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Thursday, January 11, 2007 

Leading economist opts for UKIP

I'll be voting UKIP if Cameron stays
By Tim Congdon

The full article in today's Daily Telegraph, may be read from here. Interestingly enough the EU hardly gets a mention in the explanation, it is state interference and paternalism that are given as the main causes for the dramatic headline, although like me, the Professor doubts Cameron's euro-sceptic credentials..

Hear, hear to it all!!! What a good week UKIP are enjoying, the best this blog can recall since the EU elections.

Which sitting Tory MP or MEP will be the first to come over?

How can any serious politician tolerate the tosser's new "Sort It" campaign? I have already nominated David Cameron as a rip-off merchant for gaining the leadership of the opposition on a promise to leave the EPP in weeks rather than months, now comprehensively reneged upon! Make your own nomination from this link:

Whoops! Looks like that part of the campaign has already been pulled.... try the link that I kept on file yourself.

I commented on the campaign's launch on Teetering Tories last Sunday, linked here.

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