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Tuesday, August 17, 2010 

Lord Pearson resigns the Leadership - Moment of truth for Tory Eurosceptics!

The report is in the Daily Telegraph linked here.

Leading Conservative Party eurosceptics must now face the ultimate moment of truth. Can the likes of Dan Hannan MEP and Roger Helmer MEP realise the pointlessness of remaing in the EU federalist, even EU fanatical ranks of their party in Strasbourg, or John Redwood and Bill Cash contemplate remaining on the government benches of the daily more pro-EU Coalition Government, or will they have the courage to desert en masse to the only party with pro-British and democratically based policies?

Will the UKIP membership then have the courage to support one amongst them as UKIP party leader, as is essential with a House of Commons base, in spite of their years of appearing to have been working against the best interests of their nation?

Or will we get the media savvy but strategy challenged Nigel Farage MEP all over again?

Best wishes to Lord Pearson in pursuing all his other interests, a real patriot in a sea of traitors!


posted by Martin |11:38 AM
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