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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 

Lisbon/Reform/Constitutional Treaty approved in European Parliament

European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering said immediately after the vote: "I welcome this overwhelming majority supporting for the Treaty. The vote represents the free will of the people you represent. This Treaty gives the EU the possibility to function properly and improves democratic structures." Referring to protests in the House, he said: "We in the European Parliament defend European values. We will never let volume and noise prevail over a democratic Europe."

"What the EP is engaged in here in today's debate is nothing less than a massive exercise of deceit" said Nigel FARAGE (IND/DEM, UK). Compared to the failed Constitution, the Lisbon Treaty "is virtually identical in every regard, and it is constitutional because it gives the EU a full legal personality and the ability to amend itself" without having to call an intergovernmental conference. "The truth is that you are too chicken to have a referendum. Now you resort to totalitarian means to get this treaty through." The Lisbon Treaty "gives the EU the ability to legislate over every aspect of our lives." "I hope that the people of Ireland send a large resounding NO. You may be complacent today, but you are increasingly being held in contempt."

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