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Thursday, April 14, 2011 

EFD Group member about to save UK Taxpayers zillions!

Nigel Farage leads the EFD Group in the EU Parliament, among its members are the True Finns party of Timo Soini who is running neck to neck with the three other parties in the polls ahead of the Finnish General Election next Sunday.

These events are being regularly followed on my blog Ironies Too, which should be of much interest to all UKIP supporters and candidates in the coming May polling in the UK.


posted by Martin |10:04 AM

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 

AV Voting - Rodney Atkinson's letter on AV and UKIP

The full letter may be read on UKK41 linked here. I reprint its concluding paragraphs:

The reason why fewer and fewer people vote for the "major" political parties is not becasue of the electoral system but because British politics is morally and politically bankrupt. Most have given up voting altogether - although AV will not give the angry abstainers any box to tick! AV is a stitch up, a gross manipulation of the people in the guise of "giving them more votes". More votes means less power to the voter and more power to politicians behind the scenes - as the Condem coalition proves every day. AV has all the attributes of bad law - it is complicated, not generally understood, difficult to scutinise and therefore open to fraud, gives some voters more power than others and the rulers more power than the ruled.

To that extent it is perfectly in harmony with the petty fascist society created by the British political class, to which the British people are turning their backs in utter comtempt. A class which UKIP now foolishly seeks to join.

Rodney Atkinson


posted by Martin |3:35 PM
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