Mail newspaper after Paul Dacre appeared to question the Conservative credentials of David Cameron. Nigel Farage made his comments on BBC Two's 'Daily Politics' after Mr Dacre was recorded giving a rare public speech, in which he said it remained to be seen whether Mr Cameron was being truly Conservative. Mr Farage said: "I do not know [Paul Dacre], I have not been invited around there, if he wants me to come round, I certainly will. "But we do believe in lower taxes, we do believe in selective education, we do believe in national independence in the EU and I think many people think we represent some of the good things that the Conservative Party used to stand for." He added: "We have been hearing for 30 years British ministers saying they are going to go to the Council of Ministers, saying they are going to renegotiate, saying they are going to reform the EU. We have never reformed the EU. "The argument is not coming around to the British way of thinking and what we are saying is we should have a different relationship." Mr Farage concluded: "We are going to do that by divorcing ourselves from central Europe." In a clip of his speech broadcast on the same programme, Mr Dacre had said in answer to a question on Mr Cameron's leadership of the Conservatives: "The honest answer is it is far too early to say. "The Mail is a Conservative paper, it would be very surprising if we did not support the Conservatives. Whether the current Conservative Party is Conservative I do not know. We will have to see, won't we?"


The above report came by courtesy of 'realcon' on the comment section of the Conservative Home blog.

posted by Martin |1:20 PM

Simon Heffer warns Cameron on UKIP

The headline to Mr Heffer's Telegraph column, linked here, this morning is as follows:

Cameron mocks the 'loonies and fruitcakes' of UKIP at his peril

The column concludes as follows:

The three people pulling Mr Cameron's strings — his party chairman, Francis Maude, his policy guru, Oliver Letwin, and his image-master, Steve Hilton — revile what they call "the core vote". The core vote reads this newspaper and some of it reads the Mail, which may further explain why the Tory leadership finds it so deceptively comforting to shrug off Mr Dacre. Messrs Maude, Letwin and Hilton have, with the aid of the unrepresentative focus groups with which they are obsessed, led Mr Cameron into a world of mostly metropolitan and adolescent concerns. There, social liberalism is advanced through the party's new devotion to the rights of minorities and its determination not to find fault with Labour's incontinent spending policies. No plan that might evoke the "nasty" party of old — such as cutting taxes, or advocating strict immigration controls — can be brooked. As the front man for and prisoner of these three deeply un-conservative men, Mr Cameron is compelled to present a face to the public that more people than just the editor of the Mail find uncongenial.

There is, though, a more fundamental point about UKIP that the Tories disregard at their peril. It is no longer a single-issue party, campaigning for withdrawal from Europe. It also believes in low taxes, a smaller state, immigration controls, grammar schools and an English parliament. As such, it is very attractive to conservative-minded people. Worse for Mr Cameron, its new leader, Nigel Farage, is highly articulate, plain-spoken, experienced (he has been an MEP for eight years), attracting much media attention and highly politically motivated. As they do with the editor of the Mail, the Tories can shrug UKIP off, but they would be making another big mistake.

In a supremely smug article on this subject last Friday, the weekly bible of the bien-pensant class, the Economist, warned Mr Cameron about UKIP, saying that "to bend even slightly in its direction, however, would guarantee not only defeat, but ridicule". Really? I would concede that for the Tories to announce withdrawal from the EU would be a little breathtaking. But what about the rest that UKIP stands for? Would a Tory shift towards grammar schools, lower taxes, a smaller state, controlled immigration and democratic equality for England really have the party's opponents howling with hysterical laughter, and the voters stampeding for Gordon Brown? Somehow, I doubt it.

The BBC wouldn't like it, and neither would Miss Toynbee, nor the Economist (whose long and unembarrassed devotion to the European Exchange Rate Mechanism I still, after all these years, recall with great fondness). But will these people really swing the next election? If Francis, Ollie and Steve tell Dave they will when they next indoctrinate him, he would be well advised to ask them, quite firmly, whether they might perhaps be better employed elsewhere.

posted by Martin |8:59 AM

Tuesday, January 23, 2007 

Destroying Nations by Cross-Border Regionalisation

I hope UKIP is keeping its membership appraised of this kind of programme:

INTERREG IIIC (You can tell from the title the type of minds responsible).

posted by Martin |6:53 PM

Monday, January 22, 2007 

UKIP debate on Conservative Home

There is a debate over at the Conservative Home blog, linked here, on conditions imposed upon the UKIP by Lord Pearson at the time of his defection from the Tories.

Some official UKIP clarification seems necessary!

posted by Martin |3:58 PM

Sunday, January 21, 2007 

Another Tory defection plus donation

The following is from the Sunday Telegraph,linked here.

Mr Cameron's attempts to boost his party in the North were dealt a blow last night when David Caldow, an industrialist and leading Conservative donor in the region, defected to the UK Independence Party.

Mr Caldow, 74, who is estimated to be worth £40 million, has also donated £25,000 to Ukip. He said: "Obviously the direction I have taken indicates I'm not entirely happy with things as they are."

posted by Martin |2:52 PM

Saturday, January 20, 2007 

BBC report on latest Tory Peer's defection

The defection of the Earl of Dartmouth to UKIP as reported by the BBC may be read from this link.

posted by Martin |10:16 AM

Friday, January 19, 2007 

Cameron trashed in The Times

Vapid Cameron was ripped to pieces in the Business Editor's Commentary in The Times this morning, linked here.

The Conservative Home blog, linked here, is also reporting that politics possibly biggest snob, Sir Malcolm Rifkind is also urging Tory Party eu-sceptics to quit.

The following is this week's opening of the Bagehot Column under the title "UKIP if you want to" which has a nice cartoon at the top and is linked from here.

To end the week nicely, Channel 4 news closed its working week's evening bulletin with a report of another defection to UKIP and general disaffection with Cameron in the North of England.

posted by Martin |6:19 PM

Thursday, January 18, 2007 

Lord Pearson on 'The Daily Politics'

More first rate coverage for the UKIP today on the BBC 2 midday political show. The item may be viewed from the Watch Again link on the page linked from here.

The item on UKIP begins four minutes into the show and the most noteworthy response was:

"The Conservative Party is damaging itself"

posted by Martin |1:20 PM

The real EPP that cost Cameron his reputation

The infighting and power plays for posts in the EU Parliament would be be funny were it not for the fact that it has been for this that our sovereignty has been sold down the river by Britain's main parties. Read it all from this link. Or just this extract to get the flavour:

The knock-on effects of the dispute could undermine the position of British Conservatives in the European parliament. If the CDU lost foreign affairs, it could displace Giles Chichester, a British Conservative, from the industry committee - seen by both the government and opposition in London as a vital job in curbing Brussels' regulatory zeal. Arlene MacCarthy, a British Labour MEP, is likely to retain the internal market committee.

(The above post was first placed on my blog Teetering Tories, but I felt the link and content would be of interest here).

posted by Martin |9:11 AM

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 

Interesting analysis of UKIP's Election Effect

The Independent has an item on UKIP and the Tories linked here, which includes this interesting breakdown on the results of a UKIP vote at the last election. The figure I have heard most often on the cost to Tory seats is usually somewhere in the low twenties.

Ukip, which wants Britain to leave the EU, won 16 per cent of the votes at the 2004 European Parliament elections. Although it won only 2.9 per cent of the votes where it stood at the 2005 general election, analysis of the results suggests that it may have prevented the Tories winning up to 16 seats and shows it inflicted much more damage on the Tories than Labour.

John Curtice, professor of politics at Strathclyde University, said the Tories performed 1.7 percentage points worse where Ukip did well than where they did badly, while Labour dropped by only 0.6 points. This suggests that for every vote Ukip secured from Labour, it won three from the Tories.

On these assumptions, the "Ukip effect" meant that Labour held on to 11 seats that would otherwise have been lost to the Tories - Crawley, Sittingbourne and Sheppey, Harlow, Battersea, Warwick and Leamington, Medway, Gillingham, Stroud, Stourbridge, Dartford and South Thanet. The Liberal Democrats won another four seats which would otherwise have gone Tory - Romsey, Solihull, Westmorland and Lonsdale, Taunton and Eastleigh. Although it is impossible to predict Ukip's impact at the next election, the study highlights the party's potential to harm the Tories. All 16 seats will be high on the list of seats the Tories will need to win to push Labour out of office.

Cameron on his present performance can hope at best for a hung parliament, a repeat or improvement in UKIP's vote could therefore prove fatal, we will follow events with interest!

posted by Martin |10:56 AM

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 

The Sun
credits the UKIP in prodding Cameron

While the biggest selling tabloid might end its critique by urging Cameron on, it seems his recent new friend on the other side of the Atlantic, Senator John McCain, is already giving up on the the shallow pretence of a man that now leads our degraded Conservative Party, read it here in an exclusive from Conservative Home.

Meantime the editorial in The Sun, linked here, had these points:

"After spending his first year airbrushing the greatest peacetime Tory PM out of sight, he claims he is a true Thatcherite......

It has taken the threat from UKIP and the defection of some key Tories to make Mr Cameron wake up to reality."

posted by Martin |10:03 AM

Monday, January 15, 2007 

Another donor threatens Cameron on EU

The Guardian has a further report on the growing crisis within the Conservative Party over potential UKIP defections, read it from here.

The Radio Four Today programme interview with spread betting millionaire Stuart Wheeler, may be heard from this link.

posted by Martin |11:12 AM

Cameron breaks his word AGAIN

Yesterday's Sunday Telegraph correctly reports David Cameron as adopting the following position on Euro-sceptics within his party during his leadership campaign as follows:

"During his leadership quest, Mr Cameron promised to let MPs campaign for a British pullout from Europe if they felt strongly about it"

Note especially the word "PROMISED".

Today in the Daily Telegraph, linked here, he is reported as follows:

Privately, the party is turning up the heat on Eurosceptic-minded MPs amid fears of more damaging defections.

All Tory MPs have been effectively barred from joining the Better Off Out campaign to take Britain out of the EU after Ukip offered not to put up candidates against MPs who signed up.

The mystery now is how anybody of principle, or even perhaps the slightest respect for the importance of keeping one's word, can remain in a party led by such a duplicitous and clearly shallow a man?

posted by Martin |9:22 AM

Sunday, January 14, 2007 

Sunday Telegraph Editorial

There have been some interesting comments to the rubbish printed in that paper's leading article titled 'The Fatal Fringe' this morning, read it all from this link.

posted by Martin |4:15 PM

Cameron's lies feed UKIP Gains

It was a first rate Sunday morning on the political TV shows for UKIP today.

Kicking off we had David Cameron being interviewed on the BBC Sunday AM show by the hopelessly incompetent and ill-informed Andrew Marr.

First the shiny and chubby faced child leader of the Conservatives was allowed to get away with the assertion that the two Peers who defected during the week to UKIP (read Sunday Telegraph coverage from here) were anything to do with Cameron's conservative party (okay we all know that for two years they have had the whip withdrawn but to suggest they had been anything other than loyal conservative peers is absurd).

Then the former chief political correspondent of the BBC allowed Cameron to get away with the slur that Ashley Mote, (who left UKIP almost immediately after the European elections because court proceedings over housing benefit had not been disclosed to the party) had in fact gone straight from the UKIP to the new small grouping of MEPs that much of the media has this week claimed to be fascist.

Later Cameron was allowed to pin virtually his whole forward economic policies on savings from scrapping the regional assemblies which Marr failed to point out had been introduced under John Major AND went hand in glove with staying within the EU as presently structured.

On Sunday with Boulton on Sky News Lord Pearson, argued effectively and positively with Michael Mates MP, on the dangers of the Conservative Party's continuing Euro treachery and clearly spelt out why UKIP is today the best choice in British politics.

The Sunday Telegraph, linked here, has the latest on Conservative panic over the UKIP threat to their elected MPs who refuse to sign up to the Better Off Out campaign.

posted by Martin |2:09 PM

Friday, January 12, 2007 

UKIP, the Tory Party and the EPP

The EU Referendum blog has an interesting report on the new leader of the EPP, linked here.

posted by Martin |7:56 PM

Number 10 Petition to quit the EU

Please sign the petition which runs through to 14th December of this year. To date only a pathetic 178 signatures have been registered. The process is surprisingly simple for a Government ET site, but do not delay as who knows when it might fall foul to technical difficulties providing yet more ammunition to the EU Federalists. The link is :

posted by Martin |11:13 AM

Thursday, January 11, 2007 

EPP returning to haunt the Tories

The following was the post on 'Conservative Home' regarding the new leader of the Tory's group in the EU Parliament, linked from here:


Protectionist elected to leadership of EPP

DaulWe keep being told that the tide of opinion in Europe is coming our way. It doesn't look that way in terms of the new EPP leadership. The MEPs within the European Peoples' Party - of which the Tories are (controversially) still members - has elected a French farmer, Joseph Daul, to succeed the retiring Hans-Gert Poettering. Daul is a well-known protectionist who has been supportive of President Chirac's assertive attempts to protect French industry. When he was Chairman of France's National Association of Beef Farmers he campaigned for the continuation of the ban on British beef long after the EU had called for it to be lifted. He is a great defender of the Common Agricultural Policy - saying that he believes it has been crucial to the beauty of Europe's countryside. Unlike Poettering he is not an Atlanticist and is one of only a handful of MEPs who doesn't speak English. As an MEP close to Strasbourg he defends the wasteful existence of two homes for the European Parliament. It almost goes without saying that he is also a supporter of the euro and the rejected EU Constitution.

Editor's conclusion: "Tory MEPs cannot leave the EPP fast enough!"


The comment thread has now been closed

posted by Martin |5:24 PM

Leading economist opts for UKIP

I'll be voting UKIP if Cameron stays
By Tim Congdon

The full article in today's Daily Telegraph, may be read from here. Interestingly enough the EU hardly gets a mention in the explanation, it is state interference and paternalism that are given as the main causes for the dramatic headline, although like me, the Professor doubts Cameron's euro-sceptic credentials..

Hear, hear to it all!!! What a good week UKIP are enjoying, the best this blog can recall since the EU elections.

Which sitting Tory MP or MEP will be the first to come over?

How can any serious politician tolerate the tosser's new "Sort It" campaign? I have already nominated David Cameron as a rip-off merchant for gaining the leadership of the opposition on a promise to leave the EPP in weeks rather than months, now comprehensively reneged upon! Make your own nomination from this link:

Whoops! Looks like that part of the campaign has already been pulled.... try the link that I kept on file yourself.

I commented on the campaign's launch on Teetering Tories last Sunday, linked here.

posted by Martin |9:29 AM

Tuesday, January 09, 2007 

Prestigious Peers but Plymouth Problems

The Times carries the report on the crossover by two Tory Peers, it is linked from here.

The Radio Four Today Programme had an interview with Lord Pearson on his joining the party as earlier trailered in the Daily Telegraph, linked in a post below. I will add a link to the interview from here when it appears on the BBC.

Meantime a large UKIP branch in Plymouth appears to be at risk of disintegration as may be read in the local press, linked here.

posted by Martin |9:35 AM

Saturday, January 06, 2007 

UKIP writes to Westminster MPs

The policy of UKIP not standing against MPs who have publicly stated their opposition to the EU AND joined the Better Off Out Campaign, linked here, has been put in writing by UKIP's leader Nigel Farage MEP, according to the report, linked here, in today's Daily Telegraph.

The same newspaper article also reports that Lord Pearson and Lord Willoughby de Broke will also be joining the UKIP.

posted by Martin |8:31 AM

Wednesday, January 03, 2007 

EU's German Presidency and further EU expansion

Please visit my blog Ironies Too for some thoughts on the above topics, linked here, which have been sent directly to some of UKIP's leading members for their stimulation.

posted by Martin |9:27 AM
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