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Friday, December 21, 2012 

No Cod and an old call to arrest Traitor Heath

The reported overdue resignation from the EU Parliament Fisheries Committee by Nigel Farage, who as UKIP Leader now clearly has bigger fish to fry, prompted me to peruse some old posts on the destruction of Britain's fishing industry, presumably as part of a well coordinated scheme to bankrupt our nation now almost completed, led me to this from Ironies in August 2003 which seems worth repeating now in full:

EU nears final success in destroying North Sea Cod Fishing Industry

In my mind the wrong Prime Minister will be grilled by Hutton today!

According to this item from BBC News the Continental Powers that control the European Union are now within a hairsbreadth of completely destroying the North Sea cod fishing industry. The news item begins:-

The number of cod in the North Sea has fallen to a critical low point, a senior fisheries scientist says.

Unless the surviving fish can reproduce successfully, he believes, the area's cod fishery will soon be a memory.

The cod are now at the lowest level ever seen, according to his observations.

This act of aggressive sabotage, made possible by the lie delivered in Parliament by the late Geoffrey Ripon and connived in by the silently seated Edward Heath at his side was believed by a gullible and betrayed House of Commons. It has taken just over thirty years.........shamefully thirty years during which British Ministers retained some responsibility for our seas and fisheries ..............unlike the situation prevailing today, as specifically agreed and concealed by lies to Parliament by the conservative administration of now ailing ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath.

With Heath having recently been flown back from Australia due to ill health, would it not be timely, sensible and a matter of the utmost urgency to now grant him immunity from the possibility of prosecution for his known treasonable actions. In exchange we should demand a detailed explanation of his motives and full details regarding his Continental co-conspirators and their possible next targets in the attempted destruction of our economy, so that we are able, while still just barely surviving as a nation state, to belatedly take some preventative measures to ensure that their schemes, rapidly reaching fruition with the pending Constitution, can at last be thwarted.
posted by Martin at 8/28/2003 06:49:00 AM

Well is cod now mostly a memory, when was the last affordable piece of cod available from your local chippie? I buy a piece occasionally at the fishmonger, it is an expensive treat and comes from??????

posted by Martin |5:54 AM
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