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Friday, August 25, 2006 

How to find the elusive new Head Office

Another GEM from the UKIP web site. Oh what might have been!!!!


www Ukip Uncovered
Head Office - visitors welcome


Now that Head Office is situated in glorious Devon, we have found that more and more members from all parts of the country, who are taking advantage of a holiday in the West Country, are calling in to visit.

They are all welcome.

One word of warning, however. The office is not easy to find on a first visit. For those who have a satellite navigation system the location postcode is TQ12 6UT. Others should head for Bovey Tracey, and then telephone Head Office (01626 830630) and they will be guided in. The office, often quite obvious because of the huge UKIP trailers parked outside, is the first unit on the King Charles Industrial Estate at Heathfield, near Bovey Tracey.

We hope to see you soon.


We have received other, far more startling party news, but will not post unattributed material

posted by Martin | 8:44 PM

Bromley payments to Booth MEP ????

The following is entirely and directly from the UKIP web site!!!!!!


Bromley by-election credit card donations - the full story


Bromley by-election donations

Anxiety has been expressed that credit card donations made to the Bromley by-election appeal went into the account of Graham Booth MEP.

This was purely an administrative convenience, and all monies received in this way were transferred into the by-election fund. The reason this occured was because the by-election (on June 29) could not have come at a worse time for the UKIP administration. The head office at Birmingham was being severely reduced in June preparatory to the move of head office functions to Lexdrum House, Newton Abbot, Devon on July 1. So the South-west office (which is paid for out of Graham Booth MEP's account) was requested to administer a by-election appeal which was sent out by that office on behalf of the Party Leader, Roger Knapman.

The only credit card facility immediately available was on the Graham Booth MEP account and that was what we used.

Geoffrey Kingscott
General Secretary
UK Independence Party
PO Box 408, Newton Abbot, TQ12 9BG


posted by Martin | 8:33 PM

Tuesday, August 22, 2006  

UKIP's Poor Prospects

The paper Scotland on Sunday carries a column on the bleak outlook for UKIP under any of the candidate leaders. It is titled 'Headless army lets Cameron roam free' by Fraser Nelson and may be read from this link.

posted by Martin | 7:53 AM

Saturday, August 19, 2006  

UKIP - No threat to Cameron

The Business mocks UKIP and its lost potential. The article may be read in full from this link, but the telling quote is the following:

Britain seldom does well at producing political parties outside the mainstream, and UKIP has had a pretty miserable time. But it sprang to life two years ago when it claimed 16% of the vote in the European Parliament elections –forcing the Lib Dems into fourth place. The question for the Tories is whether UKIP could manage this trick again. It is not psephologically impossible. The British electorate is increasingly fed up with its three big parties. The protest vote is there for the taking.

But it needs leadership. UKIP’s surge came when Robert Kilroy-Silk, a former BBC chatshow host, became its figurehead (if not its leader) and proved himself a skilled populist. He portrayed UKIP as a rebel army and started something which caused the Tories deep panic. When he left, the party’s profile sank as quickly as it has risen and at the last general election its voting share returned to a derisory 2.2%.

posted by Martin | 9:53 PM

Tuesday, August 15, 2006  

Frederick Forsyth's Referendum Push

I have just finished reading the speech recently given to the Bruges Group, which may be read in full from this link.

The idea of pressurising Cameron's conservatives into accepting a commitment to an EU referendum within twelve months of being elected and thus compelling New Labour to follow suit seems to require either party being considered electable in other respects. Watching unfolding events, including Cameron's feeble attack on the government upon his return from Corfu, I am seriously beginning to question whether that can be really taken for granted.

I can imagine the Lib/Dems possibly under a younger leader soon nudging ahead, the legacy of the most recent Tory and Labour administrations now demonstrably having passed far beyond straightforward negilgence or the previously assumed total incompetence.

Surely even the supine British electorate mentioned by Mr Forsyth, must soon begin to twig that the leaderships of both the main parties are directly reponsible for mismanagement on such a grand scale that the continuing smooth running of even the most basic elements of a civilised society are now being thrown into question. The suspension of prison warders at Pentonville and consequent reduction of inmates is but one less publicised of recent fiascos underlining the terrorist headlines and resulting airport chaos.

Readers of this blog might appreciate my highlighting the reference to UKIP from the following question session, which was as follows:

I think UKIP could be an umbrella generating support for the referendum that you suggested. What do you think?

UKIP has not won one single parliamentary seat. They continually lose all their deposits and the cost of that is very high. I do not see Mr Farage as our Prime Minister in Downing Street. Therefore he is not an APR, he is not an achievable political reality, his premiership is not going to happen. Neither is that of Menzies Campbell. And therefore I do not see the point of wooing. We know what the position of UKIP will be. It will be wholly in favour of BOO, which it is, and, I hope, wholly in favour of a referendum and every ally is welcome. I do not think it will be the target of the referendum campaign because I do not think they will be in a position to grant us a referendum. Only two parties I think in my lifetime will be able to grant a national referendum at the moment. One is headed by Gordon Brown and the other is headed by David Cameron. Some changes are going to have to be made.

posted by Martin | 3:41 PM

Friday, August 11, 2006  

State Funding of Parties

The three main parties all support taxpayers' money being FURTHER diverted to themselves.

Such a move would be a disaster for democracy as new parties would inevitably find it almost impossible to qualify for funds. In support of this supposition I would quote my own experience in pushing for a fair allocation of Party Political Broadcasts immediately following the launch of Veritas and in advance of the past general election. I was informed by the BBC employed Chairman in a meeting attended by representatives of all Britain's broadcasters, that small party PPB allocation was set and static regardless of the number of candidates fielded by our new party.

Had any party fielded candidates in an equal number of constiuencies as the main parties, voting history would nevertheless starve them of the publicity necessary to make such an exercise worthwhile. This incredible situation was being mandated by the representative of a State Broadcaster, whose own funding arrangements were to be subject to review by the incoming administration elected by these same warped rules. The only justification for this ruling seemed solely based on precedent and came without a word of protest from the other broadcasters then present.

What hope then for any equitable distribution of state funds when access to the media during an election campaign can be arbitrarily restricted in such a manner?

I urge UKIP members and others concerned about our lost democracy to visit the Forum on State Funding of political parties from the following link:

posted by Martin | 12:43 PM

Sunday, August 06, 2006  

Party Secretary in public slanging match and disciplinary panel dismissals.

In the middle of the increasingly acrimonious leadership contest, UKIP seems to have now taken their disputations on to the open internet, as may be discovered (hopefully only for the shortest time-being) from this link:

Douglas Denny is Party Secretary

posted by Martin | 2:14 PM
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