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Sunday, May 08, 2005 

A Call for Sanity

Early in the General Election campaign I pleaded both on this blog, 'Ukip Uncovered' and on 'Veritas Straight Talk' for those candidates mainly opposing the EU to avoid running in the same constituencies.

The results of such pointless competition must surely now be readily seen by all considering the results of Thursday's poll over this weekend.

Incredibly enough, it appears, the lesson has yet to have been learnt. Reports are reaching me that UKIP and Veritas are preparing to do battle against one another in the coming by election in South Staffordshire.

Ordinary members of both parties should now demand that their leadership should discuss and agree a joint anti-EU, pro-democracy and sovereignty candidate to stand in this unusual immediate post general election contest.

The English Democrats, who were the only group prepared to discuss a possible electoral pact before the General Election and who polled very respectably last week might also be invited to join such a group as might other smaller parties or independents.

The British electorate should for once be offered one candidate, backed by the combined resources of all Britain's frustrated independent and patriotic parties to show exactly what they really feel about the non-democratic major parties.

Roger Knapman and Robert Kilroy-Silk should now take the lead and back their anti-EU, pro-Country rhetoric with truly effective action. Only the outraged voices of the majority of their parties' membership, seems likely to make them do so.

Do any in the country really care whether UKIP or Veritas get a handful of votes more than one another in South Staffordshire?

How much better to have a jointly backed candidate standing for real Westminster Government after renewed independence and the reform of our appalling electoral system that has allowed Blair a third term working majority on 36 per cent of the electorate's vote (a record low)

posted by Martin |4:30 PM
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