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Tuesday, June 02, 2009 

Message from the office of Nigel Farage

Dear Correspondent

Election-Communication (June 2009)

Following our exchange of messages, earlier this year, I take the liberty of sending you some information about an important, political event.

This Thursday (4th June) brings the five-yearly elections to the EU's consultative assembly. This assembly refers to itself as "The European Parliament", although it is neither European, in any comprehensive sense, nor a parliament, as this term is generally understood.

The EU has spent billions of euros, of taxpayers' money, on conditioning electorates to regard the assembly as democratically elected and as the source of the vast amounts of EU-legislation, which are making national parliaments redundant; but this assembly is not the source of that legislation, nor is it democratically elected.

EU-legislation is generated solely by the bureaucrats and appointees of the EU-Commission and authoritatively adopted solely by the bureaucrats and appointees of the EU-Council. Such legislation is then adopted automatically by EU-governments.

The principal, valuable function of the assembly is derived from the fact that legislation, proposed to it by the Commission, thereby enters the public domain, and thus cannot be kept secret; but the pro-EU mass-media are very careful to report this disclosure only insofar as it does not seriously discredit the EU or the political parties, which support it.

The assembly can reject Commission-proposals, but, in the last session, it rejected only two such proposals, out of eight thousand, so this is not a significant power either.

In addition, the assembly can issue "written declarations", "resolutions" and "own-initiative-reports", the authors of which use them to advertise themselves, the assembly and the EU, as responsible and democratic; but these instruments have no legislative force and function purely as EU-propaganda.

In short, the assembly functions as a propaganda-agency, and as camouflage, for a highly dangerous, and entirely autocratic, system-of-government, which - through its constitutional Lisbon-Treaty - is on the verge of becoming a sovereign state.

Each national delegation, to the assembly, is democratically elected, but the assembly, as a whole, is not. This is because the EU's dozens of electorates - each isolated linguistically, within its own media-circus, from all of the others - cannot engage together in general debate, nor exert common scrutiny of the assembly's proceedings.

This means that the pro-EU parties, and mass-media, in each of these isolated electorates, can tell voters only what they want them to hear. Consequently, while preaching democracy, transparency and "togetherness", the EU rules by diktat, obfuscation and division; and the assembly is a mere pawn in this great game.

Nevertheless, as I said at first, Thursday's elections are important, because they allow the UK Independence Party - which is the only unequivocal critic and opponent of the EU - to state its view of the EU in a context, in which its view cannot be wholly ignored by the mass-media, as has always been the case in elections to (the real) Parliament.

Moreover, given a sufficient triumph, in these elections, UKIP's view will have to be considered, by the mass-media, for the first time, in the coming General Election. It will then not be possible, any longer, for Westminster's incumbent parties to pretend that their manifestos are either substantially different from one another, or capable of expressing the will of a sovereign electorate.

It will be clear to all, at last, that it is the incumbents, who represent "one-issue-parties" - dedicated to obeying the EU, whatever it does - and that only UKIP has a full range of policies, dedicated to serving the national interest.

It is at Westminster, in Parliament, alone, that the power exists to implement these policies, and then, only after the repeal of the European Communities Act of 1972 (ECA) from which the EU derives all its authority, in Britain.

The declarations of intent, so beloved by the Conservative Party, to "prevent further loss of sovereignty", "to repatriate powers to Parliament" or "to re-negotiate the terms of Britain's EU-accession treaty", are so much hypocrisy and deception - insubstantial prevarications to avoid the repeal of the ECA - and will be revealed as such at the General Election; but only if UKIP polls well enough on Thursday.

I hope you will help us do so


posted by Martin |1:52 PM
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