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Wednesday, April 14, 2010 

An Apt Analogy for Wavering Voters

The EU is the "Titanic"

Greece was the iceberg

The UK is a lifeboat

The three main parties are still wining, dining and dancing in the first class ballroom, drunk with power, unaware that anything is amiss.

Only UKIP and the other EU withdrawalist parties are prepared to launch the lifeboat

Look at the strength, the luxuriousness and power of all around you plead Brown, Cameron and Clegg.

Soon, however, it will all lie at the bottom of the sea..... the lifeboat too were it not to be quickly lowered.

The sea below is cold, dark and threatening - the Titanic vast and strangely magnificent (yet the design fault is breached).

Those taking their places in the lifeboat need courage, but they will be saved!


posted by Martin |8:43 AM
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