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Saturday, July 31, 2004 

More sound sense from Stevenage

Earlier today I posted an e-mail with a request for Robert Kilroy-Sil to stand in Hartlepool. I have now received this follow-up with permission to include the e-mail address of the sender - Victoria Peebles.

I read to day in the Daily Express of ordinary hard working, British citizens who are being hounded in the name of political correctness.

A green grocer in Grantham Lincs, who has been told to remove his outside display in the name of safety. He has set his wares out in this manner now since 1955 and apparently it suddenly constitutes a danger!

Portsmouth city council have told a guide who starts her walks with a prayer of thanks for the beautiful surrounding countryside, she can no longer do this! There are many such incidents every day.

These ideas and laws are coming in from the European Parliament

Health and safety - Soon we will not be able to walk along a street without filling out a risk assessment.
Political correctness - Friendly banter will be banned in case we slip, and call a spade a spade.
Parental guidance - Little Milly 13 years old, still a child, wants an abortion, but her parents do not have the right to be told.
Family values - Are being eroded with ever increasing pressure to get young Mothers out to work or education, so that the unemployment figures can be fudged.
Law and order - We can no longer believe in our past ideals, when a person whoever he or she was could say in Britain you are innocent until proven guilty.
Is an Englishman's home still his castle? or do we have to be nice to burglars, intruders and anyone else who wants to invade our homes.

Why have we allowed our laws, our heritage and our very island existence to be so eroded?
Why are we no longer proud of our home land? .......... Or are we still?
Why are we allowing our cities to become areas of violence and fear?
Why are we afraid to go and help a lost and crying child in a busy city street?
What is becoming of a once proud, fair, and law abiding nation?

I can tell you - The seeming need to kowtow to the European Union.

There is an answer, it won't be easy! We must all as one, stand up for what we feel is right, stand up and be counted.

I realise that as a proud and independent nation we will not all think alike, and I respect that. However, dissatisfaction breeds one of two things, apathy or anger.

Let us as many as we can take the middle road, stand up in unison and say NO MORE.
Give us back our pride, give us back our hard work ethic, give us back our Country.
I believe that at this moment in time UKIP can assist in these endeavours.
The other parties have all laid out their stalls, now let us lay out a stall for UKIP. We need all of you, no matter where you live, no matter who you are, we need your energy, your voice, your legs and your commitment.
Together let us make a change for a better future for our children and our grandchildren. If you are interested please feel free to contact me:

posted by Martin |5:04 PM

LibDems pick Hartlepool Candidate - Labour attacks - UKIP stalls!

The Guardianlinked here has this report on the LibDem candidate for the crucial Hartlepool contest - "35-year-old barrister Jody Dunn, who works in nearby Middlesborough " - the Labour party immediately mounted an attack .... "saying Ms Dunn'puts the rights of drug abusers ahead of the rights of the ordinary, decent, people of Hartlepool'."

Local newspaper coverage about the candidate, from the Hartlepool Mail may be read by clicking here.

Are the hard-grafting party workers of UKIP, of which those in Hartlepoll stand amongst the most dedicated, once again to be forced to watch helplessly on as yet another parliamentary gift is given by UKIP to the most Euro-federalist party within the UK?

posted by Martin |3:31 PM

A plea from Stevenage for Kilroy to stand!

I received this e-mail today from Victoria Peebles who is working to establish UKIP in Stevanage:-

  • We have the moment .... we MUST grasp it.... or be forever archived as ......what could have been!
  • With Robert Kilroy-Silk at Hartlepool we have as good a chance of getting noticed as we may ever get, what are we waiting for?
    Yes please Robert we need your enthusiasm, your charisma, and your time. To those who say it is not worth contending as we may not win I say, move over, and let those who believe in GREAT BRITAIN stand and be counted.
    We want the voice of Great Britain from the people of Great Britain, be they white, black or in between, Christian, Jew or Moslem it matters not, so long as they are committed to a strong and independent Britain with powers to shape her own destiny. Europe is a wonderful place, to go on holiday and socialise, but we are BRITISH not Europeans.
    The waste and bumbling that goes on in the name of the European Union is staggering, it is time to stand up for our heritage, and our children's heritage, otherwise our grandchildren will have no heritage.
    Victoria Peebles
    Saturday 31st July 2004

    Well said indeed! Of course we now need Mr Kilroy-Silk to declare his intent. So what if it appears that it may only be a mere six months or so guaranteed back in Westminster, with the political dynamics as they are at present - that should be more than enough to set the avalanche rolling down the mountain and removing all in its path!

    posted by Martin |2:55 PM

    Countering the 'dinner on the table' and 'behind the fridge' Bloomers in Hartlepool!

    For whoever runs for UKIP in Hartlepool there is likely to be a problem with attracting the women's vote. Given the outrage Godfrey Bloom's remarks have justifiably caused it was perhaps foolhardy of me to offer myself for the candidacy. Perhaps the field should be left clear for those whose idea of debate is to suggest that those with whom they disagree be 'hung' (subsequently corrected to 'hanged') such as Peter Troy. If he is selected the party truly does deserve to be crushed and then destroyed!

    Happily I have a strong belief in the equal rights of women instilled in me by my mother from an early age; she herself being from a family of early feminists. Indeed it was her Aunt Margery who was the first female Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford and the first woman to give a Reith Lecture - a feat that remained unrepeated for a further thirty-three years.

    I have rigourously lived by the belief that the sexes are equal and been determined that my daughters be given the best possible education available, just as I did for my sons.

    Fighting all injustices, of which sex discrimination is a major example, has always been a family priority as may be read in the post below. I hope my blogs demonstrate that I try to continue that tradition.

    posted by Martin |6:56 AM

    Politics by the pen

    In rereading the obituary of my journalist forebear Mark Fooks, I came upon this passage which I did not immediately see as relevant and therefore did not quote. As this week has progressed it now seems increasingly significant and I therefore quote it here:

    In 1859 he came to Ripon to edit the 'Richmond and Ripon Chronicle' where he remained four or five years. Moving to Darlington in 1863 he made his home there until 1911.

    Mr Fooks was first of all engaged on the "Darlington Telegraph," when it came into the hands of Messrs Burney. It was afterwards taken by the heads of what was at that time known as "the Pease Party," who needed to be represented in opposition to the organs of Mr H.K. Spark - the "Darlington and Stockton Times" and "Darlington Mercury."

    A very fierce controversy arose from 1867 onwards, the old local and political parties resenting the attempts of Mr Spark to upset the order of things. The opposing newspapers were the main factors in dealing with those issues, which were frequently not confined to principles involved, but developed into personalities of a most virulent type. Libels flew thick and fast, but no action was taken to stop this wordy war. The Spark party alleged what was little short of peculation (embezzlement of public money -ed) on the part of the leading men on the opposite side. For a time no notice was taken, but at length detailed statements were made. Mr Fooks then obtained detailed information and official data from local sources, and put the enemy to rout.

    The power of the pen and nowadays the internet in politics should never be under-estimated, as my ancestor so clearly proved. Is there a moral here for Nigel Farage MEP as he considers his options in Hartlepool, now that the chance of a Kilroy bid seems ever more remote? Supporting me as the Hartlepool by-election candidate will necessarily bring me back within the party and thus serve to centre the debate over the party's best future course away from the public domain. The only real risk of course is that I might succeed, especially if the UKIP leadership including Nigel Farage, Robert Kilroy-Silk and the influential Paul Sykes get fully behind the campaign. But why should that be problematic? Admittedly there will be a strong and influential voice in Westminster, already proven to forcefully express strongly held views, but it would be a voice arguing for Britain's withdrawal from the EU in the only place where that can be achieved - isn't that what UKIP wants and really believes is the best course?

    posted by Martin |6:19 AM

    Friday, July 30, 2004 

    Excellent UKIP member's letter!

    The following has today been published in the Henley Standard, linked here, it makes some very effective points others may find useful in debate.


    EU dross must be flattened

    Sir, - How nice to see Mr. Huhne reappearing in your letters page once again falsely claiming to be MEP for Oxfordshire when he is merely one of ten MEPs elected to represent the whole of the EU-defined South East Region in which the LibDems came third in votes cast after the Tories and UKIP. As there is no such creature as an MEP for Oxfordshire, I presume that he tries to suggest a degree of localness by claiming the appropriate county whenever he churns out a letter to a local newspaper.

    Mr. Huhne mentions Mr. Kilroy-Silk's TV career in a pejorative vein, omitting his previous position as a real member of Parliament elected by a real UK constituency to a real Parliament that in those days could legislate without having to check that it had prior approval from the EU.

    He refers to EU environment laws, omitting any reference to those that have restricted most of our waste dumps, leading to a massive growth in fly tipping; or those causing our landscape to be destroyed by wind farms that generate the most expensive electricity ever known in the very few hours when they are able to operate; or the thousands of other EU laws and regulations that are rigorously enforced here but largely ignored in the rest of the EU.

    In the last few days, the BBC has exposed the Greek Government's total failure to enforce EU health and safety laws that has led to at least 14 fatalities and many crippling injuries in the construction associated with the Olympic Games. There was no suggestion that the EU will apply any sanctions for this gross and tragic breach of its laws.

    Mr. Huhne chose instead to witter on about product legislation in a vein that suggests that we as a nation are incapable of setting or maintaining standards that make our products and services marketable. Does he not recall the British Standards Institution whose standards were the most universally accepted for far longer than the EU has existed.

    It is quite possible that, once we have regained our independence, we will extract from the mountain of dross represented by EU laws and regulations a few crumbs of value that should be kept. If there are none then the whole EU experience will have been a dead loss rather than just a very big one!

    The aim of the whole UKIP team of MEPs is to flatten that mountain of dross before it flattens us. - Yours faithfully,

    Philip Collings

    UKIP Henley,
    Woodlands Road,

    posted by Martin |2:58 PM

    "Seriously Considering " continued

    This BBC News online report, linked here, again concludes an item on the Hartlepool by-election with a paragraph stating that Robert Kilroy-Silk is 'seriously considering' a run. How much longer is this to go on?

    AYouGov poll view here in this morning's Daily Telegraph linked here has UKIP running at a mere six per cent. If the party is to achieve the breakthrough required to capitalise on the massive distrust of the two main political parties that is obvious from these results and transfer that distrust towards the EU (which is now the main danger to this country and its democracy, thanks to the now recognised treachery of the three main parties) - ACTION MUST BEGIN IMMEDIATELY.

    If Kilroy does not wish to run then the party must select the next best candidate available as soon as possible and with the utmost urgency so that a less well-known candidate can make the maximum use of every day between now and polling.

    If the UKIP leadership attempt to repeat their past mistakes of choosing resigned and/or shamed ex-Conservative MPs or disgraced cronies and fixers then they must expect to continue to languish as non-entities in the national polls with never a chance in any first past the post contests. Their clear hypocrisy on the EU will then be impossible to continue to remain hidden.

    posted by Martin |7:26 AM

    Thursday, July 29, 2004 

    UKIP Constitution on By-election Candidate Selection

    Paragraph 17.4 of the Constitution sets out the procedure as follows:-

    The selection from the list of approved candidates of a prospective parliamentary candidate to contest a constituency in a general election is the perogative of the constituency association concerned. In the case of a by election such selection will be subject to consultation and agreement with the NEC.

    Rumours were circulating earlier that the NEC had absolute control over candidate selection, this is clearly not the case. The means and selection of the candidate rests with the constituency association, which in Hartlepool leaves the matter in the hands of Eric Wilson and his members. Once they have made their choice it is then for the NEC to agree or not. One presumes the consultation between the constituency Chairman and the NEC's individual members is proceeding - is it not about time something further was forthcoming? Perhaps at least an acknowledgement of my application?

    posted by Martin |5:15 PM

    Middlesborough Mayor not to stand in Hartlepool.

    The Scotsmanlinked here, has a report this evening that the one-time police chief and now Mayor of Middlesborough Ray Mallon will not stand as a candidate in Hartlepool. The Labour Party had been reported to be considering Mr Mallon as a candidate for the by-election even though he is not a party member.

    The article concludes by repeating that Robert Kilroy-Silk is
    “seriously considering” standing as a candidate - is this not becoming increasingly strange?

    posted by Martin |5:09 PM

    UKIP's 'Blue Moon' Hartlepool opportunity continues on HOLD!

    While Labour and the Lib Dems gear up for the most crucial political contest of this century, the acknowledged dark horse party UKIP - with all the potential for delivering the most massive seismic shock to the British political system since the collapse of the Liberal Party - dithers, prevaricates and even allows rumours to circulate that its most notorious and discredited, political fixer and campaign destroyer, Peter Troy who is justifiably loathed across the entire North Country may be backed by the NEC as the official candidate. Already his partner and sidekick in many of his tricks is reported as installed as the by-election political agent.

    The Tories have effectively thrown in the sponge according to a report in the Financial Times this morning, linked from here. A few quotes from that report are quoted here:-

    The Tories have effectively ceded defeat in the Hartlepool by-election..........

    Labour and the Lib Dems have already started campaigning in the north-east town, this week refurbishing hastily opened headquarters...........

    There appears significant resistance to providing a safe springboard for an ambitious party apparatchik. Such views are being taken on board, Labour insiders suggest, with a local candidate likely to emerge from next week's selection process..........

    Protest votes in the 99 per cent white town have in recent history gone to the UKIP, which ran Labour a close second in last month's European elections. Robert Kilroy-Silk, the former chat show host and the fringe party's main celebrity, has said that he is "seriously considering" contesting Hartlepool.

    If Mr Kilroy-Silk decides he has other priorities than Westminster to achieve his stated aim of obtaining Britain's withdrawal from the EU within this term of the European Parliament - fair enough - he has my support in whatever way he chooses to proceed .

    In that event I hope he will then consider my strong credentials listed on this blog yesterday, review all my other qualifications and then give me his prompt backing and hopefully regular support by personal appearences during the campaign. Once at Westminster there will be none others who could compete with the army of facts and arguments I have assembled - as evidenced on my blog Ironieslinked here, Teetering Tories here and The Strasbourg Cesspitfrom here.

    A final quote from the FT article :-

    In addition to the UKIP, another factor that upset political calculations in the contest is the sheer unpredictability of an electorate that in 2002 chose H'Angus the Monkey, a football mascot, as its mayor.

    An independent(possibly maverick) non-politician such as myself, who has brought past prosperity to their region - might be just what the people of Hartlepool now want as their new MP - why not one representing UKIP. Another political charlatan such as Troy is the last thing they need following straight on the heels of PeterMandelson. The full FT article makes that fact perfectly clear!

    posted by Martin |6:21 AM

    Wednesday, July 28, 2004 

    Rumours sweep UKIP that Harlepool is Winnable!

    Reports are circulating that a leaked internal Labour party poll is indicating that UKIP could well win this seat. Nigel Farage, MEP notoriously determined to keep himself at the centre of all action appears already plotting to prevent this happening and has allowed the disgraced UKIP Sedgefield Branch Chairman Peter Troy to launch a blog on the by-election (see post below) and claim that Troy's reported live-in partner Christine Williamson (who joined with Troy in false disciplinary charges against myself when I exposed Troy's ballot-rigging), will be the election agent regardless of the candidate.

    I had the misfortune to hear Ms Williamson display her ignorance on matters regarding the EU on the radio while in the North East, if anyone will prove able to show UKIP as misguided on their chosen main policy issue - the EU, it will surely be her.

    If UKIP wishes to ever be seen as a serious political party the activities of these two individuals must be shut down forthwith. Now the truth about UKIP will be out!

    posted by Martin |1:53 PM

    Farage's placeman Troy set to sabotage yet another UKIP Campaign.

    The obvious determination of some in the UKIP leadership to prevent the party ever obtaining Westminster representation is now becoming clearer as a new blog is launched today by the disgraced Peter Troy, who has already cost the party representation through his unscrupilous behaviour in the North East and Scotland. He has announced that he will be monitoring the campaign and his very close associate Christine Williamson, will be the Hartlepool election agent - a totally ridiculous assertion especially if true - considering the candidate has yet to be picked.

    Troy's blog may be read by clicking here.

    posted by Martin |1:44 PM

    UKIP's London MEP attacks non-democratic policy making.

    The following message from Gerard Batten, MEP has been widely circulating within UKIP party circles following the press revealing details of an electoral pact being offered to Westminster MPs. (Full details and links are avaiable on Teetering Tories linked here).

    To: NEC Members
    London Region Committee
    London Region Chairman

    Dear All,
    I was very surprised to say the least to read in the Times today to what amounts to a fundamental change in party principles and policy. If debate about party policy is going to be conducted in the newspapers then no-one can object to an alternative point of view being put through the same medium. I have therefore given the following message to the Times which I hope they will publish tomorrow.
    "This matter has never been formally discussed with the National Executive Committee or the MEPs.
    Such a move would be counter productive because it would give the impression that we are a bunch of old Tories trying to change the direction of the Conservative Party. Which we are not.
    UKIP has always been about the creation of a political party capable of winning seats at Westminster, and we are now on the verge of achieving that. The Tories have betrayed Britain for more than thirty years and simply can never be trusted.
    I want to see UKIP MPs at Westminster who can help bring about Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. I have the backing of the London Region Committee when I say that No UKIP candidate in London will ever stand aside for anyone.
    I am categorically opposed to it and I will vote against it if it comes up at an NEC meeting or at the Party Conference in Oct."

    posted by Martin |10:16 AM

    Martin Cole's Connections with Hartlepool

    While UKIP's leadership flails about desperately seeking a celebrity candidate for the Hartlepool by election, they deliberately ignore the offer put forward by myself; presumably justifying their actions on the grounds that I have no local connections - to disguise the truth that I am in fact more dedicated to and knowledgeable of the anti-EU cause then they themselves!

    The candidate decision will be taken I assume by the new five man political committee. One of that number, former Chairman David Lott, writing to me after he and I were the only non-North East Region visitors to the opening of the Hartlepool UKIP Office in January 2003 to forward the press coverage of that event - said in his accompanying e-mail:

    "I need your help very much Martin. You will make an excellent candidate."

    What has changed since then? - one thing alone - I discovered and publicised the problems at the heart of UKIP, which I believed then and now will eventually damage the entire euro-realist cause. My standing and winning in Hartlepool will shift the party's emphasis from Brussels to Westminster and allow those problems to be corrected in time for the next General Election

    So what of my own connections and qualifications for Hartlepool? First and foremost I am a knowledgeable and dedicated fighter against the EU's encroachment of our democracy. My anti-EU novel, still on sale from the 'North East Against Regional Assemblies' campaign, written in 1996/97 is proof of that fact, and my continued interest in the eurosceptic cause in the North East of England, where my family connections stretch back to my Great Great Grandfather, Mark Fooks, described in his obituary in that paper as 'the doyen of working journalists in the North'. He was one of the first editors of the Northern Echo in Darlington and attended the Middlesborough Iron Market from its formation. The obituary concludes : "Mr Fooks whose name was so long familiar in Darlington, was of a quiet gentle disposition, and throughout his career maintained the esteem and respect of all who knew him. Few men perhaps had a better acquaintance with the district ....For more than half a century he retained the respect and confidence of all the public bodies and his fellow journalists and few men had a better acquaintance with the events and family histories of the locality." He was buried at Felixkirk near Thirsk in 1917. One year after my great uncle, on my mother's side of the family, was killed while serving as a Captain in the West York Regiment (Prince of Wales own) in the Battle of the Somme.

    I joined my first ship, a BP oil tanker in Wallsend and was a frequent visitor to the ports of that region throughout my seagoing career from the age of 16 to 22. Most of the ships were crewed from the North East and I built up a strong affection for the region and the unique character of those who live within the region.

    My own association with the Tees and Hartlepool area began in the early 1970's when as Manager of the Marine Division for Phillips Petroleum Company (Europe Africa) I participated in the study that brought the first North Sea crude oil and LPG pipeline ashore at Seal Sands. This decision was hard fought as two other partners in the exploration consortium had refining interests on the Humber. As marine manager ships under my control delivered millions of tons of crude oil a year to the Phillips Imperial Petroleum Refinery on North Tees, exported the products and of course eventually involved massive shipping movements from Seal Sands bringing huge revenues to the then Tees and Harlepool Port authority. I was naturally a frequent visitor to the region and regularly invited to the annual dinners of the local Shipbrokers Association.

    It was through my personal strong beliefs and own hard selling that three small LPG export jetties were built at Seal Sands allowing the mass movement of smaller ships loading non-refrigerated LPG. The crude-oil pipeline constructed between Seal Sands and the PIP refinery was another project, bringing investment and jobs to the region, entirely inspired and justified by myself.

    In subsequent years, the LPG arm of the oil trading company Vitol, in which I was a partner in the nineteen eighties, made regular and frequent exports from the Tees in our large fleet of LPG tankers, as may be readily verified by our then agents Ord, Brough and Collins of Middlesborough.

    Other family links exist but become tedious to list. My main qualificatios as a candidate for UKIP are my complete dedication to the anti-EU cause as may be daily read from my four blogspot websites.

    If Britain is to be removed from the authoritarian clutches of the EU, it is going to need many strong-minded dedicated fighters, some of whom must gain election to Westminster. Weak or ill informed candidates who might appear attractive to the leader in Brussels will never be able to deliver withdrawal. Hartlepool represents a turning point for UKIP, if Kilroy refuses and they turn down my offer to stand , then in my opinion they will be deliberately refusing a unique chance to advance the cause of their members.

    If the UKIP Leadership have not enjoyed my attacks and constant demands for party reform over the last year or so - imagine how little will the three main parties enjoy my arrival in Westminster - albeit probably only for a few short months!

    posted by Martin |7:55 AM

    Tuesday, July 27, 2004 

    'Kilroy will not stand?' - Dr Richard North

    The blog: EU Referendum, linked from our side bar, gives clear and categorical reasons as to why Kilroy will not be running in Hartlepool linked from here . According to the author, one time senior UKIP advisor Richard North, who seems to have inside information on this - UKIP stand ready to abandon any real attempt to win in Hartlepool.

    Once more those defending Britain's democracy are betrayed by those mostvisible and voluble in that cause! We must now question their sincerity!

    In every UK poltical party there now exists well-informed but powerless political realists - frustrated at their inability to protect and defend the last remnants of their countries' democracy - ALL being sold down the river by the likes of Blair, Kennedy, Howard, Knapman and Farage.

    I have temporarily run out of suggestions and can therefore only look on in amazement!

    posted by Martin |7:58 PM

    UKIP - Supposedly working to remove Britain from the EU!!

    Committee on Agriculture Jeffrey Titford MEP, member
    Committee on Budgetary Control Jeffrey Titford MEP, member
    Committee on Culture and Education Thomas Wise MEP, member
    Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs John Whittaker MEP, member
    Committee on Employment and Social Affairs Derek Clark MEP, member
    Committee on Fisheries Nigel Farage MEP, substitute
    Committee on Foreign Affairs Gerard Batten MEP, substitute
    Committee on the Internal Market } Godfrey Bloom MEP, member
    and Consumer Protection } Derek Clark MEP, member
    Committee on International Trade Nigel Farage MEP, member
    Committee on Regional Development Graham Booth MEP, member
    Subcommittee on Security and Defence Gerard Batten MEP, member
    Committee on Transport and Tourism Michael Nattrass MEP, member
    Committee on Women's Rights } Godfrey Bloom MEP, substitute
    and Gender Equality }

    posted by Martin |2:30 PM

    UKIP Mulling Truce for Withdrawalist MPs - BBC Report

    The report linked here was described by party leader Roger Knapman to the BBC. This report comes against a background of growing turmoil within the Tory party as may be read in The Scotsman from this link.

    The collapse of the Conservative Party is being covered in full detail onanother of my blogs Teetering Tories click here and bookmark.

    posted by Martin |2:03 PM

    Even the Lib Dems now WARY of UKIP in Hartlepool!

    This report in The Scotsmanlinked here demonstrates the potential strength of the UKIP challenge in Hartlepool, adding yet more weight to our accusations of negligence aimed at UKIP's leadership for their tardiness in naming a suitably qualified and/or high-profiled candidate.

    At the first NEC meeting after the June election triumph, John Harvey made a presentation emphasising that Hartlepool was the by-election to contest and win! (Read this blog's archive file for last June starting on the 30th and scrolling back to read the host of pathetic arguments put forward for not contesting Hodge Hill and Leicester South). Ask yourselves why no candidate was thus ready to be announced immediately the disgusting appointment of Mandelson to the EU was made by our proven liar Prime Minister Tony Blair. Yet still the leadership does not act and Kilroy is allowed to prevaricate. A decision is needed today!

    Here are some quotes from Charles Kennedy from the linked article:-

    And Mr Kennedy admitted: “Hartlepool can be a very mixed, unpredictable picture of a by-election indeed.”

    The Lib Dem leader told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: “We will certainly be going in there positively to fight it hard and hopefully to try to win it.

    “But I think it would be a bit foolhardy this far out to to start risking predictions at this stage.”

    What do UKIP's Political Committee, who are now supposedly responsible for these decisions - Farage, Knapman, Lott, Sykes and Morris think they are bloody well playing at? UKIP's Party Members want Britain freed from EU control- Hartlepool offers the best real chance (according to John Harvey) of Westminster representation - the sole route through which that may be achieved!! This has been known since mid-June as THE ENTIRE NEC WERE THEN SO INFORMED!


    posted by Martin |9:05 AM

    Monday, July 26, 2004 

    Labour running scared in Hartlepool!

    Neil Herron's new blog linked here reports that the Labour Party are having trouble finding high profile candidates to stand in the Hartlepool by-election. This follows an earlier report that the Conservative candidate from the last General Election would only stand as an independent as the Hartlepool voters do not have the stomach to vote for the Tories.

    Amazing is it not that the principal cause of this panic - the UK Independence Party and their celebrity 'figurehead' Robert Kilroy-Silk, are similarly unable to declare a candidate - who should by now be out pounding the pavements making hay of the two major parties' confusion and already undermining the real opponents in this contest - who are sure to be the Lib Dems.

    This must be UKIP's leadership's last chance to show that it is independence from the EU they seek - not the independent five year luxury means the EU provides its MEPs. That suspicion gets stronger with each passing day.

    Only Westminster seats can gain UKIP's stated aims!

    posted by Martin |1:13 PM

    Not a Sexist

    The following is a letter published in this morning's The Guardian linked here:

    Monday July 26, 2004
    The Guardian

    Although you painted the Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom to be a Neanderthal misogynist, as a friend of his I can assure you he is nothing of the sort (Letters, July 23).

    For many years he has championed women's rugby at Cambridge and Oxford (not the actions of a sexist bigot, surely?). During my time as captain at Cambridge, he helped us make the university see that we were as serious about our sport as the men. A misogynist? No. A man with a wicked sense of humour, and some strong and sensible political and social beliefs behind it? That I would agree with.
    Dr Kerry Knight

    More surprising support came for the principles behind Mr Bloom's criticism of the present compulsory maternity leave situation from the stable of The Guardian newspaper group as may be read in this article from yesterday's The Observer linked here and titled 'More help for pregnant staff'. The following is a quote:-

    Bosses should be given more help on how to handle pregnant staff, according to the head of Britain's anti-sexism watchdog who believes that MEP Godfrey Bloom's controversial warnings against hiring women 'struck a chord' with employers.

    posted by Martin |8:00 AM

    Sunday, July 25, 2004 

    Rustie nails MEP's sexism

    icBirmingham carries a report that one recent UKIP celebrity recruit is less than happy with the remarks of Yorkshire MEP Godfrey Bloom in Strasbourg last week. Read the article, titled as above - from here.

    posted by Martin |5:08 PM

    Hartlepool 'Delay and Prevarication' could cost UKIP victory!

    Reports of yesterday's Radio 4 'Today' programme interview with Robert Kilroy-Silk indicate a lack of positive commitment and dither according to a report reaching me. That seems to be confirmed by this quote from Scotland's Sunday Maillinked here :

    The UK Independence Party's Robert Kilroy Silk hinted yesterday he would stand against the Labour candidate in the Hartlepool by-election caused by Mandelson's new job.

    This article from Scotland on Sundaylinked here, adequately describes the size of the political blunder made by Blair; but to maximise UKIP's prospects which must clearly be at their greatest with a Kilroy candidature a rapid decision is required so that campaigning may begin!

    My offer to stand as a candidate (made yesterday - scroll down or click here) is made in the belief that I can achieve victory for UKIP; I have a clear political strategy and extremely broad understanding of all the EuropeanUnion, democratic and national sovereignty issues involved.

    My ability to judge likely political trends and developments was clearly demonstrated in the document - 'One possible way forward for UKIP' sent to then Chairman Mike Nattrass in September 2002, adequately demonstrates that truth - most of its predictions having been proven correct.

    Possibly UKIP has another celebrity candidate as back-up to Mr Kilroy-Silk. Proven pro-national democracy and eurorealist qualifications will need to be in evidence, however.

    The Hartlepool campaign, necessitated by Blair's gravy train appointment of his pal to Brussels will be about the EU and Britain's place within it. It will also be about corrupt and lying politicians. With a General Election possible within months, normal domestic policy issues can safely be sidelined. The successful candidate must be capable of using the short months granted at Westminster to shame sitting MPs from all parties to abandon their hypocritical stances on the EU.

    posted by Martin |9:58 AM

    Saturday, July 24, 2004 

    Kilroy now 'Figurehead' of UKIP

    Im a week that has seen the media various describe Robert Kilroy-Silk as UKIP's 'star' and 'leading light' sometimes expanding the role to the whole of the eurosceptic movement within the EU - the Daily Telegraph this morning, linked here, goes one further and selects 'Figurehead'. Whatever the title it appears he is more and more seriously considering accepting the challenge Tony Blair has so foolishly provided all those working to end the EU's hegemony over this country in the coming Hartlepool by-election. This is a quote from a similar story to the Telegraph's from The Independentlinked here :-

    Mr Kilroy-Silk, who caused an upset in the Euro elections by winning a seat for UKIP in the East Midlands, said: "I am coming under considerable pressure from the party to do so. I am seriously considering doing it.

    "This appointment of Mandelson shows that the European Union is a gravy train for failed politicians," he added, getting the war of political words off to a premature start.

    "Hartlepool is a fishing port which has been decimated by the European fisheries policy," said a UKIP spokesman. "The Liberal Democrats will find it hard to justify their pro-European stance there. We can attract Old Labour voters who may not take kindly to seeing their MP desert them for Brussels."

    posted by Martin |9:35 AM

    Friday, July 23, 2004 

    BBC covers Kilroy Hartlepool Candidature in depth.

    Robert Kilroy-Silk is "seriously considering" standing in the by-election caused by the nomination of Peter Mandelson as an EU commissioner. See the immediately following post also on this topic.

    The following is a quote from a long piece from the BBC website linked here.


    UKIP is expected to mount a lavish campaign, bankrolled by its campaign director, the millionaire businessman Paul Sykes.

    www Ukip Uncovered
    This appointment of Mandelson shows that the European Union is a gravy train for failed politicians
    Robert Kilroy-Silk

    A UKIP spokesman said it would be targeting the Lib Dem's backing for EU fishing quotas, which he claimed had "destroyed" Hartlepool's fishing industry.

    Mr Kilroy-Silk, a former BBC chat show host who resigned following comments about Muslims in a newspaper column, said: "This appointment of Mandelson shows that the European Union is a gravy train for failed politicians.

    "He has never been the natural person to represent the people of Hartlepool. Now the prime minister has found him something better to do he is off, without a thought for his constituency.

    "If I was a constituent I would feel very used and angry and would want to take my revenge on Labour at the by-election."

    The party did not field candidates in Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill, as it was "keeping its powder dry" for the expected Hartlepool contest, a spokesman said.

    posted by Martin | 5:02 PM

    Kilroy considers standing for Hartlepool

    If this report in The Scotsman linked here has any substance, this will be great news for euro-realists. Mr Kilroy-Silk has far and away the best chance of introducing to Westminster a party not only officially endorsing Britain's EU withdrawal but furthermore , there to be led by one consistingly stating by word and deed that such is his firm aim. Setting the target for achieving this only course for securing the country's democracy within the next five years, as he did in Strasbourg this week, MUST be achieved or it will be too late. A quote from the article:

    UKIP MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk said today he was “seriously considering” standing in the forthcoming Hartlepool by-election following the nomination of Peter Mandelson as an EU commissioner.

    Worryingly, however, the paper later reports that the MEP was unable to confirm that he would then give up his MEP seat.

    The Hartlepool Mail which reported earlier today, in a huge setback for the Tory prospects, that the Conservative Party candidate at the last General Election would now only consider standing as an independent, has more local detail linked here. The devestating quote:-

    "I learned in the last election that the people of Hartlepool did not have a stomach for a Conservative candidate.
    "If I want to be an MP in Hartlepool, I have to take that into account."

    posted by Martin | 4:20 PM

    Croucher confirms 'High Profile' candidate for Hartlepool!

    Signs that Kilroy might run in Hartlepool are now apparently appearing, (albeit only from the notoriously ill-informed and unreliable Mark Croucher). This is at least is how The Guardian linked here has taken this quote:

    Fresh from its triumphs in last month's European elections, the UK Independence party is also keen to mount a challenge, hinting that it may stand its MEP and former daytime television star Robert Kilroy-Silk as its candidate.

    Ukip's communications director, Mark Croucher, confirmed to Guardian Unlimited that it would stand a "high profile candidate", who could expect a "fantastic result".

    posted by Martin | 12:40 PM

    UKIP update from the Greater London Assembly

    The following is an update of activities received from Michael Harvey:-


    UKIP is already making its presence felt at the London Assembly, which held its last Plenary session before the Summer recess on Wednesday 21st July. The main item of business was to finalise the Committees for the forthcoming term.

    UKIP has now secured places on the following committees and functional bodies:

    Damian Hockney has been appointed to:
    Business Management & Appointments (BMAC); Budget; Standards;
    Economic Development & Planning; Commission on London Governance;
    Metropolitan Police Authority

    Peter Hulme Cross has been appointed to:
    Chairman of the Audit Panel; Environment; Transport;
    Safer London; Elections Scrutiny Committee;
    London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority

    This is considerably in excess of the number of places UKIP is automatically entitled to under the Assembly's "proportionality" guidelines, giving us a huge opportunity to develop UKIP's media profile and to take an active part in "real" domestic politics. We have already achieved considerable national and London TV, radio and newspaper coverage (click here for more details). In the fortnight after the election, Damian received more coverage than any other Assembly Member. Even when he was abroad last week, he was interviewed by Time Out and appeared on CNN and on BBC Radio news. The Assembly Press Office is delighted that UKIP has given the Assembly a higher media profile since June 10th (even though our manifesto pledge is to scrap it!). In one BBC news interview broadcast in the UK and worldwide, Damian made clear that tube privatisation was enforced through compliance with EU rules and not by Ken Livingstone.

    With two elected Assembly Members, UKIP has formed a separate Group. Damian is the officially designated UKIP Leader in the London Assembly. Each Assembly Member is entitled to two staff (typically a Researcher and a PA) and, as a Group, UKIP can also recruit additional staff, including a Press Officer. These are Greater London Authority posts which have to be publicly advertised, usually in the Guardian. If you are not a regular Guardian reader (!) but would like to be notified when these posts are advertised, please let us know. Michael Harvey is currently single-handedly manning our spacious sixth-floor office in City Hall - we are keen to fill the empty desks as soon as the bureacratic wheels grind into motion! And we need volunteers as well to help us with many other tasks.

    We will be keeping in touch via e-mail updates. If you do not wish to receive these, please reply to this e-mail with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line.

    You can keep up to date with developments on a daily basis at our website,

    UKIP Group, City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London, SE1 2AA
    Direct Line: 020 7983 4640

    posted by Martin | 12:13 PM

    Hartlepool Contest Examined.

    The writ for the by-election is unlikely before Parliament resumes in September, so time remains for a clear and considered UKIP strategy to be drawn.

    The Scotsman
    linked here has put out this early consideration of the coming by-election, almost as soon as the disgraceful Mandelson appointment was confirmed. A quote:-

    ..a PA News survey of last month’s polls in the town, when Labour gained an overall majority on the council and led in votes cast in that contest and the European Parliament election, suggests Liberal Democrats – victors at Leicester South – could have their work cut out.

    Average council votes cast for parties were Lab 8,486 (30.9%); Lib Dem 6,147 (22.4%); Independent 4,567 (16.6%); UK Independence Party 3,847 (14.0%); C 3,206 (11.7%) and others 1,190 (4.4%).

    Labour fought all of the 17 wards and Liberal Democrats 14. Tories contested just eight.

    In the European Parliament election on the same day the UK Independence Party came second behind Labour.

    The figures were: Lab 8,295 (32.5%); UKIP 5,056 (19.8%); C 4,332 (17.0%); Lib Dem 3,469 (13.6%); British National Party 1,572 (6.2%); Ind 1,469 (5.8%); Green 1,058 (4.1%); Respect 266 (1.0%).

    posted by Martin | 11:13 AM

    UKIP has 'celebrity' set to run in Hartlepool

    The Scotsman linked here has this report from which this is a quote:-

    The UK Independence Party has pledged to fight and win the seat - and says it has found another celebrity capable of causing as much mayhem as Robert Kilroy-Silk.

    Let us hope that whatever celebrity they have in mind they have more political stature than the one- time TV cook once reported as being considered for Hodge Hill. I am personally disappointed that this report seems to rule out the candidacy of Robert Kilroy-Silk, as I had feared might prove to be the case after the Hodge Hill/Leicester South fiasco - which was the reason for putting myself forward as a politically knowledgeable candidate, as may be read in the first post of today which follows immediately below.

    posted by Martin | 8:47 AM

    Martin Cole's offer to stand for UKIP in Hartlepool

    The following e-mail was forwarded to Eric Wilson Branch Chairman of UKIP's Hartlepool Branch (copied to Denis Brookes UKIP Candidate Nominating Officer) this morning.

    Dear Eric,

    If the widespread media reports that Peter Mandelson MP will be nominated as Britain's EU Commissioner around 10 o'clock this morning prove true, then I would like to offer myself as your Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in the consequent by-election.

    I know that you are aware of my dedication to the pro-democratic, anti-EU cause and that I have worked exclusively for the reform of UKIP as I see the party as the only realistic prospect of regaining Britain's independence and democracy. My speeches in the North East during the brief period I was a prospective MEP candidate for the North East Region stressed my belief that gaining Westminster seats would provide the sole route to achieve this end.

    My visit from Switzerland to attend the opening of the UKIP Hartlepool Office in January 2003, and other local links you will perhaps recall my mentioning at the MEP Candidate Middlesborough hustings, will I hope both add to let let you and your local members consider my prospects favourably.

    My blogs Ukip Uncovered, Ironies and Teetering Tories fully set out my political philosophy and deeply held belief in the urgent need for prompt political action together with the amount of selfless and unrewarded effort I am prepared to devote to that cause.

    I did, of course, resign my party membership in the face of the trumped-up disciplinary charges laid against me. I would of course require re-instatement and would hope that those at the head of the party would grant such a request if coming from yourself, backed by your local members, hopefully others in the North East and indeed most thoughtful UKIP activists in the country at large.

    Yours sincerely,
    Martin Cole

    posted by Martin | 6:30 AM

    Thursday, July 22, 2004  

    Hartlepool Looms Larger!

    Andrew Marr on BBC Radio Four's 6 o'clock news this evening indicated Mandelson for the EU was looking ever more certain.

    Sky News
    , linked from here, has a report that there will soon be a by-election in Hartlepool, as we discussed and warned on the blog this morning, and in this article from The Scotsman linked here. The following is a quote from the latter report:-

    According to reports, Mr Blair had made his mind up. The name should have been announced this week so MPs could have a full debate or vote on his choice.

    Neither Peter Troy nor Piers Merchant should be seen as acceptable candidates for such a crucial test.

    North East UKIP party members would do well to make the party's leadership fully aware of this fact before another damaging, possibly disastrous error for the eurorealist cause is made by the present incompetent Farage dominated UKIP leadership!

    posted by Martin | 5:55 PM

    Bloom blackballed by Women's Rights Committee

    The report is from The Guardian linked from here .

    posted by Martin | 3:36 PM

    Reuters reports on Kilroy's Parliamentary 'Declaration of Independence'

    Further coverage of the Kilroy speech as posted earlier, this time from Reuters linked here. His constituents he said-

    "... want to be governed by their own people in their own parliament, and they will be during the lifetime of this parliament, believe me"

    The text as reported on the website of the EU Parliament is as follows:-

    Robert KILROY-SILK (IND/DEM, UK) said his party could not support the Commission President-designate, because they did not support the institution itself. He said his constituents did not doubt the legitimacy of the European Parliament, but they did not wish to be governed by it. They wanted to be governed by their own Parliament and government -- and he promised that they would be within the term of the present Parliament. His constituents, he continued, also rejected the draft Constitution as a document based on obsolete theories and outdated fears of war and communism from the 1950s. They saw the EU was inward looking, restrictive and bureaucratic -- what they wanted was a flexible and outward looking community. They did not want to be part of a federal state called Europe, he said. Finally, recalling that Margaret Thatcher had demanded the UK's money back in 1984, he said: "We want our country back -- and we are going to get it."

    posted by Martin | 1:38 PM

    Two Regionalisation Referenda Deferred - North East set for 4th November

    The BBC News report is linked from here.

    An interview on the 'World at One' BBC Radio 4 programme with the floundering Deputy Prime Minister, may be heard on the BBC Listen Again facility later this afternoon.

    posted by Martin | 1:17 PM

    Kilroy demands 'Our Country Back'

    In his maiden speech in Strasbourg, Robert Kilroy speech got the following coverage from EU Business, linked here:

    British eurosceptic star Robert Kilroy-Silk demanded his country's withdrawal from the EU on Thursday, citing former prime minister Margaret Thatcher in a rabble-rousing debut as an EU lawmaker.

    Kilroy-Silk, who has become the figurehead of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), lashed out at the European Union's just-agreed constitution and said he did not want to belong to a European federal superstate.

    "My constituents do not want to see the creation of a federal state called Europe. They want to be governed by their own people in their own parliament," he said in his first speech to the European Parliament.

    "Some 20 years ago Mrs. Thatcher went to Fontainenbleau and said 'I want our money back,' and she got some of it," he said, referring to Thatcher's infamous 1980s demand for an EU budget rebate at an EU summit in France.

    "We want our country back, and believe you me, we are going to get it," he told the Strasbourg assembly.

    posted by Martin | 10:52 AM

    Cancellation of Regional Assembly Referenda and Hartlepool.

    The Today programme is this morning reporting that two of the three planned Autumn referenda in the North of England could be cancelledor postponed, leaving only the North East to vote. This ties in with a press release issued by Neil Herron of NEARA yesterday, which indicated that all the votes might be cancelled or deferred, when the deadline to define criteria would be reached today .

    UKIP having chickened out of the Leicester South and Hodge Hill by-elections, with one excuse being the necessity of campaigning for a NO vote in these referenda, will once again have their political ineptness vividly demonstrated if some or all of the contests are indeed cancelled.

    Another excuse that Hartlepool would be a more winnable by-election seat, is a further test looming on the horizon for the UKIP. Blair has to decide whether to send Mandelson to Brussels as Britain's only Commissioner by the end of this month. We trust that a suitably competent and high-profiled UKIP candidate, acceptable to the local branch has already been selected, and that a well financed and professional campaign will immediately swing into action as soon as the announcement is made. After all the poor tired supposed poltical-professionals must surely by now have had time to recover from their exertions of last May and early June!

    posted by Martin | 8:10 AM

    Wednesday, July 21, 2004  

    Eurosceptics pass Filibuster Minimum

    Four Italian MEPs joined the Eurosceptic group of MEPs this afternoon (benvenuto), putting them above the number required to table amendments in the European Parliament.

    Perhaps the triple 'H' Tory hypocrites: Roger Helmer, Daniel Hannan and Christopher Heaton-Harris will live up to earlier commitments and now leave the ultra federalist EPP group and stand true to their oft purported eurosceptic beliefs! The report from The Scotsman is linked here.

    CORRECTION - Reader Anna Faraday has e-mailed us and advised as follows:-

    I was interested in your story on UKIPUNCOVERED about the new political
    group getting 37 members.

    They have their facts wrong. A properly-constituted political group can put
    down amendments whatever its size.

    See paragraph 1 of Rule 150 at from here

    and note the very important word "or"

    I do hope they have not taken people into the group just to reach that number!! :-)

    posted by Martin | 7:41 PM

    Farage's Grandstanding Speech at Strasbourg

    This report is from EU Business linked here

    posted by Martin | 6:56 PM

    BBC Radio 4 PM Programme confirms Bloom's Maternity Leave Stance

    On a day where the news was rightly dominated by the proposed defence cuts, the BBC PM programme found time to reveal the level of unofficial support amongst British small businesses for the UKIP MEP's stance on compulsory twelve month maternity leave. The BBC Radio web pages will enable surfers to listen to the item later this evening.

    posted by Martin | 6:55 PM

    Has Max Clifford cast Bloom as Buffoon in PR masterstoke?

    Looking at the volume of press coverage, now epitomised by the East Ender slant on this BBC news website, linked here, one might begin to believe so! Other coverage is just too extensive to link.

    posted by Martin | 5:25 PM

    UKIP National Executive Committee to be reduced!

    At the recent NEC meeting it was decided that the NEC would be reduced by twenty per cent (to twelve members) through natural wastage. As the constitution refers to the NEC as consisting of normally fifteen members and contains provisions for replacement of members the justification for such a change is difficult to understand.

    Many Party Members believe such a move is unconstitutional and the unannounced proposal as having been improperly sprung upon the Committee, allowing no time for proper consideration nor consultation. Weightings of other constituionally significant NEC sub-committees would seem certain to be thrown out of kilter by this sudden and and apparently ill-considered change.

    posted by Martin | 12:49 PM

    Ashley Mote, MEP has Party membership suspended

    The UKIP Disciplinary Committee has been reported as last night suspending the party membership of the newly elected SE Region MEP Ashley Mote, who is facing a court appearance for alleged housing benefit fraud, pending a full hearing and inquiry of the disciplinary panel into the reasons for his non-disclosure to the party of these proceedings.

    posted by Martin | 12:40 PM

    Protest against Godfrey Bloom's Sexism!

    We have received the following email:-

    Dear Sir
    How dare such an alleged loose cannon as Godfrey Bloom be allowed to make such scathing comments about women in the senior management role. We are everything that he cannot be: multi-taskers, budget controllers, personel managers - all of these roles we carry out after our working day has ended.
    And we do it with creativity and style that he could never achieve. All I can presume is that he has not chosen HIS staff wisely.
    a top class PA ( wife, mother, and if I so desired still of child bearing age)
    Jo Willis

    posted by Martin | 9:21 AM

    UKIP Chauvanism at Strasbourg

    Press coverage on UKIP is dominated this morning by Godfrey Bloom's controversial remarks and sometimes presumed jokes regarding 'women's rights'. The Scotsman here, assumes the former while the Daily Telegraph has mixed coverage here, while in another item here seems to imply that the MEP in question is unashamed of an excessive liking for alcohol similar to that of his allegedly close friend and new boss Nigel Farage MEP, as was embarassingly revealed in full detail in the pages of the Mail during the recent election campaign.

    At least the UKIP successes brought about by Robert Kilroy-Silk's recuitment to the party are fully revealing the true nature of Farage's imposed MEP candidates - with Mote abandoned and this unplanned distraction - even UKIP's pathetic NEC will now surely have the gumption to lance the abscess on the body of eurorealism that Farage has most clearly become.

    posted by Martin | 8:36 AM

    Tuesday, July 20, 2004  

    Tories attack Kilroy over 'Financial Declaration'

    The Scotsman carries a report this evening that the Tory MEP Leader Johnathan Evans (underling to Poettering) has put UKIP MEP star Robert Kilroy-Silk on notice regarding the required MEP Financial Declaration. The report is linked from here.

    posted by Martin | 7:26 PM

    'Bowler Bloom' on Women's Rights (continued).

    Further quotes from UKIP's Yorkshire MEP on his appointment to the Women's Committe as first reported in passing in our earlier post of today:-

    He told journalists he wanted to deal with women’s issues because “I just don’t
    think they clean behind the fridge enough”.

    “I am here to represent Yorkshire women who always have dinner on the table when you get home. I am going to promote men’s rights.”

    More sensibly as picked up by The Guardian linked here (amusingly enough written by a reporter named Sarah Left), he made the following valid point regarding the employment effects of excessive compulsory maternity leave and re-employment procedures.

    "Regulation in protection of women is all well and good in academic and government circles. If you're a small business, you'd be a lunatic to hire a woman of child bearing age,"

    posted by Martin | 6:12 PM

    Kilroy on BBC's 'World at one'

    Very depressed was the ex-TV presenter's description of his feelings at the competitively evermore federalist appeals of the three competing candidates for the next Parliamentary Presidency.

    A false premise was his description of the possible effectiveness of the thirty odd group of MEPs from eight countries laboriously assembled by Farage and his Danish group co-Chairman (echoing this commentator's views of the pathetic, greed based charade all this entails!).

    I will make the decisions as to how to best prosecute the cause of withdrawal was the emphatic closing statement made regarding his own future, amplifying the underlying connotations of the interview that he viewed as somewhat ridiculous and hypocritical the stance of his UKIP colleagues, especially when he had earlier averred that he proposed to proceed with "the conversation he will continue to have with the British people".

    posted by Martin | 2:24 PM

    Kilroy to Mastermind UKIP EU withdrawal campaign from Britain!

    The following is a quote from The Scotsman article linked from the posting immediately beneath this - Mr Kilroy-Silk will not be among them – he will be masterminding UKIP’s withdrawal campaign principally in Britain.

    posted by Martin | 12:41 PM

    UKIP arrives in Strasbourg and tear up their ballots!

    The Scotsman reports the arrival of the now only 11 UKIP MEPs under the headline 'Ukip MEPs Start Work with President Vote Protest' and a report that Godfrey Bloom will take a seat on the Women's Committee - “to defend men’s rights”. He may not be a popular member, observing today that no “sensible” employer would employ women of childbearing age. The full report is linked from here.

    Among other reports is extensive coverage from the BBC website with a graphic of the new eurosceptic group make-up, linked here.

    posted by Martin | 12:28 PM

    UKIP abandons pretence of democratic party procedures.

    Nigel Farage, MEP appears to have strengthened his fascist-like control of the UK Independence Party since their successes last month in the European Parliamentary elections. Farage, apparently happy to be regularly described in the media, for example here, as 'Head' of the UKIP delegation in the European Parliament, has allowed none of the party's constitutional leadership to explain the anomaly that this delegation contains both the supposed Leader and Deputy Leader of the Party, not of course to mention- also its most high-profile MEP.

    The newly appointed Party Chairman, Petrina Holdsworth, appears to have been selected for her lack of internet resources, matching the incredible 'information disability' this has already caused Party Leader Knapman and the high-profiled and perhaps misled Robert Kilroy-Silk.

    Other signs of erosion of democratic procedures are the setting of the timing for the Business Session of the party's AGM to commence at 09:30 am in Bristol, hardly feasible for the majority of party members to attend and the restrictive and vague procedures for the vetting of prospective parliamentary candidates as detailed on the UKIP website linked here, from which this is a quote:-

    "To provide associations with a good choice of high quality candidates who have been full vetted, the Party is building up a new approved candidates list. Former candidates must re-apply if they wish to be on the new list. If you wish your name to be added to this list, please write to Head Office , and you will be contacted shortly thereafter. You should mark your application ‘General Election Candidate Selection’.

    Please note that no member may describe themselves as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) unless they are on the new list. Branches wishing to adopt a PPC should ensure that applicants are on the candidates list, and should also liaise closely with their regional organiser."

    Regional Organiser's have no democratic accountability within the Party whatsoever, but their growing influence and control is probably the greatest cause for concern for all. UKIP is becoming not just a menace to the eurorealist cause but now it seems - democracy in general. This is particularly regrettable in view of the high-profile it continues to receive in the media thanks to Robert Kilroy-Silk. Witness this report from EU Business, published this morning on the subject of the opening of the new Strasbourg Parliamentary session and the extensive coverage provided to UKIP; it may be read from here.

    posted by Martin | 5:48 AM

    Monday, July 19, 2004  

    Guardian's Ian Black slams Kilroy and UKIP's Strasbourg arrival

    The article is linked from here ; a review of UKIP connected events during my brief break will be posted shortly.

    The item of greatest interest during my absence, for all truly dedicated to opposing the further encroachments of the EU was undoubtedly Chirac's announcement of a French referendum, probably in the second half of next year, on the EU Constitution.

    I was in France on Bastille day when the announcement for which I had hoped was made. There is in my view good reason to hope for a potential victory which will be the most certain means of killing the monstrosity stone dead.

    posted by Martin | 11:17 AM

    Friday, July 09, 2004  

    Blogger Break

    This blogger is taking a short break. Back around 20th July, with comments on the by-elections etc.

    posted by Martin | 7:59 AM

    Farage and Morris in The Spectator

    Taken from the DIARY 3/7/04

    "Mary Wakefield

    Looking through the letters to the editor this week, I was depressed by how many Spectator readers are still writing in to defend Ukip. I know they speak to the soul on the subject of immigration and the EU, but Peter Oborne is right; Ukip is a party of creeps and bores. When I was working on the then Peterborough column of the Daily Telegraph, every day brought a new fax from Nigel Farage MEP insisting we print stories about the launch of a Ukip car sticker or pound-sign badge. Hourly telephone calls from Farage ensured that we were all narcoleptic with boredom, terrified of the phone and self-medicating with miniatures of gin.

    Abetter reason not to support Ukip is their chief strategist, Dick Morris, the man credited with the party¹s recent success. Morris, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, now raves about the genius of George W. Bush, which tells you what a stand-up sort of guy he is. And while you¹re trusting him to 'save democracy from bureaucracy' and maybe even considering voting Ukip in the general election, Morris has got himself another job. He¹s helping a woman called Lia Roberts campaign to be president of Romania. One of Morris's and Roberts¹s winning policies is that Romania must join the EU."

    posted by Martin | 7:52 AM

    Regional Committees

    It is reported that a plan to disband the UKIP Regional Committees was rejected by the NEC, which is some good news for democracy within the party. In complete contradiction of this sensible decision, the disbanded Yorkshire and North East Committees will reportedly not be allowed to reform.

    posted by Martin | 7:47 AM

    Thursday, July 08, 2004  

    Farage's 'Assistant'? Stephen Harris

    We wonder if any readers have more knowledge of this paid party official who was also on the UKIP MEP SE regional list where the number two candidate has already proven to have been a great deal less than ideal. The very basic biography below is taken from the UKIP web-site with candidate details linked here, which described him as follows:-

    Stephen Harris was born into a British military family and grew up largely in the USA. At 18, he joined the US Navy, served in Vietnam and rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander. Later, he returned to settle in Britain. Steve is determined to protect his children's birthright as British, rather than EU citizens.

    posted by Martin | 5:31 PM

    New UKIP Appointments

    The new Party Chairwoman is Petrina Holdsworth we are informed. Also that London's new Chairman is former Party Treasurer and newly elected NEC member John de Roeck. Biographical details of the new party chairwoman, as provided on the UKIP SE Candidates list are as follows:-

    Petrina Holdsworth was brought up in Sussex. She went to London University where she read Law and was called to the Bar in 1975.

    She practised for a few years specialising in criminal law and employment law.

    She then sat as a Deputy Clerk to the Justices in Inner London for 11 years followed by a long stint as a Principal Crown Prosecutor with the CPS. She went back to the Bar finally retiring in 1997. Since then she has been a fundraiser for charity, run her own business and stood for Parliament in Mid Sussex. She is married with two grown-up children.

    Is there finally somebody at the head of the party with a knowledge of the difference between 'right' and 'wrong'? Eleven years in the Crown Prosecution Service, would certainly indicate that might be the case, and the experience might indeed prove useful!

    Fingers crossed!

    posted by Martin | 1:43 PM

    LibDems set to steal UKIP's upset?

    Is Nigel Farage's constant undermining of the euro-realist cause now about to turn what could have been UKIP's finest hour - a victory for Robert Kilroy-Silk, in the constituency of his birth - handed instead on a plate to those greatest enemies of national democracy the Liberal Democrats?

    Reading the Daily Telegraph this morning, linked here or The Independent from here, one could certainly believe so.

    Why does the party allow itself to be so unofficially and badly (MIS-)led by such a clearly flawed, self-centred and scandal-prone character as Farage! The latest edition of 'Private Eye' carries this item on the number two MEP on the South East regional list:

    Private Eye - 1110 9-22/7/04

    Brussels Sprouts

    Before he could even cross the Channel to denounce the graft and corruption endemic in Brussels, one of UKIP's new MEPs has run into trouble back home.

    The day after his election to the European parliament, Ashley Mote appeared at Chichester crown court charged with nine counts of fraud. The case which concerns alleged housing benefit fraud from a number of years ago, will be heard in full in November .

    Mote says the charges are a smear against him and his party - but it's a
    pity it seems to have slipped his mind to tell his party leaders that he was facing such accusations. All UKIP candidates were supposed to inform the party before the euro elections about any potential embarrassments however fanciful. This was to ensure that UKIP would not be linked to any member's support for neo-fascist organisations. Mote has no such links

    Farage likes to surround himself with the scandal prone and disgraced, it is inconceivable that the number two on his own regional list could be anything other than fully approved by Farage who went to such lengths to manipulate the MEP candidate lists elsewhere in the country. Among other soiled characters in his entourage, of course, are the likes of disgraced MPs Piers Merchant, extraordinarily recently and ludicrously selected as the party's Chief Executive.

    None of this can be a surprise to regular readers of this blog. What is ever more surprising is that UKIP party members just continue to let him get away with it. Wouldn't they have liked a first Westminster MP?

    posted by Martin | 6:49 AM

    Wednesday, July 07, 2004  

    Democracy Movement suspends Branch over UKIP Donation

    The Democracy Movement, a non-political organisation has suspended what we assume is its Kingston-upon-Thames Branch headed by John Moran, a known close associate and active side-kick of UKIP's 'Mr Big' Nigel Farage MEP, and the following statement has been circulated on the internet:-

    As we have had no further response from the branch concerned or indication that they are going to comply with our demands to ensure improperly spent DM funds are refunded and to issue an apology, we have taken the interim course of suspending the branch while we seek advice on further action.

    The branch is an independently constituted group - suspension means simply that they are no longer authorised to act in our name, including raising funds and using money in accounts under our name or using our mailing lists.

    Please be reassured that we are not prepared to sweep this matter under the carpet. As --- highlighted, information about the donation is in the public domain for anyone who is interested in the source of UKIP's funds to see. No doubt all agencies seeking to damage those working to halt the EU State will have thoroughly researched this.

    To preserve our non-party reputation - which we obviously firmly believe in and regard as crucial to marshall enough support to win the EU Constitution referendum - we have therefore been put in the very unfortunate position of having to take serious action against one of our branches, and to put that in the public domain also.

    The following entry was shown on the latest declaration of donations to UKIP issued by the Electoral Commission:

    "South East Region AU,
    Democracy Movement (Kingston Branch)
    status: Unincorporated Association
    Main UK Office
    21 Charles Street
    London W1
    15/03/04-----£ 2,000.00"

    posted by Martin | 6:41 PM
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