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Wednesday, February 13, 2013 

Marta Andreasen MEP Blasts Farage from LSE 

UKIP has been growing in membership of late as the rot, corruption and lies upon which the EU is built becomes ever more apparent to greater numbers of Britons. This results as the corruption at the top seeps down into society and robs ever greater numbers of ordinary people while simultaneously eroding the lifestyles of almost all.

The farce of the Eastleigh by-election UKIP candidate selection, must now provide the catalyst around which this new body of members can mobilise to rid themselves of their brilliantly eloquent party leader, Nigel Farage MEP, who accurately verbally attacks the monster upon whose lifestyle he has nevertheless so clearly become dependent, while in Eastleigh,  as elsewhere previously, he uses every ruse in the book to avoid putting himself into Westminster, the one Parliament from which EU withdrawal for the UK can be effected.

One MEP, former Chief Accountant to the EU Commission, Marta Andreasen has this morning made public her own problems within UKIP in an item from the LSE website, linked here

Andreasen's words carry massive firepower as it was she who took on the particularly obnoxious Kinnock Clique in Brussels, and was duly removed as a result,when quite hilariously, the head of that bloated family grouping, as a Commission VP, was charged with tackling corruption. 

(This post appeared simultaneously on Ironies Too with a different title).

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