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Monday, May 02, 2005 

Refusals to sign the BDI by Party

The following is a list of candidates who have refused to sign a declaration upholding the principals of parliamentary democracy.

If they are candidates for the Westminster Parliament in your constituency- please ensure that neither you yourself, your family, neighbours or friends within the constituency vote for such traitors. Looking at the manifestoes and policies on which they now stand for election - and considering the reasonable terms of the British Declaration of Independence, linked here, which they have refused to sign - how else can they thus be described?

Conservative refusals

Dr Julian Lewis
Hon Nicholas Soames
Dr Liam Fox
Michael Fabricant
Sir Michael Spicer
Ashley Gray
Caroline Flynn-Macleod
Paul Maynard
David Amess
Cllr Kim Humphreys
Rt Hon Oliver Letwin
Jacqui Lait
Ian Taylor MBE
James Paice
Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell
John Maples
Douglas Carswell
Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC
Rt Hon David Curry
Angela Browning
William Cash
Rt Hon David Heathcoat-Amory
Laurence Robertson
Rt Hon Michael Howard QC
Edward Leigh
Robert Walter
Quentin Davies
Rt Hon Francis Maude
Owen Paterson
John Bercow
Tim Collins
Peter Luff
Tony Baldry
Andrew Robathan
Sir John Butterfill
Peter Bottomley
Rt Hon John Gummer
Geoffrey Cox QC
Anthony Steen
Christopher Chope
Peter Atkinson

Labour refusals

Doug Henderson
Joan Walley
Rt Hon Robin Cook
Valerie Davey
Barbara Follett
Austin Mitchell
Mike Gapes
Keith Vaz
Barry Sheerman
Rt Hon Peter Hain

All candidates of the Liberal Democrat Party refused to sign.

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