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Monday, December 31, 2012 

Read the report in Britain's best selling newspaper for the last day of 2012. From here

What a year for all of us who have been fighting the evil EU for decades!

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Friday, December 21, 2012 

No Cod and an old call to arrest Traitor Heath

The reported overdue resignation from the EU Parliament Fisheries Committee by Nigel Farage, who as UKIP Leader now clearly has bigger fish to fry, prompted me to peruse some old posts on the destruction of Britain's fishing industry, presumably as part of a well coordinated scheme to bankrupt our nation now almost completed, led me to this from Ironies in August 2003 which seems worth repeating now in full:

EU nears final success in destroying North Sea Cod Fishing Industry

In my mind the wrong Prime Minister will be grilled by Hutton today!

According to this item from BBC News the Continental Powers that control the European Union are now within a hairsbreadth of completely destroying the North Sea cod fishing industry. The news item begins:-

The number of cod in the North Sea has fallen to a critical low point, a senior fisheries scientist says.

Unless the surviving fish can reproduce successfully, he believes, the area's cod fishery will soon be a memory.

The cod are now at the lowest level ever seen, according to his observations.

This act of aggressive sabotage, made possible by the lie delivered in Parliament by the late Geoffrey Ripon and connived in by the silently seated Edward Heath at his side was believed by a gullible and betrayed House of Commons. It has taken just over thirty years.........shamefully thirty years during which British Ministers retained some responsibility for our seas and fisheries ..............unlike the situation prevailing today, as specifically agreed and concealed by lies to Parliament by the conservative administration of now ailing ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath.

With Heath having recently been flown back from Australia due to ill health, would it not be timely, sensible and a matter of the utmost urgency to now grant him immunity from the possibility of prosecution for his known treasonable actions. In exchange we should demand a detailed explanation of his motives and full details regarding his Continental co-conspirators and their possible next targets in the attempted destruction of our economy, so that we are able, while still just barely surviving as a nation state, to belatedly take some preventative measures to ensure that their schemes, rapidly reaching fruition with the pending Constitution, can at last be thwarted.
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Well is cod now mostly a memory, when was the last affordable piece of cod available from your local chippie? I buy a piece occasionally at the fishmonger, it is an expensive treat and comes from??????

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012 

To What Ground should UKIP Break from its EU Bridgehead?

The following quote comes from a commentator on Conservative Home to the report on UKIP by Lord Ashcroft yesterday, which seemed so apt and important that I tweeted it as follows:

"Now that Ukip have reached out from their Europe bridgehead, they're able to roam at will into whatever territory they wish to challenge"CH

As I posted yesterday UKIP should now best proceed by treating the three established Westminster parties as one and the same and entirely equal enemies of all that is in the best interests of our country.

Having established it credentials as being prepared to speak out over the EU into other areas, as evidenced by Lord Ashcroft's research, how can that fact best be capitalized to counter an inevitable acceptance by the other three that an in/out referendum on the EU has become unavoidable?

The whipping system in Westminster has made zombies of their sitting back -benchers, which mental constipation now has clearly spread across the front benches too. UKIP should reject it!

UKIP should adopt basic unalterable principles it will carry into government otherwise it should allow elected MPs to frame their own votes, issue by issue according to their own views or internet gleaned opinions of their constituents in accordance with pledges made prior to their elections. 

This is such a startling concept that it should sweep sitting MPs clean away and restore democracy to our re-instated independent country governed from a truly representative parliament. 

Such a stance should improve the chances of an OUT vote in the now inevitable EU referendum, an outcome that is regrettably presently far from certain, given the huge resources available to the evil EU empire and the corrupt servitude towards it of those presently in power!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012 

How may UKIP best profit from Ashcroft's Report

The pdf file on the research by Lord Ashcroft on UKIP voters and "considerers" is linked here.

The key point, as I have already tweeted, and far and away the most accurate, in my view, is the following:

The risk of helping elect an MP or government from the bigger party they liked least was the biggest potential off-putting factor for UKIP considerers.

The reason for UKIP's historic failure to make progress at by-elections and general elections is there summed up in one sentence. The rest of the research, though, gives the clue as to how that problem may now be resolved.

If the potential voters can be persuaded that all MPs from the three main parties are the same, spineless time-servers mainly engaged for what they can take from the public purse, with zero concern for policy differences and no trace of any principle, then which of the three parties, or indeed a coalition of all three (which is what effectively we now have at Westminster) is elected matters not one jot. The whipping system which gave executive power to two party parliaments, now under the EU tyranny has turned MPs into worthless scroungers in the eyes of the public, making UKIP's task fairly simple!

Conceding that the Tories will be smashed in the upcoming Euro elections, as Ashcroft more or less now presumes, gives a clear period for maximum effort to debase or undermine all sitting Westminster MPs between now and the next election. A task made easier by their own daily antics!

Blogging Tories such as John Redwood and Douglas Carswell will be useful in such an exercise, until they perhaps decide to change parties, as the battle of their last remaining scruples is daily played out on the internet. If sufficient MPs crossover then a different tactic may become necessary, but by then the other concerns for UKIP, raised by Lord Ashcroft, will have automatically become of considerably lesser concern.

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The Lord Ashcroft report on UKIP is linked here while the report on that in the Daily Telegraph is here. Ashcroft's researches and money drive Tory strategy so this report is important while what the Telegraph adds is merely of interest.

The key finding for me, very welcome news indeed for this contrarian blogger is that the main attraction of UKIP has been found to be that

it will “say things that need to be said but others are scared to say”

I will return to the research after I have had more time to consider the findings and offer my view of how best it can be used to rid the country of the EU controlled people now in charge.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012 

UKIP is confirmed as the third party and probably the main force in UK poltics as of this morning. Boosted by a vote by Licolnshire County Council demanding an EU Referendum by 72 votes to 7 as reported in the Sunday Express linked here.

The Sky News report on the poll is summarized on a web page here, and the Mirror on the ComRes polling is linked here.

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Monday, December 03, 2012 

The report from the Daily Express newspaper is linked from here.


Ukip leader Nigel Farage

Ukip leader Nigel Farage
Monday December 3,2012

By Alison Little

UKIP’S claim that they have replaced the Lib Dems as the “third force” in British politics received a boost yesterday when a poll showed the anti-EU party is backed by more than one in eight voters.
The survey gave Ukip a record 13 per cent approval rating, four points ahead of Nick Clegg’s Lib Dems, who were on nine per cent, up one since last month.

Labour leads with 38 per cent support, down one, while the Tories dropped three to 29 per cent, the Opinium Research survey revealed  Ukip leader Nigel Farage said: “We are delighted with our steady progress in opinion polls – and that we are outperforming the Lib Dems across the board.

“Are we the third party? It is certainly beginning to look like it but that is not why we are here. We are here to change British politics.”

Ukip last week celebrated its best ever by-election performance, coming second with 21.8 per cent of the vote behind Labour in Rotherham, with the Lib Dems finishing eighth.

But Lib Dem president Tim Farron yesterday claimed Ukip were “much more of a worry to the Tory party than they are to us”.

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Saturday, December 01, 2012 

As I tweeted last evening the next big electoral test for UKIP will be the European Parliamentary election in June 2014 which under the Lisbon Treaty will include the post of Council President, thus replacing the unelected Herman Van Rompuy. (The need for Britain to extricate itself from this oppressive disaster before such a powerful post is filled in the legal vaccuum now prevailing is a topic to which this blogger will soon return on Ironies Too).

Unless UKIP suffer a serious setback of their own making, it seems a racing certainty that they will top the poll for MEPs thus obtaining an unprecedented springboard for the following general election particularly for a party presently unrepresented in the House of Commons. 

Funding will therefore be likely to become a problem of the past after the summer of 2014. How best and most effectively such an inflow of funds is to be spent needs careful planning from today. In gauging public opinion across the nation I suggest a close relationship with a reputable and presently independent polling organisation be developed and the basic structure of a large research department be developed.

There is a possibility that the floundering Cameron/Clegg Coalition Government could fall apart earlier than either of these dates, contingency plans and fund-raising for that eventuality should therefore urgently also be put in place.

Any time spent on any pact or arrangement with any of the existing doomed and shamed political parties would be an absolute waste!

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