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Saturday, March 22, 2008 

Press release from the English Democrats

An option for the independently minded?

English Democrats' London Nominations in progress

The English Democrats are standing a full slate of London Assembly candidates and Matt O’Connor is our Mayoral candidate in the London elections on May 1st this year.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said: “I am delighted to confirm that Matt O’Connor’s nomination and the nominations of 23 candidates in our Party list have been handed in to the London Election Office. We are also in the process of doing the same with the nominations of our 14 London Assembly candidates”.

Christine Constable, Vice Chairman of the English Democrats said: “This is an exciting day in the history of the resurgence of English patriotism. For the first time 5½ million Londoners will get a chance to vote on England’s place in the devolutionary future of the UK.”

Matt O’Connor said: “ I am delighted to have this opportunity to represent the campaign for the fair representation and the fair treatment of England. I have always fought for Justice and now I am fighting for the best cause of all - Justice for England and for London, her capital!

I am fighting under the slogan:


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Tuesday, March 18, 2008 

Write to a to a Lord

Campaign for a Referendum on Europe (CREC) has a web site linked here.

The purple postcard campaign is continuing apace with 175,100 issued in the 86 days since the campaign got re-started:

The CREC suggest writing to a member of the House of Lords where the second reading of the EU Reform/Lisbon/Constitutional Treaty begins on April Fools Day, We, the people, are of course the fools in this deceitful process.

Details of how to contact a Lord are linked here.

The suggested points by the CREC you may wish to raise are here:

9 Reasons why the Lords should give us a referendum

(1) The provisions of the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution are virtually the same as those of the rejected European Constitution

(2) To pass off the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution as different from the European Constitution is a deceit by the leaders of Europe

(3) The Lisbon Treaty/Constitution in its previous form of the European Constitution was rejected by the French and the Dutch

(4) There is the clearest possible evidence that the British people want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution

(5) To allow the British people a vote on this very important Treaty for the future of our nation would help to restore people’s faith in Parliament

(6) The British people have had no direct vote on the European issue since 1975

(7) The three main political parties, including of course the governing party, made clear, unequivocal promises in their respective election manifestos to give the British people a referendum on the European Constitution or any similar Treaty

(8) In June this year, the Irish government is allowing its people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution. If Parliament does not allow the British people to vote on this Treaty, we will be seen to be less democratic than the Irish

(9) Finally, the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution gives power to European institutions to remove further powers from national Parliaments without their consent.


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Thursday, March 13, 2008 

Bob Spink MP and UKIP

Rumours abound that the above MP might join UKIP but in view of various allegations flying about this might be problematic for the party.

It might be helpful to consider the following comment posted on the Guido blog:

Luke Akehurst said...


I stood against Bob as Labour candidate in Castle Point in 2005 and with my LD counterpart exposed his "send them back" advert nationally.

I deplore his views on Europe and immigration but would defend his personal integrity.

He was threatened with deselection not because of his views on national issues but because he offended powerful local business interests in the building trade by opposing planning applications that were not in the interests of his constituents.

He has made allegations of political corruption in Castle Point that chime with what local residents told me on the doorstep and need proper investigation by both the public authorities and the Tory Party.

Luke Akehurst

If this is verified then it would appear Dr Spink, in view of his voting record read here, would make a good candidate as UKIP's first representative in the Commons.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008 

Sean Gabb speaks to UKIP Rally in Exeter on 8th March, 2008

The video from Google is linked here, Sean Gabb begins 19 minutes into the clip.

Part of a report regarding his trip to Exeter is quoted below:

Free Life Commentary,
A Personal View from The Director of the Libertarian Alliance
Issue Number 169 - 10th March 2008

A Day with UKIP
by Sean Gabb

I drove down to Exeter last Saturday the 8th March 2008, to speak at a United Kingdom Independence Party rally. If I had bothered checking in advance that the round journey would be 600 miles, I might have declined the invitation. I am glad, though, that I did not check, and that I did accept.

Imagine, if you can, a party rally, put on by one of its regional branches, and attended by several hundred decent, ordinary people.
Imagine, then, being able to watch a dozen or so people called to the podium to speak fluently and with passion about what they truly think.
Imagine also being able to mingle throughout with the leaders and elected representatives of that party. Imagine all this, and you have UKIP.

I watched parts of the Liberal Democrat conference on television yesterday. As with all the Regime Parties, these people talk about the need for commitment and fundamental change, and then carefully avoid saying or promising anything that might resemble either commitment or change. What I saw on Saturday with my own eyes was politics as it always used to be in England.

I last voted Conservative in 1997. Since then, I have voted UKIP whenever possible. So far, I have done this as a means of punishing the Conservatives for being so dreadful. I will now vote UKIP because I like
the party and because I admire its leaders.

I will not summarise my speech, as I made a video record of it, and of the one made by Marc-Henri Glendening of the Democracy Movement. There was some coordination between us, and so our speeches are worth watching one after the other. I am never happy with filming in a room where public address equipment is in use, but the sound quality is adequate. Our speeches are available courtesy of Google Video.


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Monday, March 10, 2008 

EU told of growing dangers from fake goods

Headline in today's IHT ...... really! Link here.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008 

Civil Serf Blog

The Telegraph mentions this today, here.

The blog may be read by clicking here.


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Saturday, March 08, 2008 

Nigel Farage and the Sunday Times

A number of influential regional UKIP Chairmen (four) have e-mailed Party Chairman John Whittaker MEP, regarding the allegations against Nigel Farage MEP which appeared in the Sunday Times on 24th February. These have been denied by Mr Farage as was posted on the UKIP website.

A retraction of the allegations by the Sunday Times is anxiously awaited by the Party, if none appears this Sunday, it would appear more serious difficulties for UKIP now lie ahead.

What a tragedy that will be for all trying to resist the EU's onward authoritarian march!

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Friday, March 07, 2008 

Petition the Queen to Reject the Lisbon Treaty!


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