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Saturday, August 18, 2007 

Ashley Mote MEP Guilty on 21 counts of Fraud

The BBC report may be read from here.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007 

UKIP escapes with mere eighteen thousand fine

Nigel Farage was seen beaming all over his face last evening on Channel 4 news as the plaything of New Labour, the Electoral Commission, was thwarted in their attempt to bankrupt one of Britain's struggling smaller democratic parties.

Only the Guardian seemed prepared to report the news today, however, that item is linked from here.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007 

Press Release –

Whole of UKIP Branch Defects

to the English Democrats

1st August 2007

The Chairman of UKIP’s former West Dorset Branch, Keith Hansford, is pleased to announce that he and most of his Branch are coming over to The English Democrats, which is the leading Political Party campaigning for the fair treatment of England.

Speaking today in Bridport,
West Dorset, Keith said,"I am certain that the English Democrats' general policies and democratic call for an English Parliament will prove popular with Dorset’s electors from all previous political persuasions. Our policies can be found on our website or please contact us by post at:- PO Box 1066, Norwich, NR14 6ZJ; or by telephone:- 08700624555."

Keith added: "Politics should not start in
Westminster or Whitehall and cascade down to “the masses”! It should start in the lanes and high streets of England and by us listening to all the people of England and trying politically to make happen what is best for them, their families and their way of life."

Robin Tilbrook of Essex, the English Democrats' Chairman, said:-
"I am delighted to welcome Keith Hansford and almost the whole of UKIP’s membership in
West Dorset into our democratic and patriotic party. The English Democrats are now making real progress in getting England's interests politically onto centre stage and I look forward to our standing in the rumoured October General Election to help us to force the other parties to take England's future seriously."

Mike Blundell of
Bristol, the English Democrats' South West of England Chairman said:-
"We shall be forming a new Branch of the English Democrats in
Dorset which will help support our existing enthusiastic members and act as a focal point for new ones.
At this time we plan to contest 5 or 6 seats at the next General election in the South West, for which some candidates have already been identified. All this is good news for our party in the South West and for the many people of the South West of England who will now have the opportunity to vote for and support a patriotic English Party."

Christine Constable of Norwich, the English Democrats' Vice-Chairman added:-
"The English have for far too long been treated as second class citizens within the Union, our right to a functioning democracy is just as important as the rights given to Scotland and Wales. The English Democrats are winning the argument up and down the country".
All three of the main parties continue to fail to recognise the rights of the people of
England to have a national identity, an English Parliament and a secure national border. It is gratifying to note that those who really wish to represent England now understand that the only way to deliver democracy for England is to join the English Democrats, Keith Hansford and the West Dorset Branch have made that decision and we warmly welcome them all into our rapidly growing ranks."

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