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Saturday, December 01, 2012 

As I tweeted last evening the next big electoral test for UKIP will be the European Parliamentary election in June 2014 which under the Lisbon Treaty will include the post of Council President, thus replacing the unelected Herman Van Rompuy. (The need for Britain to extricate itself from this oppressive disaster before such a powerful post is filled in the legal vaccuum now prevailing is a topic to which this blogger will soon return on Ironies Too).

Unless UKIP suffer a serious setback of their own making, it seems a racing certainty that they will top the poll for MEPs thus obtaining an unprecedented springboard for the following general election particularly for a party presently unrepresented in the House of Commons. 

Funding will therefore be likely to become a problem of the past after the summer of 2014. How best and most effectively such an inflow of funds is to be spent needs careful planning from today. In gauging public opinion across the nation I suggest a close relationship with a reputable and presently independent polling organisation be developed and the basic structure of a large research department be developed.

There is a possibility that the floundering Cameron/Clegg Coalition Government could fall apart earlier than either of these dates, contingency plans and fund-raising for that eventuality should therefore urgently also be put in place.

Any time spent on any pact or arrangement with any of the existing doomed and shamed political parties would be an absolute waste!

posted by Martin |8:10 AM
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