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Sunday, January 14, 2007 

Cameron's lies feed UKIP Gains

It was a first rate Sunday morning on the political TV shows for UKIP today.

Kicking off we had David Cameron being interviewed on the BBC Sunday AM show by the hopelessly incompetent and ill-informed Andrew Marr.

First the shiny and chubby faced child leader of the Conservatives was allowed to get away with the assertion that the two Peers who defected during the week to UKIP (read Sunday Telegraph coverage from here) were anything to do with Cameron's conservative party (okay we all know that for two years they have had the whip withdrawn but to suggest they had been anything other than loyal conservative peers is absurd).

Then the former chief political correspondent of the BBC allowed Cameron to get away with the slur that Ashley Mote, (who left UKIP almost immediately after the European elections because court proceedings over housing benefit had not been disclosed to the party) had in fact gone straight from the UKIP to the new small grouping of MEPs that much of the media has this week claimed to be fascist.

Later Cameron was allowed to pin virtually his whole forward economic policies on savings from scrapping the regional assemblies which Marr failed to point out had been introduced under John Major AND went hand in glove with staying within the EU as presently structured.

On Sunday with Boulton on Sky News Lord Pearson, argued effectively and positively with Michael Mates MP, on the dangers of the Conservative Party's continuing Euro treachery and clearly spelt out why UKIP is today the best choice in British politics.

The Sunday Telegraph, linked here, has the latest on Conservative panic over the UKIP threat to their elected MPs who refuse to sign up to the Better Off Out campaign.

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