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Monday, May 31, 2004 

Troy Sullies UKIP Campaign in Scotland

As predicted for well over a year, Peter Troy, who is totally unfit to be a candidate in any democratic contest, due to his attempts to win a contest for a place on a UKIP candidate list found to be unacceptable by the Party General Secretary following an investigation by the Party Treasurer, is today spread across the pages of the The Herald in Scotland - as may be read from this link from which the following is a quote:-

Row over UKIP-BNP link

THE leading candidate for the UK Independence Party in Scotland previously stood down from the same position in the north-east of England amid a row over the party's links with the ultra-right British National Party.

Mr Troy stood down as candidate and the investigation concluded that, as part of a sudden influx of new members, Mr Troy had recruited Trevor Agnew, a BNP activist, and paid his membership fees.
While Mr Troy moved on to be selected for the top position on the list in Scotland, three senior regional committee office bearers were suspended, including the chairman, who said: "It is astonishing that Peter Troy should still be in the party, let alone a candidate in Scotland."
Alyn Smith, who is second on the SNP list and will be taking part in next week's cross-party STUC event on "showing racist parties the red card", said: "These revelations entirely destroy the credibility of the UKIP in this election.
"But more importantly, they serve as a reminder to the vast majority of Scots who reject the extremism and intolerance of the UKIP and BNP of the need to turn out and vote for the real values of Scotland on June 10."
Mr Troy yesterday was campaigning in Kelso, and is to travel all over Scotland in coming days speaking on the party's keynote theme that EU membership has damaged Britain in terms of farming, fishing and immigration.
He said there had been "some internal disharmony" in the regional party last year, adding: "Trevor Agnew came to a meeting that I chaired, gave a false address, and said he wanted to join. I was unaware of his BNP membership. If I had known, I would not have recruited him.
"Both me personally, and the party generally, totally abhor the BNP. We have all got to sign a disclaimer saying we will have nothing to do with them."
The BNP has, in the past, been more forthcoming about links at local level between activists of the two parties, and a BNP candidate in Yorkshire and Humberside was described as "pact liaison officer for the north", but there is now greater rivalry between them, particularly with the UKIP showing signs of taking off in England.
The candidature of high-profile converts such as Robert Kilroy Silk, the former Labour MP and talk show host, has greatly helped the party in terms of both recognition and respectability, while a poll a week ago put them within striking distance of the Liberal Democrats on a UK basis, and actually ahead among those claiming to be certain to vote.
Such an increase also bodes ill for Conservative hopes of a morale-boosting victory over Labour to confirm that, under Michael Howard, they are on the road to electoral recovery. This was not helped yesterday by Lord Pearson of Rannoch, one of four Conservative peers who had the whip withdrawn for calling on Tory voters to support UKIP next week.
Lord Pearson, who will be meeting Mr Troy in Scotland next week, said a swing to the UKIP was the only way to persuade Mr Howard to advocate pulling Britain out of the EU. "Within the party, we have failed to persuade Michael Howard to take a much tougher line towards the EU," he said.
Lord Pearson accused Europhiles of trying to frighten the public into believing that leaving the EU would lose Britain jobs, but he said "every respectable study" had shown that would not happen.
He said the Commons was being turned into a rubber stamp, powerless to block laws imposed by Brussels. "The EU is indeed a tidying-up exercise," he added. "It sweeps the rest of our sovereignty under the Brussels carpet."

Facts and Fictions

Myth: European legislation requires all bananas sold in Britain to be straight. EU rules do set standards for the size and quality of bananas. But so do individual governments and the industry itself. In fact, their laws provided the basis for the EU regulations. Abnormal curvature might be limited, but the shape of bananas is not due to change much any time soon.

Fact: European regulations are good for the British car buyer. EU-driven changes to the so-called "block exemption" rule in the car industry have given dealers the ability to sell more than one make and break the monopoly on servicing and repair held by garages. In addition, cheaper cars will be easier to import from Europe or to purchase over the internet, with increased competition translating into better prices in the UK.
THE leading candidate for the UK Independence Party in Scotland previously stood down from the same position in the north-east of England amid a row over the party's links with the ultra-right British National Party.
This prompted the SNP last night to claim that UKIP's credibility in next week's European election had been destroyed, but Peter Troy insisted that he "abhorred" the BNP and said his part in the row in England had come as a result of a genuine mistake, not deliberate intention.
Mr Troy, originally from west London, now lives in Sedgefield, County Durham, Tony Blair's parliamentary constituency.
He is chairman of the UKIP branch in the area and was selected to be number one on the party's north-east of England list. Then last year, the entire regional committee of the party was suspended as London headquarters investigated allegations of close links with the BNP.

Mr Troy stood down as candidate and the investigation concluded that, as part of a sudden influx of new members, Mr Troy had recruited Trevor Agnew, a BNP activist, and paid his membership fees.

While Mr Troy moved on to be selected for the top position on the list in Scotland, three senior regional committee office bearers were suspended, including the chairman, who said: "It is astonishing that Peter Troy should still be in the party, let alone a candidate in Scotland."

Alyn Smith, who is second on the SNP list and will be taking part in next week's cross-party STUC event on "showing racist parties the red card", said: "These revelations entirely destroy the credibility of the UKIP in this election.

I was the candidate against whom Mr Troy decided it would be necessary to be less than fair in a contest for the lead position after hustings meetings in Newcastle and Middlesborough. I withdrew my candidacy frm the North East and started this blog in a campaign to reform the UK Independence Party and change the leadership as a result of the manner in which the whole affair was handled. Following discipline charges trumped up by Peter Troy and his close friend Ms Williamson I resigned from the party before they could hold one of their many 'Kangaroo Courts'.

As a firm believer in restoring democracy to the British people I have continued to campaign for reform of the party. Troy should stand down; it is shameful that he was ever foisted upon the party in Scotland.

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Peer Unrepentant over Losing Tory Whip

The Scotsman linked here reports Baroness Cox as being unconcerned over the loss of the Conservative party whip in the House of Lords, she said:

“The essential point is that we are giving, or have given, our national sovereignty away to Europe.

“I’m not an anti-European but the time has come to say we can’t surrender our freedom to Brussels and that for me over-rides every party political issue.”

Lady Cox told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme “a very large number” of Conservatives felt the same way.

And she added: “We are the tip of an iceberg.”

The now clearly completely incompetent Conservative party leader, Michael Howard, was meantime reported in this morning's Daily Telegraph to have authorised a full scale assault against UKIP, whose anti-EU policied are now so clearly striking a chord with the public, after years of the Tory party's lies and hypocrisy on the overriding issue of our times.

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Sunday, May 30, 2004 

UKIP in the Sunday Press

'Sealed with a Kiss' says Scotland on Sundaylinked here, while The Observer reports on MPs questioning polling methods from here. Christopher Booker has a'Warining to Howard' linked here, and the Sunday Telegraph also makes brief mention of the Tory Lords' losing the party whip which was covered extensively on this blog yesterday.

The Observer in an article titled 'It feels like the BNP - only in blazers' makes an attempt to shrug of the force of anti-EU feeling in the country by equating it to another policy entirely: read it from here.

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Saturday, May 29, 2004 

Baroness Cox supports UKIP then loses Tory Whip

One of four Conservatives from the House of Lords who today lost the Tory party whip, by signing a letter urging the electorate to vote for UKIP on 10th June may become better known by clicking on this link to discover why 'Baroness Cox is prepared to risk her own life'.

posted by Martin |6:47 PM

Four Lords lose Tory Whip

The Tory Party whip has been withdrawn from four of the five rebels who urged voters to vote for UKIP earlier today. One changed his mind and therefore retains the right to remain with the party, which he has now admitted, he knows are responsible for having relinquished the independence of their and our country! Once again the report is from The Scotsman and is linked from here.

The other four are now reported to be considering joining UKIP. A quote:-

Lord Pearson, who only learned the whip was being withdrawn when told by PA News, described the decision as “potty”.

“I half-expected to have the whip withdrawn from me because I am always the naughty boy round the back of the bicycle sheds,” he said.

“But it is potty, stupid, to withdraw it from the others. I think they are mad.”

Jack Straw, once again tries to gain some mileage for his own similarly disgraced party with this new attack, quoted towards the end of the paper's report:-

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the peers’ move would bring chaos to a party already in a panic over UKIP.

“Today’s letter is the price Michael Howard is now paying for pandering to hard-line europhobes within his party and outside who want to force Britain out of the EU,” he said.

Is the Foreign Secretary having some kind of wild weekend somewhere, where reality can be put aside for a day or two? It certainly appears so!

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Tory Peers Back UKIP

Baroness Cox of Queensbury, Lord Willoughby de Broke, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, Lord Stevens of Ludgate and Lord Laing of Dunphail have put their names to an open letter urging people to vote UKIP.

The letter states: “We urge those who normally vote for one of the main political parties to lend their vote at the European elections on June 10 to the UK Independence Party.

“Only thus will the main parties be persuaded that their policies towards the European Union are not in the national interest. It is to that national interest that we all owe our allegiance.”

Lord Pearson said he hoped other Tory peers would back UKIP. He told PA News: “We have failed to persuade Michael Howard over Europe.

“The only party that can save our democracy is the Conservative Party. But we hope a significant vote for UKIP can make Michael Howard see sense.”

He said it did not matter which candidates became Euro MPs as Brussels was full of “second-rate freeloaders” anyway.

The above quote is from a report in The Scotsmanlinked here.

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Campaigning with Kilroy

The Scotsman has been observing Kiroy's campaigning style in Northamptonshire, and from the description it seems no wonder UKIP are now predicted to get 20 per cent of the vote on 10th June, see report on the latest YouGov in the next post.

The full article may be read from this link but the opening paragraph gives the flavour:-

MOST politicians use the phrase "pressing the flesh" with a certain disdain. Not Robert Kilroy-Silk. He doesn’t just press flesh, he grabs it, holds it, clings to it as if for dear life. Everyone passing within 10ft of him is liable to be grabbed by the hand, patted on the arm, clapped on the back. Anyone directly in his path gets the full treatment: double-hand clasps, bear-hugs, cuddles, kisses on as many cheeks as are visible. Kilroy doesn’t invade your personal space, he sends in troops and tanks with air support, annexes it and proclaims it part of the Greater Kilroy Empire.

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Telegraph Predicts 20 Per Cent for UKIP after latest Poll

The latest YouGov poll for the Daily Telegraphclick here for details and link is incredibly encouraging for UKIP which not only is now standing at a five per cent figure on a General Election basis but is predicted to gain 20 per cent of the vote in the paper's commentary to the poll results, I quote:-

UKIP is emerging as a favourite for a mid-term protest against the Government and could win as much as 20 per cent of the vote on June 10.

The Tory supporting paper takes a dig at UKIP in its Leading Article, linked here.

Elsewhere the FT reports on the mess over the postal ballots and consequent likely legal actions and ongoing chaos of re-runs. It also picks up on the Tory panic/Straw riposte we commented upon last evening. The article may be read from here.

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Friday, May 28, 2004 

Tory Panic, Labour Lies - Eurosceptic Common Sense!

The Scotsmanlinked here has an account of a leaked Conservative Central Office leaflet for Tory EU candidates to counter the UKIP advance, while Jack Straw is reported to be spinning to absurdity:-

UKIP don’t stand up for Britain and offer no real alternative to the EU, the document says.

The Eurosceptics are a divided party that peddle conspiracy theories and can’t deliver, according to the Tories.

A vote for UKIP gives more power to Brussels by helping Labour or the Liberal Democrats, they say.

Finally candidates are urged to stress: “Only the Conservative Party can make a difference.

“Only the Conservative Party stands up for those who do not want to have an EU constitution and sign up to a distant and undemocratic federal Europe.

“Only the Conservatives will put Britain first – because we believe Britain should be in Europe, not run by Europe.”

Mr Straw said: “It is clear the Tories are descending into panic ...

“The document that Conservative Central Office has just sent to its candidates and MPs reveals the depth of Tory panic.

“UKIP is now seen as a mounting threat to Tory voters.

Tory Desperation indeed - its the old IN EUROPE NOT RUN BY EUROPE nonsense we thought had gone with William Hague! These grounds for attack do not only not contain the slightest suggestion of having any substance, they betray the fact that whoever drew them up has neither the slightest sense of strategy, nor grasp of the real issues!

Jack Straw the Foreign Secretary and proven serial liar on the matter of the EU Constitution, while effectively mocking the pathetic insubstantial Tory attack, quickly descends to the depths of ludicrousness himself with these comments:-

“UKIP is now seen as a mounting threat to Tory voters.

“But Michael Howard has only himself to blame for UKIP’s brand of right-wing populism.

“By moving the Tory Party to the right and by adopting a harder anti-European position of his own, he has created space for UKIP to move into.

“This is what happens when a party leader plays fast and loose with Britain’s interests by claiming that he wants to keep this country inside the European Union whilst pandering to those who want to force the UK out.”

So according to the clearly befuddled Straw, Howard has moved 'right' making space for the 'populist right wing UKIP' to fill the space - seems there must be much room in the centre for Dickheads like Jack to have room to breathe. Might provide a chance for him to gather his wits.

Contrary to Straw's clearly ridiculous analysis, Howard, by subjugating his party to the ultra-federalist, German Christian Democrat led European Peoples Party is now almost as deeply treacherous to the interests of the independence of the nation as is Jack Straw's New-Labour Party, bound hand and foot to the similarly Euro-Federalist European Socialists Group.

No major party list is worthy of a vote in the European election of 10th June. We have made that case for months - now the major parties are making it for themselves.

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Harwich Fishing Boats join in UKIP Protest

This report from the East Anglian Daily Times has the full story.

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UKIP Branch Chairman Defection Reported by the English Democrats Party

The Branch Chairman of the UKIP Battle branch, Steven Overy has been announced as defecting to the English Democrats by the latter party.

It is noteworthy that the Bexhill and Battle Constituency was once the seat of Charles Wardle a reported associate of Nigel Farage MEP.

Wardle announced he would not contest the 2001 election in early 2000 after it was disclosed that he was doing consultancy for Mohammed Al-Fayed and he later lost the conservative party whip for allegedly supporting an independent candidate against the official conservative. The BBC report on that matter is linked from here.

Mr Wardle, it is reported to this blog from usually reliable sources, is recently believed to have been in receipt of consultancy fees from UKIP. Other one time Tory MPs with question marks over their departure from that party and similarly closely associated with Nigel Farage MEP are known to be Neil Hamilton (cash for questions scandal), John Browne (undeclared members interests scandal) and candidate in the North West Region (causing this blog to be reluctant to endorse UKIP's cause in that region even though it is a critical battleground against the BNP party leader), Piers Merchant (tabloid young mistress scandal), lead candidate in the North East where this blog strongly supports Neil Herron the Independent Candidate and well-known Metric Martyr campaigner.

We wonder whether Mr Kilroy-Silk, whom we whole-heartedly endorsed this very morning, is at all aware of Farage's seemingly undiminished strong desire to associate UKIP with those most known for staining the reputation of the Conservative Party with the label of sleaze.

Given the above and the fact that Battle forms the same constituency with Bexhill, we are frankly unsurprised by this UKIP defection. How many more members and votes will Farage cost the party in the final two weeks of the campaign. He should stand aside now and damage the eurorealist cause no further! As should other lead candidates whose past party membership and associations are in danger of damaging what otherwise could be a triumph in the battle against the EU.

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The following are extracts of a speech made by the author of this blog to the North East Regional Committee of UKIP, also attended by Party Chairman David Lott, on 28th January 2003 in Neville Hall Newcastle upon Tyne.

I was brought up to believe there was something unique and valuable about our British freedoms, and taught to consider them as rights. I have over the last forty years been forced to watch, as ever so slowly they have almost imperceptibly disappeared…. Given away by self-centred, overly ambitious, sleazy and sometimes downright dishonest politicians, themselves put in place and tolerated by an increasingly indifferent, subsequently disaffected and nowadays almost disenfranchised electorate.

I believe, the flames of freedom that have burned within these islands down the centuries, have not been extinguished but merely smothered. Like the ashes from a bonfire that has burned for an age and then been left to die, the mound of grey and apparently lifeless dust, needs but the surface scraped away, some kindling laid and a draught of air applied, and it will rapidly burst back into life.....

The European elections in June 2004 will be a dress rehearsal for the greater battles to follow. Prescott is likely to target the North East for the first referendum for a Regional Assembly which could be as early as the Autumn of that same year. The General Election cannot be far behind, an election which it is absolutely crucial for UKIP to carry.

We thus have not much more than two and a half years to prepare for the greatest electoral turnaround in the country’s history, but nothing less will do. Never have our freedoms and traditions been so much under threat. The Convention chaired by French ex-President Valery Giscard d’Estaing will report this summer and the lie that the EU is not becoming an undemocratic and potentially totalitarian giant super-State will be finally nailed, thus providing the essential ammunition which UKIP has till now been lacking in our election campaigns.

We must proceed by steps while always keeping the main objective in mind:

First we need a countrywide, truly spectacular showing for UKIP in the June 2004 European elections.

Second with the extra authority and re-cycled Euro-funds provided by our regional MEPs we can mount a strong rejection of any Regional Assembly, should such a referendum be called. With this momentum we can then move to our…..

Third and main objective…. that in the next General Election the majority of elected MPs to Westminster must be committed to EU re-negotiation and restoration of Westminster’s sovereignty.

This has to be an achievable objective as the only alternative is our nation’s absorption into the Union of Europe and the end of Britain’s representative democracy.......

Events are moving in favour of a seismic political shift, not for decades has the world economic situation looked so uncertain. Already we can see the signs of Gordon Brown’s economic strategy going totally awry, with the latest sign eleven straight days of falling stock prices. With the Tories in complete disarray and almost detested in the country at large, the voters will be seeking any means possible to send a strong message to their traditional politicians. What better protest could there be than a vote for UKIP in the European elections, particularly here in the North East, sending the message direct to Downing Street from the Prime Minister’s own constituency region.

The Voters need to know that a vote for Labour is a vote for the European Socialist Party and a vote for the Tories is a vote for the European Peoples Party.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? None that I can see, both actively supporting as they do, further federalisation and the written constitution, either of which totally undermine our democracy and system of common law.....

But, I must repeat, sweeping victory in June 2004 is merely the start, we must keep our eyes towards Westminster and the next General Election.

It is never too soon to start reminding all we meet that staying home at the next General Election or voting for any party other than UKIP will almost certainly result in their never again having a chance to select the people who will rule them.

I believe the stakes ARE that high, which is why I truly believe we can succeed.

Much of my time since then has been spent in urging UKIP to reform and to raise their sights beyond the European Parliamentary elections to the far more crucial General Election ahead. Robert Kilroy-Silk's joining the party will I believe work towards those ends. Britain needs UKIP reformed, honest, efficient, strategically well directed and clearly advocating EU withdrawal. Kilroy has the charisma to get the withdrawalist message across to the broader electorate and I therefore wholeheartedly endorse his MEP candidature and urge everyone in the East Midlands to work for the UKIP party list in that region!

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FT Scrapes the Barrel for Consolation

The fanatically federalist Financial Times desperately casts around for a scrap of comfort from UKIP's recent surge in the Opinion Polls. In spite of clearly realising all the positives now running in favour of Eurorealism since Robert Kilroy-Silk's bursting upon the scene, in an article this morning linked here, they conclude that in the long run the federalist cause might be somehow helped by his involvement, as it will put the spotlight on UKIP's policy of withdrawal. (Like many blinded by the myth of Euro-federalism they cannot perceive what is obvious to the ordinary man on the street - the fact that the EU is already disintegrating before our very eyes.)

The business paper talks of the desirability of having the referendum debate concentrate on withdrawal and that UKIP is thereby fitting in with the strategy of Blair and the government. Federalists now imagine Howard's version of resistance in just not signing up for the Constitution will be harder to beat in the referendum campaign. To counter that argument I would say that firstly: the rate of collapse within the EU now makes any referendum look increasingly less likely with every passing day and secondly: the consequences of the now essential budgetary restrictions made necessary by the euro induced recession on the main economies will show the EU as something that will make continuation a case impossible to sensibly argue. One business paper at least foresees the real severity and consequences of the difficulties ahead and we commend this article Radical Measures in The Prague Post which is linked from here and concludes:

Overly tight fiscal and monetary policies have nearly paralyzed the economies of Germany, France and Italy. Thus, EU generosity is in short supply. The Dutch finance minister's opposition to sharing the 2004 EU budget surplus with the 10 new members is one example of the new miserliness of the rich. In addition, there's an ominous possibility that the Maastricht budget deficit rules will be applied to the accession countries immediately.

In short, a radical reformulation of macro-policy in the core eurozone countries is urgently required if the EU-15 and the 10 accession countries are to prosper together.

A radical reformulation it is quite impossible to see being undertaken by the present crop of European leaders, who choose to close their eyes to harsh economic reality and prefer instead to exist in the kind of fantasy world of fables spun by the likes of the FT.

The lack of economic analysis and pure political propaganda of the Financial Times article can be quickly discerned when set against the lucidity and directness of that from Prague. Our Post immediately above this makes my views on the FT argument quite clear and to re-emphasise the weakness of their logic, quoted below is the FT's own reporting of the positives now working in Kilroy's, UKIP's and the anti-EU movement's favour:

An important question in these European elections, therefore, is whether the UKIP threatens to crowd out the comparatively moderate Tory voice on Europe. There are three indications it will.

First, Mr Kilroy-Silk's media skills give the UKIP a far higher profile than it had at the European elections in 1999 when it won three seats in the European parliament with 7 per cent of the national vote.

Second, the party has a huge pool of campaign cash at its disposal. The UKIP had donor income of £250,000 in the first three months of this year and there are reports that it has since received more than £1m from Paul Sykes, the Yorkshire businessman.

Third, the UKIP has had good polling data this week. According to a YouGov poll in The Daily Telegraph, the UKIP is on 18 points, a level that puts it ahead of the Liberal Democrats and could see it winning more than a dozen seats in the proportional representation system that operates in the European elections.

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Thursday, May 27, 2004 

The Economist A Buy for Tomorrow

In its coverage of the European Elections, the weekly magazine that likes to set the week's thinking agenda for those who matter, carries an item titled - The damage that the UKIP could do to the Tories

posted by Martin |8:23 PM

Tory Chairman Confirms Campaign Policy Avoidance

Any wondering why the Conservative Party are seemingly intent to avoid policy discussion at all costs during the coming campaign, may be surprised to learn that this is their deliberate strategy according to Dr Liam Fox who is quoted on the BBC web site (linked here) as follows:-

Dr Fox said his party would launch an "intensive" programme to set out detailed Tory policies after the 10 June elections.

With the Conservative Party's renewed alliance with the German led European Peoples Party and that group's dreadfully ultra-federalist, anti-Nato and collectivist manifesto linked from here that would seem supremely sensible.

No wonder the Tories are now really rattled at UKIP's advance, the fear can be detected from the closing paragraph of the BBC news report on the web which quotes Dr Fox as saying - "if you vote UKIP (UK Independent Party) who will pull out of Europe, you give up jobs." - he clearly means Tory MEP JOBS and those of their many camp-followers and EU financed Central Office jobs. Real jobs, after all, are what the EU specialises in losing as one can tell from the French and German unemployment statistics!

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The Press on UKIP

The Guardian provides an overview this morning which is linked from here.

posted by Martin |8:20 AM

Poll Raises Immigration Alarm Bells

The Scotsman reports linked from here on a multi-nation poll on immigration that labels Britain as xenophobic. I quote from the article:

The poll chimes with the increasing alarm expressed in Westminster by MPs of all parties who say campaigners are being told that immigration is the main point of concern in several key seats.

This has been used to explain the rising success of the UK Independence Party, which recently recruited Robert Kilroy-Silk, the former BBC1 chat-show host, as its frontman.

Although the party is based on a pledge to withdraw Britain from the EU, its leaflet suggests it is now manoeuvring for the anti-migrant vote.

Its main theme is now arguing that Labour, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives have agreed plans to "open our borders to 73 million potential immigrants from Eastern Europe".

The UKIP said their rivals have made a gross miscalculation in thinking that Britain is relaxed about the potential influx of migrants from the former Warsaw Pact countries made possible from 1 May.

"Britain absorbs almost half of all migration into the European Union - of course we’re more concerned," a spokesman said.

"We’re better at integrating. Once it happens, people don’t take out their anger on immigrants as they do in some countries. But that doesn’t mean people are not deeply worried about it."

In the same article the 'English Democrats' are accused of playing on anti-Scottish sentiment in this extract:-

Anti-Scottish sentiment has entered the campaign in London, where an Essex-based party named the "English Democrats" has sent leaflets through letter-boxes highlighting Scottish Executive policies.

"By paying £10 billion extra to Scotland under the Barnett Formula, Scots now have a better education, transport and care with free prescriptions, residential care for the elderly and now top-up fees," it reads.

"All at the expense of the long-suffering English taxpayer! This is the real North/South divide." The party is campaigning against devolution for the English regions and also calls for withdrawal from the EU.

To realise how widespread and legitimate the country's concerns over immigration truly are one only needs to read yesterday's Leading Article in the Daily Telegraph titled A LIMIT TO IMMIGRATION which is linked from here.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004 

Nationals follow-up on this Blog's Metro Ad Disclosures

The Guardian reports on the incorrect advertisement and UKIP's retraction in an item linked from here.

The explanation rather than the public apology is quoted by the paper as follows:-

"We haven't lost our marbles - it wasn't sent out by us. It was placed throughout the UK in error by a media advertising company.

"They have apologised, as do we. A retraction will go in on Friday, which is the earliest we can get it in."

Regular readers of this blog will no doubt be able to identify the senior party official prone to relate unforeseen or unwelcome developments with the 'misplacement of marbles', and draw their own conclusions regarding the rest of the explanation!

posted by Martin |8:39 PM

UKIP Polling Booth Confusion in London

UKIP placed an advert in the London Metro newspaper today which says that
"the government has decreed that there will be no polling stations in your region on 10th June".

This is not true for London, nor for any of the regions which the London
Metro newspaper would normally reach. The postal voting regions are in the East Midlands and across the north of England.

posted by Martin |4:15 PM

UKIP Donors in First Quarter 2004

All donors of the sixty two thousand pounds cash and one hundred and ninety thousand of non-cash donations are listed by the Electoral Commission and may be reached via this link UKIP Donations.

Largest cash donation was from Seymour Manfacturing International Ltd to the West Midlands while in non-cash contributions Alan Bown both individually and through his company Alan Bown (Margate) Ltd clearly led the field with one hundred and twenty-two thousand pounds worth of gifts on top of his cash donation of fifteen hundred pounds.

Next most significant non-cash contributor was John Whittaker, UKIP's lead candidate in the North West Region, with almost sixty thousand pounds worth of contributions for billboard sites.

UKIP's MEP's who boasted of their incomes and generosity in a letter widely circulated by the Party Chairman last Christmas managed very little in the way of support. Graham Booth paid two consultancy fees of just under four thousand pounds but a cash gift of just two thousand pounds was all that could be managed by Jeffrey Titford. Farage's name is as before absent from the list.

posted by Martin |12:53 PM

UKIP raised a Quarter of a Million in 1st Quarter

Figures released by the Electoral Commission show UKIP raised £251,750 in the first calendar quarter of this year. Details will be listed here shortly.

posted by Martin |12:44 PM

New Poll Puts UKIP at 11 per cent in West Midlands

A YouGov poll for Central Television has the following results:-

A YouGov survey for the Central television region found 31 per cent of the electorate were planning to vote Conservative in the European elections, while 27 per cent were planning to vote Labour.

The result puts Labour in second place, as they were in the last European elections in 1999.

But the Conservative lead, of four per cent, is lower than the Tory lead four years ago.

The poll puts the Liberal Democrats at 14 per cent and United Kingdom Independence Party at 11 per cent.

The full story from the Birmingham Post is linked from from here

posted by Martin |12:38 PM

Polls and Presses Roll for UKIP

The Guardianlinked here and The Scotsmanfrom here both report on a UKIP surge in another poll, which in General Election terms boosts them from nowhere to 2 per cent, as the latter paper says:

The poll showed a surge in support for the UK Independence Party (UKIP) ahead of the June 10 European elections, with the anti-EU party registering 2% in general election voting intentions and taking voters equally from Labour, Tories and Lib Dems.

The Guardian's headline is as follows: "Election blow to Labour and Tories -One in four may switch party in next month's vote, poll shows" and opens as follows:-

Both Labour and the Tories are heading for poor results in the June 10 elections with one in four of each party's voters thinking of switching to another party, according to this month's Guardian/ICM opinion poll.

The survey indicates that the percentage turnout in the European elections is likely to be little different from the low to mid-20s recorded at the last European elections in 1999 - although it may be boosted by the unknown effects of new postal voting schemes.

The poll also confirms the increasing appeal of the minor parties, with the United Kingdom Independence party the most prominent with a two percentage point share of the vote, followed by the Scottish Nationalists. The UKIP appears to be drawing its support equally from former Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat voters.

Labour has opened a three point lead over the Tories putting Howard's disastrous leadership of that party quite clearly into the main spotlight. See more on that topic in due course on Teetering Tories.

'FT Observer' returns to its sideways coverage on UKIP in general, and we notice Farage in particular with a piece querying whether the Tower Bridge Heath, Major and Blair effigy protest will be appropriate around the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings. It seems to suggest that since Edward Heath took part in those momentous and historic events he is somehow to be deemed incapable of the subsequent deceitful, lying and underhand acts history and published documents now clearly show him to have committed. Is every burglar, car thief, wife beater etc. some of whom must at one time have been landing in Normandy to be similarly exonerated? The very idea is preposterous - indeed if careful thought is given to the fact of his presence on D-Day his subsequent actions become even more discreditable. The column is linked from here.

On a lighter note and apropos the Joan Collins photo call, this light hearted item from The Guardian'Celebrity politics doesn't get my vote by Ben Summerskill is recommended.

The Independent also gives exceptional coverage to UKIP linked here, which reminds me that the mystery of just who Sir Ranulph Fiennes is supporting is something still requiring resolution. Plenty of other Joan Collins coverage can be easily found elsewhere.

posted by Martin |6:31 AM

Tuesday, May 25, 2004 

Browse, Bicker and Boldly Go

UKIP has made it onto a Star Trek Web Site with its endorsement from Joan Collins "Edith Keeler". The page can be visited from Trekweb linked here, whose slogan used in this blog's title seems suitable as a new motto for those expelled for dissent from the UKIP internet chat forum "ind uk".

posted by Martin |4:10 PM

Positive Publicity Fails with Farage's Friends

Ananova has the first detailed report of the Joan Collins press meet which may be read from here.

With the eurosceptic movement finally gathering some headway, it is a tragedy that the UKIP leadership or its backers lack the authority to keep its shadier elements on the sidelines!!!! The Daily Mirror was already seeking negatives this morning from 'Britain in Europe' which Knapman's responses fell short of effectively countering.

But Farage keeps stepping forward and as Kilroy manages to chalk up more positive headlines in the press this morning not all can proceed unblemished while this previously best known UKIP figure continues to put his ego before all else and seek his part of the limelight. This item from this morning's FT Observer (linked from here) speaks for itself.

Grim out west

All of 12 years since his deselection, former Tory MP John Browne is still looking for a home. The UK Independence party, for which he fought a Cornish constituency at the last general election, is giving him a run at the north-west region in next month's polls for the European Parliament.

Browne lost his Winchester seat in 1992 (he stood unofficially after local Conservatives dumped him) following a 20-day suspension from the Commons for failing to declare business interests.

One home he has found meanwhile is a condominium at 1800 Embassy Drive, West Palm Beach, Florida. That's the splendidly patriotic address for him that Observer's man about Manchester spots on nomination papers issued by the returning officer for the Euro-polls.

Browne had taken up residence in the resort by the time he contested Falmouth and Camborne in 2001. Now he's even further away from his prospective constituents.

A local estate agent describes the complex as a "small enclave of town homes - quiet and private". It sounds the perfect place to wage what Browne calls the "Battle of Britain" from the comfort of a sun lounge

A full expose of John Browne, this bad penny, disgraced friend of Farage (there are others, of course, one of whom - Piers Merchant, is the last moment lead MEP candidate in the North East, about whom the least said the best) may be read from here, here, and finally the long (some have said exhaustive account of 31st August last year: 'A Winding Trail' linked from here.

posted by Martin |1:52 PM

UKIP Predicts Two Seats in the Eastern Region

EDP24 has this report on a UKIP meeting last evening which found UKIP's top three list candidates in suitabily bullish mood following that morning's YouGov poll. The report is linked from here and highlights a certain degree of panic from the LibDem spokesman who makes some fairly startling assertions regarding the YouGov polling methodology:-

But Tim Huggan, Lib Dems regional spokesman, said the poll was unreliable as it was a self-selected internet vote.

The Joan Collins endorsement continues to make headlines even before the event with this long piece in today's Evening Standard titled 'Joan Collins to back anti-Europe party bid' which may be read by clicking on here.

posted by Martin |9:38 AM

Washington Times reports UKIP 'SHOCK' for Establishment!

The following is a quote from a report in today's Washington newspaper regarding yesterday's YouGov poll:-

Such a result, relegating the Liberal Democrats to the fourth place, would be a humiliation for the party and would send shock waves through Parliament, where the three main parties support EU membership and often dismiss those arguing for withdrawal as extremists.

The article then continues later citing Roger Knapman's 'common market' quote and will be sure to cause much interest within Washington's political classes at the prospect of potential humiliation for GW's close British ally. The full article is available from this link.

posted by Martin |7:30 AM

UKIP in the Nationals

The Guardian's Political Editor, Michael White, gives a well-considered analysis of UKIP's present prospects in this generally favourable review linked from its title: Collins joins Kilroy in UKIP's battle for Britain .

The Daily Telegraph in an article by Andrew Sparrow and Benedict Brogan, titled 'Big guns turn their fire on UKIP policies' seems to then go on to illustrate that the main parties continue to prefer to attack one another. Indeed the paper has to dig up UKIP's founder Alan Sked for any real assault on the party - hardly a 'Big Gun'.

In an 'Opinion' piece by Norman Tebbit, titled 'Howard will lose voters to the UKIP unless he toughens up' and linked from here the eurosceptic Tory grandee once again proves that for Conservatives party unity remains the objective above all else. He does have mild criticism for the appaling decision over the continuing alliance with the ultra-federalist EPP in the next party:-

European election candidates have been strong-armed into affiliation to the federalist European People's Party and, as a poll in this newspaper showed yesterday, significant numbers of disaffected Tories are now tempted to vote for the UK Independence Party.

While Conservative disunity over policy has diminished, it has been at the cost of diminishing policy, too.

The remainder of the piece then appears to get bogged down in a multitude of details over policy trivia having little - in fact nothing to do with the major campaign now in hand. Further comment on Lord Tebbit's article may be found on Teetering Tories

Reflecting the Conservatives concerns regarding the local elections it is noteworthy that their last PPB covered waste in UK public spending - thus proving they have nothing worth saying and certainly not hearing on Europe!

Established parties fear advance of UKIP is the title of The Independent's piece by Andrew Grice Political Editor.

"Labour fears disillusioned working-class voters may switch to the UKIP, while the Tories worry that part of their "core vote" may be tempted by the UKIP's policy of withdrawing from the European Union." he reports.

The lack of any decent arguments by those supporting further subjugation of our country is here brilliantly illustrated by a startlingly pathetic quote from Labour's Patricia Hewitt:-

"Most of us think in our personal lives that Europe is wonderful - cheap holidays, the ability to travel wherever we want in the EU, to work and study and retire there. Yet somehow the EU itself, which has given us all these benefits, has been turned into some kind of political monster,"

It shows what danger our democracy and individual common law rights and liberties are really in, when a cabinet minister can show such comprehensive ignorance in so hopelessly missing the point.

posted by Martin |5:47 AM

Joan Collins to be Welcomed to UKIP Today by Kilroy

The Scotsman reports the popular London born actress will give her views at a photo opportunity today:-

“I really believe that we would be better going it alone rather than cede our powers to those faceless, overpaid Brussels bureaucrats who care nothing for the individuality of sovereign states.

“I’m proud of being English and those who say we are such a tiny country that we can’t survive outside the EU are wrong.”

Read the report from this link.

posted by Martin |5:36 AM

Monday, May 24, 2004 

London's Evening Standard Continues UKIP Hype

More good coverage is provided in London's evening newspaper and the improved postion of the party is also reported as spilling over into the polling for the Mayoral race and also the Greater London Assembly contest, both of which comments may be read from this link, from which come these relevant quotes:-

But Conservative candidate Mr Norris has slipped backwards by four points from a previous high of 31 per cent, according to the YouGov survey.

His lost supporters appear to have defected to boxing promoter Frank Maloney of the anti-Europe United Kingdom Independence Party, who has jumped four points to six per cent......

• The Greens and UKIP have both increased support in the assembly contest but the Lib-Dems are slightly down.

The paper also headlines UKIP as heading for a 'breakthrough' in its separate coverage of the Telegraph YouGov poll read from here

posted by Martin |5:32 PM

Kennedy Concern over LibDem's Laggardness

The Scotsman in an article linked here seems to very well betray the Libdem leader's denied consternation at Ukip's advance in the YouGov poll.

Mr Kennedy argued that even on the gloomiest reading of the figures, his party was already ahead of its performance in the 1999 European election.

And he forecast that with more than two weeks of the campaign yet to run, the UK Independence Party would come under increasingly critical scrutiny.

“The more they come under scrutiny, the more people will see the extent to which they are playing with fire if they send UK Independence Party representatives to Brussels or Strasbourg in significant numbers to represent Britain, because that would be counterproductive and disastrous,” he said.

This report from epolitix has the MEP who leads the party in Brussels pushing for the referendum to be on the matter of In or Out of Europe. That report is linked from here.

The full text of the actual Referendum Bill, however, including the wording of the question and preceding statement, together with the fact that referenum day will be a public holiday was posted on our sister blog IRONIES much earlier this morning.

posted by Martin |4:20 PM

EPolitix Even Emblazons the UKIP Logo in its Report!

Read yet more coverage given to UKIP's advance in the YouGov Poll by clicking on the headline of the report:-

UKIP set for sweeping gains

posted by Martin |10:42 AM

Eurosceptics set for surge at euro-elections

The European EU dedicated press services are now picking up the news of Euroscepticisms advance within the UK. The headline of this post is taken directly from an EUPolitix report that is linked from here.

posted by Martin |10:15 AM

Telegraph Leader Concludes Euroscepticism Cannot be Stopped!

The following are the opening paragraphs of the Daily Telegrapgh's Leading Article this morning:-

UKIP scoring on the anti-Brussels card
(Filed: 24/05/2004)

According to our YouGov survey, the UK Independence Party is set to emerge as the big winner at the European election on June 10, beating the Liberal Democrats into fourth place.

All the normal caveats about opinion polls apply, of course; but any result along these lines would revolutionise the European debate. With 17 days to go, it is hard to see what the mainstream parties can do about UKIP.

They could point out that the party has more than its fair share of freaks and obsessives. They could dismiss it as a single-issue movement, with no prospect of forming a government. They could portray it as kooky, inept and hopelessly divided. There would be a measure of truth in all these charges.

But the voters don't seem to care. They are not backing UKIP because they want to see Robert Kilroy-Silk in Downing Street, but because they wish to send a signal to all the parties about Brussels' interference in our national affairs.

It is a remarkable feature of public opinion that, depending on how the question is asked, between 35 and 45 per cent of people want to leave the EU - despite this position not being advocated by any major party, newspaper or politician. UKIP is engaging in clever niche-marketing, presenting itself as the plain-speaking alternative to a cartel of Euro-philes

The editorial titled ' UKIP scoring on the anti-Brussels card' is linked from here

posted by Martin |7:44 AM

Knapman makes a Splash

Front page for UKIP in the Daily Telegraph following a YouGov poll that has them trouncing the LibDems into third place in the European Parliamentary polls in the result the paper selects for its headline story. With Knapman pictured in front of the Palace of Westminster it makes a sensational and encouraging start to the third week of campaigning for eurosceptics. The poll results may be read in full from this link.

The front page story may be read from this link the headline being the stuff of UKIP's dreams - 'Surge by UKIP hits big parties'

posted by Martin |7:27 AM

Telegraph 'YouGov' Poll Puts UKIP at 14 per cent

The Daily Telegraph publishes a poll this morning which has UKIP gaining on the LibDems, and the paper predicting the party may win a dozen or more seats. Read the entire article and view the poll results from this link. Consistent with last week's by-election results such poll figures are not reflected in the local election contests.

The Guardian also gives prominence to the same poll results and headlines the fact that UKIP is gaining on the LibDems and could well overtake them for third place in the Euro-elections. In fact among those most likely to vote UKIP already beats that party into third place by 18 to 15 per cent! The article is linked from here

posted by Martin |7:13 AM

Sunday, May 23, 2004 

English Democrats Gathering Strength

I note that Ranulph Fiennes is listed as fourth candidate on the list for the Countryside Party now supported by the Engish Democrats in the South West. Press reports had earlier suggested he was a convert to UKIP.

SOUTH WEST: 6 Candidates
Christopher Philip THOMAS-EVERARD
Diana Mary SCOTT
Archibald John MONTGOMERY
John Antony YEWDALL

Also noteworthy is the fact that the English Democrats Party web-site now lists Neil Herron in the North East as one of that party's supported candidates.

NORTH EAST: 1 Candidate

The web pages may be visited from this link

Is an almost national alternative to the venality of UKIP, racism of BNP and closet federalism of the Conservatives finally being formed for your average Eurosceptic voter?

posted by Martin |6:41 PM


The following report has been received from the 'Reform UKIP' Group now back and running in the apparently resumed NEC elections:_

Just when the going gets good, through Kilroy Silk and good media, the UK Independence Party leadership has started a process of shooting itself in the foot, by allowing Nikki Sinclaire (Acting Party Secretary) to send out the ballot papers for the NEC Elections during the campaign for June 10th.

Extraordinarily, she has added attacks upon Michael Harvey and Damian
Hockney into her covering letter, even though Damian Hockney is not a
candidate and the Harvey attack is malicious and based upon her grievance against him. It is inevitable that they will seek the right of reply. Already Nikki Sinclaire has made a posting onto 'ind-uk' (an internet discussion group much used by UKIP activists - ed.) threatening them and saying she will take criminal prosecution against them if they try to defend themselves. We understand that one of the Reform Group has already alerted the lawyers and has prepared a statement to be sent to the whole membership if Nikki Sinclaire does indeed make the intended attacks.

The additional problem with her sending these out now is that she is opening up all the old wounds right in the middle of the party's election campaign.
And the NEC - which features a number of people who never say a word during meetings, they just sit there dumb and coerced into follow-the-leader - have been suckered into allowing her to send out attacks to the whole membership, opening up the past problems which all had tried to keep away from all and sundry during the June 10th.

Unless she has tampered with the election addresses of the candidates, the entries feature website details of the Reform Group, and possibly others,detailing further infringements by the leadership of the law and the party rules. The Reform Group made clear to the leadership several weeks ago that they would stand united with the leadership for the campaign to ensure that the maximum number of seats could be won...but now the leadership has broken this accord. By sending out the papers, they expose to the whole membership and others the problems.

Members of the Reform Group have expressed their alarm at what the
leadership has allowed (or possibly encouraged) Nikki Sinclaire to do, but everyone seems trapped like rabbits in headlights.

Even after his discipline complaint, Damian Hockney made clear that although he could have it overturned immediately in court, he would do nothing for the duration of the campaign. Had he gone to court, the matter would have spilled over into the campaign. He made a magnanimous gesture to park the matter.

The same applies with Michael Harvey's situation. Nikki Sinclaire has brought discipline proceedings against him. And all agreed that there would be a moratorium on hearing these for the duration of the campaign. Now she is sending out the papers with an attack upon him specifically based upon the discipline complaints. Thus dishonouring the agreement to the benefit of the cabal.These complaints of hers are years old and are based upon her paast grievances against him. The fact that she includes these complaints and not other ones against other candidates shows just how vindictive the action is.

And she has nothing to complain of - she has recently been given party money in 'compensation' for her costs in the court case when others following party policy have donated money after she sued the party. She has basically been paid out by the party, which has no money, following her action of suing it.

The NEC has therefore authorised Nikki Sinclaire to dishonour the agreements and understandings and go for a quick NEC election right in the middle of the campaign - to gain maximum advantage for the leadership candidates and to arrange the attacks.

But you have to ask, don't you, why she should do this. You may be
astonished to believe this but right in the middle of the campaign, the ONLY thing she has done is to arrange these divisive internal elections. And now she is off back to San Diego in the USA where she lives most of the time.

Light the blue touch paper and retire, is how one of the participants of
this shambles has described it. And all because people on the NEC like Tony Stone, Ian Gillman and Gregg Beaman are too afraid to do what they know to be right - say NO to a divisive internal election

As can be seen this all seems rather complex and any UKIP members who receive their NEC ballot papers and feel they can provide their own comments to this latest fiasco, are requested to e-mail their reports to this blog for further clarification.

posted by Martin |12:46 PM

Frank Field Predicts UKIP Successes on GMTV's Sunday Programme

This report is from The Scotsmanlinked here from which comes this quote:-

Mr Field predicted the UK Independence Party “will do well” but downplayed the chances of right-wing extremists.

posted by Martin |9:06 AM

Interfering with the Distribution of Election Material?

We have been informed that a Communication Workers Union (CWU) member has been reported as saying that every postal worker in certain West Country postal areas has been sent a letter and a 16 page TUC booklet by the leadership of that union.

Although the booklet reportedly seems aimed primarily at encouraging postal workers not to deliver BNP election literature, quite a substantial part is apparently devoted to attacking UKIP.

We have not yet had sight of the booklet, but if any of our readers can substantiate this report and forward extracts by e-mail - they will be placed on this blog for all to see. Democracy requires the unfettered circulation of every viewpoint!

posted by Martin |7:47 AM

Saturday, May 22, 2004 

New Treasurer in his Local Paper

The following link will inform you that Andrew Smith the new Party Treasurer for UKIP is a Chartered Accountant, is delighted with his new role and plans to run a 'tight ship'. Epping Forest Guardian

posted by Martin |12:45 PM

MEPs and Oldies Stand Down Now!

There could have been no clearer harbinger of the disaster about to overtake UKIP on 10th June than yesterday's by-election results.

In the midst of the Euro-election campaign, with billboards proclaiming UKIP's message across the land, the national press trumpeting a new high-profile recruit to the cause - himself about to get a coveted 'Question Time' slot, these were all the votes that UKIP could scrape together in its South West Regional 'supposed' stronghold:-

Bristol City – Lawrence Hill: Lib Dem 961, Lab 879, C 148, Green 127, Bristolian 127, UK Independence Party 88. (May 2003 – Lib Dem 1150, Lab 873, Bristolian 215, C 149, Green 97). Lib Dem hold. Swing 3.8% Lib Dem to Lab.

Torbay Borough – Roundham with Hyde: C 498, Lib Dem 413, Lab 203, Ind 203, UKIP 128, British National Party 106, Ind 85, Ind 63. (May 2003 Two seats Lib Deb 842, 839, C 544, 495, Lab 207, Ind 126). C gain from Lib Dem. Swing 12% Lib Dem to C.

Two of the MEP lead candidates being fielded by UKIP are too old. If re-elected they will be almost seventy at the start of their new terms. Possibly the tax-free pension entitlement is considerably greater for an MEP elected for two terms rather than one and that is the driving incentive, but do either of the two gentlement involved really have such a desperate need for the extra cash? I believe they do not - by trying for it they not only appear to be anyway putting it beyond reach; they are quite clearly damaging if not destroying the cause in which they are supposed to believe.

Other lead candidates elsewhere are approaching a similar age. Then there is the acceptability factor. Nattrass and Farage have both been involved in scandals attracting national media coverage in the past few years - what makes them think they are exempt from the so accurate attacks of Kilroy regarding the general standards of those involved in politics/ UKIP's hypocrisy in the South East and West Midlands sticks out like a sore thumb - do UKIP's leadership cabal think the electorate completely stupid? Does their greed for the MEP perks blind them even to the most basic of common sense?

Unhappily looking further down the regional lists, the second placed MEP candidates in other regions also seem to have image problems, BUT on each list there must surely be a worthy, untainted relatively youthful candidate who the party could now nominate, possibly with a fanfare announcement in a reforming speech and attendant publicity given by Mr Kilroy-Silk.


I have received email commending the idea that there can be no justification for UKIP MEPS standing for two terms in the European Parliament. I certainly cannot see any reasonable argument as to why these particular UKIP three should do so. Please send such communications to the party rather than this blog, however. Only UKIP itself can now take the kind of drastic action necessary to save their campaign. There is still the time for a bold gesture!

posted by Martin |6:44 AM

Friday, May 21, 2004 

Another Version of Kilroy's Succession - No Derek Clark?

This report comes from Mr Kilroy-Silk's local paper in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Click on the title to read in full Kilroy goes straight to top of UKIP list

posted by Martin |6:23 PM

BBC's Version of Reaction to 'Question Time'

A supposed representative sample of reactions to the programme is available from this link to the BBC.

posted by Martin |4:55 PM

The Euro-federalist Allied Conservative's Lies

We urge you to read the article just posted on 'Teetering Tories' FROM THIS LINK before returning to read the contents of this posting and its extraordinary linked article.

Any who may have heard, seen, read or perhaps been momentarily taken in by the claptrap put out by Oliver Letwin as reported in the Western Morning News linked here, would do well to remember the following:-

1. Oliver Letwin almost single-handedly wrecked the opening of the last Tory General Election campaign for William Hague by giving the press totally spurious tax cut figures, then disappearing leading to the thrust of the campaign being diverted to a pointless week of 'where is Letwin' style reporting.

2. In the coup that propelled Michael Howard into the leadership position without a vote of the wider party membership, Oliver Letwin was at the forefront.

3. In spite of being Shadow Chancellor, Letwin for months refused to give up his career in Merchant Banking, a clear sign that he has no faith in the Conservative's regaining office - does he perhaps, know very well why? Was putting Howard into place enough to do the trick I wonder, or will we see similar antics as in the last campaign?

posted by Martin |3:53 PM

UKIP Beat BNP in Paignton By-election

In the last results of local council polls likely before 10th June, the Labour vote seemed to be holding up better than opinion polls have been suggesting. The results may be seen from this link to a report in The Scotsmanfrom here. UKIP managed only last place in Bristol while an Independent gained elsewhere to mean the Tories won one lost one.

posted by Martin |1:24 PM

Kiroy on Question Time

Initial reports I am receiving indicate that Kilroy came across as a 'heavyweight' and that it was 'a pity he had not been able to join the party much sooner' clearly a thought that somehow the present point at which the leadership has arrived,('a corrupt shambles') with hardly a worthy MEP candidate in any other region could thus have been avoided.

I did not see the broadcast myself, when a transcript is available excerpts will be posted on the blog.

posted by Martin |7:33 AM

Thursday, May 20, 2004 

UKIP MEPs Score Reasonably Well in Votes to Reform Gravy Train

EU Politix reports today on the records of MEPs in voting to reform the disgraceful system of perks and expense abuses within the European Parliament, the article titled Centre-right backs EU 'gravy train' is linked from here.

The three UKIP MEPs record is as follows:-

FARAGE Nigel Paul GB 70 56 73 63
BOOTH Graham H. GB 68 50 73 48
TITFORD Jeffrey William GB 68 55 71 83

The figures quoted alongside each name are percentages for: Firstly all Reform Votes, secondly regarding the 'Seat of the EP', thirdly reforming MEPs Statute and Expenses and lastly the percentage turnout in Reform votes. The details of the study may be found from this link to the Euroepean Parliament Reform site.

Note the Tories Centre Right Group only achieved a startlingly low figure of 23 per cent, with their new gruppenfuehrer Hans-Gert Poettering, tipped to be EP President (in a typical European Politics carve-up type deal) for the second half of the next term a miserable and lowly thirteen per cent. Summaries of the Conservative Party record will be placed on the blog Teetering Tories and on the overall report on The Strasbourg Cesspit.

posted by Martin |10:57 AM


Axel Springer who demands that his newspapers commit to the European Union seeks to take over the Daily and Sunday Telegraph. German Conservatism has little in common with British (or American) Conservatism. British readers of these titles should write to the Editor, Managing Editor and Chief Executive of the Telegraph Group (Canada House, Canary Wharf London E14 5DT) saying you will abandon the papers if Springer buys them.

A report on the reality of the threat may be read in this report from the International Herald Tribune on Monday, 'Springer's chance for global growth' by Nicola Clark, which may be read by clicking on this link.

posted by Martin |6:24 AM

Wednesday, May 19, 2004 

Death and Taxes

A reader considering my posting on the strange apparently all consuming and burning desire of UKIP's MEPs to stand again and get re-elected, (especially the two senior ones both approaching seventy and reportedly in far from the best of health) has again caused my mind to turn to the underlying causes of the seemingly unreasoning urge of many to become and continue as MEPs.

These queries are compounded by the information that certain aspirant leading regional candidates within UKIP, not yet MEPs, are seemingly prepared to invest large amounts of their own money into the present campaigns.

I was therefore reminded of a posting on this topic on my sister blog 'Ironies' on 21st March last titled, "The Clever Conspiracy that Condemns us All to Corrupt EU Control", which had the following opening paragraphs, in turn providing the inspiration for the title of this post:-

There is an extremely serious, totally corrupting and very dirty little semi-secret that all involved in any position of seniority or authority within the Common Market, the European Economic Community and now the European Union all well know. I have tried to trace its basis in law and the treaty concerned, but without success, freedom of information within the EU is paid only lip service......

It is a secret that enslaves those who know of it by that most powerful of bonds imaginable, namely:the lure of undeclarable wealth. It seems to have become almost irresistible although to those in its grip, no doubt at first appeared, eminently respectable and perfectly justifiable. It is the tax free EU Pension. I was told when young that only two things in life are certain:
Death and Taxes - Well! Our EU masters seem to have found a way round the latter!

Read the entire posting which is long but truly startling. It may be reached from this link :- CLICK ANYWHERE HERE TO NEVER AGAIN WONDER WHY SOME SEEM PREPARED TO STOP AT NOTHING TO BECOME OR REMAIN AN MEP - THEN VOTE ACCORDINGLY!

posted by Martin |10:18 AM

Is Farage MEP the Foil of MI6 Federalist Manipulators?

The circumstances under which the memorandum quoted below was issued from Bramshott should be urgently and immediately fully investigated:
UK Independence Party
2004 Euro Election Campaign Office
Downlands, Bramshott GU 30 7QZ
Tel: 01428 725 510 Fax: 01428 729 481 Bulletin email: euro2004@u...
17 May 2004
Issue No, 14
We urgently need articulate members to be in the audience for the above
event. If you are interested, please ring 090 11 11 44 11 for details - BUT DON'T LET ON YOU'RE UKIP!
If you do get in, please be on your best behaviour. Calling out,
barracking, etc., does UKIP and our cause no good, as was embarrassingly
apparent at the recent Any Questions programme. Leave that to the others
The Bramshott Team

I received it and decided not to circulate it on the blog as it was certain to be an embarassment to the anti-EU cause. It could not have been given broader circulation, nor been designed to be more obviously an official UKIP communication, nor have been more certain to be used against the party and the eurorealist cause. All kinds of such political tricks might well occur during election campaigns - a few discreet phone calls to activists in the area - always deniable - and who could complain? But this! With the UKIP name emblazoned prominently with full contact details, and circulated far and wide well beyond the Sheffield area where people could be expected to attend with ease - it could only be an act of deliberate sabotage or the crassest of stupidity. So which was it?


Were the UKIP successes of the campaign's opening week just too great for some for them to be allowed to continue?

IDS was ousted when Conservative donors finally decided that they had had enough of the internal disputes and lack of progress! Now UKIP has a war chest, are those who provided the funds prepared to stand back and see them spent while the message is undermined by tactics such as these?

The magazine 'Notes from the Borderland of Winter 2001-2002' spelt it all out following the Norman Tebbit 'Spectator' revelations that UKIP, by allowing two known spooks to continue in its ranks, was perhaps following an MI6 (and New Labour Agenda). That part of the magazine's investigation concluded:-

"Ordinary UKIP members saw Tebbit as pursuing a Tory agenda: fair comment. The 'Telegraph" covered it straight. The 'Guardian' snidely dismissed it as a 'conspiracy theorist'...yet Tebbit had INCONTROVERTIBLY (UU emphasis - ed) established Skeate and Coynningham were MI6"

Note that one of those two was Heather Coyningham, now essentially running the Bramshott operation, having left her post in Brussels for the campaign and consequently still never far from the side of the co-incidentally??, ever disaster prone, Nigel Farage MEP.

If UKIP's sponsors are serious about fighting the EU in this campaign, they need to crack the whip - access, read and understand (or be briefed by somebody who has researched) the reams of material available on the causes of UKIP's ineffectiveness and interminable inner disputations, boot out the perpetrators, the manipulators and if necessary the manipulated and let those who really wish to resist the EU get on with fighting the remaining EU Parliamentary campaign.

It is now time for the National Press to take an interest in this matter in my view. 'Notes from the Borderland' quite correctly points out that there is a legitimate role for the security services in fringe political parties where racism and/or fascist elements are deemed to be active or if the parties themselves appear to have been penetrated by subversive forces. It is quite another matter if those with any connections with the security services, possibly having at first become embedded to serve such lofty purposes, thereafter remain to affect either the political direction or effectiveness of such fringe parties themselves - particulary if they are poised on the brink of a potentially major political breakthrough.

Such parties also owe it to themselves to fully open their own eyes, see clearly what has been going on around them and take urgent steps to remove any disruptive factors. A good starting point for all would be the concluding words from 'Notes from the Borderland's' survey into the infiltration of UKIP and its disastrous effect on the party's 2001 General Election campaign, sabotaged (stated about as clearly as it could possibly be by that magazine) by Aidan Rankin:-

"The uncharitable (not us obviously) may see this piece as the strategically-placed culmination of a well-timed and superbly executed wrecking operation. We really couldn't possibly comment. As it happens, Rankin's PhD speciality was Latin American politics. By a curious co-incidence the very continent Skeate and Coyningham operated in for MI6."

Is it any wonder that when I saw the e-mail from Bramshott, openly suggesting secret infiltration of the Question Time audience, in a manner that was certain to become public - SABOTAGE was the first thought that entered my mind.

Is yet another election wrecking operation now underway within the UKIP?

posted by Martin |4:33 AM

Tuesday, May 18, 2004 

Farage Disgraces UKIP Once Again!

The Evening Standard exposes another piece of Farage skullduggery, this time an e-mail from the Bramshott Bunker urging UKIP members to secretly infiltrate the BBC Question Time Programme for tomorrow evening.

As we urged on our blog yesterday morning - it is past time for Farage and the other extremely dodgy characters who have been besmirching the Eurosceptic cause for far too long to stand down and let some untainted names carry the fight forward, giving all those who now see the real dangers from the EU a proper and effective place for their vote on 10th June.

The newspaper report is linked from here.

posted by Martin |7:31 PM

United Kilroy Party?

The following is from the FT Observer Column. Once again the blogspot was the first, news of Kilroy replacing Farage on question time first appeared on this blog LAST WEEK.

Max Clifford may be doing the PR, President Bill Clinton's pollster Dick Morris the focus groups, boxing promoter Frank Maloney taking a tilt at London and Sir Ranulph Fiennes nailing his colours to the mast, but Robert Kilroy-Silk is the man who has transformed the UK Independence party's fortunes. Now insiders wonder if being merely a humble candidate is enough for him.

Kilroy's even going back on the Beeb on Thursday as part of the Question
Time panel - just months after Auntie axed his chat show because of his
categorisation in the press of Arabs as "suicide bombers, limb amputators and women repressors".

Interestingly, the former Labour MP elbowed out Nigel Farage, UKIP's senior MEP, who was billed to appear.

"I stood aside because I believed there would be a lot more people who
would watch Kilroy on Question Time than myself. He appeals to lots of
people who would not necessarily vote UKIP," says Farage piously.

The party is abuzz with rumours that the perma-tanned one fancies toppling leader Roger Knapman when he comes up for re-election in 18 months.

Especially as a poll yesterday said UKIP would treble its 5 per cent vote if he was a candidate everywhere. "Let's see what happens on June 10," says Farage.

Former metals trader Farage needs no lessons in conspiracy theories. When leaflets circulated in Derby recently denouncing the European Union as a "devilish conspiracy" and claiming that "no one and nothing is safe from the barbarians in our midst" he told activists they were forgeries.

"All part of the smear UKIP project. I told the membership well in advance that this would happen and things will get worse the closer we get to the elections," he disclosed in a leaked internal e-mail.

In fact, as he now acknowledges, they were the work of an overzealous
activist who has since been disciplined.

posted by Martin |5:16 PM

Frank Maloney on London Web-Chat

The exchange is linked from : This Is London - Click Here

posted by Martin |1:08 PM

Paul Sykes and his Donations

As exclusively revealed on this blog, almost immediately after UKIP party leader Knapman had announced the size of the party's war chest for the coming European Elections, and as tentatively confirmed by The Independent on Saturday, the donor of such largesse is Paul Sykes the Yorkshire Millionaire who has ealier generously supported a UKIP General Election Campaign. This is now fully confirmed by this 'exclusive' article from the Yorkshire Postlinked from here and quoted below.

The lesson is clear, as it was when we were almost a week in front of with the news of the Kilroy-Silk recruitment - for news and FACTS about UKIP this blog UKIP UNCOVERD is the prime source

Andrew Vine, Chief Reporter
YORKSHIRE tycoon Paul Sykes is throwing his financial weight behind the UK Independence Party in the upcoming European elections, in the hope of getting Britain out of a federalist EU.

The multi-millionaire businessman believes UKIP offers voters the only chance of withdrawing from a federal Europe, and establishing a new relationship based on free trade.

And Mr Sykes is also opposing a regional assembly for Yorkshire, which he says would pave the way for a centrally-governed Europe of the regions.
Mr Sykes, one of Britain's wealthiest businessmen, has been a long-time opponent of the single currency and the drive to make Britain a part of a federal Europe.
He believes the European elections, plus the forthcoming referendums on the regional assembly and a new EU constitution, give voters a chance to send an uncompromising message to the Government that they do not want even closer ties to Europe – a message that has emerged in opinion polls.
"This is our Waterloo," he said. "Our own opinion polls and other national polls are now telling us that a majority of people in Britain favour an AMICABLE WITHDRAWAL (UKIP Uncovered emphasis - ed.) from the European Union if Britain was guaranteed a free trade agreement."
Mr Sykes, who is based in Harrogate, would not be drawn on the level of his financial support for UKIP, but it is thought to be at least £100,000. His contribution will include paying for about 2,000 billboards to get the party's message across. UKIP is fielding six candidates in Yorkshire.
He hopes that the elections will lead to an amicable withdrawal by Britain from the EU, which is allowed under the new constitution. And that would be what Britain voted for in the referendum on joining the Common Market almost 30 years ago, he says.
"I believe that a Britain free to trade with the rest of Europe, which is what people voted for in 1975, could now available to us," Mr Sykes said. (UKIP Uncovered emphasis - ed).
He added that the two proposed refer-enda, on the regional assembly and the new EU constitution, coupled with the June European election, give voters a unique opportunity to signal to the Government that it is hopelessly out of touch with public opinion.
He said: "It is time the people were told the facts about Europe. About how we could amicably leave the EU without damaging our trade with the nations of Europe.
"I believe that a Britain freely trading with Europe and the rest of the world can be achieved, which is exactly what the British people voted for in 1975."
(UKIP Uncovered emphasis - ed).
In an article written for today's Yorkshire Post, Mr Sykes argues that the three main parties are avoiding the real issues about Europe. He accuses them of ignoring polls that have found 73 per cent of the public want a vote on whether to stay in the EU and 80 per cent of businesses think Brussels has too much power.
He adds that Britain has prospered by staying out of the Euro, while on mainland Europe, unemployment has shot up.
Mr Sykes also writes that the business case for WITHDRAWING (UU emphasis - ed) from the EU is compelling.
He adds: "There is nothing extremist, Left or Right, about wanting the sovereign right of the British people to be governed by their own laws, made in their own parliament, by their own people."
Mr Sykes's support for UKIP marks a return to the political fray for the man who has campaigned passionately for voters to be given a say about closer ties to Europe.
His campaigns have cost him millions of the fortune he made from a series of phenomenally successful business ventures, including the Meadowhall shopping centre at Sheffield and the Planet Online internet company.
In 1999 and 2000, his Democracy Movement campaigned against joining the Euro and increased powers for the EU. The following year, he launched the British Democracy Campaign, which pressed for a referendum on continued membership of the EU.

posted by Martin |7:33 AM

Monday, May 17, 2004 

Fishing and Farming Bills to be Delivered by UKIP in Latest Euro Election Gambit

Fishermen are to take Prodi invoices from Hartlepool and Brixham to Traitor’s Gate. A giant invoice for the cost of the destruction of the British fishing industry will be presented today (Monday) by local fishermen to the skippers of 2 boats touring the UK ahead of the European elections for delivery to Traitor’s Gate at the Tower of London, from where they will be forwarded to 10 Downing Street.

The invoices, on behalf of ‘UK plc’, are for £51,000,000,000 and are addressed to Romano Prodi, the President of the European Commission. The amount represents the loss to British fishermen since the UK entered the European Union and its Common Fisheries Policy, which allows British fishermen to take only 20% of the catch from British waters, despite 80% of EU fisheries being British. The invoices are overstamped ‘Payment due immediately – this invoice is more than 30 years overdue’.

The 2 boats are the Trawler ‘J-Anne’, departing from Newlyn, Cornwall on the 15th, and the ocean going yacht ‘Super S’, departing from Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, on the same day.

Two further invoices, for the destruction of British agriculture, will be handed over by delegations of farmers, accompanied by livestock and tractors, at a later date

posted by Martin |6:08 PM

Electoral Commission

I have been informed that rumours are circulating within the party that Martin Cole, the author of this blog, is involved in a complaint to the Electoral Commission concerning the handling of donations to the party or possibly the manner in which the employment of certain party officials is handled.

I mounted a complaint against UKIP some months ago, regarding the manner in which the donation of copies of my books to the party shortly after joining was handled. This complaint was upheld and a resolution was reached with the now former Party Treasurer - John de Roeck. A donation is now shown on the Electoral Commission Register as follows:-

Central Office
Mr Martin Cole
status: Individual

£ 6,287.50
nature: Books

I have no other outstanding issues or complaints to the Electoral Commission.

posted by Martin |10:43 AM

Court Challenge to snap NEC Elections

Some in the party have dubbed the suddenly proposed snap elections for the NEC as the "Farage Ballot Paper Elections"

Following the resignation of UKIP's Returning Officer Craig Mackinlay, and his accusations that the NEC elections had been compromised by leadership interference and attacks upon candidates who were out of favour with the ruling cabal, that same leadership is now likely to face legal action if it stages a quick election using the old ballot papers, papers which were removed by Nigel Farage and his employees and held by him against party rules.

Candidates were astonished to hear from the new Returning Officer Nikki
Sinclaire, who it is felt by some, bears a strong grudge against certain candidates, that she is planning to stage the NEC elections during the campaign for the European Elections (ie immediately).

She also plans to make adverse comments against candidates of whom she
disapproves and with whom she has been in dispute, including we understand Michael Harvey, the former General Secretary who is standing on a ticket to reform the party.

It is understood that this group sometimes called 'Reform UKIP' - or one of their number - has written privately to Nikki Sinclaire, making clear that her plans for the Farage Ballot Paper elections are unacceptable. It would appear that the group have made clear that if they do not receive satisfactory assurances about a fair election, that they will take legal action to have the result set aside.

"What is most unacceptable," commented one of the Reform candidates "is the idea of staging a contentious NEC election during our European Election campaign. It makes everyone concentrate upon the wrong things at the wrong time.

"And there is a most important principle involved here. Nigel Farage and his staff actually took the ballot papers away, they then refused to tell the Returning Officer where those papers were, and now they plan to use those papers for the election. It is extraordinarily corrupt and an example of what we are fighting to end in the party. As Nigel has been campaigning vigorously against some candidates, accusing them of being moles for other parties, extremists etc, it is outrageous that this election should have been compromised by him and his staff, and that now we are expected to accept that these Farage Ballot Papers - which we have not been allowed to see or look at - are being used."

We will follow developments on this and bring further reports and information as it becomes known. In the quoted statement above, note the irony of this sentence 'It is extraordinarily corrupt and an example of what we are fighting to end in the' If only the last word had been 'EU' then maybe some sense might be seen to be returning to UKIP.

posted by Martin | 10:25 AM

Making a Vote for UKIP a Respectable Eurosceptic Choice

The Sun poll discussed and linked below shows UKIP at 5 per cent rising to 15 per cent if everyone had Kilroy as a choice. How then does UKIP get the maximum of the Kilroy effect into the other regions?

Over the past week the anomaly of UKIP's sitting MEPs campaigning for our removal from the institution they were desperate to rejoin was hinted at as cynical. On 30th April 2003, we foresaw and discussed this problem in a posting titled Should UKIP's MEPs Stand Again? which is linked from here. The consequences of what became an obscene scramble to get to the top of the regional lists by other senior officers of the party now makes this an even broader question. We recommend a read of the entire earlier posting as it remains valid but quote these particular paragraphs:-

The philosophical position that we sent them to Brussels to seek Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and if they have made no progress in that direction after one term in office it would seem unlikely they would succeed in two or more terms is powerful. Even more so is the danger that the comforts of the lifestyle enjoyed by the MEPs might become an end in themselves thus converting our representatives into closet Euro-federalists.

In a situation where UKIP had enjoyed the most fantastically able sitting MEPs, who had worked tirelessly for the Party and been responsible for the recruitment of many new, mainly young, but all enthusiastic members AND who had also advanced the UKIP cause by arguing and debating long and often with the ablest members of the pro-European and federalist forces AND who had made many able and frequent contributions to the national media THEN a strong case could be made that such sitting members should be placed no higher than third on any regional list.

The benefits should be obvious, the celebrity gained as a result of having had the support of the party in gaining initial membership would be re-invested in propelling two new candidates into the Brussels Parliament with the added bonus of the sitting MEP having an outside chance of re-election.

....Unhappily UKIP has not had sitting MEPs who exactly meet the description above. Thus they are scrabbling to be lead candidates in their original regions, apparently more intent on retaining their MEP benefits than bringing new colleagues to the fight.

In fact the impact of the internet which was briefly discussed in the earlier post on this site today, will most likely be used by our opponents to make their re-election and all those candidates beneath them on their regional lists practically impossible. The damage is unlikely to be confined to those regions alone as other outstanding candidates with unblemished records and no backlog of adverse press comment lying around at the click of a mouse, will also suffer as the UKIP Party name is dragged through the mud.

Intervening events show this concern was more than valid. It is now too late to change the lists, but for the sake of the Eurosceptic cause I see no reason why declarations from certain lead candidates that they will stand down immediately after the election if voted in, in favour of specified candidates further down the list, cannot be made and may well save the day!

New blood and untainted reputations can then take up the fight in Brussels and Strasbourg with new vigour, while the higher profiled ex-MEPs, and degraded party apparatchiks such as Nattrass, could start the battle for Westminster seats which is the only parliament from which withdrawal from the EU can eventually be made a reality.

Even I, might conceivably then consider a vote for one such as Ashley Mote as my MEP and even thereafter possibly one for Farage for a seat at Westminster!!

The alternative is also to risk the details of the last years internal party disputes being paraded by Euroscepticism's opponents, possibly in the press to the detriment of the entire Eurorealist movement and the loss of any realistic chance of a major upset.

It is time for those at the head of UKIP to put the cause before themselves! Farage likes to take the lead, let's see him lead the way now by declaring that he will stand down immediately upon re-election to concentrate on the fight for Westminster!

posted by Martin | 5:54 AM
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