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Friday, April 30, 2004 

Two Million Pounds? For Idiots Like These!?

Reports have been circulating all day, to the effect that the UKIP (as usual at this stage of the electoral cycle), had received a substantial donation of funds. A report from the BBC explains as follows:-

UKIP boasts £2m election campaign The UK Independence Party is promising a well-funded campaign which will maximise its vote in the forthcoming European elections. The party says it has an election war-chest of £2m - five times more than when it won three seats in the last European election.
The extra funding for a more high-profile campaign has come from the membership, says the party.

The UKIP also published a survey suggesting growing "euroscepticism".

The party wants Britain to withdraw from the European Union - and its Mori poll suggests that 40% of people would support a "moderate, democratic party" which held such an anti-EU position.

Non-racist These "moderate" credentials of the party were emphasised by MEP Nigel Farage. At a press conference in Westminster, Mr Farage stressed that the UKIP was a non-racist party - and that it strongly disassociated itself from any extremist right-wing parties.

He went so far as to say that it was no longer relevant to talk about the party as "right-wing". "It's an extraordinary myth that people believe you have to be right-wing to be against the European Union," he said.

As an example, he said that "old Labour" had been opposed to membership of the European Union. "The labels 'right' and 'left' are old fashioned and irrelevant when there is the bigger issue of who governs Britain," he said.
High hopes Party leader Roger Knapman highlighted that with much less spending the party had achieved 8% of the vote in the last European elections. With more spending power and growing public support for EU withdrawal, he was optimistic of an electoral breakthrough. The party's political consultant, Dick Morris, who attacked extremist right-wing groups as "racist pigs", said the survey showed the party's potential for electoral success.

Mr Morris, who has previously been an adviser to the former US president, Bill Clinton, said that the UKIP's vote is set to "dramatically exceed the last vote".

"This will send a message to Britain and the European Union which will be hard to ignore," said Mr Morris.

For background on Mr Morris, Knapman and Farage see our earlier posts.

If such money is really there!! Where is it from? Why the secrecy as to the source ? And what a pity it has not been devoted to a cause seriously devoted to Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

posted by Martin |8:56 PM

A Lighter Note for a Long Weekend

A UKIP member who attended the London activists' meeting in January, where the leadership were roundly condemned, was reminded by our earlier posting regarding Nominating Officer problems, of an amusing incident which took place at that January meeting. This is what he wrote to us...


"The recent posting about the leadership's last throw at stopping Damian Hockney and the Reform UKIP team reminds me of a very funny thing that happened at the activists' meeting.

The only people there who supported the leadership out of about 60 people were a small group of three or four which included Heather Bennett, the former London organiser who had just walked out with no notice, leaving the region in the lurch a few months earlier.

As the meeting progressed, she became very angry and almost hysterical.

Finally she got out of her chair, and started shouting, concluding with the remark: "Anyway, this is a crock of s**t and I'm out of here..." Exit Heather.

A wag at the front of the hall, and he knows who he is, called out after her: "Is that a motion, Heather". It injected a much needed element of humour and relief into the meeting...


Have a great Bank Holiday! We might not be Blogging at the normal rate, but if anything of interest occurs, be sure we will keep you informed.

posted by Martin |4:48 PM

New Attempt to Drop Damian Hockney as Candidate

Although we heard this week that following the Disciplinary Appeal having upheld Damian Hockney's UKIP membership and that the London Forum had sent instructions for their area leaflet to go to the printers complete with Damian as GLA candidate, we have now received this report quoted in full below, indicating that problems continue:-


Leadership's last throw at banning Damian Hockney as a candidate

Like a dog with a bone, the cabal cannot leave the London campaign alone. Having dismembered the North East and Yorkshire campaigns through discipline actions, committee suspensions, and smear attacks on their own people, regulars to blogspot will know they have been putting as much effort into upending the London campaign team as they have put into running the national campaign.

Having failed to have Damian Hockney expelled from the party, they are now on another very canny little ruse. Against the party's internal rules and all custom and practice, they have sacked the London Region's choice of
Nominating Officer...and have installed someone who is firmly in the leadership camp, a Heather Bennett, who stomped out of the London activists meeting in January because the members passed several motions critical of the leadership.

She and she alone will have control of the listing of candidates as it is given to the government's Returning Officer for London for the elections in June...and you can guess what London fears, can't you?

What are the odds on Damian Hockney's name "accidentally" slipping off the list on 13th May (the deadline for nominations)? Or that the leadership invent a last minute crisis involving Damian Hockney, claiming he has
committed some "heinous crime" and using it as the excuse for bumping his name off the list through their tame Nominating Officer? They've openly admitted to "somehow getting access" to people's e-mail accounts, so do you think they would not be capable of this?

One of their fears is that Hockney will be elected to the GLA, and a recent newpaper website report in London gave some credence to the fact that he could do it - a group of London local papers' website gave coverage to the low percentage of the vote that is needed for UKIP to get him onto the assembly, and how the "Maloney effect" could hand him the seat. This is the last thing the leadership want, as it would hand strength to those who are proposing the party be reformed.


posted by Martin |11:08 AM

Have the Geriatrics forgotten an EU Manifesto?

Have the old fellas who are leading UKIP into the coming European Parliamentary elections had a 'senior moment'? Should UKIP's candidate in the East Midlands actually win, presumably by keeping his electors in complete ignorance of the character flaws he has displayed over the recent past as Chairman of UKIP's disciplinary panel, he would be 76 when his term reached an end. The Eastern Region candidate, assuming he had not immediately retired on gaining election (which is rumoured to be his intent), would only be a couple of years behind at 74. Mike Nattrass in the West Midlands and now apparently running everything outside the South East and London is also no spring chicken!

We wonder if that might explain the apparent absence of any specific EU Election Manifesto emerging so far. The poster campaign has been launched , but where are the policies??

I have been corrected by one close to most official party decision making during recent years, that it has not just been the last few months during which the party has been obsessed with the European elections, apparently it has been more like the past two years.

I would, therefore, have expected to see some very glossy document informing us precisely 'what' as a "party", UKIP's targeted 10 MEPs are expecting to achieve in the next five years in Brussels and Strasbourg (with or without their wheelchairs or zimmer frames)!

posted by Martin |7:41 AM

Thursday, April 29, 2004 

Farewell Family Values!

As repeatedly warned on this blog, the recruitment of Bill Clinton's disgraced pollster Dick Morris, was always likely to backfire on the party in the election campign. Such warnings and background information may be read here from 29th May, here for 9th July and earlier days and at various other times as obtainable from the Google Search facility above.

Sure enough, the latest Private Eye is now on the case:-

The UK Independence Party is broadly conservative, so it's no surprise it should endorse family values.

As its current manifesto declares: "A further unfortunate result of expanding state provision and other government policies has been to undermine the family as the basic stable unit of society."

It is, however, something of a surprise that the party should have enlisted the services of Dick Morris to mastermind its electoral strategy. A former presidential adviser in Washington, Morris was forced to resign from the Clinton White House when he was caught cheating on his wife with a $200-an-hour prostitute. Morris, it was reported, took particular pleasure in phoning up the president while in the company of the lady in question. He had also fathered a child by a woman to whom he was not married.

Morris subsequently blamed his failings on sex addiction, for which he decided to undergo a course of counselling. "Like all 12-step programmes to cope with the problems facing one", he said, "it is both agonising and successful". UKIP must certainly be hoping so.

Family values!? What? With Dick Morris as party pollster and strategist and Piers Merchant now confirmed as lead MEP candidate in the North East? (As reported in our earlier post of today.) Such values appear way down the party's priority list.

Another sign of possible abandonment of supposed prior higher standards within the party, may be found from looking at the photograph of party leader Knapman which accompanies their web report of his letter to The Times of 27th April 2004. (Although we doubt the photo belongs to this millenium!)

It seems the party has travelled a good way from the time when an attempt was made to disqualify an elected NEC member for having used an out of date photograph in their candidate details - or was there some other motive for such a move?

posted by Martin |1:43 PM

More Evidence of Farage/Greg Lance-Watkins Connections?

We find the contents of this link curious. Comments welcome! Namibian.

In his letter of objection, Nigel Farage, Member of the European Parliament, pointed out there had been an 80 per cent reduction in stocks of six shark species between 1986 and 2000.

posted by Martin |9:44 AM

Resigned Tory MP Confirmed as NE MEP Lead Candidate

As predicted in our post of 8th March linked from here, the former Tory MP for Beckenham, Piers Merchant, who was forced to resign from Parliament following a tabloid sex scandal, has now been selected by UKIP as their Lead MEP Candidate in the North East.

How is it that UKIP selects someone to lead a regional campaign who has been rejected as unfit by those against whom it seeks to compete?

The UKIP North East activists are nearly all now working for the campaign of former metric martyr and now leader of the battle against the North East Regional Assembly, Neil Herron, (Click here to visit Neil's Campaign Web Site) as is this Blog and almost all of the former UKIP MEP candidates for that region, many of whom resigned in disgust over the disgraceful tactics of UKIP in the region. The true character of the party's original preferred candidate, Peter Troy, may be glimpsed from the post immediately below, as may the animosity the contest still engenders in some!

posted by Martin |7:43 AM

Wednesday, April 28, 2004 

Responses from UKIP Members - The Thug Tendency

It was back last June that I first posted on the subject of a tendency towards nastiness amongst a certain group of UKIP activists - this item is linked from here. It has unhappily also been discussed at intervals since.

Part of the prompting for that original posting was the 'apparently' co-incidental, almost simultaneous, receipt in the post of a circular advertising bodyguard and personal protection services, by the otherwise not connected chairman/woman of the UKIP Yorkshire and North East Regional Committees, then under blistering attack and eventual unconstitutional disbandment by the obnoxious clique of individuals still running the party to this day.

Following last weekend's circulation of further details of their most recent activities to new sections of the party, my computer and that of another helpful individual has been under repeated virus attacks, in my case my e-mail password became inoperative and many abusive e-mails have been recieved, few of them elevating themselves much above the F***K, P**S or S*D OFF variety. The UKIP Thug Tendency is indeed alive and kicking!

Quoting these e-mails, or even selections would be distasteful and pointless. One, however, is an exception and I feel should be publicised as it is from an individual much featured in the early stages of this blog, who was in fact solely responsible for alerting me to the really unsavoury nature of certain parts of UKIP; but who nevertheless, in spite of all the squalid tricks in which he gets found out, (enter Peter Troy in the UU Google Search engine above for 21 separate entries with details) he nevertheless survives and in fact seems to be still extraordinarily favoured by the leadership cabal. So much so that he incomprehensively remains one of their lead MEP candidates for 10th June, as he proudly displays at the foot of his poisonous diatribe.

His comment is posted below. Note its total absence of willingness to enter into any debate on points of policy or substance and complete reliance on unreasoned personal attack. Read it and ask yourself how such a candidate can do anything but besmirch the party's name and worse even risk the ruination of the very cause that UKIP is supposed to represent:-

Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 7:37 PM
Subject: Re: Discover Your UK Independence Party

Mr ****,

I refer to your email received today.

Cole is a nasty odious obsessive individual who I recently compared with 'Lord Haw Haw.' Unfortunately owing to the imposition of the convention of Human Rights upon British law Martin Cole is, for the time being at least, unable to suffer the same fate.

I sir have not forgotten who are the enemies of Her Majesty's realm are. You sir, I believe have, shame upon you.

Peter Troy
Lead Candidate, Scotland
UK Independence Party.

Meantime many thanks to all those who have responded to recent communications with messages of support.

posted by Martin |6:54 PM

Who are the Real Enemies of UKIP?

In the posting beneath this, the message sent out to large numbers of UKIP members last Sunday, designed to make the broader UKIP membership aware of the unconstitutional activities underway in their party, is quoted in full.

Among the general disinformation this exercise provoked, were two statements put out by the acting Party Secretary, who last year won substantial damages from the party and subsequently had her term on the NEC unconstitutionally extended. Someone, therefore, who one would have thought, should truly know who might be working to oppose the EU, and who might be there for pure financial gain! The main substance of her response and attempted explanation is best gleaned from the opening to her second effort at explanation:-



Dear UKIP Member,

As previously warned your address is being used by enemies of the party to disseminate grossly inaccurate information against UKIP. Your email address was disclosed by the party --- , ****. He said at the time this was done in error and apologised for his actions..........


So those who, selflessly and for no benefit other than to protect the reputation of the entire anti-EU cause, try to bring a full and fair description of what has been underway within UKIP, to as many members as possible, are to be considered as 'enemies of the party'? While the money grubbers driving the party and its cause into the dirt in reckless pursuit of their own personal gains and position are to be free to behave and act however they choose with no knowledge of their deeds to ever be allowed to become known?

It is perfectly clear from any visit to the archive files of this web-site that I personally have been warning the NEC of these problems for well over a year, conscious of the damage that was about to be inflicted on the anti-EU cause most likely during the European Parliamentary campign this May and June. Many chances to put matters right have been passed purely because of the naked ambition to be elected/re-elected to Strasbourg by the ruling cabal, who rather than reform the party or even merely act as the constitution required, chose instead to dub me as an enemy, as they did those on the NEC , some of whom resigned in the interim, and some who stayed to argue for a better course!

These few remaining reforming NEC members, trying to bring some order to the party's chaotic affairs have also been disgracefully smeared, one of whom the duly and properly appointed Returning Officer is apparently worthy of being villified simply for trying to run a constitutional NEC re-election process, - the very task for which he was properly appointed. Another who chaired the Disciplinary Appeal for former Vice Chairman Damian Hockney, leader of the reform movement, is disgracefully attacked in a widely circulated e-mail by a close associate of the Knapman, Farage, Lott, Nattrass, Clark ruling clique, the disgraced 'inciter to murder' Greg Lance-Watkins, who was also a major participant with Nigel Farage in the last party leadership election shenanigans as detailed on our side-bar to the right. (Knapman was not elected leader being appointed by show of hands, the other contenders having withdrawn, at the Scarborough conference).

The decision by Tony Blair to call a referendum has the benign effect of turning the coming European Parliamentary elections into a sideshow. I am promoting a campaign - "Five Years at the Trough is Enough - Re-elect No Sitting MEP" updates on which will be found on our sister blog WE WONT GO which can be visited by clicking on the title for news and updates. A breathing space and opportunity to prepare for the far more important referendum and general election has thus been provided. I suggest activists bend their main energies to preparing for those more crucial fights ahead, or for the domestic elections on 10th June.

posted by Martin |7:11 AM

Informing the Membership

If the elections to the governing body of an organisation were to be unconstitutionally cancelled, then ordered by the duly appointed responsible officer to proceed, the ballot papers then mysteriously disappeared, the Returning Officer reportedly threatened and thereafter resigning in disgust - would it not seem appropriate for the deprived electors to be informed of such events?

If these activities occurred as the culmination of further extraordinary events taking place over the preceding years and culminating in a whole string of particularly doubtful, if not downright dubious, dirty dealings in the previous twelve months, all as summarised in my posting this time yesterday and as set out in full detail on this web-site - would it not be the correct course to inform as many party members as possible as to exactly what was taking place?

Earlier this month an election circular was distributed to a large batch of UKIP party members by e-mail. The recipients somehow each received the e-mail details of all the other recipients. That list of members therefore became extremely widely known and generally available to party members and others. (In a posting above this, one explanation from Acting Party Secretary Nikki Sinclaire is provided, an earlier version from Party Chairman Lott is also available).

Given this opportunity to inform the broader UKIP Party Membership of the underhand activities being perpetrated in their names, last Sunday I began to send out, within the constraints of my personal e-mail handling capabilities, (later in the day I received further help with the distribution for which I was most grateful), this message, with a subject "Discover your UK Independence Party", which was as follows:-


Dear Fellow Dedicated Opponent of the EU,

Please take some time to visit the web site below which is dedicated to bringing the latest news of activities within your party, to as many people as possible - often several times a day. It can be reached by clicking on the link here:-

The latest posting from our fascinating site, which carries a wealth of links, all completely and solely dedicated to the UK Independence Party is quoted below:-


The following has just been sent to the UKIP NEC by Damian Hockney:-

I'm not sure if you have seen Craig's comments about the NEC elections. The attacks by David Lott and others on the candidates who are standing on a basis of reforming the party after June 10th have been disgraceful and outrageous. And the antics of the past two weeks by Nikki Sinclaire, David Lott, Nigel Farage and his staff in the past two weeks have been nothing short of third world. It is like we are staging a re-run of a Roumanian election in 1938. Craig describes in his final paragraph the "perverted and shambolic" processes instigated by David Lott, Nikki Sinclaire and Nigel Farage and employees, and I am experiencing at first hand myself the clearly corrupt and fraudulent process under way, with frantic attempts to lean on processes and have me disbarred from standing for the NEC and for the GLA elections.

What is so completely extraordinary is that an employee of Nigel Farage's can take away the party ballot papers and then deny the official returning officer access to them.

Although it is a blow to fair elections, I think that Craig had only two options - to resign as he has done, or to go to court to have the proper process upheld, but with constant attacks upon his authority and upon fair elections he has clearly had enough.

But who now will ensure proper process? There have been moves by Nikki (who is acting party sec) to have candidates' election addresses qualified and she has already acted, with David Lott, to unconstitutionally stop the NEC elections. She has campaigned repeatedly to usurp Craig from his position.

No-one can stop the elections or interfere with them other than the Returning Officer. For the last 3 months, the Party Chairman and others have done nothing but interfere in these elections, smearing candidates in them, now cancelling them to suit their own ends.

This is quite simply corrupt and I call upon the NEC to stop this corruption right away or to face the consequences.

I also call upon you not to support the intended plan of the party leadership to stop me standing in the European and GLA elections, as this is clearly a major aim of the corruption of the processes underway. You may remember that I told you at the last NEC meeting, which I recorded as you know, that the secret plan is to declare me an "unfit candidate" following the likely reinstatement of myself by the Appeal Committee.

I really must say to NEC members that if they can clearly tolerate this level of corruption and gerrymandering in the name of a great cause, then they must ask themselves how far are they prepared to go down a road of deceit, lies and smears while closing thei r ears and eyes and repeating the mantra: "Only 60 days to go, the only thing that matters is the Euro Elections".

Does honour and honesty and decency and proper behaviour count for nothing in our cause? Are all these things negiotiable in the process of getting a few people highly paid jobs?

Are you just going to sit there and weakly simper, closing your hands over your ears while people like myself tell you awkward truths?

If you allow and permit such corruption in your own name you are as guilty as those who are undertaking it.

Damian Hockney

Please visit the website and make a fully informed decision as to how you should be campaigning in the next few weeks.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Cole


posted by Martin |6:22 AM

Tuesday, April 27, 2004 

Blog Improvements

Newer readers might find some of the background detail difficult to trace as this blog has tended to grow and develop according to the direction of events as they unfolded during the past year.

I have therefore added a Google Search facility at the head of the blog which allows exclusive searches of Ukip Uncovered. I am also undertaking an updating of the subject matter of the side-bar, some of which topics have now been more than overtaken by recent events.

We hope these improvements will be particularly useful to any newer readers.

posted by Martin |4:58 PM

The Referendum Impact on the European Elections

While part of Blair's startling about turn on the EU Constitution was undoubtedly intended to throw the Tories into total confusion, there can be absolutely no question that it has a similar if not greater impact on UKIP. Indeed the mere prospect of a possible referendum on the constitution must trigger a major strategic rethink amongst all euro-sceptics and their multitude of organisations. (Fifty seven listed by Britain in Europe before that most valuable of euro-sceptic research sites was pulled from the web by the federalists!).

To its credit, the UK Independence Party was almost the first out of the box in declaring that what the referendum would really be about was whether Britain should remain within or withdraw from the EU. Criticism has been levelled at the party for this outspoken approach, but the country cannot permit the down to earth and entirely honest withdrawalist case to be put solely by the BNP whose motivations will always inevitably be suspected as having their roots in racism.

More cautious, but equally dedicated and committed eurosceptics are moving in a direction closer to that being put by the Conservative Party, namely that use of the 'withdrawal' word, or hinting at that being the agenda might damage the overall referendum campaign and cost victory on the constitution, as is clearly Blair's hope.

The positioning of UKIP in the vanguard of the 'withdraw' movement has been slated, not just by the BBC and other federalist media, but unhappily also by supposed friends of the eurosceptic cause, who I believe are misguided.

The truth must be put to the general public. Anybody attempting to do so, knowing almost the whole background and inner workings of the EU, then presenting all those known, proven and easily demonstrable facts to the broader public, will immediately appear devious and dishonest if they lead to a conclusion that falls anywhere short of Britain establishing a new relationship with the EU as a fully sovereign independent nation state, where assent to the terms negotiated lies solely in the hands of all the people and with a reformed parliament, democratically elected, but constitutionally barred from ever again ceding the people's rights to outsiders, as has slowly but steadily been occurring over the past half-century.

The deeply flawed and now happily mortally damaged constitutional document of Valery Giscard d'Estaing, was supposed to be the grand finale to this dreadful and debilitating process; but it happily, and now quite clearly over-reached itself. The drive towards its ends will however continue apace!

The federalists can form their own attacks on Euro-scepticism, an example of their ambiguity appears in this morning's Daily Telegraph Opinion article by Lord Haskins, titled 'Yes: This new constitution is not about a European superstate' which may be read by clicking here and from which this quote comes:-

One of the shortcomings of the forthcoming referendum is that most voters will choose to make their voting judgments on their wider assessments of the benefits, or otherwise, of continuing membership.

Indeed the most vocal opponents of the constitution, led by the United Kingdom Independence Party, are quite open in campaigning for Britain to withdraw altogether from EU membership.

I assume Lord Haskins sees the 'shortcomings' as used in this context, to mean his best hope!

The position now assumed by UKIP, at once bold, but almost certainly logical and necessary brings with it, inevitable but no less awkward consequences.

The major efforts of the party for some months and most certainly for the next several weeks are the 10th June elections for the European Parliament. If UKIP is successful, what will be the position of their elected MEPs during the campaign in which the UKIP party platform will be for withdrawal? Can any UKIP campaign for withdrawal be truly effective if the major part of its income continues to depend on EU funding as has seemed to have been the case of late?

Should UKIP be running full candidate lists for the European Parliamentary elections at all in light of the referendum announcement? And if so should their candidates give a commitment to stand down (if elected) once a referendum is called? The party must give answers to these vital questions, preferably now to its members, but certainly later on at the hustings.

posted by Martin |8:15 AM

Monday, April 26, 2004 

The 1975 Referendum

For a summary of the above and a down-loadable version of the leaflet distributed to every household, visit either of our sister blogs 'Ironies' by clicking here or 'Teetering Tories' click here.

posted by Martin |9:59 AM

UKIP Today

Following yesterday's extensive e-mailing of some UKIP members, it might be helpful to provide a brief introduction to myself and this site. Followed by a summary of events leading to the present crisis point.

I have been concerned at the encroachments of the EU project for many years and wrote a fast-paced novel in1996/7 intended to highlight the dangers. This is now on sale from UKIP member Mike Rollings, who bought the remaining copies I had donated to UKIP and is now using the net proceeds to fight the EU and regionalisation in the North. Copies may be ordered by the link to the right. An introduction to the book and myself may be reached by clicking on the title - MILLENNIUM BLITZKRIEG

I determined in 2002 that IDS was not about to prove effective in resisting the EU and joined UKIP. I foresaw that matters would likely come to a climax around the time of the European Elections of this year and during the immediately following General Election. I set out a proposed strategy for the party in September 2002 (never acknowledeged by Chairman Nattrass, but copies now available on request) and applied to become a 2004 EP candidate. On discovering the extent of mismanagement and potentially far graver problems within the party I let it be known, just over one year ago that I could not continue my candidacy without a complete change in the very top leadership of UKIP. I was then pointlessly disqualified and I eventually resigned in disgust!

I started this blog around that time and by visiting the archive files and links on the right hand side-bar a full understanding of all the party's severe problems and the likely identities of those mainly responsible can quickly be gained. A brief summary might, however, be helpful.

Following the return of three MEPs to the present European Parliament vicious infighting continued into 2000 and resulted in the ousting of then leader Michael Holmes, who had earlier replaced the founding leader Dr Alan Sked amidst similar bitterness. Following an Extraordinary General Meeting of members Holmes himself was ousted and extraordinarily the party then found itself with its three most senior positions filled by one-time members of the small fringe 'New Britain Party' described as "avowedly racist" and "far-right" in the national press as can be read by clicking on this link on the articles title: 'Far Right invades anti-Europe party'.

The three ex-New Britain Members concerned were Jeffrey Titford MEP, who became leader and is now lead candidate in the Eastern Region, Mike Nattrass, who became Party Chairman, is now Deputy Party Leader and Bryan Smalley who was appointed Party Secretary, but to whose credit resigned after a few months following the illegalities of the BBC video tape copyright infringement involving Chairman Nattrass and Nigel Farage MEP, misuse of the membership database and various other difficulties too numerous to mention here.

The party in the hands of such individuals, who apart from the doubts over their political pasts also seem incapable of competent management, is today split and approaching disintegration. The illegal and unconstitutional suspension of the NE and Yorkshire Regional committees, the huge overspend in last year's regional elections by Chairman Lott (never adequately explained), firing and subsequent re-instatement of the Party Treasurer under legal threat, lock-out and removal of the Party General Secretary and permanent London staff from their office, disputed relocation to Birmingham in facilities controlled by the Deputy Party Leader Mike Nattrass - one of whose first acts was to try and ban party members form contacting the press other than through his designated nominee, fearful abuse of the Disciplinary Rules and procedures turning the panel into a weapon for the squashing of dissent and expulsion of critics, lost High Court action with damages with mysterious promotion and unconstitutional NEC extension for the successful litigant, all culminating in the extraordinary attempts to prevent the constitutional NEC elections proceeding, details of which may be read from the Returning Officer's statement further down the page made concurrent with his frustrated resignation.

Many other matters arise and are covered in detail on the pages of this blog. Not least is the question as to whether UKIP is any longer working towards EU withdrawal or has simply become a vehicle for its existing MEPs Farage, Titford and Booth to continue on the EU gravy train, joined they are hoping by their fellow incompetent and unscupulous colleagues who figure high on the candidate lists in other areas, namely: appointed Leader Knapman, Deputy Leader Nattrass, Former Party Secretary Clarke and so on.

posted by Martin |7:37 AM

Saturday, April 24, 2004 


The following has just been sent to the UKIP NEC by Damian Hockney:-

I'm not sure if you have seen Craig's comments about the NEC elections. The attacks by David Lott and others on the candidates who are standing on a basis of reforming the party after June 10th have been disgraceful and outrageous. And the antics of the past two weeks by Nikki Sinclaire, David Lott, Nigel Farage and his staff in the past two weeks have been nothing short of third world. It is like we are staging a re-run of a Roumanian election in 1938. Craig describes in his final paragraph the "perverted and shambolic" processes instigated by David Lott, Nikki Sinclaire and Nigel Farage and employees, and I am experiencing at first hand myself the clearly corrupt and fraudulent process under way, with frantic attempts to lean on processes and have me disbarred from standing for the NEC and for the GLA elections.

What is so completely extraordinary is that an employee of Nigel Farage's can take away the party ballot papers and then deny the official returning officer access to them.

Although it is a blow to fair elections, I think that Craig had only two options - to resign as he has done, or to go to court to have the proper process upheld, but with constant attacks upon his authority and upon fair elections he has clearly had enough.

But who now will ensure proper process? There have been moves by Nikki (who is acting party sec) to have candidates' election addresses qualified and she has already acted, with David Lott, to unconstitutionally stop the NEC elections. She has campaigned repeatedly to usurp Craig from his position.

No-one can stop the elections or interfere with them other than the Returning Officer. For the last 3 months, the Party Chairman and others have done nothing but interfere in these elections, smearing candidates in them, now cancelling them to suit their own ends.

This is quite simply corrupt and I call upon the NEC to stop this corruption right away or to face the consequences.

I also call upon you not to support the intended plan of the party leadership to stop me standing in the European and GLA elections, as this is clearly a major aim of the corruption of the processes underway. You may remember that I told you at the last NEC meeting, which I recorded as you know, that the secret plan is to declare me an "unfit candidate" following the likely reinstatement of myself by the Appeal Committee.

I really must say to NEC members that if they can clearly tolerate this level of corruption and gerrymandering in the name of a great cause, then they must ask themselves how far are they prepared to go down a road of deceit, lies and smears while closing their ears and eyes and repeating the mantra: "Only 60 days to go, the only thing that matters is the Euro Elections".

Does honour and honesty and decency and proper behaviour count for nothing in our cause? Are all these things negiotiable in the process of getting a few people highly paid jobs?

Are you just going to sit there and weakly simper, closing your hands over your ears while people like myself tell you awkward truths?

If you allow and permit such corruption in your own name you are as guilty as those who are undertaking it.

Damian Hockney

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Edward Fox becomes Patron of UKIP

The announcement is from the party's web site and may be read from this link.

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Damian Hockney Reinstated

We have heard that the outcome of the Disciplinary Appeal Hearing was that Damian Hockney has been reinstated, but that there are conditions attached. More news will be provided when available.

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'DEMOCRACY IN DANGER' - Telegraph Takeover by German Group

We received no news on the Disciplinary Appeal hearing of Damian Hockney last night but will publish a report when news is received, hopefully later this morning. Meantime I am re-publishing below this morning's posting from the blog 'Ironies', both because it touches upon UKIP towards its close but more importantly as it relates to what I see as a huge threat to our democracy, please pass it along as far as you are able - and make the Telegraph and Axel Springer Group aware of your own views.


The Daily Telegraph this morning returns to the topic of the 'Nazi' accusation by the owner of the Express Newspaper Group in connection with its own takeover by the German Axel Springer Group. The folLowing are selected quotes from the article that may be read in full from here:-

Mr Desmond claimed that "all Germans are Nazis" in what was seen as an attack on a possible bid by the Berlin-based Axel Springer group to buy The Daily Telegraph.

His outburst was condemned by commentators, historians and politicians alike, whose reactions ranged from angry puzzlement to fears that it could discourage German business links with Britain.

Jorg Friedrich, the historian and author of Der Brand (The Fire: Germany Under Bombardment 1940-45), in which he called on Britain to re-examine its war history, said he was not surprised by Mr Desmond's tirade. "The British think the Germans have swastikas printed on their brains - it's an obsession.

"We are talking about the sale of a newspaper, and if it had been a company from any other nation that was rallying to buy it, people would say this is part of globalisation, but because it's a German firm everything has to be related back to the war."

The danger here should NOT be allowed to relate back to the past, NOR should it be considered in terms of a normal commercial company take-over as in the case of BMW and British Leyland as the article then goes on to do.

We are clearly NOT just talking about the sale of a newspaper, as I feel sure historian Jorg Friedrich well knows.

The threat goes to the potential undermining of the bedrock of our very political system and our existence as an independent nation.

The putsch that ousted Iain Duncan Smith from the leadership of the Conservative Party was accomplished in such a manner that it immediately aroused grave concerns regarding the remaining diplomatic credentials of the party and the independence of mind of its sitting MPS. These have been discussed at length on this blog starting with this post last October and linked here from its title Howard's EU Compromise with Clarke and many other such postings on the 'Teetering Tories' blog November Archive Files linked here.

The threat to the Telegraph Group of newspapers, which are undisputably recognised as the effective house journals of the Conservative Party must be considered against the backdrop of this recent party takeover, the undemocratic nature in which such was accomplished and the extraordinary series of policy decisions taken by the new Tory leadership in the intervening six months.

Considering the nature of our political system being absolutely dependent upon the two party system, to allow one such party to fall completely under the influence of foreigners who recent actions have proved carry no feelings of community of purpose or obligations of what they would term as 'solidarity' to the people of this country would be an act of treachery unprecedented in this nation's history.

Some might consider such a view unreasoned or xenophobic, but that is not the case. Whatever the rights or wrongs of our entering into the actions in Iraq, our troops are now in Basra engaged in bringing a better life to the people of southern Iraq. Are we supported in this task by the two powers that presume to lead the EU - France and Germany? We are not. In fact it is clear from their actions and media comment, that those two countries share with our nationalised broadcaster the BBC an almost obsessive desire to see the objectives of the coalition in Iraq fail, even, it sometimes appears, considering that casualties amongst our soldiers out there on the ground are a necessary side-product of the desired humiliation.

Howard's extraordinary and hushed-up extension of the Conservative Party's membership of the German dominated, ultra-federalist EPP-ED group in the European Parliament after the June elections is further sign of his apparent subservience to outside influences - there is no logic in this action. It has almost entirely been kept out of the media and it defies any explanation as it was always bound to have adverse electoral consequences on 10th June and no amount of examination or objective analysis of its likely consequences can uncover any presumed benefits for either the Conservative Party and even more certainly none whatever for Britain.

More astounding still is the incident of the proposed motion of censure of the European Commission over the Eurostat corruption scandal, which was first signed by the Conservative MEP delegation, who almost all subsequently removed their signatures, causing the motion to nearly fail, on the orders of German Christian Democrat and EPP leader Hans-Gert Poettering, in which matter the EP Chief Whip Chris Heaton-Harris resigned, the sole demonstration of resistance that I have discovered during the past six months during which we seem to have seen the loss of the independence of our main opposition party with all its long and sometimes honourable history.

The Telegraph Group cannot be allowed to fall to the Axel Springer Group. Readers should make their feelings known to Axel Springer and the paper. My novel Millennium Blitzkrieg which predicted a non-democratic German dominated French assisted EU, opening a Trade War with the USA in the early part of this century, was initially accepted for publication in Britain by the publishing house Macmillan's one time family firm of Conservative Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. Subsequently I was informed that such decision had been reversed by higher management. The firm had some time before, I later learnt been taken over by the giant multinational German media group Bertelsman. Free sppech is one of our last remaining freedoms within the EU, it depends on a free press the Telegraph is a main supporting pillar of those freedoms. Canadian press barons of the past are founder members of that tradition and have proved sound defenders of our rights arguments that Axel Springer group founded in 1946 are similar is clearly false.

The myth that we are all one and the same in Europe is just that: a dangerous fabrication. Moves are afoot that all seem designed to prevent the people of this country calling a halt, let alone reversing the move, to our subjugation.

Would the French stand by and let Le Monde or Le Figaro go to Axel Springer, the very idea is absurd!

The chaos uncovered within the UK Independence Party now reaching a climax as is revealed in my blog UKIP Uncovered, where the extraordinarily anguished resignation statement of the party Returning Officer charged with overseeing NEC elections, posted last evening makes particularly harrowing reading, underlines theses concerns. Coming just ahead of the EU elections and as the culmination of a long chain of quite extraordinary goings on, these events are impossible to be viewed as uncontrived. When considered alongside the recent far from open goings-on within the Conservative Party, I find it impossible not to conclude that the very basis of our democracy is what is now at risk.


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Friday, April 23, 2004 

Final Report from Resigning Returning Officer

Hardly had I concluded my somewhat despairing report on the state of the UK Independence Party in the posting that immediateky follows this, than the following arrived, which is quite clearly genuine and dated today 23rd April, 2004 - ironically St Georges Day:-


Final Report of Returning Officer to Candidates for the NEC Elections 2004

It is with utter disgust with events surrounding the NEC election that I now write to you.

As you know, I halted the election in February because of various interferences with the election process that I considered so serious as to prevent the progress of a free and fair election at the time. Those responsible realised the seriousness of the matter and reined in their wilder excesses, allowing the dust to settle.

After much consideration as to the requirements of the Party's Constitution, I felt there was an imperative for an election to be held as soon as practicable so that the Party would have the functioning and elected NEC it needs and that the Constitution demands. The Euro-election period will need serious financial and management decisions to be made that I consider to be best discharged by a new team who will be in place to run the Party after June 10th. I therefore made arrangements for the election papers to be sent with the latest newsletter with a covering sheet to inform members about new dates for return, allowing the old election pack to remain extant and usable thus saving the Party many thousands in reprinting costs. The NEC similarly resolved at the NEC meeting of 15th March that I progress with the elections as soon as possible.

You may then share my surprise upon my return from holiday on 15th April, to find, without consultation, that the election had been stopped at the behest of the Acting Party Secretary on spurious grounds as to the validity of one candidate. Conveniently done whilst it was known I was away. Despite this I instructed the distributor to go ahead with my full sanction as Returning Officer that complied fully with the NEC's wishes.

By Tuesday of this week, I found that the Party Chairman had become involved and countermanded my request to the distributor. Having received a report from and lengthy discussion with the Acting Secretary as to reasons, I am still at a loss to find any valid reasons as to why the election should not progress. I can only conclude that various members of the leadership do not want this Party to have a functioning NEC, duly elected within the requirements of the Constitution. I will not advance my opinions as to why.

Matters have taken a further turn for the worse as I have been told that the election papers have been taken away from the distributors with whom I have closely liaised to ensure security of the ballot. The distributor has informed me that they were collected by none other than one of Nigel Farage's political employees. Internal elections are to be taken seriously; the fact that an unauthorised employee has been directed to take control of the ballot papers goes against the rules and spirit of any election process. Furthermore, as I write to you I have no idea where the ballot papers now reside, despite enquiries.

E-mail queries of the Party Chairman have merely elicited threats against my reputation. In such circumstances there is no way that I can allow my name to be attached to this NEC election, it has descended into farce and sham. I hope you will share my disgust that the Party will now need to incur the costs of a full reprint of the election brochure as the CVs provided by all candidates will be incoherently out of date after the Euro-elections and after such a fiasco some candidates may conclude that they do not wish to be put forward for the NEC at all.

All I can ask is that you bring personal pressure to bear upon those responsible in an attempt to bring the Party back into a Constitutional and legal state. I am certainly at the end of my tether in my attempts to keep this Party on an even keel, with its obligations duly discharged to its members and Constitution, let alone within boundaries of good common sense.

This letter therefore serves as my resignation as Returning Officer, as I will not be associated professionally or personally with what has become a perverted and shambolic process. Threats from the Party Chairman do not concern me but merely adds to the stink that now surrounds this election.

Yours sincerely

Craig Mackinlay
Party Vice Chairman

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Damian Hockney Disciplinary Appeal

We understand the hearing got underway at midday and was continuing at tea-time. We will post the results or any other news as soon as such is received by ourselves. Interim reports woild be welcomed as there is considerable interest in this matter upon which the future of UKIP is seen by many to depend.

Without question, in the balance are the prospects for a return to some normal decent standards within the principal Eurosceptic party, shamed as it stands by so many recent events. Not least amongst which, of course, are the disgraceful activities of the disciplinary panel itself whilst under the chairmanship of the devious and manipulative ex-Party Secretary Derek Clark. Details of all of which are, of course, still available on the links at the side of this blog.

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Shameful Shenanigans from UKIP

The following is a post that appeared on an internet discussion group Quick Topic yesterday morning. It was sent anonymously from a poster calling himself 'UKIP Insider', which would normally have prevented our reproducing it as probable tittle tattle. However, we had earlier been sent an exchange bearing out the content so we provide a link to the post here.

This is exactly the kind of shady practice which might justify the reported distancing of the new NO campaign from UKIP as reported in this morning's Independent. Though not, of course, on the grounds given in that article!

This was the posting concerned:-

Date: 22 Apr 2004 09:39:36 -0000
Subject: EUROPE (Current - Blair U-turn)
From: QT - UKIP Insider
To: QT topic subscribers

Reply by email or visit

UKIP lyingly claim their so-called petition tipped Blair. But UKIP, has been running a, scam, petition!

The early petition forms made no reference to information being harvested for party political purposes. Indeed, when a member of the NEC pointed out that, for legal reasons, such info needed to be added at the foot of each form, there was almighty opposition to the request to make the petition forms legal. Why?

Eventually, common sense prevailed, and later forms did have this legal protection for the Party.

But David, how many people stopped in the street take the time to read the small print. If they agree with what they are told, and the bold statement at the top, they sign, and carry on with what they were doing!

Therefore, I'm not saying that the Petition was illegal. but, it was, cynical and immoral, IMHO.

The quote I've given from, Mr Youles, makes clear his understanding of the purpose of the '
petition '.

An understanding that wasn't challenged by a paid, UKIP, official (Tom Wise) in his response!


The writer continues to demonstrate his knowledge of the mechanics of the Constitutional negotiations are not all they should be, but he is spot on in his ideas about how not to conduct an honest political campaign.

The exchange between a known active supporter of the UKIP leadership cabal and a paid UKIP employee, that had arrived earlier was as follows:-

Question: What excuse can we now use to get people to give us their contact details now the petition has been successful ?

Answer: A new petition is being prepared. "Should Britain leave the EU?"

We will happily print any comments and/or further explanation or correction if these reports are inaccurate.

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Thursday, April 22, 2004  

Chairman Lott openly stops NEC elections

In a serious move which flagrantly breaks party rules on internal elections, UKIP's Chairman Lott personally called the distribution company to overrule the Returning Officer's command that the papers for the NEC elections must go out.

Regular readers will recall that Chairman Lott has already been implicated in previous attacks on the party's NEC elections process, and was censured by the Returning Officer for attacks he made on candidates in circulars: Chairman Lott was criticised in the Returning Officer's report for making it difficult to stage a fair election, that report may be reread from this link.

The cabal has been desperate to stop the elections as they fear the election of a group of candidates known as Reform UKIP, led by Damian Hockney. In particular, the cabal fear what the group are going to say, and are trying to avoid holding the NEC elections until after 10th June, the date of the Euro Elections.

In the meantime, ever since their actions first caused the suspension of the NEC elections, the cabal have been frantically spreading stories about the Reform UKIP group to damage their chances of election. Among other things, they are reported to have said that the group, or individual members of it, are "working for MI5 to destabilise the party", that they are "Tory plants" and that they are 'effectively endorsed' by extremist parties. None of this
is true of course, but the smear campaign by Nigel Farage, David Lott, Roger Knapman and Mike Nattrass against the group over a long period is bound to have an effect.

Let us hope that the UKIP members - when they are finally given a chance to vote - will see through the smears.

The intervention of Chairman Lott comes after Acting Party Secretary Nikki Sinclaire also tried, by the use of backdated letters over Easter Weekend, to frustrate the process. She made clear she had "consulted" with the cabal on this ruse, but not with the Returning Officer.

Now this has failed, Chairman Lott has intervened, dispensing with any pretence of constititutional behaviour. The NEC elections are once again on hold.

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One Last Hope For UKIP - A Personal Response

We received the following in response to this morning's post:-

Dear Sir,

We are members of the Reform Group within UKIP. It seems sad that a 'reform group' should be necessary in what was conceived as a reforming party.

However, UKIP has adopted and practised all the worst characteristics of the party system, and a reform group is trying to ensure that UKIP, as a group, is worthy of playing any part in the forthcoming 'end game'.

We personally do not believe that there is any case for UKIP MEP candidates, standing on a protest platform, to take up their seats or take money from the EU. We believe they should only stand on a 'NO' platform, which means not going there, not taking the EU shilling and that this is the only way to represent our country. For those within UKIP who do believe they should take their seats, there needs to be agreed strategy and parameters on how those seats should be taken up and how UKIP MEP's represent the Party once there.

Unless, the party is accountable to it's members, and strategy and party aims agreed and protected, it will remain dependent on, and driven by, strong individual personalities alone.

In the country, UKIP is seen as part of the forthcoming huge battle, but it may not continue to be seen as this, or be worthy of its' part, unless it changes, not only who occupies the leadership seats, but also moves away from top heavy, old, tired leadership models.

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Robinson & Ken Torr

(Sandra resigned as UKIP East Midlands Organiser due to all of the above factors and further concerns, and sadly believes the traditional party system to now be corrupt, and in need of reform.)

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One Last Hope for UKIP

Tomorrow George Stride, (NEC Elections CV 2002 and 2003 may be read from this link) will chair the Disciplinary Panel Appeal Hearing on the matter of the disqualification from the party of its former Vice Chairman, Damian Hockney.

This will truly be the last chance UKIP will have to play any useful role in the battle for Britain's sovereignty.

Damian Hockney started the fight on the NEC over one year ago to retain the core belief of the party, namely - EU Withdrawal . It has been an uphill and so far losing battle. Please read again the opening statement made by Damian after the 20th September 2003 Branch Chairmen's meeting linked here, from which the following passages I consider go to the heart of the matter in dispute:-



Another major problem has been that the leadership has attempted to censor - sometimes successfully - party documents, and to ban us from including the words "Leave the EU". This we have furiously resisted. Eventually the Party Chairman wrote to me and said he could not support a party whose policy was "Leave the EU". This was an extraordinary situation. He was saying that our policy was the replacement of the EU with a free trade agreement. It is not. Our policy as clearly enshrined in the protected section of the Constitution is that we want Britain to leave the EU. I will not for one minute accept a diminution of that policy of leaving the EU simply in order to satisfy the demands of the European Parliament. When I restored party policy to a piece of literature, I was threatened with discipline proceedings. If we remove our core aim, it makes it easier for Nigel and the elected MEPs to defect to the Tories and keep their salaries and perks next June. This is not acceptable: UKIP and its policy of "Leave the EU" is, in spite of all our difficulties and the uphill struggle ahead, the hope for all of us who understand all too clearly that the only way we will succeed is through taking on the tired old parties through the ballot box and beating them.

This is the core of the whole problem - those who have realised the importance of controlling our future MEPs and who expressed concerns late last year are being targetted by the leadership as a "small group causing trouble". Fellow members, nothing could be further from the truth and the most important thing now is to ensure that we get controls in place as a matter of urgency...then work as hard as we can to get more than 10 elected.

Other sections of this statement that we recommend as worth further consideration are the paragraphs headed:

PLAN TO SLIM DOWN NEC MEANS END OF DISCUSSION AND PARTY DEMOCRACY a highly relevant factor at present, where the abandonment of the NEC elections have effectively achieved the slimmed-down NEC proposed by Nigel Farage at the meeting.

Next I would suggest rereading is LEADERSHIP PLAN WILL HAND CONTROL OF PARTY TO THE EU, a consideration now clearly in train which will have immediate and disastrous consequenses for the party's influence and credibility in the forthcoming referendum campaign. Who will believe any UKIP connected canvasser for a NO referendum vote if the party has continued with its EU flirtation during the June campaign.

One final quote from Damian's statement:-

Some of those who earn EU money from the party are trying to get rid of all who question, all who are not under their thumb, all who have the ability to say "No". I do not intend to allow our party to become totally under the control of servants of the European Parliament and I am sure you too would be concerned about this.

Damian's most recent attempt to keep the party true to its founding principles, originally posted on 10th April is also linked from here.

This battle has been fought for long and hard for months, but tomorrow will be crucial. We expect to return to this topic, hopefully with a statement from Damian or other members of his Reform UKIP Group during the course of the day.

If you are a UKIP member, today might be your last chance to demand that those running the party wake up to the destruction they are about to inflict upon the eurorealist cause at this most crucial of times! Make your opinion known

Tomorrow's hearing is not a party disciplinary matter - It is one more attempt by the malign forces behind the EU to subvert the sovereignty and independence of our country

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004  

UKIP and the Tories - One and the Same?

As was absolutely clear from the fighting conclusion to the Prime Minister's statement on the referendum yesterday in Parliament, whatever the actual wording of the referendum question, the battle will be fought on whether Britain is to continue as a fully fledged, signed-up and consequently totally bound member of the European Union or NOT.

Trade Secretary Patricial Hewitt, when speaking on the BBC's Today programme, lumped the Tories together with the UK Independence Party, according to this report from their web site linked here. This is no doubt considered an unfortunate association by both parties, although in this writer's view, entirely well deserved.

The Tories increasingly seem to wish to pretend that the whole issue can be restricted to whether or not Britain signs up to the new constitution, thus avoiding the blame due for the existing deep unpopularity of the EU, for which they as a party are chiefly responsible. Michael Howard has no hope of retaining the slightest shred of what little reputation he might retain for integrity as the campaign develops and his recent decision to remain with the EU-Federalist EPP party in the next European Parliament now becomes impossible to reverse without justifiable charges of short term political expediency and clear demonstration of his complete lack of political foresight.

The UK Independence Party will have increasing difficulty in justifying any efforts or expenditure on running MEP candidates for 10th June, with a looming referendum campaign in which it will presumably fight for complete EU withdrawal.

The NO side will have to be led by figures without any taint of recent political involvement. Even after only 24 hours the Conservatives and UKIP are already appearing, shallow, manipulative and unworthy of any trust; the very flaws with which we should be labeling and assailing our opponents!

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Sad Death of Norris McWhirter

This Press Release was received yesterday from the Freedom Association:-

It is with the greatest sadness that we have learned that the founder and President of The Freedom Association, Norris McWhirter CBE suffered a heart attack, whilst playing tennis yesterday afternoon, from which he did not recover. The Freedom Association offers its sincere condolences to Tessa and his family.

Freedom Association Chairman Christopher Gill wrote "Colleagues will be shocked to hear this news about a man that we all thought was indestructible Needless to say Norris's passing is a huge loss to the nation as well as to our Association and all those who have enjoyed his friendship over so very many years."


If ever a man set an example of all the good manners, the courtesy, the integrity, indeed the disposition that is expected of a true Englishman, that man was Norris McWhirter. A man of constrained yet ingrained passion for his country who believed in all the goodness encompassed within its shores, which he strove to preserve with unswerving dedication. An unassuming man, slight of build and quiet of nature, yet a giant in confrontation when championing the cause of right. Those who knew him personally and had the honour and privilege of working with him in the cause of freedom, could not help but grow in stature from his enduring example of modest humility and good humour. We have lost a true friend, we have lost a champion, we have lost a great Englishman. Bob Lomas.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004  

Blair's Referendum Statement for Which we Hoped


'It is time to resolve once and for all whether this country, Britain, wants to be at the centre and heart of European decision-making or not; time to decide whether our destiny lies as a leading partner and ally of Europe or on its margins', Prime Minister Tony Blair said in a statement to the House of Commons on 20 April. He spoke about the forthcoming enlargement of the European Union, and how, in a few years, Europe will be transformed into 'easily the strongest political union and greatest economic market in the world'. Mr Blair outlined the issues for discussion on the new European Treaty, noting that the aim of the new document is to help Europe to work better as a group of sovereign national states, not to reduce member states' control over issues of national importance. In areas like 'taxation, foreign policy, defence, social security, how the essentials of our common law, criminal justice system work, like Treaty change, we believe the national veto must remain', Mr Blair said. When the Government is satisfied that the Treaty embodies the essential British positions, he went on, it will be debated by Parliament and then 'let the people have the final say'.

To view the article in full, visit the FCO via this link

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UKIP Press Release on Referendum

For Immediate Release 14:00hrs 19th April 2004

EU vote to decide UK's continued membership despite Tory denials

Any vote on Britain's acceptance of the proposed EU Constitution will decide the nations future membership of the European Union, the U.K. Independence Party said today.

UKIP quoted comments from European Commission President Romano Prodi who said, "states which consistently rejected change would effectively exclude themselves from the Union. You cannot ignore the fact that if a country says "No, No, No, No', then it is a decision of the country to stay out. You don't even need to expel it."

UKIP MEP Nigel Farage said, "It is clear from Mr Prodi's remarks that this referendum will be about not just the Constitution, but Britain's continued membership of the EU.

"The Conservative Party and Michael Howard have adopted a ludicrous position on this. It is inconceivable that the UK could reject the Constitution and yet still remain an equal member with 24 other states which had accepted it.

"At last, there is a realistic opportunity for Britain to re-gain its independence from Brussels, despite what Mr Howard may think."

posted by Martin | 1:49 PM

Blair Announces Referendum! At long, long last!

Tony Blair has announced a referendum on the EU Constitution once it has been considered by Parliament. Significantly he ended his House of Commons statement with a demand that the real issue - Britain's future place within the EU - be what is considered! Hear, hear let battle be joined indeed!

posted by Martin | 12:48 PM

Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard hints Blair's U-Turn could signal EU's Demise

The article, (read from here), which makes such sweet reading for any eurosceptic, just had to be linked from here this morning, although it makes no mention of UKIP whatsoever.

We hope the facts in this blog, revealing how UKIP has been apparently deliberately undermined in its resistance to the EU, when widely known and matched alongside other such tales for other similar organisations, will make the NO vote the sole respectable choice. The argument that we cannot survive without Europe, as the EU falls apart as a consequence of its own corruption, bureaucracy, elitism and the economic fallout from the disastrous Euro decision, will soon be seen as entirely illusory!

The Daily Telegraph's Leading Article, linked here, however, makes a major mistake in this writers considered opinion, in considering the coming referendum campaign in terms of party politics.

The EU saga from which the country must now break free has been a betrayal of the people by the party politicians, who have all conspired to keep their real plans and true intentions from the voters for decades. The referendum will be the means by which the people can rectify this matter, therefore the full truth of how the situation came about and the full facts and details of all those responsible need to be exposed. Few politicians will therefore be comfortable at the forefront of the NO campaign.

Those wishing to arm themselves with the facts for the extensive education campaign which now lies ahead, could do no better in my view than investing a few quid in the Christopher Booker and Richard North book that exposes the EU titled 'The Great Deception'. It can be competitively obtained by using the link to Amazon from this page. (No, I haven't been asked to plug this book - I am just convinced it is the best and cheapest means of getting the facts to your fingertips!)

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Monday, April 19, 2004  

Some endorsement!

The day after the star of UKIP's last Party Conference, Tony Martin, made the Sunday papers with a recommendation to vote for both BNP and UKIP, (see our posting immediately beneath this) he today again hits the news, but this time with the headline that he is to be offered psychiatric help; see this link to today's Daily Telegraph from here

The Guardian article of 10th October last year on Tony Martin's UKIP conference success may be recalled from here. Main names that seem associated with the guest appearance seem to be David Lott and Mike Nattrass - two of the usual suspects! Chairman and Deputy Leader of UKIP respectively.

posted by Martin | 9:13 PM

Another Fine Mess

I first got into a this confused situation with UKIP when I read a newspaper report that an ex-UKIP member in Darlington, announced his candidature for the local council and around the same time made a statement that he would be supporting both the BNP and the UK Independence Party. The newspaper link is still availbale form the first posting on this blog, and everything between that post and this, can pretty well be said to have been a direct consequence of that strange statement.

Now over the weekend, as posted and linked here on Sunday, we have Tony Martin saying the exact same thing, though this time with all the notoriety that attaches to his name as a burglar slayer - and in a national Sunday paper to boot. What on earth can be going on?

I have been trying to discover who might be to blame and of course it seems it is the incompetent leadership cabal once again.

Last autumn, the UKIP leadership failed to inform most of the NEC that they were planning to have Tony Martin as a guest speaker at the conference. Some were told the day before. A handful of NEC members including Damian Hockney, Tony Scholefield and Craig Mackinlay expressed severe reservations. Damian Hockney stated in the NEC (held the day before conference): "Firstly what do we know of this guy. I have members who will be horrified that we are having him as a guest of honour, irrespective of my personal feelings. He seems honest and straightforward, but he has killed someone. What has this to do with the EU and our aim of getting us out of the EU?" Others were far more hostile. But the leadership would hear of no going back. It was, apparently, as so oten over the past year presented as a fait accompli.

Now of course Tony Martin has come out and said he supports the BNP and has been to their meetings...and as icing on the cake, according to the SundayTelegraph it appears he has an uncle who was a founder member of the National Front.

What reaction has there been from the party? What is their position on Martin's statement and membership? If we learn anything we will post it here.

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The Referendum

Whatever the question, whenever it comes, the real issue will be whether Britain is to continue as a full EU member. I believe it should not - and any party so believing and campaigning for a 'NO' will not be fully and effectively or honestly engaged in the struggle if they have sitting MEPs.

This is the concluding paragraph of the 'Daily Telegraph' leader of today:-

This is one of the most serious political risks Mr Blair will ever take. If he lost on an issue of such magnitude, he would almost certainly have to resign. Even if he clung on, his authority would be destroyed. But the question of Britain's relationship with the EU is bigger than any prime minister. At stake is whether we want to be an independent country, living under our own laws, or part of a bigger country called Europe. Nothing could matter more.

posted by Martin | 9:59 AM

Nikki Sinclaire loses NEC support

- "wrecked NEC elections could cost party its Euro seats" say NEC members

We understand that growing numbers on the UKIP NEC are expressing concern at the behaviour of recently installed Acting Party Secretary Nikki Sinclaire after she was accused of sending a backdated e-mail to justify a bungled attempt to expel Damian Hockney from the party and to prevent his Appeal Hearing.

She made the botched attempt over the Appeal Hearing, and tried to stop the NEC elections procedure, we are told, after consulting with the party leadership on 9th April 2004.

Since then she is reported as having sent out what have been described as "abusive and hysterical" messages to the NEC justifying her actions, inviting Damian Hockney to sue her, describing him as "thick"and "deceitful", and suggesting that no-one have anything to do with him (all because he questioned her backdated e-mail): NEC members, including previous supporters, have questioned her suitability for the role. It is widely felt that the botched attempt to prevent the Hockney Appeal could actually damage the party's election chances. Damian Hockney has made clear that the party leadership is engaged upon a continuous campaign of malicious attacks on him and his 'Reform UKIP' team. The Reform UKIP team are standing for the NEC elections on a common platform to reform the party.

As part of her actions Nikki Sinclaire has attempted to cancel the NEC elections. If successful, this too will blow up in the party's face during the Euro Elections campaign and NEC members hope that the Returning Officer Craig Mackinlay - whose legal responsibility this matter is - will swallow hard and stop her from wrecking the elections. But it will not be easy. Although Craig Mackinlay is legally responsible, Nikki Sinclaire knew he was out of the country, claiming in the backdated e-mail that she "couldn't get in touch with him", and that this forced her to suspend the elections. It is effectively a fait accompli of the worst sort. The elections will now have to be staged later in the month, costing the party more money and running during the Euro Elections campaign. The potential for electoral disaster is obvious, with the press keen to exploit any difficulties and the leadership clearly incapable of exercising restraint in its attacks upon candidates for the NEC.

One NEC member has apparently placed a bet with another that the leadership will not be able to resist continuing to smear candidates it disapproves of as "BNP plants", failing to understand the fact that timing is all and that such allegations will rebound and wreck the Euro Elections campaign. What will the media make of a leadership which openly smears its own NEC election candidates as "BNP plants" but does nothing about it except smear them as such? If they believe their allegations and have proof, why do they do nothing about it through the normal party channels? The candidates could be removed instantly if it were true. But of course the leadership do NOT believe that candidates they disapprove of are "BNP plants" - this is just a way of smearing them.

What is worse, sources tell us, Nikki Sinclaire has now also declared that anyone who she does not approve of on the NEC is "timed out" due the the delays in holding the elections! What this means is that the leadership have twice sabotaged the NEC elections since late January 2004, stopping people from being re-elected...and then conveniently said that NEC members like Damian Hockney up for re-election are not any longer NEC members because the elections have not been held and they are 'timed out'! "It is a disgraceful Kafka-esque move born out of desparation and panic...and it leaves the NEC short of the numbers required by the Constitution", as one closely involved in these manoueverings has confided to us.

posted by Martin | 7:30 AM

Sunday, April 18, 2004  

London Local Predicts UKIP GLA Seat

A report on the launching of the UKIP poster campaign carries the prediction of a UKIP win of a seat on the London Assembly. Lead candidate Damian Hockney, who is also spearheading the campaign to reform the woefully mismanaged party needs only achieve 5.1 per cent of the vote to take up a seat.

The article may be read from this link. It carries a picture of Mayoral candidate Frank Maloney in front of the large poster together with this quote on his attention grabbing pledge for extra police:-

Frank Maloney, who is running a campaign of considerable hostility toward incumbent Ken Livingstone, said he would remove the congestion charge and focus on law and order issues, including increasing the size of the Met by 10,000 to 40,000.

posted by Martin | 4:21 PM

Conservative Corruption Condonement and Confusion finally gets some Coverage

A good two weeks later than when the story first broke the chaos in the ranks of the Conservative Party in Brussels finally gets a mention in the Christopher Booker column, which supposedly prides itself on being at the forefront of eu-sceptical news. The item is linked from here (where UKIP gets an honourable mention) and concludes with this paragraph:-

But as a measure of the mess the Tories get into when they try to play weasel games over Europe, thus showing contempt for the views of most of their grass-roots membership, this shabby episode deserves more publicity than it has received.

Hear, hear....we have been doing our best on all our blogs and internet fora for the past couple of weeks....where was the Booker Column?

posted by Martin | 9:11 AM

Tony Martin Urges 'Vote for BNP and UKIP'

This article from theSunday Telegraph linked from here reports that Tony Martin; the Norfolk farmer jailed for shooting dead a gypsy burglar of his farmhouse, is urging people to vote for BNP and UKIP. It is not explained how they are expected to be able to do this!

posted by Martin | 9:05 AM

Saturday, April 17, 2004  

The Guardian's Gameplan

UKIP, because of its corrupted MEPs and the appalling mismanagement of its senior officers represents a huge potential risk to those fighting against EU encroachment on 10th June.

The Guardian group of papers are probably the most pro-EU federalist in the country. In the past they have been particularly dedicated to highlighting the problems endemic within UKIP. Links to many of such unanswered reports are available from this blog.

That newspaper cannot but help be well aware of the more recent problems of the party. Yet nothing has yet appeared in print and more incredibly faint praise has been forthcoming last weekend in The Observer; yet UKIP, knowing their enemies are aware of all their recent problems, seem to have done and be doing nothing to put their party in order!

Who can believe the journalists of The Guardian and The Observer do not now, or will not very soon be regularly accessing all the data and material gathered on this blog? It must in view of all that, be obvious that the recent extensive press coverage given by that group to UKIP, (yesterday's described in the posting immediately below being a prime case in point), can only possibly serve one purpose, namely: to make the impact of the subsequent trashing have the maximum possible affect and do the greatest possible damage to the anti-EU cause!

UKIP must now act to counter that threat. The total mismanagement of the party was evidenced at yesterday's campaign launch, the extent can be gathered in the hardly coherent message carried by the newspaper and the equally pro-federalist BBC. Those clearly responsible can be gathered by carefully looking at and considering the photograph, which can be viewed by clicking on the link in the post below. Things are now looking so bad for UKIP that only deliberate sabotage appears as a sensible explanation!

Where is the professionalism and message one might have expected from expensive spin merchants such as Dick Morris and Max Clifford, about which so much has been said and promised?

It is not too late to get rid of the deadwood. Ashley Mote wrote an excellent article on the EU Constitution, which will be posted on Ironies this morning, for those who may have missed it, proving that not all remaining in the party are completely brain dead - but time is running short and the federalist knives (in The Guardian and elsewhere) are being sharpened.

posted by Martin | 9:32 AM

Friday, April 16, 2004  

UKIP Campaign Launch - Guardian Splash

The poster campaign launch got good coverage, complete with picture in The Guardian linked from here. Also from the BBC linked here.

posted by Martin | 5:23 PM

The Sun's Kavanagh Maintains Blair U-Turn on Referendum

This is the statement the tabloid's politically knowledgeable and influential Political Editor maintains today:-

"But sources admit the PM had abandoned his stand against a poll.

He fears the row over the constitution could cut into Labour support in the June 10 European Parliament elections.

He is under pressure to announce his decision."

The newspaper article is linked from here.

posted by Martin | 11:39 AM

Is Nigel Farage Preparing for Defeat?

Sources tell us that Nigel Farage, UKIP's Leading Light and best known MEP, who many in UKIP believe is the nearest thing they have to a racing certainty for re-election, is reported to be resuming his career in the metals business.

We had heard his previous metal commodity company had been quite properly wound up some while ago, but we now hear that he is reinvolved in the business with Natexis in Cannon Street.

Some say the salary and perks of an MEP are insufficient to match his lifestyle; another possibilty, of course, might be that having connived in the almost complete destruction of UKIP as a viable electoral force, he has suddenly realised this might leave him without a source of income as soon as next June.

posted by Martin | 10:10 AM

Thursday, April 15, 2004  

Newsletter Released without NEC Ballots

Rumours circulating indicate the NEC ballot papers were not included with the newsletter sent out on the instructions of Mike Nattrass. It would appear therefore that the cabal seem to be going to be successful in their attempt to thwart the plans of the Reform UKIP group for an early poll.

posted by Martin | 5:44 PM

Maloney Blasts Norris over boarding 'Politically Correct' Bandwagon!

UKIP's London Mayoral Candidate, Frank Maloney, has quite rightly lambasted his Tory opponent for a ludicrous challenge to the election organisers regarding their decision to publish Mayoral Election addresses only in English. For the full Press Release and further comment see Teetering Tories

posted by Martin | 1:13 PM

UKIP's Unfolding Nightmare

With the Conservative Party showing a complete collapse of collective conscience by their sordid and grubby little deal with the European Peoples Party for the next European Parliament, a complete collapse of confidence in the joint european currency, the economic mismanagement of the eurozone economy and Blair presently on the ropes over the Constitutional Referendum, things should hardly be set more fair for the UK Independence Party.

Incompetent management, horrendous policy mistakes and the naked greed and ambition of its sitting MEPs have, however, left the party in a state of almost complete chaos, as may be read in the letter posted below, regarding the NEC elections presently supposed to be underway.

Unless those in charge of UKIP immediately get together and put together a respectable anti-EU package for the electorate crying out for representation, the beneficiaries on 13th June will either be the (now not so secretly) federalist conservatives or the extreme BNP.

posted by Martin | 8:22 AM

Wednesday, April 14, 2004  

Damian Hockney Letter on NEC Elections and Disciplinary Appeal

We have just received a copy of the following letter, upon which we will be commenting in due course.

14th April 2004

Dear Fellow NEC members

Unconstitutional interference in NEC Elections and Hockney Appeal

I need to place on record that the attempt by Acting Party Secretary Nikki Sinclaire to suspend the NEC elections is unconstitutional and that this attempt by her must be stopped. The papers must go out. The Returning Officer has already made this clear. The Acting Party Secretary is not in a position to flout the decision of the Returning Officer and the party constitution at the behest of the party leadership. She has already attempted to take over conduct of the elections on at least one occasion in the past six weeks. She cannot take power in this way, without consulting with those responsible for conducting the elections.

In a letter of Saturday 10th April 2004 (but incorrectly dated 6th April 2004), the Acting Party Secretary wrote to myself, to the Returning Officer and to the Appeals Chairman giving a series of reasons, all relating to my candidacy, why the NEC elections should be postponed. She then purported to be acting within her powers by having already suspended the NEC elections without consultation with the Returning Officer. Neither did she discuss with the Appeals Chairman her untrue and unchecked allegations against me in regard to the appeal process which she cites as the reasons to suspend the NEC elections.

There then followed a series of mildly hysterical e-mails to me - two of which have been fired off to me this morning, using words like "pathetic" and referring to me "jumping up and down", in which she lifts the lid on a number of personal grievances against me, including an incomprehensible statement about achieving a "hat-trick" of victories against my lawyers (when I can recall no one occasion on which this has been the case), challenges me to sue her, talks about my "case against her" (when there has never been a case against her) and returns to the scene of old grievances forgotten by all except herself.

The Acting Party Secretary claims to have 'consulted', but fails to say with whom. I have contacted several members of the NEC and they make clear that they were not consulted. I can only assume she means that she and others (ie those who voted to uphold my expulsion) have conspired to interfere with the elections, to achieve at all costs the end of ensuring that I am neither a candidate for the NEC Elections, nor for the GLA Elections. As you may have seen on a number of websites, and know from much internal discussion, stopping me from standing for the GLA Elections would appear to have become something of an obsession with a number of people.

Whatever the intentions of the act, the result is, in practical terms, to deny the party members their rights to fair elections and to also deny candidates their rights. The excuses used to postpone the elections - all relating to my candidacy - are unchecked by her and are contested, and the untrue allegations about me not co-operating with the appeals process were not checked with those involved in the process: the Acting Party Secretary and those she consulted even failed to involve or consult with the Appeals Chairman himself as to the truth or otherwise of her allegations. He has informed her that her allegations are untrue, but I have heard no word from her that she accepts this, other than challenging me to sue her when I have asked her to confirm that she is aware that her statement about me not co-operating is untrue. I cannot understand why I should sue her on this matter, or why she should see this as a matter for taking legal action against her. I am simply asking her to acknowledge that her reasons for suspending the NEC elections do not apply and that we can restore constitutional order to the party.

The allegations and assertions by the Acting Party Secretary have also not been placed properly before the Returning Officer in a timely manner, nor before the NEC. They have been issued in an arbitrary and dictatorial but confused and illogical manner, and no discussion has been allowed. There is much resort to incomprehensible legalese which, if designed to bamboozle, certainly achieves the desired end.

There is also the fact that the judge in the Sinclaire case (when Nikki Sinclaire took the party to court) made clear that Nikki was to be restored to the NEC until February 2004. His words were quite clear on this. The tortuous definition she has devised, in conjunction with those who voted to uphold my expulsion, to exclude me from the NEC would effectively exclude her also. Although I disagree with the tortuous definition, and the Returning Officer also made clear his own disagreement with her interpretation of the three-year rule in his report to the NEC on the NEC elections, it also makes her own position unclear. It is also manifestly unfair to continue to exclude mefrom the NEC on the basis of a distortion of our party rules, and then to deny me the right to stand for re-election, while simultaneously effectively unilaterally declaring that I am no longer a party member after consulting only with those who voted to uphold my expulsion.

The Appeals Chairman has responded immediately to the claims of the Acting Party Secretary in her letter of Saturday 10th April 2004 (dated 6th April 2004), making clear that she is incorrect in her statements. Failure of her and those with whom she consulted to respond properly, and to act and permit the NEC elections to go ahead, must inevitably give credence to the widely discussed other reasons as to why those who upheld my expulsion wish these again to be postponed.

As you may remember, the Party Chairman David Lott was responsible for the previous postponement of the NEC elections when he publicly attacked myself (a candidate), and then other candidates standing on a Reform UKIP ticket, in e-mails and statements. The Returning Officer made clear in a report to the NEC in February 2004 that David Lott's continued statements had made it difficult to conduct a fair election. In spite of the fact that the Returning Officer report must be included in the NEC minutes, the report has been censored from inclusion, and instead an incorrect statement about the postponement made in those minutes by the Party Chairman has been included, passing the blame elsewhere and failing to refer to the Returning Officer's official report which was placed before the NEC.

The timing of Nikki Sinclaire's unauthorised intervention - her letter of Saturday 10th April, wrongly dated 6th April 2004, was sent over the Easter weekend and just two days before despatch of the NEC election papers - is clearly unacceptable and gives rise to many unanswered questions. The tortuous explanation as to why incorrect information justifying the unconstitutional attempt by her to postpone the elections was sent out in a wrongly dated letter, is at the very least unsatisfactory and at worst intentionally misleading and deceitful.

Mike Nattrass and Nikki Sinclaire have bizarrely explained that Mike Nattrass himself e-mailed Nikki Sinclaire's letter following a delay brought on by overwork at Head Office, and that this accounts for the delay in despatch. This can only hold water if Mike Nattrass was with Nikki Sinclaire at the time and had access to her hotmail account. No explanation has been made as to how Mike Nattrass can have sent, by Nikki Sinclaire's hotmail address on the Saturday of Easter 10th April 2004, a letter dated 6th April 2004, which hotmail confirm was sent by her account on Saturday 10th April 2004. I have asked for an explanation of this strange behavour and the excuses given do not hold water. The excuses now in the latest e-mails relate to contact between Nikki and Mike earlier, but this proves nothing except that he was one of the people she consulted.

I therefore make quite clear that failure to proceed with the NEC elections in these circumstances will be a breach of the party's obligations to its members, and the fraudulent and false excuses given publicly to suspend the elections constitute a further attack upon myself. The NEC must order the Acting Party Secretary to withdraw the letter of Saturday 10th April 2004 (wrongly dated 6th April 2004) There is time to remedy this, as the newsletter with which the papers were to be despatched has not yet gone out. I think that John Harvey will confirm this. They can therefore go out immediately with the newsletter as planned.

Damian Hockney

posted by Martin | 3:22 PM
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