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Thursday, September 25, 2003 

Statement from Mark Lester


Statement to 'UKIP uncovered' from an Organiser of the Branch Chairmen's Meeting

Several comments have appeared on 'UKIP uncovered' regarding the substance, attendance and outcome of the branch chairmen's meeting on Saturday 20th, 2003. As one of its organisers, I feel I should make some clarifications, although this account is my own personal point of view.

The meeting was designed to consider, in a professional and dispassionate way, the shortcomings in the governance of UKIP, financial and non-financial. Everything members
complain about - poor decisions, lack of accountability, irregular financial practices, gross overspend, etc.- are symptomatic of a poor system of governance & controls.

UKIP has not designed its structure and rules in a thoughtful way, they have just evolved in a rather haphazard and incomplete manner. The absence of clear rules and systems means that individuals can get away with totally unacceptable practices. The veil of confidentiality on all things NEC- related compounds this problem.

Branch chairmen, who came from across the UK (including Wales, Scotland, the South West, Midlands and London), agreed that the governance was flawed. Nigel Farage was also kind enough to confirm that the Party was ungovernable. I thank all for their contributions.

The meeting decided, against some who wanted stronger action, to pass motions calling for the Party to have recommendations for a new system of governance ready by the end of the
European elections. Work must, therefore, begin now if it is to be completed properly by then - people must be consulted and suitable systems researched. However, such an effort would benefit from the documented and formal backing of the NEC and Leader.

Given Nigel Farage's belief that the Party is paralysed, and the supportive comments from other NEC members that attended the meeting, I trust they will be among those on the NEC supportive of such action. We shall, obviously, keep branch chairmen posted on the response to their requests.

Mark Lester


UKIP Uncovered thanks Mark for his contribution.

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