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Monday, May 23, 2005 

Take the Tories!

One of the closest things to a certainty in this post-election period, is that the next Government should be formed by the Conservative Party.

What that party will be, who will be its leader, how it will have formulated its manifesto, what power is divided between the elected MPs, MEPS, party branch chairs and ordinary members is now entirely up for grabs. (Read my post and links on Teetering Tories of yesterday from here,) and the Leader and other comment in today's Daily Telegraphfrom here.

Members of Veritas and UKIP should now clearly realise after the fiasco of the general election, that to gain power in Britain's first past the post, two party system, it is necessary to control one of the two parties. The Conservatives, believing nothing and effectively leaderless and rudderless are there to be taken by committed individuals with firm beliefs in a sovereign Westminster Parliament and democratic debate for the adoption of party and national policies.

Many in the euro-sceptic movement might have long held aversions to joining the Tories, these cannot be valid when only the name now remains of the Conservative Party of the past.

Whether Blair, Brown or another New Labour Cabinet Minister leads Labour into the next election one thing is practically sure they cannot win. The battle for what kind of Conservative Party will then take over, even what it might be called is now getting under-way.

Members of UKIP, Veritas or the greater mass of politically unattached should immediately join their local Conservative Party branch and start the democratic process of steering the direction of Britain's next government!

posted by Martin |8:50 AM
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