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Tuesday, November 24, 2009 

Neil Kinnock and Russia during the Cold War - Treason?




23rd November 2009

"Russian exile Pavel Stroilov recently published revelations about the collaboration between the British Labour Party and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Soviet archival documents state that in the 1980s Neil Kinnock, as leader of the opposition, approached Mikhail Gorbachev through secret envoys to see how the Kremlin would respond if a Labour Government stopped the implementation of the Trident nuclear missile programme.

If the report given to Mr Gorbachev is true, it means that Lord Kinnock approached one of Britain's enemies in order to seek approval regarding his party's defence policy, and had he been elected, Britain's defence policy.

If this report is true then Lord Kinnock would be guilty of treason.

The documents now available must be investigated at the highest possible level by the British authorities and Lord Kinnock given the opportunity to answer the Soviet evidence".


posted by Martin |8:16 PM

Sunday, November 22, 2009 

An In or Out Referendum Electoral Pact for the General Election

The Liberal Democrats under Nick Clegg proposed an In or Out referendum on the EU as a ruse to get around their commitment to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. They do not, therefore have far to travel to accept an offer from the UKIP for an electoral pact where the parties would jointly commit to combine following a General Election to form a Government with the sole policy of offering the nation an immediate referendum on the nation's future within the post-Lisbon EU.

Democrats will then have a wide political choice while ignoring the corrupted and totally disgraced Conservative and Labour Parties.

As Nick Clegg previously stated, the EU question is now a poison making any political progress for the nation impossible. Since making that case the economic crisis has worsened matters yet further.

By this time next week the UKIP will have a new leader, probably based in Westminster. This is a bold proposal that any potential UKIP leader would do well to weigh over the coming week.

Let voters have a choice between the old Conservative ideals as represented by UKIP and the old honest Labour Party ideas now only found amongst the Liberal Democrats. Let them compete head to head in every constituency in the land.... at least after listening to Nick Clegg this morning, they will have an agreed and coherent strategy on the war in Afghanistan now being fought by our brave service men and women, but being effectively ignored by the two main parties.


posted by Martin |2:04 PM

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 

Nattrass and Brookes

This blog gave many warnings regarding Denis Brookes. Now they are proven justified.

UKIP in picking to fight a thoroughly corrupt, undemocratic and subversive conspiracy such as the EU always needed to adopt methods which were whiter than white to avoid being dragged down into the same mire; Hence the dangers of sending MEPs to the EU.

The following is from yesterday morning's Open Europe briefing e-mail. Sorry timing I am afraid but best out of the way before a new leadership era beginsfor the UKIP:

"The Sunday Times reported that UKIP MEP for the West Midlands Mike Nattrass is being investigated by the EU's anti-fraud watchdog regarding his expenses. The article noted that the inquiry is into whether Denis Brookes, one of his former aides, was paid through public funds while he was working as a regional organiser for UKIP, and forms part of a wider investigation into UKIP's finances. The EU does not allow taxpayers' money to be used to pay party officials.

"Additionally, it was also reported that Nattrass was using a company of which he was a shareholding partner as the "paying agent" for all his assistants' salaries provided by the EU. MEPs must not act as their own paying agents, the role can only be performed by "third parties".

Sunday Times

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posted by Martin |11:55 AM

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 

Tom Wise gets 2 Years Jail Term

One of the least savoury episodes of the UKIP past history is thus brought to a close.

This blogger is hopeful that a new dawn will open for the Party once a new leader takes the helm.

The Times report is here.


posted by Martin |1:47 PM

Wednesday, November 04, 2009 

posted by Martin |9:01 AM
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