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Thursday, December 30, 2004 

Lessons from Branch Chairmen's meeting 20th September 2003

A report of the last meeting of UKIP Branch Chairmen was put on this blog and may be read from here. Other comment on the outcome of the meeting, which essentially resolved to do nothing about the appalling condition of the party and its dreadful governance were also recorded of which this is a samples:

In the statement put out by Mark Lester ... co-Organiser of last Saturdays meeting in London, quotes, "Farage's belief that the Party is paralysed", and that "the Party was ungovernable"! OK, his comments may have been made in pique, but show that there are real problems, none the less!

Yet, in spite of this, the meeting still decided - "sweep it under the carpet, boyos, till the votes are in"as Christina Speight said)

What, if anything can we learn from that fiasco? Here is one sorry result relayed to me this week by a Branch Chairman who has followed the turmoil in the party with mounting dismay.

Following the London meeting last September, these particular branch officials were well aware of the problems that existed and the ineffectiveness of Roger Knapman's leadership and concerns over Fargae's Ashford telesales operation.

For fear of disrupting preparations for the European elections the following June however, they did not convey their concerns to their ordinary members. Just recently these same officials held a Branch EGM where they recommended a vote for a full EGM and an earlyLeadership election - their recommendation was defeated - the broader membership having been kept in ignorance of the longstanding and deepseated problems caused by Farage and Knapman - voted against the motion considering the matter as likely to be disruptive ahead of the General Election.

In such a way does secrecy and misinformation play into the hands of those solely concerned with manipulating the party for their own particular objectives, those whose every action confirms they have no concern about the growing power of the European Union within the country.

It must be the task of all those knowing the facts about UKIP's leadership cabal, to get that information and all the sordid details involved to as many as possible of the ordinary party membership.

posted by Martin |2:23 PM
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