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Sunday, May 29, 2005 

55 NON 45 OUI Balance of three French Exit Polls

posted by Martin |9:47 PM

Veritas - UKIP in London Assembly

I had heard of this development somewhat earlier, but have only now found it posted on a publicly available internet site and therefore able to be linked from here. (As an ex-member of both UKIP and Veritas I think it best to try to only post messages directed at members of those parties only as they become thus available). The report is linked from here.

A message from Damian Hockney and Peter Hulme Cross to UKIP members in London

There has been much comment from London UKIP members about our decision back in February to form the Veritas Group at the London Assembly.

The obvious conclusion from the General Election result is that it makes no sense for UKIP and Veritas to be in competition for the same votes. It is also clear from discussions with both UKIP and Veritas members in London and elsewhere that the vast majority agree that the two parties should co-operate wherever possible. Problems at leadership level should not be allowed to disrupt good relations at local level.

For instance, our London Assembly team will in June be launching a major campaign against immunity from prosecution for Europol officers.

This is a perfect example of an issue that can be attacked on two fronts, the Metropolitan Police Authority (of which Damian Hockney is a member) and the European Parliament. It clearly makes sense to act jointly in such matters.

We have therefore decided that it is in the best interests of both parties and more importantly our cause to rename the London Assembly group "Veritas-UKIP". This will enable both parties to gain the credibility that elected office brings.

Damian will continue as Leader of the Group at the London Assembly and Peter will be Deputy Leader. Both will of course be delighted to discuss any issues with members of either Party. We hope you will join with us in welcoming this step forward, and look forward to working with you in the forthcoming campaigns, including our Europol campaign and of course the referendum on the EU constitution.

Kind regards,
Damian Hockney & Peter Hulme Cross
Veritas-UKIP London Assembly Members

posted by Martin |3:49 PM

Friday, May 27, 2005 

Conservatives in Shambles

Buy the former party house journal the Daily Telegraph or read the reports online from here, here or here.

The Common Market, EEC and the EU were the undoing of the Conservatives, it should now become their salvation as a withdrawalist party.

Nothing will probably now develop until the September 27th meeting of the 900 Branch Chairmen. New members joining now while the right to elect the leadership still remains can themselves have a major say in determining the main driving policy of the party in the years ahead.

It might be a somewhat forlorn hope, but other than waiting for the French and Dutch to come to democracy's rescue, what other realistic alternative is now on offer?

posted by Martin |9:15 AM

Thursday, May 26, 2005 

Open Invitation to UKIP and Veritas Members from the English Democrats

To aid in the debate as to the best way forward for the restoration of national democracy and sovereignty I am happy to post this invitation to euro-sceptic activists from the English Democrats:

Statement from English Democrats

For any disillusioned UKIP or Veritas Members, Activists or ‘Whole Branches’, then the English Democrats invite you to join the English Cause.

The English Democrats are an Anti-European, Pro-English Party – if you want to make things happen in the interest of England then the English Democrats is the Party for you.

There is already a ‘back ground’ interest in the concept of a Pro-English party, as the English Democrat results show from the 2004 European and 2005 General Elections – with finance and media interest the interest (and votes) will mushroom, as many people living in England are concerned over the ‘English Question’ and the bias of British Governments towards, Scots, Welsh and Irish.

Post devolution it follows that to compliment the Scottish National Party, and the Party of Wales there must be an ‘English Party’ in England – The Engish Democrats Party – is that party.

If you would like to have ‘discussions’ to determine the possibilities for you within the English Democrats, then send an e-mail to Robin Tilbrook:

Or take a look at the website

English Democrats

National Council

May 2005

posted by Martin |3:08 PM

Monday, May 23, 2005 

Take the Tories!

One of the closest things to a certainty in this post-election period, is that the next Government should be formed by the Conservative Party.

What that party will be, who will be its leader, how it will have formulated its manifesto, what power is divided between the elected MPs, MEPS, party branch chairs and ordinary members is now entirely up for grabs. (Read my post and links on Teetering Tories of yesterday from here,) and the Leader and other comment in today's Daily Telegraphfrom here.

Members of Veritas and UKIP should now clearly realise after the fiasco of the general election, that to gain power in Britain's first past the post, two party system, it is necessary to control one of the two parties. The Conservatives, believing nothing and effectively leaderless and rudderless are there to be taken by committed individuals with firm beliefs in a sovereign Westminster Parliament and democratic debate for the adoption of party and national policies.

Many in the euro-sceptic movement might have long held aversions to joining the Tories, these cannot be valid when only the name now remains of the Conservative Party of the past.

Whether Blair, Brown or another New Labour Cabinet Minister leads Labour into the next election one thing is practically sure they cannot win. The battle for what kind of Conservative Party will then take over, even what it might be called is now getting under-way.

Members of UKIP, Veritas or the greater mass of politically unattached should immediately join their local Conservative Party branch and start the democratic process of steering the direction of Britain's next government!

posted by Martin |8:50 AM

Friday, May 20, 2005 

English Democrats Party policy on the EU

I have been asked about the EU stance of the English Democrats Party who are fielding Garry Bushell in the South Staffordshire campaign. The detail may be read from this link, but the main thrust is contained in the sections quoted below:

The EDP favours European co-operation and trade but not a European political entity which determines the independence, sovereignty, and democratic institutions of European states..

...The aim from the beginning was to enmesh the states of Europe in an economic, political and military union from which they could not break free. That goal was, and still is, considered more important than the democratic nicety of explaining the goal to the electorate and seeking its approval.

The states of the EU cannot be successfully run as either an economic or social whole. Their economic and cultural circumstances are very different. Each needs to be governed in a way which accords not only with material needs but also with the democratic, cultural and other traditions of the indigenous nations. The one-size-fits-all approach of EU institutions is a recipe for disaster.

The EU has become a top heavy and outdated bureaucratic hulk which is unsuited to an age when the people of Europe need democratic nation-states to protect them and their unique cultures from the excesses of global corporations, global institutions and the global economy. The EU is a part of the problem, not the solution.

posted by Martin |5:54 AM

Thursday, May 19, 2005 

Local Candidate announced by UKIP for South Staffs and Cronyism Continues!

The following is an extract from an announcement made to members by Party Leader Roger Knapman:

"...local businessman Malcolm Hurst. Malcolm is keen to fight a strong campaign on a mix of local and national issues. He is ably assisted by his agent, Mike Lynch, and the campaign is under the overall direction of Piers Merchant. Piers will be assisted full-time by Clive Page, who has been detatched from the press office until polling day to handle the media."

The emphasis added in bold is mine.

Piers Merchant, fresh from his humiliation at the hands of the electorate of Torrington Rural in the recent council elections, where he cam last at fourth place with a mere 596 votes (results linked from here) is to now to mastermind the by election campaign in what could be the most significant contest of the whole of this new parliament!

What more is there to be said? What should be asked is why do UKIP members continue to put up with this sort of nonsense!

posted by Martin |9:22 AM

Wednesday, May 18, 2005 

Euro-Tories threaten to scupper UKIP's censure of the Barroso EU Commission!

If the British Conservative Party manage to pull this off, then they will become not only known as despicable and two-faced within their own country - but will be seen for the pro-corporatist, pro-corruption party they really are across the entire European Continent.

Read the report in The Scotsman linked from here.

posted by Martin |6:46 PM

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 

South Staffordshire By Election

The Veritas meeting being held today, looks likely to finally come to the inevitable and correct decision not to field a candidate for that party in the 23rd June potentially mould-breaking contest in the above constituency.

I have been privileged to have seen a late draft of a very important article to be published in the next edition of Eurofacts written by UKIP NEC member Anthony Scholefield which I understand will be titled 'AFTER THE VOTE'. In shattering detail it reveals the dire threats to English democracy posed by the recent General Election results and the present unacceptable political status quo within the UK.

I will this morning suggest to Veritas members through my 'Veritas Straight Talk' blog, linked here, that they consider helping the English Democrat campaign in South Staffordshire. This now seems possibly the best means of delivering the seismic shock needed by the blinkered elite within the British political system.

If UKIP were to similarly decide not to stand and thereafter promote a renowned 'Independent' eurosceptic candidate such as Neil Herron as I have previously suggested (or instead perhaps field their own prime campaign asset as a candidate) then similar support for the English Democrats might be worth consideration by present but disaffected or former members of the UKIP, many of whom I know read this blog.

Details of the English Democrats and their South Staffordshire candidate, Garry Bushell can be obtained from their website linked here.

I fully realise that this is a less than ideal alternative for thinking euro-sceptics who clearly and correctly believe the main threat to the nation comes from EU, but given that the leadership of UKIP and now lamentably Veritas seem to prefer the comforts of Brussels, Strasbourg or the London Assembly combined with apparently never-ending internal bickering and disputation - what other realistic alternative is there?

posted by Martin |5:12 AM

Thursday, May 12, 2005 

Triumph for UKIP and Nigel Farage MEP

This blog is most usually critical of UKIP as it sees it falling so far short of what the author believes it would be possible to achieve.

When a decisive blow against the EU is struck, and such an act can only be directly laid at the door of UKIP and its most noted MEP, then we are not afraid to celebrate the achievement.

77 MEPs today forced a censure debate against the Barroso Commission on entertainment expenditure and openness which will be held four days ahead of the absolutely crucial French referendum on the so-called constitution.

Brilliant! - Well done indeed for the UKIP

posted by Martin |6:19 PM

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 

A Plea to Roger Knapman and Robert Kilroy-Silk!

Just what is the problem with you two educated gentlemen?

The above is a quote from a plea by an ex-UKIP member for some sense to be shown in South Staffordshire. Precious little evidence of it having any affect is yet to be seen - especially given the UKIP leader's letter circulated to members yesterday where he maintains the party will stand in the coming unusual by election.

I am fighting my side to prevent Veritas making a similar mistake, but so far with little apparent success. Veritas members will be meeting both this evening and tomorrow to prepare pleas to their own party leadership for some sanity.

Meantime the e-mail to the two euro-sceptic and feuding party leaders quoted above, ends as follows:

As laymen, we would all welcome some unity and leadership. Bring in an outsider, if you can't agree - a third party - a figurehead, even if temporary, but somebody divorced from party dogma and regimes who can unite all Eurosceptics across the land. Bury minor differences. There are dozens of "protest groups" etc who would support a central Eurosceptic Party. Divide and rule is succeeding for Blair - don't give him the satisfaction!

posted by Martin |1:07 PM

Monday, May 09, 2005 

UKIP should promote and back Neil Herron as an Independent in South Staffs

The press release below might make sweet reading for UKIP but what does it truly represent?

In reality we face five more years with no dedicated anti-EU voice in what is now only supposedly the main legislative chamber of the nation. This charade must be exposed!

The unusual by-election in South Staffs gives a golden opportunity for that to occur.

I strongly urge all who fear for the freedoms and democracy of Britain to join together and back one sound and articulate anti-EU candidate for the coming contest in South Staffs.

Although I have not proposed this to Neil Herron, I have no hesitation whatsoever in putting his name forward on this and my other blogs as the ideal man to fill such a role.

Few in the eurosceptic movement can be unaware of Neil's views or his notable achievements.

If, like me, you are sick of the petty wrangling that so frequently distracts the euro-sceptic movement from the real battle against the EU, make your views on a joint candidate for South Staffs known to the leadership of your own party.

Neil Herron's blog may be visited by clicking here, send him an e-mail too!

posted by Martin |3:27 AM

UKIP/Veritas Election Effect

The following is a press release issued by The Bruges Group:-

Europe issue deprived Conservatives of 27 seats

The incredible, untold story of the general election is the effect that UKIP (and to a lesser extent Veritas) has had on the outcome. Overall, the combined votes of these two parties affected the outcome of 27 seats which might have otherwise gone to the Conservatives.

Of these 18 are held by Labour and if the Conservatives had won them the government would have had an overall majority of 30 instead of the 66 they actually have. Also the Conservatives would have 224 seats instead of 197. Liberal Democrat gains would have been reduced to a mere two.

The seats are as follows:

- Battersea (Lab hold) Majority: 163 - UKIP: 333
- Burton (Lab hold) Majority: 1,421 ­ UKIP plus Veritas: 1,825
- Carshalton & Wallington (LD hold) Majority: 1,068 - UKIP: 1,111
- Cornwall North (LD hold) Majority: 3,076 - UKIP plus Veritas: 3,387
- Crawley (Lab Hold) Majority 37 - UKIP 935
- Dartford (Lab hold) Majority 706 - UKIP: 1,407
- Eastleigh (LD Hold) Chris Huhne Majority: 568 - UKIP: 1,669
- Gillingham (Lab hold) Majority 254 - UKIP 1,191
- Harlow (Lab hold) Majority 97 - UKIP plus Veritas 1922
- Hereford (Lab hold) Majority: 962 - UKIP: 1,030
- High Peak (Lab hold) Majority: 735 ­ UKIP 1,106
- Hove (Lab hold) Majority 420 - UKIP 575
- Medway (Lab hold) Majority: 213 - UKIP 1,488
- Portsmouth North (Lab hold) Majority: 1,139 - UKIP 1,348
- Romsey (LD hold) Majority 125 ­ UKIP: 1,076
- Sittingbourne & Sheppey (Lab hold) Majority: 79 - UKIP plus Veritas: 1,118
- Solihull (LD Gain) Majority: 279 - UKIP: 990
- Somerton & Frome (LD hold) Majority: 812 - UKIP plus Veritas: 1,531
- Staffordshire Moorlands (Lab hold) Majority: 2,438 -­ UKIP: 3,512
- Stroud (Lab hold) Majority: 350 - UKIP: 1,089
- Stourbridge (Lab hold) Majority: 407 - UKIP: 1,087
- Taunton (LD gain) Majority: 573 ­ UKIP: 1,441
- Thanet South (Lab hold) Majority: 664 - UKIP (Nigel Farage) 2,079
- Torbay (LD hold) Majority: 2,029 - UKIP 3,726
- Warwick & Leamington (Lab hold) Majority: 306 - UKIP: 921
- Watford (Lab hold) Majority: 1,148 - UKIP: 1,292
- Westmorland & Lonsdale (LD gain) Majority: 267 - UKIP: 660

From this, it is clear that potentially, UKIP/Veritas had a far more significant effect on the election than their vote would imply. Given how different today would look if Blair has a majority of 30 and Kennedy had only taken two seats, it could be said that the "UKIP effect" is the political sensation of the election - and one that the mainstream media missed completely.

Furthermore, from provisional data, it is evident that UKIP is – almost under the radar – making steady gains in a hostile electoral environment. Seats fought over the last three elections have increased from 194 and 434 to 497, while the national share of vote has increased from 0.34% and 1.47% to 2.38%, with deposits saved increasing from one in 1997 to six in 2001 and 45 in this current election.

Total votes stood at 106,001 in 1997, at 390,910 in 2001 and at roughly 610,000 this time round. Given the tenacity of the Party, even where funding had dried up, fielding 497 candidates was a considerable achievement and there is no reason to expect that the Party will be any less tenacious in the next general election.

On the basis that the UKIP vote increases the same amount in the next election, having gone through the current results and worked out, provisionally, that some 15 extra Conservative seats could be lost to the "UKIP effect" in the next election.

These include Devon West, Eastbourne, Guildford, Totnes and the Wrekin, these would be in addition to the current 27 potentials, which would bring Conservative losses to 42.

All this, of course, is theoretical but there is good reason to believe that – all things being equal – UKIP could maintain its rate of growth or even improve its performance. For instance, with a prolonged EU referendum battle, it could improve its profile and attract greater support.

Crucially, the most probable year for the next general election is 2009 which, this time, coincides with the Euro-elections, which might even be held on the same date. That would put “Europe” firmly on the agenda and could significantly benefit UKIP.

The failure to develop a fully Eurosceptic policy and the missed opportunity of making "Europe", in just a small way, a part of the Conservatives Party's election campaign handicapped them and allowed Labour to retain a sizeable majority. Clearly, the Conservatives cannot afford to ignore neither "Europe" nor UKIP at the next election, if they are to stand a chance of winning and forming a government.

posted by Martin |2:52 AM

Sunday, May 08, 2005 

A Call for Sanity

Early in the General Election campaign I pleaded both on this blog, 'Ukip Uncovered' and on 'Veritas Straight Talk' for those candidates mainly opposing the EU to avoid running in the same constituencies.

The results of such pointless competition must surely now be readily seen by all considering the results of Thursday's poll over this weekend.

Incredibly enough, it appears, the lesson has yet to have been learnt. Reports are reaching me that UKIP and Veritas are preparing to do battle against one another in the coming by election in South Staffordshire.

Ordinary members of both parties should now demand that their leadership should discuss and agree a joint anti-EU, pro-democracy and sovereignty candidate to stand in this unusual immediate post general election contest.

The English Democrats, who were the only group prepared to discuss a possible electoral pact before the General Election and who polled very respectably last week might also be invited to join such a group as might other smaller parties or independents.

The British electorate should for once be offered one candidate, backed by the combined resources of all Britain's frustrated independent and patriotic parties to show exactly what they really feel about the non-democratic major parties.

Roger Knapman and Robert Kilroy-Silk should now take the lead and back their anti-EU, pro-Country rhetoric with truly effective action. Only the outraged voices of the majority of their parties' membership, seems likely to make them do so.

Do any in the country really care whether UKIP or Veritas get a handful of votes more than one another in South Staffordshire?

How much better to have a jointly backed candidate standing for real Westminster Government after renewed independence and the reform of our appalling electoral system that has allowed Blair a third term working majority on 36 per cent of the electorate's vote (a record low)

posted by Martin |4:30 PM

The UKIP Effect

As has been well described and detailed on the blog EU Referendum linked here, in spite of the totally unimpressive end result UKIP and Veritas did have an impact on the composition of the new House of Commons.

The Christopher Booker column in today's Sunday Telegraph also reports on this fact as quoted below and linked from here.

Ukip scuppered the Eurosceptics

The untold story of the election was the absurdly disproportionate impact of the UK Independence Party. Although their vote may have looked derisory, in no fewer than 26 seats where the Tories narrowly lost, including Harlow yesterday, the Ukip vote was greater than the winner's majority.

If most of those votes had gone to the Tories (a fair assumption) they would thus have won 26 more seats, Labour 17 fewer, the Lib Dems nine fewer. This would have wiped out most of the Lib Dems' 11 net gains, giving them only two seats more than in 2001. Mr Blair's majority would have been cut to a mere 32.

Ukip's net effect may thus have been not only to cost the Tories a swathe of seats such as Battersea, Hove, Torbay and Westmoreland, but to deprive the Commons of strongly Eurosceptic MPs, while assisting the return of Europhiles. In Eastleigh, for instance, Ukip kept out the Eurosceptic Conor Burns, ensuring that it was held for the Lib Dems by Chris Huhne, a rabidly Europhile former Euro-MP.

An unresolved riddle of the 2005 election must therefore be what might have been the result of Michael Howard taking a more robustly intelligent line on the "European" issue, rather than stuffing it away out of sight. If the Tories hope to win next time, this is one of the first lessons they must ponder.

posted by Martin |8:22 AM

Friday, May 06, 2005 

The headline that says it all for UKIP

Read the full report from the Scotsman from this link. The headline was :

No seats and a £225,000 bill for UKIP

posted by Martin |4:20 PM

Tuesday, May 03, 2005 

UKIP - Never mind the EU - JUST STOP KILROY!

Donor pays Bed-and-breakfast charges for UKIP’s ‘Get Kilroy’ Campaign in Erewash

John Whittaker MEP - the man who is standing for 8 seats in the North West - tells UKIP workers to campaign against Kilroy in Erewash, rather than campaign in their own areas

A VERITAS sympathiser in the U.K. Independence Party’s North-West Region has leaked, to VERITAS, an internal e-mail from their North-West MEP, John Whittaker. Mr. Whittaker sent his e-mail, which refers to a donor offering to pay for bed-and-breakfast for UKIP workers willing to campaign against Robert Kilroy-Silk, to all UKIP members in the North-West. The e-mail was leaked this afternoon to Mr Kilroy-Silk’s Researcher.

The e-mail from John Whittaker states:

“While I know you are all busy doing what you can in your home patches,
there is another call on our time. I am trying to gather support for the
UKIP campaign in Erewash constituency (between Derby and Nottingham) where Kilroy is standing. I do think this is important and shall be spending time there myself. If any of you, or members, family etc. could help with the usual leafleting - canvassing - general campaigning activities, please get in touch with me (07752 643946) A donor has promised to pay for B&B for any who stay over”.

The targeting of VERITAS candidates in this way has been a feature of UKIP’s strategy in this General Election. Rather than field a candidate in several Hertfordshire seats where neither UKIP nor VERITAS is standing, UKIP deliberately fielded a candidate - Hertfordshire man John Felgate - in the Essex constituency of Harlow against VERITAS candidate Tony Bennett. A similar pattern occurred in Staffordshire as soon as VERITAS announced its candidates in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire. UKIP immediately put up candidates against VERITAS but not in several other constituencies in the area. As soon as Robert Kilroy-Silk announced - in February - that he was contesting Erewash, UKIP responded immediately by fielding its Regional Organiser, Geoffrey Kingscott, against him.

posted by Martin |7:25 PM

Knapman was 'Today's' breakfast.

Listen to the awful performance by the buffoon Knapman when he became John Humphries 'ukipper' breakfast this morning by clicking here.

How could Britain's eurosceptics have entered this General Election campaign led by such a useless media performer?

posted by Martin |5:00 PM

Monday, May 02, 2005 

Refusals to sign the BDI by Party

The following is a list of candidates who have refused to sign a declaration upholding the principals of parliamentary democracy.

If they are candidates for the Westminster Parliament in your constituency- please ensure that neither you yourself, your family, neighbours or friends within the constituency vote for such traitors. Looking at the manifestoes and policies on which they now stand for election - and considering the reasonable terms of the British Declaration of Independence, linked here, which they have refused to sign - how else can they thus be described?

Conservative refusals

Dr Julian Lewis
Hon Nicholas Soames
Dr Liam Fox
Michael Fabricant
Sir Michael Spicer
Ashley Gray
Caroline Flynn-Macleod
Paul Maynard
David Amess
Cllr Kim Humphreys
Rt Hon Oliver Letwin
Jacqui Lait
Ian Taylor MBE
James Paice
Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell
John Maples
Douglas Carswell
Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC
Rt Hon David Curry
Angela Browning
William Cash
Rt Hon David Heathcoat-Amory
Laurence Robertson
Rt Hon Michael Howard QC
Edward Leigh
Robert Walter
Quentin Davies
Rt Hon Francis Maude
Owen Paterson
John Bercow
Tim Collins
Peter Luff
Tony Baldry
Andrew Robathan
Sir John Butterfill
Peter Bottomley
Rt Hon John Gummer
Geoffrey Cox QC
Anthony Steen
Christopher Chope
Peter Atkinson

Labour refusals

Doug Henderson
Joan Walley
Rt Hon Robin Cook
Valerie Davey
Barbara Follett
Austin Mitchell
Mike Gapes
Keith Vaz
Barry Sheerman
Rt Hon Peter Hain

All candidates of the Liberal Democrat Party refused to sign.

posted by Martin |8:59 PM

Sunday, May 01, 2005 

Euroscepticism as viewed from The Guardian

We link the report as it is of crucial importance for the coming post-election debate. Read it by clicking here.

Note the critical quote:

" struggling to poll 1%. To make the pill more bitter still, there is the wistful question of how things might have been different with Robert Kilroy-Silk at the helm. ... "

posted by Martin |9:15 PM
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