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Saturday, February 23, 2013 

UKIP MEP unsurprisingly resigned today and surprisingly joined the Conservative Group in the EU Parliament. Here is a very robust put-down by Blogger Dale

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Thursday, February 14, 2013 

UKIP Supporters, Activists and Party Employees' Dilemma

The disgraceful mess that UKIP has put itself in at Eastleigh gives the party a chance to break free from all the accumulated question marks that hover over its history and leadership. The problem is well summarised in recent postings on my other blog  Ironies Too, culminating in this post of this morning which is also pasted at the end of this post.

As has always been the case,  UKIP has many hard-working and decent supporters and party members firmly believing in the restoration of democracy to our country. Too often in the past such enthusiasts have been betrayed by others who have seen the cause as a simple bread ticket.

I have recently been encouraged, upon resuming some interest in the party's progress, by the calibre of the work and contributions by so many within the UKIP family not least having ealier been aware of the work of its press officer,   a courageous journalist who campaigned manfully against the grotesque EU from its very heart in Brussels years ago as I well know from my own subscription to "The Sprout" while it existed.

Such people must assert themselves, otherwise true patriotic, anti-collectivist democrats across the country will be left with a choice such as that now facing the voters of Eastleigh, abstention or a vote for a party led by David Cameron.

Or is there still time for an alternative candidate to be registered for UKIP at Eastleigh? Here is my Ironies Too post of today, branding Diane James a liar, for based on the evidence, no other conclusion is possible. I have more to say on Nigel Farage in a post submitted to the International Business Times which I expect to be published later today or tomorrow!


UKIP's Proposed Eastleigh Candidate is a Liar


www Ukip Uncovered
2011 results
Cranleigh & Ewhurst (1 vacancy)
Turnout: 54.47%
Electorate: 10614

COLE Richard ErnestLiberal Democrats933
JAMES Diane MartineIndependent1093
MACDERMOTT Lynda MayLabour Party (The)532
YOUNG Alan EdwardConservative Party2830ELECTED

An Independent, as James declares herself to the Ewhurst electors, must by definition belong to NO political party!

Yet the publicity blurb, issued by UKIP on 11th February 2013, introducing Diane James to the voters of Eastleigh, linked here, states the following:

"She joined UKIP in 2010 after deciding that they were the only party which represented her views on the political scene"

Either Ms James was lying to the voters of Waverley in May 2011 or she is now lying to the voters of Eastleigh, together with UKIP, regarding the date when she joined that party.

After ten years of being represented by a now self-confessed lying MP, Chris Huhne, who has incidentally now been told to attend court at lunchtime today with a "going away bag", surely the electorate of Eastleigh now deserves truthful, in so far as that is now possible in England, political representation?


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Wednesday, February 13, 2013  

Marta Andreasen MEP Blasts Farage from LSE 

UKIP has been growing in membership of late as the rot, corruption and lies upon which the EU is built becomes ever more apparent to greater numbers of Britons. This results as the corruption at the top seeps down into society and robs ever greater numbers of ordinary people while simultaneously eroding the lifestyles of almost all.

The farce of the Eastleigh by-election UKIP candidate selection, must now provide the catalyst around which this new body of members can mobilise to rid themselves of their brilliantly eloquent party leader, Nigel Farage MEP, who accurately verbally attacks the monster upon whose lifestyle he has nevertheless so clearly become dependent, while in Eastleigh,  as elsewhere previously, he uses every ruse in the book to avoid putting himself into Westminster, the one Parliament from which EU withdrawal for the UK can be effected.

One MEP, former Chief Accountant to the EU Commission, Marta Andreasen has this morning made public her own problems within UKIP in an item from the LSE website, linked here

Andreasen's words carry massive firepower as it was she who took on the particularly obnoxious Kinnock Clique in Brussels, and was duly removed as a result,when quite hilariously, the head of that bloated family grouping, as a Commission VP, was charged with tackling corruption. 

(This post appeared simultaneously on Ironies Too with a different title).

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013  

Farage and the Ford Closure at Eastleigh

There is a mountain of circumstantial evidence that shows Nigel Farage MEP is almost certainly the one main reason UKIP has no MPs in Westminster.

Up to this week it has been nigh on impossible to pin anything specific at his door, such a master of feint and dodge has he become. As I have been blogging and tweeting for several days now, since the horrible Huhne admitted his guilt, Farage would duck this brilliant latest opportunity in what has become his usual manner. The grave crisis facing the nation, the deep rot at the centre of government, the economic disaster that surely wipes Labour from contention, the chaos and back-biting within the governing coalition parties, none of these electorally fabulous opportunities proved sufficient to deviate Farage from his chosen course.

The Ford closure and transfer of jobs to Turkey, read hereand here could be his undoing however! He cannot pretend he is unaware of this potential victory clincher for UKIP as he mentioned it as first item on his self-promotion visit to the constituency last Saturday, as captured on video!

For unsure UKIP voters and party members doubtful that Farage could be so unscrupulous as to so damage the party's chances to such an extent, consider the perfect opportunity delivered by this movement of jobs to Turkey with EU financing offered to a truly Eurosceptic party. Then carefully look at the credentials and anti-NHS background of the candidate the party is due to present in just two hours time near Eastleigh Station. Is not party defeat the clear intention?

This is either gross leadership incompetence or treachery on a quite awesome scale, putting Cameron's earlier breaking of cast iron referendum promises well into the shade!

Farage cannot be allowed to survive this farce! Or he has just over one hour to do the decent thing and stand behind his fighting words of the past decades!

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Friday, February 08, 2013  

Marta Adreasen MEP attacks Nigel Farage MEP

The BBC report of 6th February, is linked here and appears to revolve around differnces between men and women, nowadays known as sexism! A cluse to the attack being based upon policy differences regarding the perfectly obvious point that should Farage walk the walk as well as he talks the talk - HE WOULD OBVIOUSLY BE STANDING IN THE EASTLEIGH By-election for UKIP! 

See this earlier tweet dated 5th February, when news of Farage's FUNK first appeared, as retweeted by myself @IroniesToo:

Nigel won't run in eastleigh. An opportunity for our first mp missed. by-election

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