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Wednesday, March 30, 2005 

Former UKIP Star Alan Eastwood OBE grabs Devon headlines for Veritas

The article linked here, reports as follows:-

Politicians sign up to Veritas
30 March 2005
TWO men well known in North Devon local authority circles have joined television personality Robert Kilroy-Silk to fight in the forthcoming General Election for the new Veritas party. Torridge district councillor and former chairman Alan Eastwood, who had been chosen to represent the United Kingdom Independence Party, has followed Mr Silk in the break to Veritas. He will stand in North Cornwall

Ilfracombe town councillor and former Mayor Keith Thompson has also been chosen as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Veritas and it is understood that he will choose between fighting for a Plymouth seat or standing in Torridge and West Devon.

A retired Metropolitan police officer, Mr Eastwood is a former chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales.

In North Devon he served for eight years as chairman of the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust and is a current member of Torridge District and Northam Town Councils.

He is a member of the Veritas national executive and is their spokesman on drugs and policing. He is also their South West Region campaign manager, covering Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Dorset as well as Devon and Cornwall.

"Kilroy is a personality. People trust him because he has been in their living rooms for 18 years," he said.

"But we are not a one-person party. We have good people with different briefs. We have an important message and we are not a one-policy party. We have policies for everything.

"We don't expect to form a Government this time around, but perhaps get one or two seats. It's a matter then of building up your name," he said

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Sunday, March 27, 2005 

Return Accountability to Politics

Only vote for a Candidate who has signed the BDI. More details and links on the posts that follow.

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Is Holdsworth about to do a Rankin?

The 2001 General Election was supposed to see Aidan Rankin, largely responsible for the UKIP Manifesto, standing against the then Tory leader William Hague in Richmond, Yorkshire as may be confirmed by visiting this UKIP link.

In the event, Dr Rankin inexplicably failed to present his nomination papers and William Hague was able to run unopposed by UKIP. Is that kind of reprieve what the present UKIP Chairman, whose every action since taking office has seemed designed to promote the interests of the EU, has now got in mind to aid Michael Howard in Folkestone? After all Howard's majority is slimmer and UKIP's profile thanks to Robert Kilroy-Silk now much enhanced!

I would therefore not be at all surprised if a last minute withdrawal were suddenly to arise.

Even more reason for true Eurosceptic Independents or perhaps Veritas to position their own candidates and ensure their nominations papers are correctly and promptly submitted. Likewise in West Dorset where Oliver Letwin could quite easily be toppled and prevented from further advancing EU integration while constantly proclaiming his personal opposition to the superstate. Can either of these two be persuaded to sign the British Declaration of Independence and perhaps legitimately fend off a eurosceptic challenge? (For more information on that project click here).

EU Facts Figures and Phantasies in 2001 summarised Dr Rankin's antics from a report in 'Notes from the Borderland" which may be ordered by visiting this link. The section is quoted below for ease of reference:-


A remarkable 24 page expose of the trials and tribulations of Britain's anti-EU movements has appeared in the investigative journal "Notes from the Borderland" . This traces infiltration by agents of MI 5/6 often using extreme-right infiltrators. The report is the result of detailed and extensive research, all fully documented and referenced and the principal players are named.

It covers MI5's operation against the Referendum Party, deals with the Cook Report, Alan Sked, Nigel Farage, Michael Holmes, Greg Lance-Watkins, Bee Carthew, Christopher Skeate, Heather Conyngham, as well as Nick Griffin and John Tyndall of the BNP. It shows how the EU, through the European Movement, is fully informed of all anti-EU activities. It establishes the truth of Norman Tebbit's claim that MI6 had infiltrated UKIP.

In its final page it deals with the astounding appointment, to help write the UKIP's manifesto, of an avowed pro-EU writer, Aidan Rankin. Would it be "stupid if MI6 (for the sake of argument) arranged for an opponent of EU withdrawal to write the UKIP manifesto, and stand for a high-profile seat (against Hague in Richmond) and then not submit nomination papers?" It continues "However is it not incomprehensible beyond belief that a man with views like these (detailed) should then be employed by UKIP on a six-month contract to write their election manifesto ..?" "We do have a question which readers will hopefully share. Who exactly in UKIP hired this destructive clown and why?"

All of us need to know the answer!

Notes from the Borderland, Issue 4, costs £3 (cheque to 'Larry O'Hara' )
from: NFB, BM Box 4769 London WC1N 3XX

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Saturday, March 26, 2005 

Petrina Holdsworth, UKIP Chairman, to fight Michael Howard in Folkestone!

This link to the UKIP web page, provides all the explanation we have so far available on this interesting development.

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The British Declaration of Independence

The Home Page for the above may be found from this link. The following quotes from the site give an indication of the aims and how to promote them to regain Britain's sovereignty.

25 March 2005



The only thing that matters is what your candidates, by their actions, say about themselves. ONLY The British Declaration of Independence forces candidates to reveal what they really stand for:

  • Democratic Sovereignty or Dictatorship?
  • A Parliament or a Talking Shop?
  • Working for us or just taking the money?
  • Legislating or Lobbying?

Tell Candidates at every opportunity that you will know exactly what they stand for because they will have signed the BDI – or refused to sign the BDI.

If a candidate has signed then protest parties should not oppose them and you should vote for him/her regardless of their party.

If a candidate has refused to sign then you must not vote for him/her and must find the best way to use your vote to defeat that candidate, regardless of party.


"What the British people demand is their own Parliament which exclusively makes and repeals their laws and the right to sack their law makers. Its called Democracy."

"There are 170 sovereign nations in the world and we want to be one of them. If Declarations of Independence are alright for the Americans and the Iraqis then why not for Britons?"

"You are asking for our vote to go to our Parliament to make our laws. But if you will not commit to passing a Bill which says that our laws are made by our Parliament then why should we elect you?"

"Your party has voted for the legislation which has allowed others whom we cannot elect or dismiss to make our laws. If you don't sign this Declaration I will vote for one of the many smaller parties not yet in Parliament who WILL assert our sovereignty."

"If you are listed on the British Declaration of Independence website as having refused to sign I will not vote for you"

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005 

Election Uncertainties

Progress Magazine, has an article by a Labour Party stalwart voicing concerns about the coming contest and the likely impact of Robert Kilroy-Silkand others. The article may be read from this link.

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Monday, March 07, 2005 

More on the British Declaration of Independence

The following is a report received on the earlier South Molton Declaration:-



Of the candidates who signed the South Molton Declaration at the 2001 General Election, the most successful MP received 18,000 votes. Many Declaration Candidates came close to being elected but for the intervention of UKIP. If Roger Knapman of UKIP for example had not stood against our candidate in North Devon then the Declaration Candidate would have regained that seat for the Conservatives and for the principles of Democratic Sovereignty.

The three candidates who did the most advertising of the fact that they had signed (all Conservative) obtained swings to them of 5.9%, 6.1% and 5.1% (the average swing to Conservatives nationwide was only 1.8%).

Signatories came from across the party spectrum including Liberal Democrats whose party believes officially in the opposite of national self-government! A number of candidates of different parties reconsidered the Declaration after the election and several sitting MPs then registered their support. In all some 100 MPs or Candidates either signed or indicated their full support without signing.

We corresponded with hundreds of candidates. The SMD Campaign had 95,000 hits on our website, distributed 60,000 leaflets nationwide and had a letter of support from Margaret Thatcher the United Kingdom's most distinguished former Prime Minister.

We commissioned a MORI Poll which had the following devastating results:

30% of all voters would switch their vote to another candidate who had signed if their own
party's candidate refused to sign the Declaration. A further 12% of ALL voters would NOT
VOTE AT ALL if their own candidate refused to sign. An extraordinary 55% of Conservatives
would not vote for their preferred candidate (40% would swithch to a candidate who had signed
and 15% to "would not vote") if their candiate did not sign. No fewer than 72% of younger
Conservative voters (age 18-24) would either vote for a different candidate who had signed
(40%) or would not vote (32%) if their preferred candidate did not sign. 34% of Labour voters would
either vote for a different candidate who had signed (24%) or would not vote (10%) and 41%
of Liberal Democrat voters would either vote for a different candate (31%) or would not vote (10%)
if their own candidate did not sign.

The small turnout of 59% of the electorate (a 14% drop on the 1997 Election) shows how people refuse to vote for those who refuse to govern. This is a vindication of our Constitutional Democratic Campaign.

But most important of all we set out the strategy by which our democratic nationhood and the sovereignty of the British people will be asserted. We have provided the means by which voters and candidates can remain with their traditional politics and yet re-assert the sovereignty of the people and reclaim their parliamentary authority.



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Friday, March 04, 2005 

The Next Betrayal

Last evening in Dorchester I witnessed the next stage in the thirty-five year process of the destruction of Britain's sovereignty and democracy by the nation's own political rulers.

The event was a debate on the EU Constitution organised by the Bruges Group and the Democracy Movement, two organisations supposedly and reputedly dedicated to the fight against the erosions of our statehood by the EU. Those attending last night's procedures would be well justified to now have doubts on both those counts.

The main speaker was Oliver Letwin MP for West Dorset, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, and only recently resigned from the London Merchant Bank whose history and family connections could themselves be considered an almost perfect template for the secretive, elitist and corporatist European Union itself. In support was the President of the 'real' Liberal Party Councillor Steve Radford and Marc Glendenning of the Democracy Movement, which organisation's regional press spokesman chaired the meeting.

The essence of the arguments presented was that the referendum on the EU Constitution expected for May 2006 should be fought solely on the drawbacks of that document and under no circumstances should debate be allowed to stray onto the question of the country's continued membership of the EU. This, it was repeatedly suggested, would be to play into the hands of the euro federalists and Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and New Labour in particular.

Oliver Letwin set out three factors to be considered in the coming debate. First by stressing what was in the document, second by describing why it was a threat (he cited the 'new?' primacy of EU Law) and thirdly why the referendum represented an opportunity. On the latter point the thrust of his argument was that if the British people voted NO a mandate would then exist for a complete re-negotiation of the terms of British membership.

Such an argument completely ignores the obvious fact that if the NO campaign focuses solely on those elements, the assertion that a mandate for EU withdrawal has been given by the British electorate becomes entirely false - for that debate will have been prevented by the very politicians and political movements pretending to be opposed to the sovereign and democratic encroachments of the EU most already entirely legal, already experienced and clearly foreseen and envisioned under the existing treaties.

This fact became impossible to bring out, as by ignoring my repeatedly upraised arm, the chairman of the meeting managed to restrict the subsequent debate (with the honourable exception of two astute ladies, the best of whom had crossed the border from Devon to make a telling point on patriotism) to safe and largely irrelevant questioning from those who appeared to have been known to him.

Little mention was made of the more immediate general election contest expected by many for May 2005; rather we were urged to get campaigning for the hardly burning matter of a possible referendum in May 2006. The nonsense of the platform's case became clear when one moment we were regaled with the horrors of the recent Peter Tilleck and Marta Andreasen cases, while the next we were cautioned to refrain from the use of terms such as 'totalitarian' or 'police state'. Democracy through the Westminster Parliament might not ever have existed for this panel of speakers; perhaps a subconscious admission of the soon to be completed reality that indeed it soon will not.

With EU opponents such as these supposedly fighting the EU, no wonder Britain is now so almost entirely ensnared. The next general election, perhaps only two months away, will clearly be the last chance to fight off the EU. Small Euro-sceptic parties should now be combining to fight the big three large and united euro-committed political establishment of Labour, Conservative and the Liberal Democrats.

Rather than that, however, I fear what appears to be on the cards in the coming General Election contest is Euro-sceptic candidates fighting one another and not the devious, untruthful, non-democratic, globalist, corporatist and therefore effectively corrupted candidates from the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties who have together delivered their country and their countrymen into the hands and clearly non-existent mercies of others.

Oliver Letwin won his seat at the last election with a small majority on a platform that demanded a renegotiation of the EU Nice Treaty. From his words last night he now seems quite content with that document and all its federalist and anti-democratic provisions. No doubt if he were to be re-elected (even if the EU Constitution is resoundingly turned down in Britain's referendum and a watered down version is then accepted as would be the inevitable next step under either Labour or the Conservatives), he would then declare himself content with that outcome. It is by this kind of gradualism that we have now reached today's situation where we cannot select our own real government in the coming general election.

Only by consigning Oliver Letwin and his likes to electoral defeat can we ever hope to regain our country!

The debate on Britain's future will only ever be resolved by a full, frank and honest discussion of the reality and the alternatives. Some in the UKIP leadership seemed to recognise this fact when the referendum on the EU Constitution was first announced. They then seemed to be thwarted and subsequent references seemed to follow the line set out last night - namely that the debate once again be obscured and confused.

Veritas was formed and founded with a clear commitment to EU withdrawal. That is an argument and debate which I believe can be won. If not, so be it, I for one will happily abide by the democratic decision of the British people provided they make their decision in the full knowledge of all the facts. The closet EU supporters shy away from such a democratic process, fearful and aware that they will most likely lose - thus we appear condemned to yet more decades of deceit!

Where does UKIP stand in this matter?

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Thursday, March 03, 2005 

Finally Something to Vote For!

The British Declaration of Independence

· 1. The election tool called The British Declaration of Independence will succeed because it is based on three powerful elements: A Declaration which is worded to have real constitutional power; a signed document which irrevocably commits candidates to voting for the Declaration Bill when they get to Parliament; a voter petition which makes clear to candidates how many votes are available to them if they sign the Declaration.

· 2. The British Parliament has delegated law-making to foreign powers - without the clear knowledge or specific permission of the sovereign British people.

· 3. This happened when a cross party coalition of MPs, misinformed and under duress, passed an Act of Parliament. This situation will only be reversed and British sovereign power confirmed through another Act of Parliament - almost certainly passed by another cross party coalition of MPs.

· 4. The people have the power to elect that coalition of MPs - by voting ONLY for those candidates who, regardless of party, commit irrevocably to asserting British Sovereignty.

· 5. By signing The British Declaration of Independence MPs commit, before being elected - and on pain of resignation - to passing an Act of Parliament which will do just that.

· 6. The difficulty for voters in the past has been identifying those individual candidates. Many candidates have trumpeted sovereignty before an election and have voted against it when in Parliament. The BDI clearly identifies those who make a real constitutional commitment by signing - and it exposes those who refuse to sign.

· 7. The BDI INTERNET PETITION calls on all voters to register their desire to vote for BDI candidates. We will collect and consolidate the number of petitioners (voters) in total and in each constituency.

· 8. The Candidates (and press) will be regularly informed of the results of the Petition. Candidates will see the votes they can gain by signing the BDI itself - or the votes they will lose if they refuse to sign. 5 days before the election the voters will be told which candidates in their constituencies have signed.

· 9. When a majority of BDI candiates are elected the British Declaration of Independence Bill will then be presented in Parliament and will be passed.

· 10. The electoral power of the voter, the democratic independence of MPs and the Sovereignty of the British people will thereby be confirmed. Government by consent of the British people will be established in perpetuity by a vote confirming the Declaration of Independence Act at the beginning of every Parliament.

Make Sure the candidate receiving your vote in the General Election - REGARDLESS OF PARTY has signed up to the British Declaration of Independence!

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005 

British Declaration of Independence

Those familiar with the South Molton Declaration (see this link) from the last General Election will be pleased to know that a new, even stronger statement has now been prepared and will be available for signature by candidates at the coming election.

A well funded web site is under preparation we understand and should be up and running very soon. Electors will have the opportunity of entering their post code and immediately obtaining a list of candidates prepared to sign up to and VOTE for the restoration of Britain's sovereignty and parliamentary democracy.



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