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Thursday, April 01, 2010 

New Politics scuppered by UKIP's National Executive!

The shocking news that a golden opportunity to change the face of British politics and start to finally set the nation upon a saner course has been brought to the attention of this blogger.

A group of parties including UKIP, Jury Team and the English Democrats had recently held discussions to field joint candidates and offer the country a sane alternative to the corrupted politics now adopted by the three main parties. I understand the main threads of common understanding centred on the following main points; "that the UK electorate should be given a referendum on whether they wished to stay in the EU, the English electorate should be given a referendum on establishing an English Parliament and referendums should be allowed, subject to certain safeguards, if 5% of the electorate asked for one ("Empowering the People" through referendums) either nationally or locally (including MP recall)."

Agreement seemed near allowing this alliance to field one sole candidate in 558 seats and candidates in all 632 constituencies. In only 74 seats would the other parties clash with the UKIP and while they stood down 119 of their candidates UKIP would have to stand down a mere 18 PPCs.

The UKIP NEC, in spite of the urgings of their new leader Malcolm Pearson, refused to countenance the arrangement, preferring to continue to sabotage the best interests of the British people as has been their practise down the years as detailed on this blog.

Individual UKIP members must now barrage their NEC members with e-mailed and other protests before the election is called.

This Easter weekend could well prove crucial for the future of the country!


posted by Martin |8:59 AM
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