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Thursday, January 18, 2007 

The real EPP that cost Cameron his reputation

The infighting and power plays for posts in the EU Parliament would be be funny were it not for the fact that it has been for this that our sovereignty has been sold down the river by Britain's main parties. Read it all from this link. Or just this extract to get the flavour:

The knock-on effects of the dispute could undermine the position of British Conservatives in the European parliament. If the CDU lost foreign affairs, it could displace Giles Chichester, a British Conservative, from the industry committee - seen by both the government and opposition in London as a vital job in curbing Brussels' regulatory zeal. Arlene MacCarthy, a British Labour MEP, is likely to retain the internal market committee.

(The above post was first placed on my blog Teetering Tories, but I felt the link and content would be of interest here).

posted by Martin |9:11 AM
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