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Tuesday, May 10, 2005 

A Plea to Roger Knapman and Robert Kilroy-Silk!

Just what is the problem with you two educated gentlemen?

The above is a quote from a plea by an ex-UKIP member for some sense to be shown in South Staffordshire. Precious little evidence of it having any affect is yet to be seen - especially given the UKIP leader's letter circulated to members yesterday where he maintains the party will stand in the coming unusual by election.

I am fighting my side to prevent Veritas making a similar mistake, but so far with little apparent success. Veritas members will be meeting both this evening and tomorrow to prepare pleas to their own party leadership for some sanity.

Meantime the e-mail to the two euro-sceptic and feuding party leaders quoted above, ends as follows:

As laymen, we would all welcome some unity and leadership. Bring in an outsider, if you can't agree - a third party - a figurehead, even if temporary, but somebody divorced from party dogma and regimes who can unite all Eurosceptics across the land. Bury minor differences. There are dozens of "protest groups" etc who would support a central Eurosceptic Party. Divide and rule is succeeding for Blair - don't give him the satisfaction!

posted by Martin |1:07 PM
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