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Friday, November 30, 2012 

In Rotherham Labour gained 9866 votes to win for a party shamed by corrution and sleaze where 4,648 voters had at least seen the light and voted for UKIP to put that so maligned party into a firm second place, read a Guardian report from here. The LibDems lost their deposit and came in eighth behind the English Democrats - yet another anti EU Party.

UKIP gained second place in Middlesborough and came in third in Croydon North; The full results and percentages will be posted on this blog when available. Here is a quote from Nigel Farage, UKIP Party Leader on the results:

"It looks as though this will be our best by-election by a 

country mile. It's a big night for Ukip."

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012 

The EU and the corrupt, greedy and self-serving three main political parties that have bled Britain dry over recent decades, destroyed our democracy and driven decent common sense from the management of the public services upon which we rely, as now witnessed in Rotherham, must be brought abruptly to their senses!

By-elections in three different parts of the country tomorrow in Croydon North, Middlesborough and of course Rotherham itself give just that opportunity to voters lucky enough to be presented with this possibly once-off fantastic opportunity.

The UKIP candidates in these three by-elections are as follows:

Winston McKenzie      Croydon North 
 (my apologies for misspelling his name in recent posts)

Richard Elvin              Middlesborough

Jane Collins                          Rotherham

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012 

Along the island chain that forms the rim of the Caribbean Sea, where the Leeward Isles meet the Windwards, lies the island of Dominica. At its northern end the small town of Portsmouth gives a clue to its naval past and normally safe and tranquil harbour. Inland is one of the few remaining, and I believe the largest reservations of earlier inhabitants of this region, the Carib Indians. I have embedded a video tour of Portsmouth at the end of this post for anyone interested in the town.

On market days the main street is lined with stalls selling all manner of tropical fruits and other produce of this very unspoilt and little visited island. The magistrates court is held on market day. Much of the crime is connected with petty theft and the production of illicit liquor. The people are poor as evidenced during my visits by the open drains either side of many of the roads. Punishment therefore takes the form of police beatings, the sounds of which cannot be missed by the throngs of shoppers and stall holders. When I visited the island, the country had a female Prime Minister, who was considered the Thatcher or Iron Lady of the Caribbean. The death penalty remained the ultimate legal deterrent, which could then still be appealed to the Privy Council in London. This then was the case in many of the former British Colonial West Indies.

In forming a personal view of their judicial situation, a first-hand knowledge of the circumstances of the people and the local economy are in my view essentials. Closed minded and untraveled liberals across Europe are not equipped and have consistently failed to offer viable alternatives. When material prosperity arrives in Portsmouth, magistrates' fines could then be imposed and lengthy custodial sentences afforded. Until then reality requires other remedies.

When we welcome people from the Caribbean to live in our own country they accept our alternative system of justice. We in turn in a spirit of true tolerance accept that they begin at a different starting point from ourselves with regard to customs of intimate and family relationships. Society seems to have no difficulty in that respect in so far as Islam is concerned.

UKIP's candidate in this week's North Croydon by-election, Winston Mckenzie, who is of Jamaican origin, yesterday came in for some criticism on Twitter for remarks he made in response to replies he gave regarding his views (perhaps I should say feelings) to society's attitudes and treatment of the  gay community. I do not know what he actually said, nor do I choose to defend it. Some of the reactions I read seemed to indicate a lack of understanding of how his views may have been based and how they were formed. A tolerant, as opposed to a politically correct society, would understand that and weigh those facts against the other qualities Winston Mackenzie may, or may not offer them as a candidate.

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Monday, November 26, 2012 

The following post is copied from Ironies Too and relates to this underused blog. In view of negotiations or discussions of a pact between ULIP and the Conservatives being reported on the BBC radio as about to resume, I will spruce up this blog and reume posting on the developments on these pages so that historical records of note can be quickly retrieved.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Conservatives, UKIP and Racism

I cannot credit that Cameron has remained silent for a further 24 hours since his initial retraction of his "closet racism" accusation against UKIP!

It has driven me to return to some of my old posts on my blog UKIP Uncovered , such as this from April 2003, linked here, which I also linked from Twitter as it seemed so relevant for the debate presently underway following the disgraceful actions of the Labour Council and its employees and agents in Rotherham.

I withdrew as a candidate for UKIP for the European Parliament in April 2003 because of my own doubts regarding the party's stance on matters that today continue to be unjustifiably raised, in feigned agitation but real fear, by the party's political opponents. I continued my own internet blog following the UKIP affairs long after my withdrawal , and hopefully by constant prompting played a small part in contributing to what UKIP has today become - an inclusive and mainstream political party offering Britain its best hope for a prosperous outward-looking society with links all across the globe. UKIP may also have an outside chance of restoring our democracy trashed by the three main poltical parties, who continue to abuse our systems and institutions to this day.

Any political party might contain racists or other such bigots. My watching of UK and European politics for decades leads me to believe that in the UK the Tories and UKIP probably have roughly similar percentages of such dolts in their membership, which itself is probably exceeded by Labour. In all cases my guess is that across the EU these percentages are below the norm!
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