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Tuesday, March 18, 2008 

Write to a to a Lord

Campaign for a Referendum on Europe (CREC) has a web site linked here.

The purple postcard campaign is continuing apace with 175,100 issued in the 86 days since the campaign got re-started:

The CREC suggest writing to a member of the House of Lords where the second reading of the EU Reform/Lisbon/Constitutional Treaty begins on April Fools Day, We, the people, are of course the fools in this deceitful process.

Details of how to contact a Lord are linked here.

The suggested points by the CREC you may wish to raise are here:

9 Reasons why the Lords should give us a referendum

(1) The provisions of the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution are virtually the same as those of the rejected European Constitution

(2) To pass off the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution as different from the European Constitution is a deceit by the leaders of Europe

(3) The Lisbon Treaty/Constitution in its previous form of the European Constitution was rejected by the French and the Dutch

(4) There is the clearest possible evidence that the British people want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution

(5) To allow the British people a vote on this very important Treaty for the future of our nation would help to restore people’s faith in Parliament

(6) The British people have had no direct vote on the European issue since 1975

(7) The three main political parties, including of course the governing party, made clear, unequivocal promises in their respective election manifestos to give the British people a referendum on the European Constitution or any similar Treaty

(8) In June this year, the Irish government is allowing its people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution. If Parliament does not allow the British people to vote on this Treaty, we will be seen to be less democratic than the Irish

(9) Finally, the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution gives power to European institutions to remove further powers from national Parliaments without their consent.


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