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Thursday, May 19, 2005 

Local Candidate announced by UKIP for South Staffs and Cronyism Continues!

The following is an extract from an announcement made to members by Party Leader Roger Knapman:

"...local businessman Malcolm Hurst. Malcolm is keen to fight a strong campaign on a mix of local and national issues. He is ably assisted by his agent, Mike Lynch, and the campaign is under the overall direction of Piers Merchant. Piers will be assisted full-time by Clive Page, who has been detatched from the press office until polling day to handle the media."

The emphasis added in bold is mine.

Piers Merchant, fresh from his humiliation at the hands of the electorate of Torrington Rural in the recent council elections, where he cam last at fourth place with a mere 596 votes (results linked from here) is to now to mastermind the by election campaign in what could be the most significant contest of the whole of this new parliament!

What more is there to be said? What should be asked is why do UKIP members continue to put up with this sort of nonsense!

posted by Martin |9:22 AM
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