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Thursday, December 10, 2009 

A Country Careering towards Chaos and Collapse

The Darling Pre-Budget Report yesterday in Parliament was a disaster!

The disgraceful deceit which underlay its every paragraph was a fitting culmination for twelve and a half years of deception which has turned the entire government machine into a self-serving machine to deliver and finance the ever-deeper decadence of the close-knit, mainly Scottish group at its centre.

The following passage apparently ignored by the mainstream media this morning is telling:

As a result, I am today able to offer guaranteed minimum real-terms increases in front-line NHS and schools spending for two years from 2011, as well as providing sufficient funding to maintain the number of police and community support officers. That means that I can confirm not just that we will increase spending as planned next year on hospitals, schools and policing, but we can pledge that spending on these crucial front-line services will continue to rise over and above inflation
9 Dec 2009 : Column 371
after 2010-11, so that we can meet the improved public service guarantees and entitlements that we have set out. There will of course be Barnett consequentials for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The proof of the emptiness underlying the plans was further evidenced by the shameful interview provided to the BBC Today programme on Radio 4 this morning by Alistair Darling.

The problem for the English nation, who have now been clearly warned that yet more years of financial chicanery is planned, is that the leaders of the two main opposition parties, who may now well share power after the election, is that both have been picked by their party members for their similarity to that supreme confidence trickster Tony Blair.

Cameron and Clegg, therefore, not only seem to both lack character and experience but apparently are most adept at the glib presentation of inconsequential but eye-catching fads. Neither, it must be suspected from their backgrounds and actions may be expected to champion the English in their present situation of financial servitude to the nations at the periphary of the British Isles. ( Indeed thefirst and only truly substantive policy statement yet heard from Cameron was that the Barnett Formula was untouchable).

New Labour now have a few more months to further wreck Britain.

The tragedy for England and therefore Britain, is that there is as yet no leading opposition figure who appears to have the chance to emerge to put things to rights.

Members of the Conservative and Liberal Democratic Parties can act now to remove Clegg and Cameron or sit back and await the misery that the PBR makes clear is now heading straight towards them.

In the personal certainty no such thing will happen, can we now see more robust and honest campaigning on the economy from the UKIP and the English Democrats? Please

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Friday, December 04, 2009 

UKIP thanks Nigel as he leaves the Party Leadership.

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Thursday, December 03, 2009 

Lord Pearson and UKIP

The following was a comment to an article in The Independent this morning, linked here:

UKIP exists to remove Britain from the EU - end of!

UKIP members, who may have enjoyed the modest successes their party have achieved, but ONLY in EU elections must accept this fact and therefore the sound common sense behind the strategy of the offer made to Lord Strathclyde.

Lord Pearson has made a very encouraging start. However he stated in his campaign for the leadership that good administration and sound management of the party was what was now required to move ahead.

The Chairmanship of the party is within the gift of the party leader, it will be his appointment to that post that will provide the best evidence of his seriousness, secondly how he deploys the talents of Marta Andreasen.

The success, or otherwise, of Nigel Farage against the surely unelectable Bercow,, will be the main factor beyond the next election. If Farage wins and is sole elected MP for UKIP in the next Parliament, he will have the weight of every vote cast across the country in support of every speech he makes. Farage's voice will thus become the conscience of the country as its subjugation under the Lisbon Treaty becomes ever more apparent.

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