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Thursday, May 26, 2005 

Open Invitation to UKIP and Veritas Members from the English Democrats

To aid in the debate as to the best way forward for the restoration of national democracy and sovereignty I am happy to post this invitation to euro-sceptic activists from the English Democrats:

Statement from English Democrats

For any disillusioned UKIP or Veritas Members, Activists or ‘Whole Branches’, then the English Democrats invite you to join the English Cause.

The English Democrats are an Anti-European, Pro-English Party – if you want to make things happen in the interest of England then the English Democrats is the Party for you.

There is already a ‘back ground’ interest in the concept of a Pro-English party, as the English Democrat results show from the 2004 European and 2005 General Elections – with finance and media interest the interest (and votes) will mushroom, as many people living in England are concerned over the ‘English Question’ and the bias of British Governments towards, Scots, Welsh and Irish.

Post devolution it follows that to compliment the Scottish National Party, and the Party of Wales there must be an ‘English Party’ in England – The Engish Democrats Party – is that party.

If you would like to have ‘discussions’ to determine the possibilities for you within the English Democrats, then send an e-mail to Robin Tilbrook:

Or take a look at the website

English Democrats

National Council

May 2005

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