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Thursday, December 23, 2004 

Lott Lies Again.

The following statement was made by the UKIP Campaign Manager, David Lott in a recent e-mail to Branch Chairmen:

Whilst on that subject some of you may have read the article in the Guardian the other day reporting that Robert Kilroy-Silk had approached the English Democrat Party with a view to becoming their leader. There has been no retraction of this article by the Guardian.

The article, of course, said no such thing. What the paper reported and the full denial sent by the English Democrats appeared on the blog on Wednesday 15th December, linked here, and was as follows:

The question is suggested by news that Robert Kilroy-Silk, who makes Mr Tony Blair look doctrinaire, is in negotiations to join the English Democratic party.

The English Democrat spokesman, who had provided the original quotes as good as admitted this had been a publicity stunt in his reply when he also clearly stated:-

I can confirm that the English Democrats would be interested in talking to Robert Kilroy-Silk, however my understanding is that he is currently trying to force a democratic election within UKIP for the leadership position. UKIP appear to be creating false Branches within their organisation to make the process of achieving a 20% request from their membership to call an EGM a ‘moving target’ – do you think this is a ‘fair’ way to run a democratic party? – or maybe you just don’t care?

Robert Kilroy-Silk certainly has not made any ‘demands’ that he would immediately be made leader of our party, if he was interested, indeed if such an event occurred then we would hold a leadership election for our 1,000 strong membership to decide....

It is inconcievable that Robert Kilroy-Silk himself could issue denials or rebuttals for every little piece of tittle tattle that appears in the press many times a day (I know I have a google alert with his name and the press attention is extraordinary). Is David Lott heading for yet another expensive out of court settlement resulting from his inability to stay within the known facts in his intraparty communications?

posted by Martin |8:56 AM
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