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Tuesday, September 16, 2003 

The GLW E-Mail that made UKIP 'What It Is'

The Greg Lance-Watkin's e-mail that Blew Apart the last UKIP Leadership Election and delivered the party into the hands of the Cabal that controls it to this day is quoted in full below.

First a boast from Greg Lance-Watkins to Eurocritical on 15th March 2000 as to what he had achieved:-

I am also not only aware of, but personally responsible for, the mailing of an open letter from Mr. Christopher Booker and Mr. Bill Jamieson, both accredited columnists in the Broad Sheet Press and well known on the media, which makes it abundantly clear, with logical reasons, that UKIP would loose their very valuable support, should Mr. Holmes or Mr. Atkinson become leader of UKIP.

And here the e-mail sent by Greg Lance-Watkins to Nigel Farage in Brussels, confirming that the conspiracy was underway. (NB: this came to us anonymously but we have sought verification as to its authenticity from various participants to these events, several of whom have confirmed that this was the version circulated).


Day, Time and Date are Available but witheld.
Subject: Mr. C. Booker & Mr. W. Jamieson & UKIP
To: (Nigel FARAGE)


please find keyed in below a letter from Bill Jamieson & Christopher Booker.

To; All Members of the UKIP National Executive

I mailed hard copies of the letter to EVERY member of the NEC and they were scheduled to arrive before the NEC meeting at 1600hrs on Thursday 16th. March 2000.

I have authority to distribute this to ANY other interested parties and therefore have typed it out in FULL below [the spelling typos are mine!].

I have taken the liberty of removing the address of the original authors but you may contact them through myself.


To: All Members of the UKIP National Executive
From: Bill Jamieson and Christopher Booker

9 March 2000

UKIP Leadership Election

As two Sunday Telegraph columnists who have been among UKIP's most active allies in the media, and who have to a certain extent staked our journalistic credibility on our support for the Party, may we express our particularly deeply felt concerns over the present leadership elections?

It is clearly vital, from everyone's point of view, that UKIP should choose a leader who can command the widest possible support both inside and outside the Party; and in this context it is our strongly held view that this must mean choosing a NEW leader. The past year has seen far too many embarrassments and missed opportunities for there to be anything other than a
complete break with the past.

But, in terms of our public support for UKIP, we regret it is equally vital that the Party should choose someone whose analysis of the nature and failings of the European Union is based on a serious, up-to-date understanding of how and why the EU is developing in the way it is; and not some wider conspiracy theory which, however compelling to a minority of members, cannot be shared by the vast majority. We believe at least one of the candidates for the leadership falls into this latter category, Mr. Rodney Atkinson. It is our personal concern that any leader holding such views might take the Party in directions where it would be impossible for us to follow, as we would sadly have to make clear.

We very much hope the members of UKIP will choose a leader who can take the Party forward on the broadest possible front, and in a way to which we can both continue to give our enthusiastic support.

with our good wishes


Bill Jamieson Christopher Booker


Please be advised:

1 I believe the support of these two leading journalists and media individuals for UKIP is essential to the future well-being of UKIP.

2 Both these journalists have spoken in support of UKIP frequently, both on UKIP 'platforms' and others.

3 They are unequivocal that they, if Mr. Holmes or Mr. Atkinson were elected as leader of UKIP, 'would sadly have to make clear' they no longer supported UKIP.

4 To ensure equal distribution of this information and fairness I am mailing copies of this letter to UKIP members and hopefully copies will arrive with every member of UKIP, eligible to vote in the leadership election.

5 I am fully authorised to put this letter in the public domain.

I would ask ALL who are eligible to vote in the leadership election to VOTE as soon as possible, mindful of the caveat Mr. Booker & Mr. Jamieson have given.

PLEASE be sure to vote as a good turnout grants the NEW Leader a stronger mandate to fight to defend Britain against foreign rule, whether you consider yourself to be a UKIP[Labour] or UKIP[Tory] or a UKIP purist YOUR VOTE COUNTS.

The NEW Leader and new NEC, with your backing, can take the Party forward in a spirit of consensus and with zeal to fight the real enemy without rather than resolving internal matters.

May I take the opportunity of wishing the new NEC and the NEW leader my congratulations and good fortune in the defence of Britain.

If you have ANY questions regarding the context of this 'e'mail please do not hesitate to contact me. Please be assured that I will not presume to give advice on my suggestions for leader ONLY facts where I am able to provide them.

Good luck & if I can help you in your efforts in defence of the British peoples and our Nation or the rights and freedoms of any peoples against the EU, NAFTA, WTO, IMF, OWG, NWO etc. please just ask. Do visit our shop, if you are ever in the area, we are open from 10.30ish. till 5.30pm., 6 days a week.


Greg Lance - Watkins,
The Welsh Assembly,
c/o Glance Back Books,
17 Upper Church Street,
NP16 5EX


This from the man with whom UKIP supposedly has no connection, Greg Lance-Watkins TO the man that the whole world knows is the de facto head of UKIP, Nigel Farage!!

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