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Wednesday, November 28, 2012 

The EU and the corrupt, greedy and self-serving three main political parties that have bled Britain dry over recent decades, destroyed our democracy and driven decent common sense from the management of the public services upon which we rely, as now witnessed in Rotherham, must be brought abruptly to their senses!

By-elections in three different parts of the country tomorrow in Croydon North, Middlesborough and of course Rotherham itself give just that opportunity to voters lucky enough to be presented with this possibly once-off fantastic opportunity.

The UKIP candidates in these three by-elections are as follows:

Winston McKenzie      Croydon North 
 (my apologies for misspelling his name in recent posts)

Richard Elvin              Middlesborough

Jane Collins                          Rotherham

posted by Martin |7:30 AM
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