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Tuesday, May 17, 2005 

South Staffordshire By Election

The Veritas meeting being held today, looks likely to finally come to the inevitable and correct decision not to field a candidate for that party in the 23rd June potentially mould-breaking contest in the above constituency.

I have been privileged to have seen a late draft of a very important article to be published in the next edition of Eurofacts written by UKIP NEC member Anthony Scholefield which I understand will be titled 'AFTER THE VOTE'. In shattering detail it reveals the dire threats to English democracy posed by the recent General Election results and the present unacceptable political status quo within the UK.

I will this morning suggest to Veritas members through my 'Veritas Straight Talk' blog, linked here, that they consider helping the English Democrat campaign in South Staffordshire. This now seems possibly the best means of delivering the seismic shock needed by the blinkered elite within the British political system.

If UKIP were to similarly decide not to stand and thereafter promote a renowned 'Independent' eurosceptic candidate such as Neil Herron as I have previously suggested (or instead perhaps field their own prime campaign asset as a candidate) then similar support for the English Democrats might be worth consideration by present but disaffected or former members of the UKIP, many of whom I know read this blog.

Details of the English Democrats and their South Staffordshire candidate, Garry Bushell can be obtained from their website linked here.

I fully realise that this is a less than ideal alternative for thinking euro-sceptics who clearly and correctly believe the main threat to the nation comes from EU, but given that the leadership of UKIP and now lamentably Veritas seem to prefer the comforts of Brussels, Strasbourg or the London Assembly combined with apparently never-ending internal bickering and disputation - what other realistic alternative is there?

posted by Martin |5:12 AM
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