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Wednesday, December 15, 2004 

Kilroy-Silk and the English Democrats

Yesterday's Guardian reported on rumours regarding Robert Kilroy-Silk and the English Democrats:

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Marina Hyde
Tuesday December 14, 2004
The Guardian

· How many second acts can a political life accrue before it becomes more of a revue show? The question is suggested by news that Robert Kilroy-Silk, who makes Mr Tony Blair look doctrinaire, is in negotiations to join the English Democratic party. For those unfamiliar with this outfit, they hold similar anti-Europe views to Ukip, but disagree with the latter's view that one can reverse devolution in Wales and... Christ, we're even boring ourselves now. Whatever. We need hardly tell you that Kilroy's non-negotiable opening position is that he would immediately be made leader, but this appears to be regarded as a necessary evil by the party. London regional chairman Steve Uncles is cagey about how near they are to a deal when we call, but appears realistically attuned to the nature of the beast. "Love him or hate him," he observes, "Mr Kilroy-Silk does have an ability to attract public attention." Steve also confirms that stupefyingly talentless cockney duo Chas'n'Dave are on the party's wishlist of celebrity candidates, but stresses that news of firm signings will only come "before Christmas". Understood. But the Diary would take a very dim view of Chas'n'Dave standing for separate seats, Steve. A very dim view indeed.

Below the English Democrats response to the article:-

Dear Marina,

Many thanks for the ‘plug’ in the Guardian today – first time I have ever been mentioned in a National Newspaper despite getting 29,000 votes in the European Election – such is life!

Just a couple of points of accuracy:

1 Our Party is – “English Democrats” (Not English Democratic Party)

2 I am the Regional Chairman for South East England - Currently the London Region Position is vacant.

I can confirm that the English Democrats would be interested in talking to Robert Kilroy-Silk, however my understanding is that he is currently trying to force a democratic election within UKIP for the leadership position. UKIP appear to be creating false Branches within their organisation to make the process of achieving a 20% request from their membership to call an EGM a ‘moving target’ – do you think this is a ‘fair’ way to run a democratic party? – or maybe you just don’t care?

Robert Kilroy-Silk certainly has not made any ‘demands’ that he would immediately be made leader of our party, if he was interested, indeed if such an event occurred then we would hold a leadership election for our 1,000 strong membership to decide. You may mock this but surprisingly there are many clubs and associations with small numbers of members up and down the country that do the very same thing to elect their officers and officials (Radical!) – as I’m not a Career politician then I personally have experience of this in Rugby Clubs, and indeed the Swimming Club that my children attend also have a meeting and vote officers in each year!

I am not too sure what your personal politics are, and I don’t expect that you would agree with everything that our party stands for, however I am sure you would agree that as we live in a democracy then should the British Public wish to vote for a party led by Robert Kilroy-Silk, whether it be UKIP or indeed any other party then the public should be given that choice. At the General Election, it certainly would make it slightly more interesting then things are at the moment, as all predictions are for a Labour victory without too much opposition.

All three main parties are full of career politicians – do these people really do a good job? What do you think ? – or maybe you just don’t care?

Who knows a former chat-show host might actually be a better option then Blair, Brown, Howard or Kennedy – I can’t actually see him doing a worse job.

Finally Chas’n’Dave – “Talentless”– their music is not in my own music collection, but to claim these guys are without talent is a bit harsh I would suggest, possibly ‘Tasteless’, but I would bet that they can play musical instruments more professionally then 95% of the population.

Rest assured that if Chas’n’Dave do decide to ‘play the media game’ and get journalists to write about them standing for election, hence create more interest in the English Democrats, then we will try our best to get them to stand in adjoining constituencies – just to make you happy Marina !

Have you any ideas to make politics less boring then it is at the moment? – or maybe you just don’t care?I detect that our attempts to ‘do something different’ are not received too well by yourself – or are you simply following the editorial line?

Regards Steve

Steven Uncles
Regional Chairman - South East England & National Membership Secretary English Democrats

posted by Martin | 8:22 AM
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