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Monday, September 25, 2006 

UKIP making poll progress at Tory's expense.

Nigel Farage made a telling point in yesterday's Politics Show on EU work permits.

As expected the disaster that is David Cameron for the mainstream anti-EU movement is now being reflected in the opinion polls. The following is a quote from a Telegraph article on the latzst YouGov poll:

If findings like these should worry the whole political class, another aspect of YouGov's data should worry Conservatives especially and may even offer Labour supporters a little comfort. According to YouGov, Labour support among the electorate has fallen by five percentage points since the 2005 election and Liberal Democrat support has also fallen by five points — a combined loss of 10 percentage points.

On the face of it, the Tories should have gained most of those 10 points. But they have not done so.

As the figures in the chart indicate, the Conservatives have gained five of them but the various minor parties have gained the other five. The opposition to the Labour Government is thus fragmenting instead of consolidating.

No fewer than 13 per cent of YouGov's respondents say that they would vote for some party other than one of the main three at an early general election. Three per cent would back either the SNP or Plaid Cymru, four per cent Ukip, three per cent the BNP and two per cent the Greens.

These assorted small parties have, between them, had the support of 10 per cent or more of the electorate since the spring of this year.

The unpopularity of the Government is clearly not being translated in any straightforward way into support for the official Opposition. It is the unofficial opposition that is gaining in strength.

Read the entire article from this link.

posted by Martin |8:25 AM

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 

No UKIP Candidates against 'Better Off Out' members

The new UKIP leader Nigel Farage has given the above pledge as reported on the BOO Home Page, linked here.

A list of those affected may be found from here.

Another interesting policy hint from the early days of the new party leadership has been suggestions that Mr Farage is calling for Britain's independence in matters of trade. Previously the party has been somewhat ambiguous in statements on trade, often citing they wish the EU to be solely involved in trade as originally intended. I hope to post further clarification on this vital matter very soon.

posted by Martin |11:49 AM

Tuesday, September 12, 2006 

Press coverage on UKIP's new leader

The election results are on the post below.

Reuters gives a brief report, linked here, with this quote:

"There is a huge vacuum in British politics because the three traditional parties do not offer the electorate a real choice," Farage said.

"UKIP is now the only Party saying what most people think. We will fill the void."

The BBC web report is here, while The Guardian has a fairly detailed report, linked here, with this quote:

Mr Farage said he aimed to make Ukip a "truly representative party".

He said: "We have an awful lot to do. The party has always been very good at fighting elections in Europe.

"I intend to make the party a fully-fledged political party that is offering the public a real choice."

Mr Farage said Ukip would aim to field 500 candidates at the next general election.

He said it was his intention to move away from just the single issue of Europe and campaign on "lower, simpler, flatter taxes", selective education and giving Britain its own independent trade policy.

He said he wanted to give people a voice, particularly those who felt they could no longer vote for the Tories.

He added: "People may place us as being right of centre; I would place us as being in the centre of public opinion."

posted by Martin |6:17 PM

Nigel Farage MEP is new Party Leader

The voting was as follows:

Election result:

Nigel Farage - 3,329

Richard Suchorzewski - 1,782

David Campbell Bannerman - 1,443

David Noakes - 851

Spoiled votes - 169

Total votes - 7,405

posted by Martin |4:26 PM

Monday, September 04, 2006 

John Redwood snubbed by Oliver Letwin

Read the latest in The Guardian, from this link.

Perhaps UKIP should proffer their party leadership to the Conservative MP for Wokingham.

Any true Tories reading the latest output on Public Spending can surely not contemplate staying within Cameron's New Labour Mark II,

Owen Paterson MP surely cannot remain in such a party?

As for the MEPs such as Hannan, Heaton-Harris, Helmer etc., their positions must surely now be untenable?

posted by Martin |8:32 PM

Friday, September 01, 2006 

The cost of the EU

A report published by the Bruges Group, linked below, owes much to UKIP MEP Gerard Batten.

The following gives a taste:


"The question should not be whether we can afford to leave but how can we afford to stay in."

By 2007 the combined direct and indirect costs of EU membership will cost Britain close to £100,000 per minute.

Since Britain joined the ‘European Economic Community’ in 1973, Parliamentarians have time and again called for a cost-benefit analysis to prove or disprove the benefits of membership; successive Conservative and Labour governments have consistently refused on the grounds that the benefits are ‘self-evident’.

Set out in the latest Bruges Group research by Gerard Batten MEP the full costs to Britain have now been calculated.

The facts:

  • Britain has given nearly £200 Billion to the EU since we joined

  • In 2007 UK taxpayers will be forced to pay £14.2 Billion to the EU

  • The EU costs every man, woman and child £873 per year

  • The EU is costing the British economy £50.6 Billion this year, by 2007 this will rise to £52.4 Billion

  • That means that by 2007 the cost will rise to nearly £100,000 per minute

A challenge to the Government
If the Government believes that membership of the EU is beneficial to Britain and that we should remain a member, then let it commission an independent and impartial cost/benefit analysis so that the supposed benefits can be proved and the findings openly debated. If any of the figures contained in this document are incorrect let the Government challenge them and provide the correct figures.

The British people should be presented with the full facts and figures so that they can decide if this is what they want, and if the price is worth paying.

Gerard Batten MEP said,
"The question should not be whether we can afford to leave but how can we afford to stay in."

Robert Oulds, Director of the Bruges Group said,
"The cost per minute is an enormous sum, over the course of a year the figure is shocking. To put it into perspective just £1 billion will pay for 222,000 hip replacements, or 46,893 nurses, or 38,782 teachers, or 34,585 police officers.

"Imagine what we could do in Britain with the £50.6 billion that the EU costs us each year."


Click here to read the paper online

posted by Martin | 8:27 PM
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