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Monday, January 15, 2007 

Cameron breaks his word AGAIN

Yesterday's Sunday Telegraph correctly reports David Cameron as adopting the following position on Euro-sceptics within his party during his leadership campaign as follows:

"During his leadership quest, Mr Cameron promised to let MPs campaign for a British pullout from Europe if they felt strongly about it"

Note especially the word "PROMISED".

Today in the Daily Telegraph, linked here, he is reported as follows:

Privately, the party is turning up the heat on Eurosceptic-minded MPs amid fears of more damaging defections.

All Tory MPs have been effectively barred from joining the Better Off Out campaign to take Britain out of the EU after Ukip offered not to put up candidates against MPs who signed up.

The mystery now is how anybody of principle, or even perhaps the slightest respect for the importance of keeping one's word, can remain in a party led by such a duplicitous and clearly shallow a man?

posted by Martin |9:22 AM
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