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Wednesday, January 24, 2007 

Farage waits as Daily Mail editor raises Tory concerns

The leader of the UK Independence Party has said he would be willing to meet the editor of the Daily Mail newspaper after Paul Dacre appeared to question the Conservative credentials of David Cameron. Nigel Farage made his comments on BBC Two's 'Daily Politics' after Mr Dacre was recorded giving a rare public speech, in which he said it remained to be seen whether Mr Cameron was being truly Conservative. Mr Farage said: "I do not know [Paul Dacre], I have not been invited around there, if he wants me to come round, I certainly will. "But we do believe in lower taxes, we do believe in selective education, we do believe in national independence in the EU and I think many people think we represent some of the good things that the Conservative Party used to stand for." He added: "We have been hearing for 30 years British ministers saying they are going to go to the Council of Ministers, saying they are going to renegotiate, saying they are going to reform the EU. We have never reformed the EU. "The argument is not coming around to the British way of thinking and what we are saying is we should have a different relationship." Mr Farage concluded: "We are going to do that by divorcing ourselves from central Europe." In a clip of his speech broadcast on the same programme, Mr Dacre had said in answer to a question on Mr Cameron's leadership of the Conservatives: "The honest answer is it is far too early to say. "The Mail is a Conservative paper, it would be very surprising if we did not support the Conservatives. Whether the current Conservative Party is Conservative I do not know. We will have to see, won't we?"


The above report came by courtesy of 'realcon' on the comment section of the Conservative Home blog.

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